Babysitting for Mr. Baker

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The headlights from the approaching car illuminated the darkened living room. When the garage door began opening, Katie stirred on the couch, the noise echoing in the silent house. Her eyes opened lazily, sleep tugging at her subconscious. Her dreams called to her, the erotic journey she had been on tempted her to close her eyes again.

A young teacher had seduced her at her high school, Mr. Thompson, her Trigonometry instructor. He was 25, only 7 years older than Katie. Always dressed in fashionable slacks or jeans, she had lost herself many times imagining his hard cock hiding just under the fabric. This particular dream found her being tutored for the final exam. She’d been looking over his shoulder, bent over his desk, watching him work through a calculation. Inadvertently, her breasts brushing against his arm. He turned his head to her, and they looked into each other eyes. The kiss surprised her, her eyes widening as she backed away. But her lust overcame her reservations and she dove at him, attacking him with her tongue. Mr. Thompson had crept his hand under her thin shirt and cupped her breasts when a hand shook her from this fantasy.

“Oh! Cullen. Sorry, you startled me.” Katie exclaimed.

“Sorry ’bout that. I should have let you sleep. You looked peaceful.”

Cullen Baker couldn’t help but notice Katie’s erect nipples showing through the tight tank top she wore. She had small, round breasts, maybe B-cup on a good day, and rarely wore a bra. He’d known Katie and her family for two years, meeting them soon after his baby girl, Nyla, was born on the babysitting recommendation by a mutual friend. Katie had been caring for Nyla ever since. A year ago, Gail, his wife of 5 years, had been killed in a car accident. Katie now watched Nyla three times a week in the evening while Cullen tended to his advertising business. Being a small shop with only 4 employees, Cullen found himself working long hours trying to finish projects and drum up new business. It also served as a distraction to the pain of loosing his wife. As Katie had grown up, he found himself noticing her more and more. The swell of her hips, the budding of her chest… It seemed like he was betraying his wife, though he knew that wasn’t the case.

“Hey, thanks for vacuuming. The place looks great.” Cullen said while trying to avert her eyes from her body.

Katie sat up and rubbed her eyes. Her shirt had ridden up exposing her stomach and she tugged the bottom edge of it, drawing it tighter. She felt the ribbed fabric rub against her aroused chest, realizing she was hot from her dream. She felt a touch of moisture between her legs and squeezed them together.

“Oh, sure. I needed something to do once Nyla went to sleep. She went down around 7:20. And I ate the leftovers in the fridge. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not. A girls gotta eat, right?” he said smiling.

“What, you think I’m too skinny?” she asked, mocking a hurt look on her face? She looked down at her body and ran her hands along the sides of her torso and over her hips. “Would I look better with bigger boobs? I wanna be like a D or something. Something guys will notice!”

She placed her hands over her chest to mimic a larger bust. “About here.” She said, “Big ole implants!”

“Oh please! You’d be top heavy and fall over!” Cullen rolled his eyes, “Not all guys like big fake boobs anyway.”

“Hmm… Really?” Katie asked coyly.

“Uh, yeah. New subject! I think this one crossed a line somewhere…”

Cullen turned and headed into the kitchen. “I don’t suppose you left SOMETHING in the fridge for me?”

He opened the fridge door and bent over to look inside. A quick glance showed nothing that looked like it would satisfy him. He glanced sideways back in to the living room to see Katie off the couch and headed his way. The shorts she had on were just cut off sweat pants. Tight enough define the her hips and legs, but loose enough in the crotch to not creep up. Overall, at 5’3″, she had the kind of pixie-ish body that many women wished for. Trim, yet strong, she also had just the slightest bit of baby fat left on her belly.

“I saw some pasta in the cupboard. You want some of that?” she asked.

“Naw, I don’t want to spend that much time. I’ll just grab some crackers and cheese or somethin’.”

“No! You can’t have crackers and cheese for dinner. Here, I’ll cook it.”

Katie reached for a pot hanging above the kitchen island. Her shirt again rode up as she stretched to grasp the pot. On her tiptoes, she almost lost her balance and teetered until she steadied herself with her other hand.

“Shit! I almost fell!” she exclaimed. “You need to lower that rack!”

“Hey, you don’t need to cook anything. I’m fine, really. I’m a big boy. I can get something to eat. You probably need to get home anyway. It’s after 9:30. Don’t you have school tomorrow?”

“Yeah,” she said, “But no worries. I did my homework in study hall. I usually stay up until 11 or 12 anyway. Mom and Dad know I’m Tekirdağ Escort fine. I always manage to get my butt out of bed for class.”

They smiled, both comfortable with the easy rapport they had.

“It’ll take like 10 minutes. Just relax and go sit down.” Katie filled the pot with water and placed it on the stovetop. “What were you working on so late, anyway?”

“Aww, nothing super great.” Cullen sat at the island and leaned over, placing his head in his hands, “It’s just some menu ideas for an Indian restaurant in town. They want 4,000 items on it, and their budget will barely cover printing. I’m gonna be busting my ass on it for basically nothing. Speaking of which, can you watch Nyla again tomorrow? Sorry it’s late notice…”

“Sure! I don’t have anything going on.”

“Thanks. You’re really the only person Nyla will sleep for. Last month, when your mom watched her while you were on that college tour, Nyla didn’t stop screaming until 10!”

Katie stirred the pasta into the boiling water, “Yeah, I heard. Believe me. She thinks I’m lying when I say Nyla is so good. Hey, is there any of that pre-cooked chicken in the freezer downstairs?”

“Sure, let me get it.” Cullen said, starting to rise from the stool.

“No no. Let me.” and with that, Katie bounded down the stairs.

Cullen sat, shaking his head at the thoughts racing through his mind. Katie’s body, her tits, that round, tight ass. She had a young face, even younger than her 18 years. She tried to disguise it with makeup, usually fairly heavy dark eyeliner and the in-style color of lip-gloss. She had black hair that cascaded just past her shoulders. In the last 3 months, Cullen had had been spending almost as much time with Katie as anyone his own age of 30. He had often imagined her while masturbating. It felt awkward and dirty, her being so much younger, but the time they spent together and her maturing body only added fuel to his fantasies.

He heard her coming back up the stair and grabbed the mail on the island to busy his mind.

“I was thinking something like this” Katie said from behind him.

Cullen turned and immediately started laughing, “When you stuff your bra, usually you take the tissue OUT of the box!”

She had under her shirt a rectangle box of Kleenex replicating rather large and square bust. The smile on her face and the pose she struck cracked them both up. Katie strutted back into the kitchen, her hips swaying back and fourth as far possible. She dropped the frozen bag of chicken on the counter and spun around.

“You know you like it! How could you not? This must make me like a DDD or something!” She left the tissue under her shirt as she put a bit of the frozen chicken on a plate and in the microwave. Facing Cullen, she reached under her shirt and grasped the stiff box. Bent at the waist, she tried to pull it from the tight tank top. It was so tight, as she struggled, the box started ripping a hole in the side.

“SHIT! This is one of my favorite tanks!”

“Oh, shit! Let me get you a shirt to cover that one.”

Cullen headed to his bedroom, noticing her pulling the shirt to inspect the damage. The hole centered over a dark nipple, clearly exposed. He was so distracted, he bumped into the doorway. Katie looked up surprised, then down, seeing her own breast through the hole. Her olive skin blushed crimson and she released the shirt. A coy smile crossed her face as Cullen maneuvered his way to down the hall.

Katie felt stirring radiating from her stomach to her pussy. The sweet cross between nervousness and arousal. She gently caressed her breast through her ruined shirt, gave it a little squeeze with a moan. Lately, as earlier in the evening, her fantasies seemed to revolve around older men. It wasn’t like she’s not attracted to guys her own age, it just seemed that they only thought of sex. Older men, like her teacher and Cullen, were more genuinely interested in what she had to say and her future, not what was in her pants. She often found herself rubbing her pussy in the shower, stroking herself while thinking of the men in her life. Cullen might be 30 years old, but he sure didn’t look like it. He was 6 foot and 200 pounds. Not muscle-obsessed like some guys, but he had a strength about him that came with maturity. His life revolved around his little girl, peacefully sleeping upstairs, and his business. Lately, the business was taking more and more time, giving Katie the opportunity to spend several hours every week caring for Nyla. It made her feel good to help him out, and Nyla really was a great kid. Cullen made sure Katie was comfortable and had food in the house. He called her often for updates, and once, even took her shopping at the mall for school clothes. Sure, it was also to help with Nyla, but she liked to imagine he did because he liked her, first and foremost.

Cullen entered the kitchen with one of his tee shirt in his hand. He tossed it to her and she caught it easily.

“Try this one. It’s Tekirdağ Escort Bayan gonna be a little big, but there’s no holes.”

Katie thought she saw a hint of a smile creep across his face, “Turn around” she said.

“What? No, just put it on over the top.”

Katie turned her back to him and raised her torn shirt over her head, exposing her bare back to him.

“Jesus! What are you doing?” Cullen asked, obviously unsettled. As her turned away from her, he caught a glimpse of a thong peeking above her shorts. “Seriously, warn me or something, next time.”

“Next time?” Katie asked, having moved in right behind him.

He turned and almost bumped into her. She stood in front of him topless, the shirt he’d given her laying with hers on the counter. She was so close, her breasts were virtually pressing into his stomach.

“Aw, shit! What’s goin’ on Katie? What the hell?” He averted his eyes again, half turning away from her.

Katie took his arm pulled it towards her, “I just thought, since you’d gotten a peek there, maybe, you’d like to see everything.”

She pulled him around until he was facing her, but his gaze was elevated well beyond the top of her head. What a gentleman, she thought. A boy her age would have been glued to her boobs.

“Katie, come on. Put the shirt on. You can’t get undressed in front of me. That’s… that’s… that’s way beyond what we should be doing together.”

Katie still had his arm, and took his hand and brought it to her breast.

“But it’s what I want. I want you to touch me. I want you to… I want you.”

She stared at his face, and he didn’t move his hand from her chest. He looked down at her and said, “I’m flattered, but really we can’t do this. You’re only 18. I’m 30. I know your parents, for Christ sakes!”

Katie released his hand and moved in close to his body. she wrapped her arms around his waist and put her head on his chest. Cullen rolled his eyes. What the hell was going on? This is crazy! He took her shoulders and pushed her back.

“Look. Katie. No. You’re only 18. I’m thirty years old. Go put your shirt on.”

“NO! I won’t. So what if I’m 18. 18 is legal. And I’ll be 19 this month. How old do I have to be?”

She stood there, half naked, hands on her hips, with fire in her eyes and belly.

“It’s not about age. I mean, you haven’t even been to college, yet. You have your whole life ahead of you!”

“And so do you! Don’t give me that 30-year-old bullshit. I’m not your average 18-year-old bimbo. You know that. When’s that last time you went on a date? I know you love Gail, but she’s gone. You can’t live in a shell the rest of your life.” She moved closer towards him again, “I’m not an idiot. I’ve seen you looking at me. I’ve seen the kinds of porn sites you go to on your laptop All the teen sites? Hello, I’m a teen! You were just looking at my tits, and did you not like feeling them?”

“Katie, you’re a beautiful girl, no doubt. I just don’t know if this a good situation to be in. You’re in high school. I have a kid, and you’re her babysitter! This is like Penthouse stuff. Or the stuff that people in town gossip about.”

As Katie moved closer, she cupped the bulge in the front of his pants. His stiff dick jumped in her hand. She reached a bit farther and gently massaged his balls.

“Who gives a shit about gossip? This is between you and me.” She fumbled with the buttons on his jeans, and Cullen did not resist.

“You’re right. I can’t deny I’ve thought about it. You’re so hot…”

She cut him off by snaking a hand inside the waistband of his briefs. Her small fingers caressed the sensitive skin of his penis. A small groan escaped his lips. “Ugh, oh… Yeah. Oh, God, Katie.”

Cullen enveloped her in his arms, her small body lost in his embrace. She looked up at him and he kissed her hard on the lips. Theirs mouths opened and tongues entwined. She was standing on her tiptoes, and Cullen was hunched over to reach each other. Katie continued her nimble jacking, and Cullen’s hands roamed her smooth back and cupped her firm butt. He crouched further and easily lifted her off the floor. Her legs instinctively wrapped around his waist. He turned to carry her out of the kitchen, their tongues still darting in and out of each other’s mouths.

“Shit! The food.” Katie breathed.

“Fuck it.” Cullen exclaimed. He reached and turned the burner off under the boiling water. A bit of wasted pasta and cheap chicken was not even a concern for him at the moment.

Up the stairs he carried her, never breaking the passionate kiss. His hands kneaded her ass as Katie ran her fingers through his hair and over his scalp. Once in the master bedroom, he gently set her on his bed.

“What about your parents? Won’t they wonder why you’re not home yet?”

“They won’t be back from their cruise for another 6 days. I’ve got the house to myself.” she whispered, reaching out for his jeans.

Cullen pulled his shirt over his Escort Tekirdağ head and tossed it aside. Katie inched this pants down, exposing the black briefs he wore, the fabric stretched tight by his hard-on. Tracing the outline with her fingernail, Cullen kicked his pants away and stepped on the toes of his socks and stepped out of them. Katie eased the hem of his underwear out and down, springing his cock out, pointing at the ceiling. She gently wrapped her fingers around the shaft and stared intensely at the drop of pre-come at the tip. With a lick it was gone. Like a lollypop, she sucked and licked the tip, Cullen moaning and grasping her hair in his hands. She started a vigorous bobbing motion, jacking the base with her hands. It took only two minutes before Cullen pushed her back, breaking the suction with a pop.

“Oh, shit! Hang on. Too much. Too much.”

Katie wiped saliva off the corner of her mouth and smiled. She slid further up of the bed, her dark nipples erect atop her high, pert breasts. Cullen climbed aboard the bed and on all fours, crept slowly towards the giggling Katie. He straddled her legs and pinned her arms to her sides. He kissed her lips, her chin, her throat and settled on her tits. He circled her nipples, eliciting moans from Katie. While working one with his mouth, his hand caressed the other, cupping and stroking the flesh surrounding the areola. He teased her by barely brushing the sensitive nipple, while nibbling gently on the other. Cullen slid further down her body, kissing and nuzzling her ribs and belly. Reaching the waistband of her cut-off shorts, he sat up on his knees and grasped the sides. She lifted her butt off the bed and he peeled the tight shorts down over her thighs. Katie laid on Cullen’s bed, clothed only in her delicate black thong. She smiled at him and with two fingers on either strap, slowly rolled the thin material over her hips. The sight before him transfixed Cullen. Katie raised her legs together to slip the thong from her feet. Her well-trimmed pussy was glistening and there was a smell of arousal in the air.

Cullen shook his head, “Shit, I can’t believe we’re doing this. It can’t be right.”

“Can’t be right?” Katie spread her knees, putting her sex on display. A hand snaked between her legs and spread her thick lips, exposing her erect clit, “Doesn’t this look right to you?”

Cullen stroked her leg and lowered his face to her sweet pussy. He paused to examine the closely trimmed black hair surrounding Katie’s dark labia. Her musky scent filled his nostrils and he dipped his head and teasingly lap at the outer lips. She cooed and her back arched, her hands on the back of his head, trying to force him deeper into her pussy. Cullen resisted, enjoying the tangy flavor of this young beauties’ wetness. Agonizingly, he flittered his tongue along the outline of her slit. When he reached her clit, he flattened his tongue and stroked heavily the little bud.

“Ahhhhh… Ugh! Yes! YES!” she cried.

Cullen snuck a hand under his chin and spread her lips wide, exposing the tight hole. He stiffened his tongue and entered her as deep as he could. She bucked and cried out, her fingernails digging into his scalp.

“Shhh… you’ll wake Nyla.” he smiled at her from between her thighs.

“Oh shit! That feels so amazing! No one has ever done that before! Please don’t stop! I’ll be quiet! Just, God, don’t stop!”

Cullen rubbed her pussy gently with his hand. He slowly eased his index finger into her, sliding in and out. Katie gripped the comforter with white knuckles, moaning her pleasure. Cullen added his middle finger to the arsenal, while flicking her cilt with the tip of his tongue.

“UGH! AHH! Yes, ooo, yes! Ahhhhhh…Oh God, Yes! Don’t stop! Yes! I’m gonna cum! Yes! Yes! Yes, Yes, Yes, YES!’ She cried quietly.

As Cullen curled his fingers upwards, towards her G-spot and she bucked heavily, almost dislodging him from his ministrations. As her body convulsed, a bit of clear fluid jetted from her pussy, soaking his hand.

“AAAHHHHHHHH! Shit! Yes! Haaaaa…. Oh my God! What was that?! That was amazing! I’ve never cum that hard!”

“I never would have thought you’d be a squirter. That’s a first for me.” Cullen whispered.

“Squirter? Whadya mean? Are you serious? Holy shit! I’ve never done that before. Whew! God, you’re so fucking amazing!”

Cullen licked his fingers, savoring the taste of this petite angels cum. Katie grabbed his hand brought it to her mouth. She trailed her tongue up his cum-soaked hand, looking seductively into his eyes.

“Oh Shit! A bit of a freak, huh?”

“Oooo… yeah. I’ve experimented with a girl once or twice. I enjoyed it, a lot.”

“Ugh, fuck. I need to fuck you, Kate. I’m gonna pass out if I don’t.”

“Yes, please! I want you inside me. I want to feel your cock explode inside me.”

Cullen moved up her body, her hands reaching and searching for his cock. She grasp it and jerked it a few times before spitting in her hand and smearing saliva over the head and length of his shaft. Supporting his weight on his hands and knees, Cullen dipped his hips and Katie guided his dick towards her hole. At the entrance, he stopped and whispered to her, “I don’t have any condoms in the house, are you sure you want to do this?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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