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Fucking Saturday night and I’m babysitting for my fucking sisters kids. As you may have gathered I wasn’t too happy about the situation. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have been to bothered but Jenny, my girlfriend wasn’t happy I had agreed to it and had spent the week nipping my head about it and giving me a hard time and I had left her that afternoon after another flaming argument.

Kelly, my big sister (she’s 34 to my 29), had left the house with me in charge at 7pm for a night out with her mates and I had endured a couple of hours of cartoons, brawls, bawling and bedtime stories before I finally got my two nephews to sleep around 9.30. Then I had head back to the sitting room, collapsed onto the sofa and brooded and sulked. There was nothing on TV and I couldn’t concentrate on the paper so I sat there having a beer and with too much time on my hands. I was frustrated as well, Jenny and I had not had any form of sex or sexual contact the whole week which was far too long for me. A quick check upstairs told me the kids were their usual deep sleep so I sneaked downstairs, made sure the blinds were properly closed and got my cock out, I was going to give myself a nice, satisfying wank.

Jenny didn’t like me masturbating and had made quite the issue of it so I went along with her with the proviso that she needed to keep me satisfied. That worked pretty good and throughout out three month relationship we had been pretty active sexually one way or another I hadn’t needed to do it myself, not when I had Jenny’s hands, lips and pussy to use (and she had my hands and mouth too). I wasn’t very hard to begin with but just the thought of what I was doing had me semi –erect and I used the TV remote to give me some further inspiration. The music channels were unusually lacing in any decent sexy videos but at almost the last one onto the screen came Jennifer Lopez and while I gently stroked my six inches of meat to more stiffness I watched the Latino babe bump and grind her sexy ass for all it was worth, and imagined giving her the anal seeing to she looked like she craved (my Jenny definitely did not like anal).

By the time that ended I was a bit more aroused and able to give my balls a bit of a squeeze 9always turns me on a bit more) but I was under the impression that this may be quite the marathon wank, I could just feel it. A few more music videos served to inspire me to hard a bit more, Beyonce, Mariah Carey and Pink the objects of my arousal before some more channel changing brought me to on old episode of the comedy ‘Friends’. It was from one of the middle series, where I think Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox looked their hottest (it was also an episode where Jennifer found plenty of occasion to lean forward and şişli bayan escort display a nice amount of cleavage) so for the next fifteen minutes or so minutes of the two of them in a steamy lesbian clinch serve to fire my filthy imagination to further and further depths of depravity. And by the time the credits rolled my cock was raging hard and sticking ramrod up. It was nice and slick at the tip too allowing me to slowly roll my foreskin back and expose my most sensitive part and tingle at every touch to it.

I had lost track of time now and did not want to come yet, I was intent on what I was doing and I touched and teased myself to the point of cumming only to stop and hold it off for a bit longer. Then I noticed on the on-screen listing that the film Heartbreakers starring Jennifer Love Hewitt ( a lot of Jennifer’s in this story, eh, must be a real sluts name) was coming on and she is just my favourite celebrity babe ever and for the next half hour or so it was touch and go whether I could hold onto my erection but hold off my ejaculation as I lost myself in the beautiful thought of my slippery, thick cock wedged between Miss Love Hewitt’s perfect breasts, my eyes were stained and I was just about to let myself go with a much needed explosion of cum when I heard a noise to my right and turned, shocked to find my big sister standing in the doorway watching me.

There really was nothing I could say to hide what I had been doing, it would have been obvious to all but a blind man that I had been enjoying a bloody good wank. But man was it embarrassing to be caught out like this by my sister, god I felt like a kid again, caught by Kelly when I started swearing and scolded for it by her. But she just stood there looking at my pulsing, rigid cock and suddenly everything didn’t make sense any longer. She moved towards and it became immediately apparent that my sister was drunk, she stumbled and shuffled towards me (me with my cock still on full display) and lurched forward hard on her knees before me.

I was too taken aback by what was going on to react and before I knew it Julie had opened her mouth and had taken the full length of my rigid penis right into her mouth and was sliding it up and down inside it! It took me a few moments more to find my voice and try to reason with her that this was wrong and we should stop but to be honest my heart wasn’t in it, my cock was in control of me and judging my feelings down there my big sister was something of an expert cocksucker.

I moved my hand down in a half hearted attempt to halt her but Kelly just pushed them away while swatting some of her long black hair away from my exposed groin and continued to roll her tongue around the tip of my cock and lick şişli escort the length of my shaft also. Her dark eyes were wide open and looking up into mine and we shared a moment where we both knew that however wrong this was it was a perfect moment. I watched as my drunken sister started moving her hands from my stiff shaft and began to tear off the clothes she had gone out in.

I should probably have realised that Kelly was in some desperate need for cock. She had been spilt up from her ex for a couple of years and I hadn’t known her to have a man in that time, or to get out all that much, not with the kids and everything. And to be honest when I looked back on when she had gone out she was dressed pretty sexily (if not slutty) for her, a low cut, cleavage showing black top that barely covered her upper thighs and a pair of black pointed boots. She was out of the boots before she had come into the sitting room and as I watched her while she still sucked me off she was out of the dress and showing that she had no underwear on at all.

It’s not a sight you ever really expect to see – your big sister bare ass naked, her big tits resting on your knees as her eager mouth sucks your hard cock like it was made of candy, but it was one that I could not, and did not want to, escape. Finally, she released her lips from my member and came up for air, allowing me an achingly arousing view of her swinging breasts while a sticky trail of saliva and pre-cum dripped from her chin. She didn’t say a word just paused a moment, gave my scrotum a little squeeze and once more resumed her demonstration of her oral sex skills. It was too much for me this time and finally, finally, I came and when I did it felt like I was emptying my entire body into Kelly’s waiting mouth.

I jerked and spasmed and felt like lightning was running through my entire body before I shot the first of my load deep into Kelly’s throat. But that was just the start, I had never cum like this before in my life. A second blast fired against her, half missing her mouth and splattering across Kelly’s upper lips and nose while the next couple totally missed the target and fired on her cheek and even up into her dark hair. By the time it was all out my sister was liberally coated in my semen and still smiling up at my exhausted face, that had been the most amazing orgasm of my entire life.

If I thought that was to be that though I was to be proved incorrect, Kelly was already reaching for my jeans and hauling them off my legs. The relief of ejaculation had brought back some sense to me and I tried to stop her.

“Kelly, stop, we shouldn’t do this.”

But she just smiled and licked her cum coated lips and finished the job of stripping me of my jeans mecidiyeköy escort then my shirts leaving us as each as naked as the day we had been born. She pulled me down onto my knees before her, grabbed my hand and forcefully held it against her own soaking wet pussy. She leaned in close and huskily whispered at me.

“Play with me. Make me come, I need to.”

To be honest I could not get over just how wet Kelly actually was, she was sopping! My finger pushed through her tiny tuft of dark pubic hair and pressed against her slippery pussy lips and slipped inside almost with no effort. Kelly squirmed as my index finger penetrated her and groaned as it went deeper and my thumb sought out her clit. I was feeling so guilty at what I was doing, the after effects of climaxing like that affecting my mind, but my hand continued to pleasure her and I knew this would not end until she too had come.

Kelly was too far gone now to stop even if she wanted to but evidently she did not. She looked deep into my eyes as we knelt across from each other and put her hand on the back of my neck and forcefully pulled my head down to her breasts and demanded that I taste them. I opened my mouth and engulfed her right tit while her left one bounced against my cheek. My tongue licked her milk soft skin and sucked her thick, outstanding nipple in and I gently moved my teeth around it to suck at it and then lick it. Kelly moaned at this, the effects of my fingers and tongue proving too much for her and she threw her head back and had to bite her own lip to stifle a scream of pleasure as her pussy exploded onto my hand.

God, Jenny or any of my previous girlfriends had never, ever come like this before. It was literally like there was a sprinkler inside Kelly’s pussy and it was spraying hot liquid all over my fingers. It was such an intense feeling and after a moment where time stood still I continued to rub my saturated fingers against her sex but she pushed my hand away, whether through guilt or not being able to take further touching I do not know. She rocked back on her heels away from me and once again I was able to take in the sheer sexiness of my sister, her hair and face may have been liberally coated in semen but it had a warm flush to it that could not help but attract and her body, naked and sweaty, was truly magnificent. Slowly, she came out of her post orgasm trance and blinked her eyes rapidly as if trying to deal with everything that was going on, she got unsteadily to her feet and so did I, now eager to get dressed and out of here to figure everything out. We did not share a single word as we put our clothes back on.

I was confused and stunned by what had happened and what we had done and could not bring myself to look Kelly in the eye and I thought she was feeling the same but as I made to skulk out of the room and the house she called me back.

“Thanks Jason, do you fancy doing it again next week? The babysitting I mean, or maybe….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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