Back Cast Bonding

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His rod dipped and swayed as he cast it, trying valiantly to trick the fish into submission. She sat on the bank, her sketchpad and pens long forgotten as she watched the delicate movements he created: a rhythmical dance with his rod. His brow had a slight sheen on it and she could feel her shoulders getting even darker than her natural rosy brown color. Strong sunlight filtered in through the tall pine trees, and the small river gurgled like a cascading waterfall.

He was intent on his actions because he had promised they would eat fresh fish for dinner, but she knew he couldn’t help but look her way every once and awhile. This trip had been great. They had waited for this for so long and now that it was finally here, they both wanted to take advantage of the time they had together.

Her mind was soon made up. She slipped the straps of her tank top down revealing the delicate white line of her décolletage. He glanced over at her before starting another set of syncopated motions. Hmm, he was still fishing… Time to mix things up a little more.

She let the straps of her top slip completely off of her shoulders and she leaned back, letting the heat warm her sun-kissed skin. She closed her eyes willing him to take notice and soon was rewarded with splashes sounding his retreat out of the cold water.


“Hey, yourself!” she replied looking at him nonchalantly. “Catch anything?”

“You know I haven’t,” he grunted as he stepped out of his hip waders and lowered himself to the sand.

“So,” he started, trailing a light teasing touch down her shoulder, “what are you up to?”

She sighed softly, and then giggled, this was just like arap escort a scene out of a movie…”waiting for you”

He stretched out beside her in the sand and leaned over teasing her full lips, kissing her softly, romantically. She loved the way he felt. The way his already darkening 5 o’clock shadow rubbed against her sensitive skin, awakening urges, and making promises of things to come.

He sprawled across her, and grabbed a small handful of the soft white river sand, looking into her green eyes as he trailed it slowly over her ripe breasts. His hands followed, softly making circles on her sandy chest, exciting her already hard nipples.

She spread her legs wantonly and closed her eyes as the sun beamed over her exposed skin. He straddled her letting his hardness rub against her. Their clothes were frustrating barriers, and she moaned as he gently brushed the sand off her lightly abraded skin, following with his wicked tongue. He lapped at her nipple quickly, flicking it and then alternately sucking, while his fingers stroked and pinched the other nipple. She groaned his name in wild abandon and ground her hips upwards.

“I need it, Aaron.” she managed as he continued his reckless pursuit. Her request was ignored except for his slight shift to move his knee into her rapidly heating crotch. His mouth was as reckless as his fingers as he sucked and pinched her almost to the point of pain. The pleasure was as intense as any pain could be.

She reached for his head, twining her fingers in his curly dark hair and dragging him towards her mouth for an earth-shattering meeting of tongues. She bit his lower lip softly, escort bayan istanbul reaching between them to unzip his shorts and free what strained to be let out. Her hand knew the path and soon she was wrapping her hands around his hot hard member, rubbing her thumb over the tip and feeling the warm secretions that were already starting to flow. He was hot for it.

Suddenly it was too much for him to stand and he pushed up her skirt and ripped at the strings of her bikini briefs. The soft brush of her pubic hair on against his hand and the feel of her almost too tight grip on his dick almost made him explode, and he groaned as she let go of him simultaneously as he ripped of her underwear and buried his mouth into her waiting wetness. She shot straight up as his tongue entered her like a spear and he began to spell wicked things in her swollen woman flesh. God, she loved writers, they had such a… varied vocabulary. He grabbed her thighs and pulled her into his mouth as her hands fell back to support herself on the warm ground. His hands massaged her ass as he pinched her lightly and continued his hot attack.

“Fuck me now!!!” She groaned pulling at his hair, urging him to take what was laid before him.

“No,” he answered, digging his fingers into her thighs and licking her clit straightforward.

She groaned again, from pleasure so extreme, and grabbed at his shoulders as he hummed a nonsensical tune and she came directly into his mouth.

He absorbed her violent shudders, and rolled her over onto her back, biting her sun pinked ass as he did so. “Mmm, you taste like sunshine!”

Her answer was to quickly flip over and zenci escort sit on his chest, completely incapacitating him. His cock stood up like a fishing pole and she rubbed her ass against it, carefully looking into his dark eyes, begging to be fucked.

“Now!” She ordered.

“Now.” he agreed, grabbing her arms, rolling her off of him, holding them above her head and entering her warm wetness all in one swift motion. She gasped and tightened her muscles around his engorged dick causing him to moan. The violence of his thrusts made her tits jiggle, just the way he liked it and he caught one between his teeth, rolling it with his tongue and biting it softly. She grabbed his ass and reached between them to wrap her fingers around his cock as it entered her tight hole.

A sweet love juice formed between them and spread to her fingers that she brought to his mouth.

Aaron playfully licked and sucked the essence of their shared passion from her fingers growling a sound of pure animal pleasure. God, he loved a girl he could fuck. She spread her legs wider and elevated them as much as she could before he grabbed them putting them on his shoulders, going that much deeper.

He pinched her nipples and rubbed them, exciting the already tight buds, and her eyes began to roll, her face contorted with the pleasure of all that he was doing.

“I’m about to cum” she groaned, and he grit out

“I want you to cum for me… “

“Harder!” She ordered, enjoying the sounds of their bodies making contact. “Fuck me harder, Aaron!!!” He grunted and shoved his cock as far as possible.

“Cum for me, Courtney, I want to see you


She screamed with pleasure and moaned his name as waves of his warm essence filled her, as her own shocks began, and shuddered around him. Afterwards, they rested quietly for a few minutes, absorbing the sounds of nature, and the fish flopping in the water.

Nature was a great thing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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