Back From Iraq Ch. 10

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We did not wait long to launch our plan. A few days later on Sunday, Tommy was watching the football game at our apartment. His favorite team was playing. His eyes were glued to the set. I was about to redirect his attention to another set.

Yolanda and I had been out shopping. We came into the apartment with our shopping bags. We were both dressed in hot outfits. I wore a tube-top and “Daisy Duke” shorts. Yolanda was decked out in a silk blouse and a short skirt that featured her killer legs. Yoli wore black pumps and I had on wedges. Our hair and nails were impeccable. I looked us over: we were irresistible.

Despite our devastating appearance, Tommy couldn’t be bothered to look up from his game. We were about to change that.

“Hey, Tom-Boy,” I purred as the two of us stood right in his line of sight to the television set. “Yolanda and I went bikini shopping. We were wondering if you could settle a bet for us as to who looks hotter.”

Tommy looked up. We now had his attention.

“I don’t think it would ever be in my best interest to vote against my wife,” Tommy replied with a smile.

“So, that’s a ‘no’,” Yolanda teased. “Okay. I guess we’ll find another judge. I’m sure that won’t be a problem.” She stood directly in front of my husband. Her hands were on her hips.

Tommy was looking at Yolanda from head-to-toe. He had lost interest in the game. In private, Tommy has told me that he finds Yolanda very sexy. I could tell that her outfit, flowing hair, make-up and her very direct demeanor were making a big impact upon him.

“Let’s not be so hasty,” Tom backpedaled. “If it’s all right with Amy, I’m sure I could be impartial.” He glanced over at me.

For the first time, Tommy noticed that my giant boobs were spilling out of my tight top. He took this in, as well as the Daisy shorts. Tommy gave me a great, big smile.

“Turn off the football game, Tommy,” I commanded. “The real game is here. Yolanda, go change in the bathroom.” Tommy turned off the TV.

Yolanda smiled and spun on her heels. She flipped her long, black hair over her shoulder. Tommy’s eyes were glued to her ass and legs.

After she had closed the bathroom door, Tommy returned his gaze to me. Without saying a word, I lifted my top over my head. As my halter had a bra built into it, I now stood before him bare-chested. Tommy’s mouth popped open.

I continued by seductively sliding my tight shorts down my legs, and then over my wedge shoes, which I kept on. I put my hands on my hips and posed for my husband in my purple thong.

I knew the devastating impact I was having on my husband. Tommy loves to watch me undress every night. I could detect the outline of a young hard-on in Tom’s shorts.

I sashayed over to my shopping bags on the other side of the room. I made it a point to wiggle my ass to maximum effect as I walked in front of him. I bent over with my posterior directly in his line of sight. I pulled a hot pink bikini out of the bag.

I turned to Tommy as said, “Pace yourself, Stallion. The show has not even begun yet.” Then, with my brightest smile, I slid off my thong panties, and exchanged them for my bikini bottom.

As I was tying my top, the bathroom door opened and Yolanda emerged. She looked incredible. Wearing a lime green suit that accentuated her mocha skin tone, she walked directly to Tommy.

She looked like a model coming down the runway. She reached a spot about five feet in front of my husband and twirled on her heels. Taking a few steps away from him to allow him to observe her from the rear, she then looked over her shoulder and shot Tommy a slayer look.

I sarışın porno was dead. There was no way I could compete with Yolanda and her perfect features. Her high heeled shoes caused her thigh muscles to contract and displayed her taut ass muscles to maximum effect.

I walked over to stand next to Yolanda. I struck a similar pose, with my hand on my hip, and looking over my shoulder. I did not have the model posture or runway moves that my friend possessed.

To my delight, Tommy was looking us both over. Although he tried to assume the demeanor of a fair judge, it was obvious from the large bulge in his shorts that he was super turned-on by our little contest. I looked over at Yolanda and winked.

“So, what do you think, judge?” I purred.

Tommy shifted uncomfortably on his couch. The football game was a long-gone memory for him.

“This is much harder than I thought,” he said weakly.

“I bet it is very hard,” Yolanda said, glancing down into my husband’s lap.

“Hold your vote, Tommy,” I said. “There’s a second round.”

Tommy looked like the luckiest boy in the world. He beamed at each of us.

“I like this,” he said, grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

“I bet you do,” I replied. “Yolanda, are you ready to get changed?” I asked my sultry friend.

“Well, wait a second,” she responded with a sly grin. “You had an unfair advantage during the last round. You got changed in front of the judge.”

Tommy spoke up. “She does have a point, Amy.”

“All right,” I admitted. “We’ll both get changed here in front of Tommy.”

Yolanda shook her head vigorously. “No, I don’t think so,” she stated while adopting an authoritarian tone. She walked over to my shopping bag, picked it up and held it out to me.

“You get changed in the bathroom this time, baby,” she said. “I’ll stay out here.”

I started to say something. Then I looked at Jack. He was agreeing with Yolanda.

“That would make it fair, honey,” he said earnestly.

“Yeah,” I replied sarcastically. “I see how you’re all about the fairness, Tom.”

He shrugged. I took the bag that Yolanda proffered to me and walked into the bathroom. I shut the door.

Although things were going according to plan, I was a little bit jealous of how events were developing. Tommy was a bit too eager to be alone with my naked friend.

“Oh, well,” I said to myself as a removed my bikini and pulled out a teensy, tiny red number that tied on each side of the bottom. The top was way too insubstantial for my large rack. “I’ll be returning this one,” I told myself. “It will never contain me.”

From behind the door, I heard Yolanda giggling from the living room. I heard Tommy’s muffled response, and then there was more laughing from my friend. I had to know what was happening out there.

I opened the door a crack, and peered out.

I saw Tommy bent-over, holding a jungle-print bikini bottom down at carpet level. Yolanda was totally nude. She walked over to my husband in her stilettos and sensually placed a hand on his shoulder. In a very sexy manner, Yolanda then stepped into the bathing suit.

Tommy’s eyes were glued to Yolanda’s crotch, which was about a foot away from his face. Although my view was blocked, I am certain that he had a clear view of her snatch as she parted her sexy, toned legs in order to climb into the bikini bottom.

Wearing a giant smile, my husband then slowly pulled up my friend’s tiny suit bottom. Tommy took his time as he lifted the bottom over her thighs and hips. When it was completely on, Yolanda turned around and Tommy adjusted sex hikayeleri the thong in the crack of her ass. I could tell that Tommy was massively turned-on.

I silently eased the door closed. I waited a few seconds, while reapplying my make-up. I then pulled the door open and marched out into the living room.

Yolanda was sitting in Tommy’s lap. Her two feet were suspended above the carpet to the left side of Tommy’s legs. She was pumping them like a little girl on a swing. Her head was bent toward his, and she appeared to be whispering in his ear.

“Well, well, well,” I said in a loud tone. “What have we here? Are you attempting to influence the judge, Miss? That may get you disqualified.”

“Not in my book,” my husband replied. Tommy’s face was beet red.

I walked across the room, posing for the couple as they watched. When I hit my mark, I twirled and tossed my hair. I then strutted to the center of the room and stood with my ankles parted at a seductive angle. Both Tommy and Yolanda applauded.

“Come over here, sweetie,” Yolanda purred to me. She crooked her finger at me.

I came over and followed her direction by bending down toward her. My huge boobs were spilling out of the skimpy material the miniscule bikini top afforded.

Yolanda leaned over and kissed me full on the lips. I responded to her kiss. I noticed that Tommy’s hands were now on Yolanda’s thighs and low back.

Yolanda broke our embrace, and said, “Oh, my. This top is doing you no good at all.” She then reached out and grabbed the bottom of my bikini bra and quickly lifted it up over my head. I was standing before my husband and my best friend bare-chested.

“Give Tommy a kiss,” she instructed.

As I sat down on the couch next to my man, Yolanda slid her hands over my big melons. I passionately kissed Tommy, sliding my tongue into his accepting mouth. I moaned as Yolanda began to work my large, sensitive nipples.

Our kiss was interrupted by Yolanda’s face which moved in close, breaking up our embrace. Yolanda then put the lip-lock on my husband. I slid my hand down and played my fingers over the enormous bulge in Tommy’s gym shorts. It was his turn to moan.

Yolanda stopped kissing and looked down at my husband’s lap. “Poor guy,” was all she said.

“Why don’t you get up for a second, Yoli?” I asked. She did as requested.

With both hands, I tugged on the band of Tommy’s shorts and underwear. He raised his hips agreeably, and I slid them down to his ankles. My husband’s fantastic penis sprang into the open air.

Yolanda applauded appreciatively. “You said it was big, Amy. But, you didn’t do it justice,” she purred. She then reached over and grabbed the bottom of his shirt. “You don’t need this anymore,” was all she said as she lifted the garment over Tommy’s head.

Tommy now sat totally naked in a room with two gorgeous women wearing 1 ½ bathing suits. His erection was massive. The head was a dark purple, and the wide veins that I love along the sides of his beast were clearly visible.

Yolanda and I looked at each other gleefully. I clasped her pretty hand and brought it to my lips. I then sensually kissed it, before moving it down to my man’s giant boner. I wrapped my friend’s fingers around my husband’s engorged cock and began moving her hand up and down.

Tommy’s eyes were glued to this maneuver. He began to whimper. As we increased the intensity of the strokes, his whimper turned into a moan.

“Are you having fun, my baby,” I asked my husband in a loving tone. I ran my free hand through his hair.

Tommy smiled şişman porno in appreciation. Yolanda giggled at Tommy’s condition.

“Would you like Yolanda to kiss your friend?” I asked him.

“Yes, please,” he responded like a little boy.

“Okay, then,” I said. “Yolanda, why don’t you kiss my husband’s dick?”

“Con gusto,” she replied. Yolanda slid to her knees on the carpet and bent her head to my baby’s monster. She began to lick Tommy’s cock all along the sides. Her tongue paid special attention to the grooved veins lining the structure.

Tommy tossed his head back and let out a loud sigh.

“Are you okay, Tommy?” Yolanda playfully asked, lifted her head from his lap.

“He’ll be fine,” I replied for my man, as I eased her head back down to his bone by placing my hand on the back of her hair.

“Hmmmuhh,” Yolanda said as the head of Tom’s dick slipped into her willing mouth. She then began to slowly bob her lovely head up and down.

I ran my hand over the side of Tommy’s face. He craned his face toward me and we kissed hungrily. Tommy’s tongue jutted into my mouth. I eagerly accepted it.

I kept my hand on the back of Yolanda’s head as she sensuously sucked my husband’s large penis. I could feel her struggling with its size.

Our plan was playing out in a very hot manner. I felt my pussy begin to drip fluid. I took Tommy’s hand and slid it into my bikini. Tommy immediately found my steamy slit. I parted my thighs, and Tommy’s fingers worked my labia. When his thumb expertly rode the top of my pulsing clitoris, it was my turn to whimper.

After a few minutes of this sultry activity, Tommy stopped stroking me and asked, “Amy, maybe Yolanda needs someone to spell her. She’s been working very hard. Besides, perhaps you can show her how to go all the way down to the bottom.”

Although my friend knew from our frank discussions that I routinely deep-throat my man’s plus-sized rod, Yolanda picked her head up off his dick and said, “No way, baby. You can’t do it.”

“Yes, she can,” Tommy replied, defending my honor. “Just watch.”

I demurely slid between Tommy’s legs, taking my place alongside my girlfriend. Tommy’s dick was already slickly wet from Yolanda’s saliva. I wasted no time. I opened my jaws as wide as possible and slid his dinosaur into my mouth.

I went all the way down to the base of Tommy’s cock. To the extent that it was possible, I smiled. Then I pulled it out. I had tears in my eyes.

“Damn!” Yolanda exclaimed. “You told me about this. But, once I saw the size of his thing, I thought ‘No way'”.

Tommy said to me, “You talked to Yolanda about…”

His sentence was interrupted by my plunging head that took the long journey down to the bottom of Tommy’s pride and joy. For some reason, he could not complete his thought.

I did a few of my patented throat grips on his big boy. Tommy let loose a deep, animal sound.

“That’s nice, baby,” Yolanda encouraged. “Tommy, we two girls share everything. We wanted to let you in on the action.”

I lifted my head off of his dick. “That’s right, honey. Are you mad?”

Before he could answer, Yolanda plunged her head down on his giant. She went much deeper than I imagined she could. Tommy let out another big moan. I dropped down and went to work on Tom’s sensitive testicles.

I lapped his balls with my tongue. While Yolanda continued to work her way up and down on his shaft, I began to suck his large marbles into my mouth. I could tell my man was getting close to his shooting point.

Apparently, Yolanda could tell the same thing. I knew from experience that she was getting a mouthful of pre-come. Tommy’s dick weeps like a baby when he is close to coming.

Yolanda slid Tommy’s penis out of her mouth and said, “I’ve got a great idea. Let’s go into the bedroom.” She then stood up and took both of our hands.

“Let’s show Tommy how much we share, Amy.”

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