Back Problems – Sorted

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Yesterday was a holiday in the UK and I took the opportunity to clear some clutter from my garage. I had the doors open and sorted the stuff I didn’t want into my car. Hot work with tins of paint, old metal and a load of paving slabs. I was stretching my back when my neighbour Jane drove up. She sat in the car for a long time so I straightened up and looked round.

“Just having a clear out,” I told her.

She smiled. “Yeah I can see. I was watching you stretch and I think you should be careful. You’re a bit too stiff when you bend like that. I can help if you like.”

“Er oh OK.” What was this woman on about? Telling me what to do!! “I have to get this lot shifted first.”

“Sure Dave. Just come over later let me show you how you can really improve your posture and you’ll feel a lot better.”

I worked solidly into the afternoon and by the end my lower back was killing me. I really needed to do something about it. Maybe I’ll see what Jane was on about after all.

I locked my house and went over and rang the doorbell. When at last she answered she invited me in, and offered me a beer which I gladly accepted. She was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, showing off her trim figure, and walked with me, barefooted to her lounge area where I sat down.

“I’ll just be a mo…” she said with a smile and so I put my head back and relaxed my neck, moving my head from side to side till I felt a little less stiff, then sat still and closed my eyes.

The next thing I knew Jane’s lips were in my ear whispering.

“Now then David, let’s take care of your aching body and make it feel good. Teri and I will make sure all the tension is drained away and we’ll send you home feeling amazing.”

Two hands were sliding up my thighs over my shorts and then onto my crotch. As my eyes focused I saw a sexy brunette, darker haired than Jane on her knees rubbing my growing bulge and staring up at me. When I looked round at my neighbour I was flabbergasted. She looked equally stunning and matched her friend – both in blue expensive lingerie and heels with the look of lionesses on the prowl. Their eyes focussed on me and me alone, on their prey and I was well and truly caught.

“What do you reckon Teri?” Jane asked.

“Mmmm he’s got a good body, you’re right. And I’d say he was bigger than average. Feels like he’s enjoying this a lot babe. Let’s see exactly what we’ve got to play with.”

She had my shorts off in seconds. I lifted my arse and felt a twinge but didn’t care, there’s no way I’m wasting this chance. My trunks followed and my dick sprang into view waggling in the air before it slapped down on my stomach.

“That’s a thick cock there David. I hope it can last and give us both a good fucking,” said Teri gripping it firmly and stroking it from base to tip. “No wimping out with a bad back either. I guarantee you’ll feel so much better afterwards and if not I’ll give you a real massage when we’re done.” Her smile told me that she was confident that was not going to be necessary. That these two would fill my mind with thoughts other than an aching back, or blow escort izmit it completely and leave me without a cogent thought in my head.

I groaned with pleasure as Teri started to suck me. Jane kissed me hard, her tongue exploring my mouth, her hands sliding down my chest and wrapping round the base of my dick. Teri sucked the head of my cock, swirling her tongue around it, making it swell to the large smooth mushroom of a rampant erection. She used one hand to stroke the lower half of my shaft, drooling slightly to aid the twist she added after a few minutes. Her other hand slid below me and began to massage my balls making me moan into Jane’s wet mouth. They were right, I was beginning to feel better.

After a few minutes the ladies swapped, Teri kissed her way up over my chest before we engaged in a passionate tongue battling kiss. My hands were on both their round arses squeezing them and, when I could, sliding round to feel two smooth wet and warm pussies. They both rubbed themselves on my probing fingers and when Jane’s pussy spread on one finger she let out a hiss and sucked hard on my raging prick.

As things progressed Jane was the first to make a move. She clambered onto the sofa with me and laid me back gently.

“Stretching that poor back will be good for you David”.

She swung one leg over my chest and then moved up giving me her fragrant cunt to taste. Teri was left alone to get reacquainted with my dick and had no hesitation in showing what a slut she was. Deep throating, ball sucking, making it wet and sloppy while I lapped and tongued Jane’s folds which made her press down harder.

“Is he doing a good job huni?” I heard Teri ask.

“Mmm hmm yeah. So good. Get up here and try babe.”

With that Jane slid down my body and Teri took her place. Her pussy was tighter looking and glistened with juices as it descended onto my mouth and eager tongue. I flickered teasingly either side of her pussy, loving the taste on her smooth skin, then, as her moans increased in volume, shifted my focus, swirling gently round and round her clit. I felt her tilt her hips and knew that she wanted me to switch again so I pushed my tongue inside her, tasting the arousal already. Jane was rubbing herself up and down my shaft, pressing it against my stomach and coating it with her juices. Fuck that felt so good and I knew her juices weren’t the only fluid dripping onto my skin. I felt her reach down and lift my throbbing cock up and then the unmistakable heat of a hot, wet cunt enveloped it. I groaned as I switched my tongue back to Teri’s clit and felt her turn to watch her sexy friend impale herself on my pole.

“Fuck Jane, that looks so hot, you taking that thick fuck stick. Let’s see how good a ride he is!”

Jane took the first few inches and gently rocked on them then raised herself and began to bounce taking more and more till she had her ass pressed against my balls and was groaning.

“Oh that’s good. You better keep it up for both of us. Just remember that!”

“Mmmh, I wilgdfhf,” I tried to say as Teri ground down on my face. Jane’s hands slid izmit escort up my chest to her friend’s thighs and spread them so she could join me in orally pleasuring Teri. She took the clit and I pushed my tongue in and out of her pussy, all the time Jane riding my cock. These women were certainly taking my mind off my back and I started to thrust up as Jane slammed down.

“See I told you we’d fix you Davey. All you needed was something hot, applied in the right place.”

“Or a couple of places,” chimed in Teri. “Seeing as you’re moving better now I want to feel that big dick in me. Come on show us how hard you can pound a couple of filthy sluts!”

Jane stood allowing my cock to slide from her tight snatch and I stood, glistening cock waving in front of me. I pulled Teri back to me. Looking up I growled, “Play with that tight little cunt Jane, while you watch me fuck your filthy friend!”

I gripped my dick and shoved it hard and deep inside Teri’s soaking fuck hole. The intensity had increased in just a few seconds so I grabbed her generous tits and started to pound her hard.

“Oh fuck yes your big fucking dick feels so good. Oh fucking shit, screw me, yes make me cum. Oh fuuuuck.” Teri was wailing and Jane was frigging herself ferociously watching us.

“Fuck her Dave, screw my filthy slut friend. That’s it, pound the, oh god, so wet, yes pound the shit out of her!”

I could feel Teri clench on me, seconds away from her climax. I pushed her down between Jane’s thighs and Jane grabbed her head and pulled it tight against her pussy.

“Yes baby, give me that tongue, deep, yes, fuck, shit, deeper, oh yes you know what I like. That’s it, yes David, fucking pound her, don’t you dare stop, make her cum on that dick, make her cum as she eats me out.”

I grabbed Teri’s shoulders and leaned forward and drove every thick inch in and out as she began to shake with orgasm. She was shaking her head wildly as she ate her friend and I watched Jane lean back and grind herself on it.

“That’s right Janey, cum while she licks that cunt and gets fucked by your neighbour. Show her what a dirty slut you are then I’ll take you next!”

Jane was screaming as her release came, her body shaking, her chest heaving, pink nipples rock hard with pleasure. As Teri’s pussy squeezed and pulsed on my cock I held still, deep inside her. The way she alternately clenched and released was incredible and my cock throbbed of its own accord in response. The feelings were incredible.

They both took a while to come down from their respective pleasure highs but when Jane did she practically threw Teri sideways to get at my dick. She put me on my back and slammed herself down on me, with only one thing on her mind. She was gonna test me and have a huge second orgasm in the process.

Teri, when she realised what was going on, quickly returned to the fray kneeling beside us and rubbing my cock and balls and up to Jane’s swollen clit. I reached a hand between her legs and finger fucked her cunt while she helped bring Jane to another peak of pleasure. As it arrived izmit kendi evi olan escort Jane arched her back and held still. Teri dipped her head and sucked Jane’s tits till the action of my fingers and thumb between her legs was too much and she had to let go. She scrambled back onto my face and smashed her mouth to Jane’s and rode my tongue to her own second climax.

Things went wild for a few minutes as they both lost themselves in cuming. I was concerned with making Teri cum when her friend did and had no difficulty keeping my balls in check. I felt my face and crotch covered in pussy juice and when the ladies finally found themselves back in the room they both lay beside me and took turns kissing me as they stroked my dick.

“Well well! You have done well. This time don’t hold back. When you’re ready tell us and we want your cum on our faces. Treat us like a pair of cum junkies and feed us all you’ve got in those heavy balls!”

Jane squeezed them then pushed me back. Back to take her pussy on my face and Teri on my throbbing dick.

She rode like a woman possessed. Fuck, I thought, she’s gonna rip it right off!

“Mmm Teri baby you like that fat cock deep in you don’t you?” purred Jane as she smothered my tongue with her soaking fanny.

“I fucking do babe. Thanks for inviting me over. You’re a lucky bitch having this next door.”

She plunged her face down and again I was sharing pussy with a hot slut. The girls were so aroused that I didn’t have long to wait for Teri to slam one final time down and clench and squeeze her tight pussy in a body rocking climax. Jane followed quickly frigging herself to a squirting orgasm that soaked my chest and stomach as well as giving me a healthy dose of hot pussy juice. This time there was no after-climax come down, they stayed high, scrambling to their knees and taking my dick between them sucking and wanking it hard and fast.

“Give us that cum now Dave. Give it to us. Plaster our faces with your hot load. You know we fucking love cum, so feed us. Drench us in it you filthy bastard and you can watch us share it like the whores we are.”

There was no way I could withstand such a barrage of filthy talk and I was fountaining cum in seconds. They each took turns with their lips over the head as it filled their hungry mouths. More cum than I thought possible erupted and gave them the sticky facials they had demanded and I watched wide eyed as they kissed with cum laden mouths then each swallowed proudly like filthy porn stars.

We lay back, exhausted, with our own thoughts – mine mostly on how I would ever follow that.

The girls had ideas in that direction and were soon caressing my soft, but still thick, shaft. Gently they coaxed it and made me hard. They looked at each other.

“Well I’m up for it if you are,” said Teri.

“Definitely,” replied Jane with a smile.

“And how’s the back Dave?”

“Oh it’s perfect. Thank you. Absolutely 100 percent.”

“Are you sure? We wouldn’t want to make it worse!” Teri knew the answer I was about to give and put her fingers to my lips. “OK just lay back big boy and let me suck you more. I want that thing rock hard and throbbing before I tell you what I want next!”

“Jane baby, will you grab the baby oil and do my arse please?”

Fucking hell. I was in for one incredible night…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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