Back Rent Gets Paid

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When I started to invest in real estate, I had no idea what benefits I would receive from my tenants. Collecting rent seems to always be a chore, and the excuses for not paying on time always irritated me. I decided to crack down and inform all my tenants that I would enforce all late fees and after ten days. I would start eviction proceedings and the cost of that would be added to the late fees. I knew I probably wouldn’t enforce it, but they wouldn’t know that. I informed them that I would be unable to make any exceptions.

The first month everybody paid on time, but the second month on the 9th day I had a phone call from Amber, saying that they were having trouble coming up with the rent. I reminded them of the policy that I was now enforcing. She started crying and told me she had missed a week of work and wouldn’t I please understand. I said if I made exceptions for her and her husband I would have to make them for everybody. She asked if they could come by my house and talk about working things out. I said that would be okay, but I needed to be strict on the policy. I enjoyed being the tough guy, but figured after having them squirm and plead I would work something out with them. Hoping that if I were tough they wouldn’t make it a habit as they had in the past.

It didn’t hurt either that Amber was a looker; she was about 5’6″ and had a nice pair of breasts that had to be at least D cups if not bigger. She wasn’t what I would call skinny, or what I call fat. To me she was pleasingly just right.

They showed up at my door about 8:00p.m that evening. I invited them in and offered them something to drink, and we sat in my den. Amber was dressed in a very sexy outfit. I let them explain why I should be the nice landlord and make an exception to my new policies. Amber’s husband Randy just sat there looking at the floor and Amber pleaded through tears to let them have some time to come up with the rent. I asked what their plans were to come up with the money and by when?

She told me that after they were done with me. They were going to the new strip bar that had just opened across town, where she was going to audition to be a stripper. I asked her if that’s why she was dressed as she was? She said yes, and then asked me how do you think I look. I answered ” very stunning actually” she smiled and asked If I thought she had a chance of getting a job as a stripper, I told her it would take more then just looks to get the job and make lots of tips. I asked her if she had ever stripped before? She said just for her husband. I asked him how she was, he finally looked up and smiled and answered she definitely worked for him.

I said that if she got the job I would work out a payment plan and let them stay. I stood up and wished her luck; they got to up to leave and Amber reached up and gave me a hug and a kiss, her breasts rubbing against me. As they headed for the door, Amber whispered in her husband ear, I saw him nod okay, She turned to me and asked hesitantly if she could dance for me, to see if I had any suggestions that might help her. I said sure!

Since my basement has a home theater and a pool table I suggested we go down there so we can play some music and she could dance on the table. I put a cd in and turned it up, her husband helped her up on to the pool table. She began to get hesitant, but we cheered her on, and soon she was getting in to it. I figured I would let her get through the first song, she was all right but she could use some pointers. At the end of the song she still had her clothes on. She asked how she was, I said not bad, but we need to make some changes, so we would draw the attention of the big tippers.

I then told her what she needed to do, like to begin with teasing then showing her charms, it needed to be slow enough to build anticipation, and that timing was everything, to slow they would loose attention, to fast they would be done and the cash would stop flowing. So I turned the music back on, and stood by the table and gave instructions. When she couldn’t understand what I meant I would reach out and grab her and move her into the position I was talking about.

After a couple of songs she was really getting it down. She would tease us with a tit shot and cover it back up, and then finally she would remove her top. Then she would seductively remove her bra. I had her get down on her knees and shake them around, telling her to bring them to the guys’ eye level. Amber really had a nice set of breasts and her nipples were long and erect. I could see that her panties had a wet spot and could smell her aroma getting kaş escort stronger. I was really getting turned on.

I was really getting into teaching her. I announced that it was time for the final practice run. I went up stairs and grabbed a hand full of cash from my safe. I came back down and gave Rick a handful of various denominations. Telling him to start low and as she proved herself to raise the tips. I explained to Amber that the higher the dollar the better she was doing. I went over to the stereo and cued up “one in a million girl” by the Tubes, the song about watching through the glass, I turned it up.

We pulled up two stools to the table and told her to imagines us as customers. As Amber began to dance and strip, I tucked a $1 into her panties. In the process my finger felt her wetness. Rick, followed suit and this seemed to turn her on. She really started to pull out all the stops and was really dancing seductively. As she pulled her top off I let out a catcall and she smiled. Kneeling in front of me she squeezed her bra encased breasts together, this pushed her cleavage up and out. What a sight that was. Leaning towards me she stopped about a foot from my face, and shook them very erotically. I folded a twenty in half long ways and tucked it into her cleavage. She rewarded that by bringing them right in to my face. I couldn’t resist myself and gave her a kiss right on her erect nipple through her bra. She turned aside and pushed her other breast into my face. Allowing me to kiss it also. She stood and moved to her husband and he rewarded her with a $10.00.

All 3 of us were really getting into it by now. Amber returned to me and once again shook her fine tits in my face, this time removing her bra very slowly. As she did I put another bill into her panties, watching her slowly reveal her breasts. Soon she had her bra off and she kneeled in front of me and put the bra around my neck and pulled me into her mounds. I wasted no time in taking a nipple into my mouth and began to suck it. She let a moan as I wildly sucked away. Out of the corner of my eye I could she her hubby with a big grin and I noticed him starting to rub his crotch. I took my hand and started to play with her other nipple. Amber still held my head with her bra. I switched my lips to the other nipple, and moved my hand to her pussy. Rubbing the lips of her wet pussy with my finger, outlining them through her panties. The more I stroked the more I could smell the scent of her pussy, and how I loved the smell.

Amber pulled her breast away from my mouth, I didn’t let it go easy and watched as her nipple was pulled out to it full extent as I held it in my teeth. She sighed with relief when I let go and watched it pop backed to its base. She stood up and resumed dancing, and then pulled her panties off while she danced in front of my face. I stared at her glistening pussy as she strutted it inches from my face. As she danced I took another twenty from my pile and folded it into a tight little rectangle, and put it between my teeth, leaving it sticking out of my mouth I picked up the discarded bra and worked it around her tight ass, with an end in each hand I pulled her closer to me. I stood up and pulled her pussy to my face and inserted the folded up bill as far as I could get it in. And begin licking her lips, starting with the outer and working to the inner. She gyrated her hips rubbing her wet box into my face.

I dropped the bra, and began massaging her ass. As I kneaded her tight buns I allowed my finger to caress her rosebud. She shuddered as I moved my tongue to her clit. I was thoroughly enjoying myself as I devoured her juicy pussy. I caught a glance of Randy and he had his cock out and was stroking it. I guess that was a sign of his approval. I swirled my tongue over her clit as I dipped my finger into her drenched pussy, getting it wet and moved my finger to her asshole and began rubbing it, I slightly penetrated it as I massaged it. It didn’t take long and Amber began to shake and moan with an orgasm.

Since she was standing her legs began to give out as her orgasm moved through her body. I reached around her my arm just below her ass just as she began to fall. I moved her away from the pool table, and into a nearby bedroom. As I walked with her draped over my shoulder, Randy followed, and Amber reached out and began kissing him as we walked. The closest room only had a day bed. So I laid her down near the edge and with her legs dangling off the end. I dropped my pants, and stepped out of them. (I usually don’t wear any underwear) I lifted gündoğmuş escort her legs over my shoulders, this served to bring her pussy even with my hard throbbing cock.

I slowly pushed my tool into her box. She was so wet I just glided in, as soon as I was all the way in I began to thrust away, pounding her pussy as she begged me to do her harder. Being the gentleman I’m I obliged by picking up the pace and slammed away. Randy by this time had also dropped his pants and stood there playing with his cock, I pointed to Amber’s face and he knew immediately what I meant. He walked up to her and put his cock against her lips. Amber wasted no time in taking it all the way in, I stopped my thrusting and watched Randy fuck her face for a few, before I resumed ramming her hard. Randy had a tit in his hand and was pulling on Amber’s erected nipple.

I began rubbing her love button. I could her moans escaping form her lips and they sucked on Randy’s cock. As her moans grew louder I felt her tense and knew she was ready to have another orgasm. I announced my intention to cum, and if by queue we all let loose. My cum shooting deep into her pussy while Randy shot his cum deep into her throat. Amber was shaking and bucking as her orgasm rocked her whole body, but still managed to swallow all of hubby’s cum.

I just stood there, with my cock buried deep in her pussy and watched as she cleaned Randy’s cock clean. When she was done Randy pulled it out of her mouth. I also pulled out, my cock was covered with cum and pussy juice and was still semi hard. I moved over to Amber’s face, she grabbed my cock and began licking it clean. I watched as Randy moved over to between her legs that were dangling over the edge of the bed. I thought her was preparing to give her another fucking, but was surprised to see him kneel and put her legs over his shoulders. He then buried his face in her pussy. He was going down on his wife’s pussy that was filled with my cum. I had heard of guys doing it but have never seen anyone actually do it. I could hear him as he slurped and licked her clean.

I returned to watch Amber masterfully clean my tool of. She alternated between sucking and licking it. I grab a tit and began to vigorously massage it. Watching her take me all the way in and watching Randy devour her box soon had me hard as steel once again. I swung my leg up and over Amber’s chest, straddling her breasts laying my hard cock between her breasts. She pushed them up around my cock and I began fucking her lovely tits. As I would go up she would lean forward and kiss the head of my dick. Every few thrusts I would let her suck it for a couple of minutes, and then return to doing her breasts. Randy was now done eating her cum-filled pussy and had started to fuck her wildly.

Amber was once again heading for nirvana. I moved up and began fucking her face furiously, I really was amazed at how adept Amber was in taking cock into her mouth. She didn’t have any trouble taking either of us all the way in no matter how hard we would thrust are big cocks into her mouth. I could hear Randy start to let out a huge moan as he came in to his wife’s pussy. I grabbed Amber’s head and held it as I madly fucked her face. She reached up and started to finger my asshole and it didn’t take long until I was filled her throat with my hot jizz. Before I was done I pulled out and let it fly all over her face. She lay there smiling as she licked what she could from her face. I knelt over and began so suck her tits, her erect nipples made it delightful to suck. I moved my hand to her clit and began playing with it, stroking it and rubbing it. As I did, Randy moved to her face and began licking my cum from her face. I diddled her clit until she had another orgasm.

It was getting time for Amber to get to her audition. We helped her to the shower and I used the hand held shower to rinse her off, of course I spent most of the time making sure her pussy was good and clean. We both grabbed towels and dried her off. After we were done I grabbed a bottle of baby oil from under the counter and we rubbed her body down. Her skin took on kind of a glow that’s matched the glow from her face. I told her she would do just fine at her audition. We helped her get dressed and when she was set she had such a look of confidence, unlike when she had walked into my house with her eyes cast down. As I lead them out the door, Amber turned to me and gave me a long passionate kiss and said thank you. They then invited me to go and watch the audition.

We went down to the bar and Amber was awesome, ibradi escort and she was hired and we watched as she started her stripping career. The manager gave her two, three songs sets to start with. Randy and I sat front row center and others crowded around as Amber strutted her stuff. The men were enjoying themselves and it showed as they freely threw their money her away. She gave them an awesome show. When she was done for the night we left, and drove home in my truck. She sat in the middle and was clearly excited. She talked of how she couldn’t believe how much she had enjoyed it, and how turned on she had gotten over all those men goggling and touching her. She then laid a rolled up bundle of money between my legs. With a kiss on my check, she whispered, “that should cover the back rent and late fees”. I just smiled and said thanks.

When we got back to my house I invited them in to celebrate. It didn’t take long and we were made it back to my bedroom. I suggested to Amber, that she now give us our own private strip show. Randy and I laid on my bed as Amber climbed up on to the foot of it, I turned on the stereo with my remote and Amber stripped away and soon worked herself over to us kneeling and gyrating in front of us. We had our hands all over her body. As we did we helped her out of her clothes. She returned the favor stripping each of one at a time. We soon were all naked, and Randy and I each were sucking on a tit as she stroked each of our cocks. I had my fingers in her wet pussy and then moved my wet digits to her ass and began massaging her tight little hole.

Amber soon knelt down and took Randy’s throbbing member in her mouth; this left her ass facing my way. Not one to pass up an invitation, I got on my knees and began tonguing her rosebud I fingered her pussy as I devoured her tasty hole. I worked my wet fingers up to her ass coating her bum hole with her own juices. It was a sight to behold. I began to slowly insert a finger into her now wet asshole. I worked it all the way in and started to finger fuck her tight little hole, I continued to work her clit and she continued to suck her hubby’s cock. She was moaning as I worked her love button and fingered her ass.

I inserted 2 fingers and picked up the pace, expanding my fingers, stretching her chute. I only had one desire now, and that was to bury my cock in her tight little asshole. I pulled my fingers from her ass and went back to tonguing the now bigger hole. Randy was now coming and Amber followed shortly. When she was done I crawled up behind and put the head of my cock up to her hole. I grabbed her hips and slowly inserted the head of my cock past the tight muscles of her ass, once past I slammed my hardened member all the way in and began to fuck away. As I pounded away, my balls bounced off her ass. Amber was screaming in ecstasy and maybe some pain. She was yelling to do it harder and I obliged. Randy was stroking his cock and was soon hard again.

He worked his way under his wife, when he was completely under her. I stopped and keeping my cock buried in Amber’s ass I put my hand on her tailbone and pushed her down, as I did this it put her pussy right over Randy’s waiting cock I gave her a hard shove and impaled her pussy all the way on to Randy’s cock. She let a loud moan. I knelt there with my cock buried in her ass. Randy began to fuck Amber’s’ pussy. When I got a feel for his rhythm I began to thrust my cock in and out. We soon had perfect timing so when I was in all the way he was on his out stoke. I don’t know how long we pounded her this way, but I could feel my balls began to tighten in anticipation of an impending orgasm. I announced my closeness and told Amber I was about to fill her tunnel with my cum.

This set her off and she began to ripple with an orgasm. I soon was shooting my load as I buried my shaft to the hilt and let my member spew. We finished just as Randy let loose of his load. Amber collapsed on top of him and I laid over her back. Trying to regain some sense of strength we all lay there panting and moaning. Our cocks still buried in there respective holes. I rolled off to the side keeping my still hard cock buried. Randy also rolled with us keeping his member buried in her now thoroughly fucked pussy.

We lay there side by side. I remarked that that was incredible. They both agreed that it had been a remarkable evening. We talked as we drifted off to sleep. In the morning we all took a shower. Randy and I soaped Amber’s every part. Amber then returned the favor finishing us both of with an amazing blowjob. We got out and dried her off. None of us had any more to give so we dressed and they left with a promise to be back with next months rent soon. I also promised to continue my stripping lessons on a regular basis. I can’t wait for next months rent to be due, because the late payments were well worth the wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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