Backseat Bitch

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(DISCLAIMER: All Characters are 18+)

Thanks to play7399 for editing 🙂

I had a mixture of excitement and nerves as I sat outside my house waiting. My name is Sam and I was waiting for my latest hook-up to arrive and take me back to his place. We had started chatting online a few weeks ago on a gay dating app and it quickly became apparent that we were both looking for sex. I was way past the title of slut at this point. Although I was only 18, I had slept with over 15 different men. Most were strangers online, but some turned out to be people I knew including my neighbour, a teacher, and my dad’s best friend. Although not many of these men were gay or bi, none of them could resist my peachy ass. Standing at 5 ft 9 my ass is my main attraction. I have a relatively slim body which just makes my ass look even bigger. Red hair, hazel eyes, plump lips, and a modest 6-inch cock.

We exchanged numbers and starting texting daily. He was a complete stud at 28, 6 ft 5 with a hot athletic body, black hair, and a delicious 7.5-inch cock. Mike was his name and he sent me pictures of him after he worked out at the gym which would make me very hot and make my ass wet. I made sure to tease him back with plenty of pictures of my ass filling the screen. He started asking me if I could wear some panties for him. So occasionally I would steal my sister’s underwear and pose in them for him. We decided to have a cam chat with one another. He asked me to do a strip tease for him so I slowly began to take off my top whilst wiggling my bum. He was stroking his big cock while I stripped; I could hear him grunt as I started to slide my shorts down. He saw I was wearing a small pink thong and ended up shooting his cum all over his hand – it looked so yummy. He thanked me for the show and suggested we should meet up.

That leads me to now where I’m sitting waiting for him to arrive. I decided to wear his favourite pink thong again under my shorts. I saw him pull up in a very nice sports car, I quickly stood up and got in the passenger seat.

“Hey gorgeous, nice to meet you.” He said whilst rubbing his large hand over my inner thigh.

“Nice to meet you too Mike, I love your car.” I replied blushing has his hand passed over my raging boner.

We made general small talk while he drove and he never let go of my leg. His gentle caressing was really turning me on. When we stopped at some traffic lights, I reached over and put my hand on his bulge. He grunted as I started squeezing his cock through his shorts.

“Eager Eryaman Escort to get in my pants, are you?” he smirked.

“I can’t wait to taste your big cock, stud. How far away is your house?” I said whilst rubbing his cock harder.

“We aren’t going to my house as my housemate came home unexpectedly. Don’t worry I know a quiet spot where we can have fun”.

I was so turned on that I didn’t care I just really wanted his cock in my mouth. It was dark already so that would help us to be discreet. He turned off the main road and went down what looked like a farm road. The road was dead quiet with no lights either. He found a hidden path between some trees which led into a very floral area.

“I bet you’ve used this spot for all sorts of naughty fun.” I giggled.

He pulled his chair back and leant it down, he then pulled down his shorts revealing his semi-hard cock. He motioned me closer and said one word.


I needed no other guidance. I took his cock into my hands leant down and swallowed his helmet. I moaned as his salty musky taste filled my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down on his helmet and some of his shaft whilst I stroked him with one of my hands. He quickly got rock hard in my mouth. I licked up and down his shaft and even starting sucking on his big balls at one point. I then went back to sucking his helmet. I looked up at him but he had his eyes closed he was breathing deeply.

“Deeper.” he grunted with his hand on my head.

I took half of his cock down my throat before I gagged. This was the biggest cock I’d had as all my other hook-ups were either my size or smaller.

“Deeper, don’t make me say it again.” He said very menacingly.

I took a deep breath and took his cock into my throat, I got just over half way when he pushed my head down on his cock and thrust his hips up. I swallowed his whole cock and his heavy balls slapped my chin. I gagged and choked my eyes rolled to the back of my head. Mike grunted loudly as his cock was in my throat.

“That’s better.” he exclaimed.

I was a mess, gagging and drooling all over him. My eyes were watering and my body was limp from the shock of his brutal thrust into my throat. He took his hand off my head and I slowly pulled his cock out of my throat. I could feel its whole length leave my throat, then a huge glob of saliva came out of my mouth, followed by me coughing.

“Hope that wasn’t too much for you.” he said Sincan Escort whilst looking at me.

I wiped my eyes.

“I wasn’t expecting it, but it was thrilling.” I answered honestly.

“Get in the back and take your shorts off, it’s time I use that ass.” he demanded.

I quickly stripped off my shorts and jumped in the back. There wasn’t much room, but we made it work by moving the seats forward. I got on my hands and knees as he slipped in behind me. I could clearly see he was happy about my choice of underwear as he rubbed his hands up and down my ass. My head was pressed against the door but I was enjoying him groping me.

“I’m glad you wore this for me it’s made my cock even harder.” He slapped my ass as he stroked his cock.

He rubbed his cock between my cheeks and pressed it against my tight asshole. I whimpered worried he was going to try to fuck me dry, he was too big for that. He leant forward and reached for my face, he stuck two fingers in my mouth which I eagerly sucked and covered in salvia. He then pressed one against my hole and pushed it in., I moaned against his thick finger twisting and pumping into my ass. He then pushed the second finger in and I started pushing back against his fingers.

“Slut, you’re already moaning just from my fingers.” Mike slapped his rock-hard cock against my ass again.

“Please, fuck me stud!” I moaned as my ass craved something bigger and my cock throbbed trapped in the tight thong.

Mike removed his fingers, spat on my hole, and spat on his cock. I was a little anxious about the lack of lube but desperately wanted him inside of me.

“Here we go baby, I’ll take it slow to begin with.” Mike whispered in my ear.

He pressed his helmet against my hole. It felt huge, I had to grit my teeth a little as it pushed into me. The head slipped through and I moaned loudly gripping whatever I could. He continued to slowly push into me until finally I felt him press fully against me.

“How does that feel baby?” Mike asked.

“You’re so fucking big, I love it.” I moaned.

Mike then pulled most of his cock back and thrust into me hard. An explosion of pleasure went through my body as his balls slapped against my ass. He continued to fuck my ass while I moaned like a whore and pushed back against him. A wet patch was forming in my thong as I leaked precum from the assault his cock was giving my prostate. He fucked me like this for 15 minutes. The car had steamed Etlik Escort up and we were both bathed in sweat. He then pulled out and slapped my ass hard.

“Mmmm your arse is fucking great; I could fuck it all night. Time for you to do some work. Turn around and suck my cock clean.”

I spun round and looked at him in all his glory his chiselled chest glistening in sweat and his rock- hard cock leaking precum. I sucked his cock tasting my ass on his cock and moaning my love for it. He then lifted me off and tapped his lap. I put my legs behind the front seats and got on top of him. I slowly sank my ass onto his cock my eyes rolled back slightly as the pleasure ran through me again. Using the front seats as support, I began bouncing on his cock. The hot slaps of my ass hitting him were driving us both crazy. He held my hips and drove me deeper and harder onto his cock. He then suddenly held me up slightly stopping me from bouncing and began thrusting up into my ass hard.


“Oh, you dirty slut I’m going to cum in your arse. FUCK, TAKE IT YOU WHORE!!”

Mike’s cock flooded my ass with spunk, he kept thrusting as he emptied his balls into me. My prostate exploded in pleasure as I filled my thong with cum leaving my knees weakened. I fell back onto his lap his cock still in me as I lay against his chest.

We lay there panting both recovering from a strong orgasm.

“Wow that’s the best fuck I’ve ever had, your cock and stamina was insane.” I spoke.

“So, am I your daddy now?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Sorry I don’t know why I said that, it just came out. Have you got any tissues? I feel like you pumped a gallon of spunk in me.”

“I do but I’ve got something else I want you to use instead.” as he leant over to pick up his shorts keeping his semi hard cock still in me.

He pulled out a butt plug with blue crystal on the end. He quickly threw me off his cock and onto my side as he then pushed the butt plug into my arse. I yelped a little but it was in and it felt very snug. He scooped up the cum that leaked out and fed it to me.

“Mmmm yummy, let me clean your cock.” I spoke.

I leant over and sucked his shaft clean and squeezed a few more drops of cum out of his cock.

We then got dressed and started heading back to my place. He told me to send him a video of me taking the butt plug out and pushing his cum out. So, once we said our goodbyes, I raced into the toilet and set up my phone. I did a little dance for him before slowly removing the butt plug and watching as his thick spunk poured out of my ass and splattered onto the floor. Once I cleaned up, he sent me a message which made me super excited.

Good boy, I’ve got a special friend who wants to have a threesome with us and she’s dying to test out your arse…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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