Bad Day at Work

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Thud. Thud. Thud. Samantha Phoenix slammed into the punching bag as if it were her self-righteous boss. She’d had a bad day at work; life was tedious enough working as a beat cop, and having a prudish old dickhead as her superior didn’t make the pill any easier to swallow.

Her powerful forearms glistened with sweat as she pounded the bag, her anger fuelling her. She was in incredible shape- the muscles on her back flexed with every strike, the muscles on her abdomen taut and defined. To be a successful cop you had to be fit, no doubt about it.

A hand caressed her shoulder, pulling her out of her trance.

“Easy there, tiger. I already had one guy break the rowing machine today, I don’t need you tearing apart my only punching bag.”

Sam smiled, wiping the sweat from her brow and pushing her hair out of her face.

“I’ve had a shit day, Jess. Needed a place to vent my anger.”

Jess was one of the managers at 24/7 Fitness Plus, and was Sam’s favourite. Jess often took the graveyard shift, and ran into Sam frequently in the late hours of the night. She had a delightful tomboyish charm and a certain Bostancı Escort cheekiness that piqued Sam’s interest.

“I’ve had a shit day, Jess”. Haven’t we all, love? I’m sure you could find a better outlet for your anger than my poor, dilapidated punching bag.”

Jess looked at Sam like a lion looks at its prey, moments before pouncing. Sam knew that look well. She took a step toward Jess, narrowing the distance between them to a few inches.

“How do you suggest I deal with my anger then, Jessica?”

“Well, Samantha, I suggest you channel all that nasty, negative energy into something far more productive.”

Jess leant in and placed a kiss on Sam’s lips. It was chaste- an invitation, rather than the main event. Sam went in to kiss her more deeply, before remembering her surroundings and darting her eyes around the room.

“We’re alone, Sam. Just you and me. And oh, would you look at that? We’ll have to close our doors to new patrons for a while the carpet gets cleaned.”

With a cheeky smile, Jess locked the main door the gym and placed a “temporarily closed Bostancı Escort Bayan for cleaning” sign on the window.

Sam wasted no time going back to what occupied her mind, pressing her tongue into Jess’ parted lips. Jess went to work, feeling her way across Sam’s fit body, tracing her muscles.

“Watching you work out is so sexy, you don’t even realise how much you fucking turn me on.”

Sam gave a chuckle, before moving her mouth to Jess’ earlobe.

“Watching you walk around in those tights is so sexy, you don’t even realise how much you turn me on.” With that, she lightly bit Jess’ ear, eliciting a delightful moan.

“I wear them for you, baby.”

“Well now I want you to take them off for me.”

The pair went back to kissing feverishly, only pausing to pull off items of clothing. They stood before each other, fully nude and panting.


“You read my mind.”

Jess took Sam’s hand and lead her to the communal bathroom. She turned on the shower, and relished the feeling of the hot water over her body.

Sam knelt down in front Escort Bostancı of Jess. She wasted little time in putting her lips where Jess wanted them most. She worked her magic, her tongue setting up a heady rhythm as she slowly licked around her partner’s lips, around her clit. Jess moaned, gripping onto her partner’s head and pushing her closer, closer to her core.

Jess was a muttered chorus of ‘yes’s’ as Sam took her near orgasm and cruelly denied it. She knew the edging would make her cum harder, cum better, but she couldn’t bear the wait- she needed the release.

“Make me cum, you fucking tortuous bastard.”

With that, Sam reached up and pushed a finger into Jess’s throbbing cunt. She stood up so she was again level with Jess, leaving her finger arching and writhing inside her.

“Who the fuck are you calling a bastard?”

Jess moaned her answer.


“I’m the biggest fucking bastard you’ll ever meet, baby.”

Sam bit down on Jess’s collarbone as she stuck another finger inside, using the pads of her digits to caress the spot she knew would take Jess over the edge.

Jess let out a breathy moan as she finally came undone.

“God, you’re so fucking good.”

Sam smiled, and gave Jess a chaste kiss on the lips. Jess pulled her into an embrace, their bodies relaxing as the water flowed over them.

“Is it bad for me to say that I hope you have more bad days at work?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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