Banging the Office Hotwife Pt. 02

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It was the first day of my new job that I learned about the hotwife that worked in our office, namely, Jessie, the 5’5″ slender brunette in her early 30s with a slender frame, deep brown eyes and perfect mouth. Since my job required me to spend a lot of time with her and the chemistry between us was undeniable from the start, I guess it was only a matter of time until I got to participate in her ritual. Once a month Jessie’s husband allowed her to sleep with another guy with the one condition that she film it so he could watch it later. Several other guys in the office had been a part of it too before my arrival to the company.

After my night with Jessie, things at work remained very much the same, which is a good thing. It didn’t take long for word to spread, so naturally some of my male coworkers congratulated me and asked for details. My relationship with Jessie stayed consistent – we got along great and had a good time working together. I didn’t know if speaking about the sex we had was on the table during office hours, so I didn’t bring it up, and neither did she, so the topic wasn’t even discussed. Things continued normally for the next several weeks while I wondered if I’d ever get another chance with Jessie. The sex was awesome and something I would repeat if I ever had the opportunity.

Another thing that clung to my mind for the next few weeks was the mention of an office party Jessie had thrown in the past for Halloween. The guys talked about it like it was something sexy but would never give me details. Despite the fact that the guys who had fucked Jessie like I did were comfortable speaking shamelessly about their dates with her, the few guys who made mention of this party told me no details except that Jessie would have to be the one to tell me anything. After fucking Jessie that blissful night back in September, I even asked her about it, to which she responded that I would be invited.

It was now the last week of October. Halloween was this coming weekend, and I had heard nothing. I wanted to bring it up again but didn’t want to be a pest. Finally, on hump day, I was working on a report with Jessie when she asked me what I was doing Friday, which would be the night before Halloween.

“Nothing,” I said. I had plans to go to a Halloween party with some friends, but it was nothing I couldn’t get out of, and there was no way it would be worth missing out on time with Jessie outside of work. Even without her saying anything specifically about doing anything Friday yet, I didn’t want to take the chance.

“Remember you asked me about my Halloween office party?” she asked.

“Yes. Are you having it this year?”

“This Friday at 8 pm,” she answered as she continued to look at her computer. “It’ll be here in the conference room.” She then looked up from her computer, remaining mostly expressionless, but I noticed the corner of her mouth twitch like she was suppressing amusement or excitement. “Dress up. Theme is typical monster, ghost, whatever – something scary. Traditional Halloween stuff.”

I affirmed I would be there, and we finished our meeting. Afterward, I texted my friend to let him know I had to bail on his party and why. He knew all about Jessie, so he understood. We were both hoping, somehow, I’d get to fuck Jessie again because of this party. The party had to be worth it, given how the guys talked about it without saying much about it at all.

As for a costume, I had no idea. I wasn’t planning on dressing up since I’m in my 30s and don’t have kids. That night I went to one of those Halloween stores you find everywhere to pick up whatever I could find. I wasn’t the only one waiting until two or three days before, since the place was very busy, but I pulled out some creepy skeleton thing that was still available and at least not the most expensive thing there. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something silly, but if it was required to go to this party, it was worth the investment.

The next couple days went by as normal for the most part. Things with Jessie were standard: enjoyable albeit non-sexual, which is difficult on you when you’ve had sex – amazing sex – with the girl. Friday at lunch presented the only anomaly when one of my coworkers asked rather quietly if I was going to Jessie’s party tonight. I said yes, and he grinned wide. “Did she tell you anything else about it?”

“Still nothing,” I said. “Just to wear a costume.”

“Come ready,” he said. “It’s hot.”

“How so?”

“You’ll see.” I could see I still wasn’t going to get any details, so I changed the subject: “She has it here? Why not her place?”

“The big boss doesn’t care what she does,” my buddy said. “I honestly don’t know if he’s fucked her or not, since he has a family and everything. Whether he has or not, if she keeps bringing as much money to the company as she does and keep the morale up, she can do what she wants.”

With still very little information to go on, I prepared for the best-case scenario that elmalı escort I would have sex with Jessie again soon, if not tonight. I came back to work that night right before 8 and changed into the dumb costume in my office before heading to the board room. As I turned the corner, I noticed fog seeping down the hall. My instinct was panic because I thought it was a fire at first, but I quickly realized it was coming from the conference room where the shades were pulled but I could see festive lighting glowing through. The fog was just from a fog machine. The big boss really did let Jessie do whatever she wanted.

When I entered the room, I was greeted by three other men, and not much else, to be honest. There were snacks and drinks on the table. There were some Halloween decorations throughout the room, including lights and the fog machine that gave the room a bit of an eerie feel. I identified two of the guys as coworkers. The other was a stranger. Most noticeable was the lack of women; specifically, Jessie.

Over the next 10 minutes, two other guys showed up, in costume, one a total stranger to me as well and the other was a client of ours. I think it was safe to assume that the one thing we all had in common was that we had all had sex with the same hotwife. I couldn’t make sense of it otherwise but continued to try to enjoy the company, the food, the ambiance and the music. Then, at 8:30, another man arrived, this one in a reaper costume that obscured his face entirely. He was carrying a camera, which immediately reminded me of my night with Jessie when her husband had her film her having sex with me. For the first time since I’d heard of Jessie’s Halloween party, as if a switch flipped in my head, I thought maybe this party was a gangbang.

I had never done a gangbang before, but the thought of having one tonight with Jessie had me getting hard instantly. Before the reaper had finished setting up the camera, through the fog by the door came the only female who was coming to this party, and that was Jessie, the main attraction. Greeted by a few hoots and hollers, the bombshell brunette executive smiled and strutted over to the table where I got a good look at her very stunning costume. She dressed as a devil with red horns on a headband in long, dark brown, slightly curled hair. The outfit was basically lingerie, sleeveless, low-cut and black with red trim, complete with a bow in the front that held in her breasts. The bottom of it came down barely past her hips with a bright red miniskirt, and garters held her stockings in place about halfway up her thighs, where there was a red bow on each strap. With it she wore red high heels and carried a little red pitchfork. Oh, and a red anklet, of course.

“How do I look?” Jessie asked me as she grabbed a piece of celery.

“I think you win best costume,” I managed. Jessie laughed and then continued to make her rounds. The energy increased once Jessie joined the party. Everyone was chattier and trying to get Jessie’s attention. I felt embarrassed. It seemed silly to me that I actually thought it was going to be a gangbang when it seemed to be turning out that the fun was in Jessie’s sexy costume and being able to hang out with her in an enjoyable atmosphere. As lame as that would have sounded prior to tonight, it was a pretty good time.

Then, just a half hour after she had joined the party, Jessie climbed up onto the other table in the room, the conference room table, and made the announcement that the main event was about to begin. Most of the guys cheered. There was another guy who apparently didn’t know what was going on either. With no further explanation, Jessie hopped down from the table, and I noticed the guy in the reaper costume assume the spot behind the camera. Then the red light went on to indicate it was recording, and I watched on as most of the guys surrounded Jessie, who giggled and dropped to her knees.

It turned out that maybe I was right after all! Sure enough, the four guys around Jessie managed to get their dicks, all of them hard, out of their costumes and bring them near Jessie’s face. The other guy and I who didn’t have a clue until now quickly joined the group. I hadn’t done a blowbang like this before either, but I wasn’t at all unnerved by the idea of performing in front of a group. Getting to play with Jessie was all the arousal I needed.

“Hey!” Jessie said, “One at a time! In fact, line up. Give me some air!” We guys submitted to Jessie’s guidelines. The six of us lined up with our backs to the conference room table as Jessie kneeled in front of the first guy in line (I was last, unfortunately) and began to suck his cock while the rest of us watched on. I noticed there was one person missing and looked over to see that the guy who had brought the camera was still behind the camera, catching everything happening on it.

Jessie’s sucked each of one us, one by one, her head bobbing back and forth as she took every cock into döşemealtı escort her mouth down to the base. The hotwife gave everyone the same treatment, about two minutes of sucking and licking, occasionally rubbing balls or stroking the base while she worked the tip. At last, she came to me. Those pretty brown eyes locked on my own eyes and she grinned from ear to ear before taking my erection into her perfect mouth, just like she had done for the five men ahead of me. I moaned loudly and held onto the table behind me as the pretty wife’s head slid back and forth, my cock going in and out of Jessie’s sexy mouth. She rubbed my balls and worked me into her mouth, down to the base so that my tip was poking near her throat. After a couple minutes, Jessie pulled back, releasing my cock and standing up in front of me. She smiled and winked at me, then, without a word at first, leaned over the table right in front of the camera and bent over it, spreading her legs in an undeniably suggestive pose.

Jessie pointed to the guy at the front of the line, the one whom I knew was one of our clients, and beckoned him over. “Same order,” she said, a big smile plastered across her face. That guy hurried over toward me, and the rest of the guys reassembled in line in the same order as before, pushing me back to the end. If I had known what was going on before it started happening, I wouldn’t have been so unlucky as to have to wait until last!

“In case you’ve forgotten or you’re new,” Jessie said as this guy, dressed in a Frankenstein costume, readied his dick to enter the hottie, “You get five minutes, and don’t finish . . . yet.” She added that last word with a seductive grin, and I was really happy to hear it. Then, for the next half hour, we six men took turns doing what I never even imagined going into tonight, even with all the buildup: running a train on the office hotwife. She apparently had not been wearing any underwear, and the Frankenstein guy was able to go right inside her, pumping in and out of the sexy devil hard and fast, right from the start. He held onto Jessie’s hips and thrust her forward with each powerful push from behind. His groans of pleasure only added to his costume and he slammed in and out of Jessie right in front of the rest of us as she smiled and moaned.

Next up was one of my buddies who was dressed as a vampire. He fucked Jessie’s tight, sexy body for the allotted five minutes and then deferred to the next guy. And so the train continued for the next little while. Jessie came a couple times during the gangbang but no one else did, as we were strictly instructed. Finally, it was my turn. I eagerly gripped my cock and put my other hand on Jessie’s back as I pushed my member into those sweet, wet folds. Even after being stretched out by all those cocks, Jessie’s pussy was still warm, wet and tight around my dick, just like I remembered it from last month. Sinking my nails into her hips underneath that short miniskirt, I moaned as my whole penis slid inside her. She moaned with me and whispered, “Oh gosh, make me cum, baby.” I proceeded to attempt to do so. Five minutes is enough time to get a girl off if the chemistry is right and you know what you’re doing.

I grinded against my friend and coworker, massaging her cunt with my prick as I held tightly to those sexy hips. Then I slowly began to slide in and out of her, feeling her pussy walls against each vein of my cock as I fucked her gently for about a minute. As I increased my pace, Jessie began to moan louder. Soon I was pumping in and out of her fast as she clawed at the table beneath her. One of my fantasies had been to bend Jessie over a desk or table at work and fuck the hell out of her. I have never imagined waiting in line to do it, but here I was living out that fantasy.

Jessie’s body rocked back and forth as I was now slamming in and out of her from behind. I grunted and moaned, slapping her ass and even pulling her hair briefly as I rammed my cock deep inside her over and over again, as much as I could in the short time I had with her. As my time wound down, Jessie cried out and came on my cock, making me swell with pride, though, when I thought about it, five men had warmed her up before me and she had three orgasms in a half-hour’s time, so I guess my feat wasn’t that exceptional.

As Jessie’s pussy convulsed on my cock, I pulled out as my time expired. I wanted desperately to cum on her or in her, but I trusted that we would all have that opportunity soon. As I stepped away, Jessie stood up, turned around and then pulled herself up on the table.

“Final round,” she said, that sexy grin on her face again. “Take as long as you need. When you’re ready to finish, step to the side and finish anywhere here.” She traced around her face with her finger as she spoke, making me nearly faint with arousal. Since the day I met Jessie, I wanted to cum on that beautiful face. “Just make sure it gets on camera so my husband can watch türbanlı escort it again and again,” she added as she winked over at the camera. “Same order!”

I was last again, which I realized I’d get to fuck and cum on Jessie while she had the most cum on her face, so it turned out being behind in the game wasn’t the worst scenario. Frankenstein stepped up for his round three, and Jessie lifted her legs up and spread them for all to see. As her client began to enter her, Jessie pulled down the straps of her top and then untied the bow on the front of the garment before pushing it past her chest so that her boobs were exposed. As if Jessie wasn’t looking sexy enough already, her tits garnered a further positive reaction from all of us.

The Frankenstein guy wrapped his arms around Jessie’s sexy legs and pounded the girl hard and fast. The sound of his flesh slapping against Jessie’s body, rocking her up and down and making her hair and tits bounce, joined the sounds of the Halloween music playing as the fog continued to swirl around us. All of it was recorded by the guy dressed in the grim reaper costume who was all too content to merely watch. It was then that I wondered if he was Jessie’s husband. It made sense when I thought about it.

Frankenstein fucked Jessie that way for about 10 minutes, then he groaned and pulled out. As Jessie was lying on the corner of the table, this guy was able to shuffle just a few steps and stroked his cock as he pointed it at Jessie’s face. Jessie was too busy watching my buddy dressed as the vampire step up between those hot legs and slip inside her to see the other guy unload on her, but of course she could feel the warm seed splattering on her nose, mouth and cheek as Frankenstein came hard on her.

My buddy gave Jessie a nice, stiff fucking as cum streamed down her face. It was a really hot visual for me as I waited in line for my turn. One by one, each guy in front of me would fuck Jessie for about seven to 12 minutes and then step aside to add another load of semen to her gorgeous face. Each successive guy that fucked her got to bang her with more cum on her face, which to me wasn’t a bad thing at all. Then he would go on to add to that load for the next guy to enjoy the visual even more as he had his way with the slutty executive.

At last, I stepped up, Jessie’s still shimmering and pretty pussy wide open for me, just like her legs were spread as she held onto the table, looked up at me with four loads of jizz on her face and smiled. As I sidled between her legs and pushed my prick back into her, the guy in front of me, dressed as some type of ghost, I think, moaned and sprayed thick ropes of cum all across Jessie’s grinning face as I began to pump in and out of her.

Fucking Jessie in that position, on her back, on the conference room table, her tits hanging out, her face and hair covered in cum as another load was added, all while five satisfied participants watched on and her husband, I was guessing, filmed it, was as hot as anything I had experienced up to that point in my life. I couldn’t help but nail Jessie hard and fast, rocking her back and forth on that table as she hung onto the edge and moaned. Her boobs bounced up and down with each of my thrusts into her again and again. Her ankles rested on my shoulders as I alternated between holding onto her hips and clutching her boobs as we had sex.

After about 10 minutes, I knew I couldn’t hold off any longer. I pulled out, releasing Jessie’s breasts and hurrying to her side where I beat off and plastered that pretty face with one of the biggest helpings of cum I had ever released. Spurt after spurt of semen erupted from my penis all over Jessie’s grinning face, which was already covered. There was hardly any untouched skin left, so I just pointed between her eyes and fired off, adding to the loads that were already dripping down and off her face. As I finished, the other guys cheered.

Once I was done, Jessie’s face was completely glazed. Her eyes sealed shut, a big, amused smile on her face, Jessie sat up with cum splattered in her hair, causing the seed to stream down her chin and drip to her bare boobs. Very little of the man juice was wasted, as just a trace remained on the table beneath her when she sat up, which she did to a rousing cheer of us six men. Even the guy at the camera was clapping for her after being otherwise silent and emotionless during the whole thing. Then he shut off the camera and handed Jessie a towel, which she immediately applied to her face and headed out the door, certainly to go find a bathroom where she could clean up.

It was now after 11 pm, so someone turned off the fog machine, another guy shut off the music and we all helped clean up. The camera guy took down the camera and then headed out. My guess was he was tending to his wife, even though I only assumed he was Jessie’s husband. A couple of the guys headed out before Jessie returned to the room. Her face was clean, though her eyes were a little bloodshot. Also, she hadn’t been very successful at getting the jizz out of her hair. She chatted with us as we praised her for her feat that night while she helped clean up. We got it all done quickly, finishing just before 11:30 pm. Jessie asked me to help bring the stuff to her car and then she kissed the others goodbye.

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