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I have a twin brother, his name is Brad. We are like most twins, very close. When we were eight our parents divorced under very friendly terms and remarried.

All four were very friendly and I don’t pretend to understand how they managed this, but the end result was that we were each to live with different parents. We lived in the same block but on different streets. We each had a bedroom in the others house and we often were under the same roof at one house or the other. But actually the thing that was the most significant was the phone.

The phone was our uncle’s idea. He was an engineer with the phone company and he designed it and set it up. First off, obviously we each had a phone, the difference was that they were exclusively ours. They were connected together 100% of the time. Plus they were speaker phones. So if we left them both on speaker it was almost like being in the same room. Or if we wanted we could have the speaker(s) off and it was private at our end. Or of course the phone could be hung up.

One neat feature was that if one of us picked up the phone then a little light glowed on the others phone. If we got no response we could touch a button and a faint chime would sound. If we really wanted the phone answered we could touch another button and the phone would ring normally.

As might be expected we talked often and long and we would often fall asleep with the phones to our ears.

As we got older and our hormones started to rage somehow they did not cause any sexual desire toward each other. Yes, we discussed sex often, we knew each others secrets and desires and sexual events and such things as bra size and penis size. We asked each other about masturbation. Once we even masturbated together while talking on the phone, but only once. When we spoke of it later we agreed that maybe it was something that we should not do. Somehow we never had any outward sexual attraction to the other. Even running around nude after we were adults didn’t faze either of us. That is until this Memorial Day weekend. We are now 39.

We have each been married and divorced, had various sex partners and each our share of great sex before this weekend commenced.

Back when my our real mom and dad got married our maternal great grandparents gave them a condo in old Ocean City Maryland. The condo was still jointly owned and was used by all. On this weekend it was mine and Brad’s. It had 3 bedrooms and we had stayed there together several times before and had even entertained (had sex with) friends or spouses in our own bedroom. On a couple of occasions in the same bedroom.

Brad lived and worked In Dover and I in Wilmington so I picked him up after work. I was dressed in a very short linen dress. I was wearing no bra to contain my firm size B’s. I had removed bra and my panties along about 2:00 PM hoping to draw the attention of a certain co-worker who along with me and one other had not taken the day as a vacation day. I didn’t think much about my sexy attire until after I had picked up Brad and was part way down 113 carefully avoiding the revenue enhancement activity set up by the Milford Police.

As I relaxed a bit I happened to look down and realized that my left thigh was exposed almost up to my pussy. I suddenly wondered if Brad had noticed and if so what had been his reaction.

Normally I would not have given that thought but I guess that I was still a bit horny from my afternoon mind set which had been all desire but no action. I looked at Brad’s face and he was staring straight ahead and had a pinched look on his face. I looked at his crotch. He was wearing soft cotton shorts and his erection was very obvious.

Without thinking I said “Did I cause that? If so I am sorry.”

“Well I guess the fact that you are my twin sister didn’t register in the part of my brain that controls erections. Sorry.”

“Nothing to be sorry about, but now I have a question. All of your brain now knows that I am your twin sister but your hard is still there. How come?”

“I don’t know. Maybe because you look so damn desirable, sorry, but you do and I am trying hard to get my brain to remember the sister part.”

We were both silent each with our own thoughts for about ten minutes. Meanwhile I could feel my pussy getting very wet and was afraid of it running down and spotting my dress. Meanwhile Brad still had his erection in spite of his obvious attempt to rid his mind of the cause. About then I saw a Mc-Donalds and I pulled in, grabbed my pocketbook which held my panties and headed for the ladies.

My dress now safe, Gümüşhane Escort I picked up some food and went back to the car. Brad meanwhile must have got his problem under control and was out of the car and I assumed in the men’s room.

Brad knew the least cluttered route in so I let him drive. We ate our burgers and fries and drank our drinks as we drove and our small talk carefully avoided the obvious as we found our way to the condo. Since we kept stuff at the unit we had traveled light and were soon in the third floor condo and standing on the balcony watching the late day bathers enjoy the mild wave action.

Brad was still making a lot of small talk but when I sneaked another look at his crotch I could see that he still was not under control. He sported a bulge under his shorts which, while not as large as before but was still quite noticeable. I was looking at him not as my twin but as I often looked at other men. “Actually,” I found myself thinking “he’s pretty sexy. Nice chest, almost 6 feet and flat stomach.”

I thought about a time when we were 18 and I had asked him what his penis measured. He had to measure and the next day he told me that as best he could measure, it was six and a half inches long and one and a quarter across at the widest place. Now I pictured him measuring his erect penis I felt another twitch in my pussy and a bit more wetness soaking my panties.

“You have anything on under your shorts?” I asked.

“No. Why.”

“Just wondering, time to get us even then. Hold still.” I put my left hand on Brad’s shoulder to brace myself and removed my panties with my other hand.

“Reminds me of an old but corny joke but I’ll spare you.”

Now with my 20-20 hind sight I realize that what happened next had built up over a period of years. Now, I suddenly was overwhelmed with desire for Brad. Without any more thought I reached around and took his hardness in my hand. It swelled even more as Brad gripped the railing. I looked around and nobody was paying us the slightest attention. I began to stroke him through his soft cotton shorts. He seemed to get even bigger and harder as I continued stroking. His cock seemed to be alive in my hand, twitching and trembling as I gripped it tight and continued to stroke.

After just a minute he began to tremble and I felt his cock contract and then pulse in my hand. Then more pulses and then his cum was spurting out from under his shorts and on to the balcony deck. “I’ve got a mess to clean up.” I said softly to Brad “But later, now take me to bed and treat me like a new found love.”

As we hurried toward the bedroom I pulled my dress up over my head and threw it to the floor. Since I had nothing under it I was now naked. Brad paused long enough to get himself naked also.

The master bedroom also faced the ocean. It seem like only an instant till I was on my knees in the king bed, the window was open to the sounds of the ocean and the ceiling fan was blowing over our naked bodies.

Without any preliminaries Brad his dick still slippery from his cum was deep inside of my cunt and we were fucking as I had never fucked before. Brad was behind me, holding on to my waist and helping me move back and forth against his plunging cock.

I came as soon as I felt his hard cock slide deep into my cunt. I came again a few seconds later. I came with an intensity that I had never felt before. It then occurred to me “Oh God, this is my brother!” I guess the forbidden aspect of that thought caused the next orgasm which occurred as I felt his hard cock pull almost out of my cunt and then plunge back deep inside of me again. I gripped it tight with my pussy and I can still feel each detail of it’s shape as it slid in and out.

We fucked hard and fast and I had orgasms too numerous to count. Sometimes I think that I came with each stroke. I felt Brad come several times and I was amazed that he didn’t even slow between orgasms. He filled me with so much cum that it seemed to squirt out of my cunt each time Brad pushed his cock deep into me.

Just as we were winding down, we were startled by the phone. It rang four times before the machine took control and we heard mom say “Sorry I missed you, I hope you guys are having a great time and that you are taking good care of each other.”

That was too much for us as we broke down laughing and lay back on the bed sloppy from our dripping cum. Not only was the bed wet but Brad’s cock was covered with cum and cum was still dripping out of me. “Did all this stuff come out of you?” I asked rhetorically “and how about that stuff on the balcony?”

“It’s all your fault.” Brad said “I would have kept my desire to myself, but you had to get all sexy and wanton.”

“All my fault? How long have you wanted me?” I couldn’t help myself, Gümüşhane Escort Bayan I had to ask.

“It’s been building for about a year. I think it started that day last summer when we were talking on the phone and were interrupted by the doorbell. When you came back to the phone you said ‘My new toy just came.’ Then you said ‘Hate to run but I want to try out my new toy.’ When I asked what made it so special you described it’s features to me and I became excited for you. Later you told me how each time that you used it that it made you come many times. I started to develop this picture in my mind of how you might look as orgasm after orgasm over took you. That was the beginning.”

I told Brad that until today I was fine and how today desire simply overwhelmed me. We decided that we were OK with what had happened and that we would have this holiday together and have no regrets later.

All of a sudden I was hungry. Then suddenly we were siblings again. After all we had been siblings for 29 years and sex starved lovers for only a couple of hours. “I’ll do the bed, you clean up your cum from the balcony.” said I “Then let’s hit the boards, your treat.” With that I pulled down the sheet and saw the cum stain on the mattress cover and I started laughing. Brad came over to see what I was laughing at and all I could do was to point at it. He was instantly roaring with laughter as we both recalled our first experience seeing such a stain. We had just become teenagers and were doing our chores. We were making a bed used the night before by our mother and my step father. We discussed it for days before one of our more experienced friends explained it to us.

We showered together and washed each other but stayed chaste. Then we walked the boardwalk until we could agree on a place to eat which turned out to be a hot dog stand. Standing at the railing a few minutes later with a fat oversized hot dog sticking out the end of the bun, my sex persona popped out. As Brad watched I tongued the hot dog and then pushed it in and out of my mouth. “Next time,” I said “I plan to keep the sheets clean. Catch my drift?” Then I pushed the wiener in and out of my mouth again and winked.

It took a few seconds for the significance of my words to penetrate. Suddenly I could see the bulb light and a deep red flush covered Brad’s face and neck. He was flabbergasted at the idea. I couldn’t understand why, Brad knew that since my ex had first introduced me to oral that I considered oral sex the usual opening round. The fact that Brad and I had fucked first was almost unheard of with me. I usually had a tight cunt and I liked to have it very wet before I let in a toy or a hard cock. When I did reach that point I usually was ready to explode as soon as I was penetrated.

Suddenly I was sopping wet. Again I wasn’t wearing panties and pussy drippings were starting to flow down my leg. I could see that Brad was excited too. “Let’s get going,” he said “we can finish on the way.” We were almost running as we approached the condo just two blocks north.

I led the way toward the bedroom Brad was walking behind me and lifting my dress up over my bare body and over my head as we went. By the time I reached the bed I was naked except for my shoes. As Brad undressed himself, I sat on the edge of the bed and lay back on my elbows with my knees apart and my rump hanging half over the edge of the bed. Brad was looking at my pussy which was twitching and trembling along with the rest of my body. Actually I was ready to be fucked again, I was that hot but Brad apparently remembering normal routine knelt in front of me. He pulled my legs up over his shoulders and buried his face in my pussy as I held his head tight between my thighs.

He spread my pussy with his mouth as he burrowed in until I was wide open to his busy tongue. He licked up and down, stopping at each end of his travels. First he would tongue fuck my cunt and then he would lick his way up and then pause at the top to lick and suck my clit. After only three or four trips up and back I was, without warning, in the midst of an orgasm. It swept over me like a summer storm sometimes quiet and sometimes intense. I quivered and shook and humped Brads mouth as I squeezed his head tight between my thighs. My hands were clasped behind his head holding him tight against me. No way was he going to escape until my orgasms had subsided.

That took awhile. Brad didn’t stop licking and I didn’t stop coming for quite some time. After a while I could feel Brad’s ministrations increase their intensity. I knew that he was about to come. Sure enough I could tell he was groping around for something to receive his cum. Then I could feel his tongue quit for a minute I knew that he had come.

Our actions slowed and then ceased. Brad rearranged me on Escort Gümüşhane the bed with my help and then crawled in beside me. We gradually relaxed and I started to get sleepy. As sometimes happens to me when I am in that in between state I have an insight. Suddenly it hit me and I found myself saying “You know, I think that I have wanted you since that time we did that masturbation stuff over the phone. You remember that?”

“You bet I do. I never told you, but I masturbated a lot for a while thinking about you doing yourself. I was embarrassed and thought that you might get pissed if I told you.”

“When did I ever get pissed at something you told me? Never. I guess we did keep some secrets between us then. You were so ‘matter of fact’ about it all, I thought that you had no desire to do it again.

I did the same thing. Once in a while I still do, I’ve always wanted to watch you do it. By the way, what did you find for your cum?”

Brad came back with “Yeah, like I said, me too. Cum? my shorts, they’re a mess. All your fault, you can wash them.”

Suddenly we were siblings again “My fault hell, your cum, your shorts, you wash ‘em.”

We fell asleep and it was about two in the AM when I awoke and needed to pee. After I did that I decided to shower and without having ever turned on the light I proceed to do just that. I was just starting to get erotic thoughts in my head and my fingers had just found my pussy when I heard a light knock at the bathroom door. “May I come in?” I heard Brad say.

“Sure door’s unlocked, want to join me?”

“Best offer I’ve had lately.” was Brad’s reply.

“I’m insulted.”

“In the last hour.” was Brads quick comeback.

“OK then, climb aboard. No that is coming later, what I mean is come on in, waters fine.”

“After I pee.” A minute later having finished that he stepped in behind me as I was rinsing my hair and had my face turned up into the spray. He pressed close behind me and reached his arms around me and took a breast in each of his hand.

“Nice, I’ve always thought that you had nice tits. I punched out a guy once for saying that ‘her tits were hand made and were shaped to fit his hands’. He was nice and polite after that.”

“Who was that?”

“Not important. But they sure do feel just right, bet they taste great too.”

I reached back between us and took his hardening cock into my hand and began stroking it. “How about we get back in bed and you can kiss my boobs while I jerk you off and watch you cum. I did tell you that I had always wanted to watch you cum, didn’t I?”

In just a moment we had the water off and we were in the bed, still dripping wet. It took a little ingenuity and a slight change in plan, but after another moment or two my boobs were hanging over Brad’s waiting mouth as I supported myself with my arms and Brad’s fist was around his cock and he stroked himself toward orgasm as I watched.

As Brad began sucking my breasts and pulling my nipples way into his mouth with his suction and licking their hard erection with his tongue. Then I felt his other hand slide up between my legs.

He quickly had fingers in my cunt and his thumb was working on my clit. The toy called Beaver which had caused so many O’s had never felt this good. I was still kneeling across him wondering how else I might support myself so that I could use my hand (s) to better advantage when I saw a bit of clear fluid escape his penis opening.

“Oh Oh, he’s going to come.” I thought to myself “I hope it really spurts out, I want to see it come.”

No sooner thought than done. That quick the cum was spurting out and the first couple of spurts landed on my side and my boob. Then after that one spurt even managed hit the nipple that Brad was busy licking.

As the pulsing came to a stop I twisted myself around and pulled Brad over on his side. I twisted and contorted until I had his head between my thighs and his cock in my mouth.

It was classic sixty nine. My head bobbing as my mouth and tongue stroked in and out licking and sucking his penis trying to get it to fill my mouth with cum. I wanted to taste his cum. I was so busy trying to make him come in my mouth that I was not aware of my impending orgasm until it was almost upon me.

“I’m coming!” I told myself in amazement. Then I was. The orgasm had taken me be surprise but it was the best surprise that I ever had. A few minutes later I had another and then just as Brad erupted and his cum filled my mouth I had a third.

What a holiday weekend. We fucked in every position that we could dream up. We licked and sucked each other in between times. We did swim once and did have a good dinner at Philip’s Ocean

It’s been just over two months now. There has not been a repeat performance. We now talk almost every day again, something we had gotten away from. Sometimes we talk well into the wee hours. As yet no firm decision as to our future. But I do think that somehow, somewhere we will be together always. After all the sex is so, so good and we do love each other totally and we get along well. What else is there?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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