Barcelona Beauties Ch. 13

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Note: The first installment of Barcelona beauties describes all the characters and how the story began. This is the conclusion to the series.

13: Claude Alone

My first year back in the states was a struggle. My home country seemed fake and the San Francisco I used to love seemed soulless compared to the vibrant urban life I had known. I applied to graduate school, worked shitty jobs and didn’t do much art. I hooked up with a few women but didn’t hit if off with anyone.

I exchanged many letters with the beauties. My heart was not just broken but scattered around the globe. Each of them were going through their own lives filled with their own challenges. Whenever I saw an airmail envelope in the mailbox my heart jumped with excitement. I savored those letters and wrote long letters back. My most dedicated correspondents were Farah and Vesna. I would get an occasional long letter from Yara, and Chhaya poured out her heart to me in a long letter when she and Hugh broke up. But otherwise, the cards and letters from the rest were soon to become occasional and short, however affectionate.

In March I received my first rejection letter (from the best art school in the country). I then learned from Farah that she had met someone. Knife in the heart. We had in fact promised each other that we would find someone new to love but now Farah felt so much farther away from me. I got drunk with my housemates and woke up with a hangover. Bleary-eyed with aspirin and coffee in the kitchen, my housemate Ron said, “letter, Claude,” and tossed me an envelope.

It was from Vesna. I was afraid to open it. I really couldn’t take any more bad news. I drank more water, took a shower, went out to the porch. Feeling thoroughly sick, I opened the letter.

Vesna had been accepted into a graduate program in Los Angeles and would be moving there in June, arriving a few months before the program started. She said she didn’t expect me to drop everything I was doing but hoped we could visit each other. She also said she understood if I was seeing someone or didn’t want to resume our relationship, but that she was really excited to have a friend in California and that the friend was me.

A tear dropped on the letter as I sobbed with…was that happiness?

Eighteen years after we first met, Vesna and I are still together. We still have passionate sex most days of the week, and while me might sometimes go as long as a year without hooking up with another woman, we’ve also had a number of special long term lovers, random hookups and smaller scale variations on the toe party. Vesna and I stay in shape with intense yoga workouts and bike rides on the weekend. Her curves are more pronounced now but her body is toned and firm all over. She makes me hot naked or clothed.

We go back to Europe as often as we can to see Vesna’s family and have had reunions with some of our friends from the year in Barcelona including Ulrika, Bilan, Chhaya and of course, Farah. These haven’t been sexual except for the first trip to London in 1995 when Chhaya and Bilan invited themselves to our hotel room for the weekend. They both said that their sex lives had been pretty tame and they wanted to go a little wild with me and Vesna.

We met them at the hotel bar. The once shy and plain Chhaya was now truly glamorous. Her hair fell in glossy ringlets, framing her face and luminous eyes. She wore tight jeans and a purple corset that put her lush cleavage on display. She gave me a wet kiss in greeting, putting her bejeweled hand on my thigh as her tongue darted between my lips.

Bilan looked amazing too. She wore a short white skirt that showed off her dark slender legs. On top she wore a ruffled white top that seemed quite modest from a distance, but as she neared our table I noticed that her blouse was actually transparent. Bilan’s nipples and small breasts were clearly discernable causing a lump in my throat and in my pants. Bilan jumped into my lap and wrapped her arms around me before giving me a kiss. She whispered in my ear, “I want you to touch me.” I discretely palmed her breast and tweaked a hard nipple then she slipped off my lap to sit beside me, her head on my shoulder.

We ordered a bottle of champagne and caught up on each other’s lives. The sexual energy was palpable. Chhaya teased us by licking a finger and running it across the swell of one of her breasts. Vesna wet her finger and touched Chhaya’s other breast.

Bilan kicked off her sandals and put a foot in my lap. As I caressed her slender foot and pulled on her toes, Bilan discretely pulled up her skirt to show me her bare pussy. Vesna and Chhaya picked up on my reaction and laughed when they realized what Bilan had done.

As she drained her glass, Vesna told the others to drink up. “Let’s take this upstairs before we get kicked out,” she suggested.

“But Claude likes his girls to expose themselves in public,” teased Chhaya.

“I like to feel his eyes on me,” said Bilan. “But I need to feel his hands and his lips on escort bursa me too.”

I was feeling quite aroused. As I stood up, my pants betrayed my condition.

Bilan took on a mischievous look. “I’ll walk right in front of you so no one can see that,” she offered. As we crossed the lobby with my arm around her shoulder, Bilan repeatedly stopped and bumped her ass against my cock as if by accident. In the elevator I was attacked with kissing mouths and groping hands. But in another minute we were in the room.

Now we looked at each other, not knowing how to start. “Claude,” said Vesna, “you undress Bilan and I’ll undress Chhaya. Then they can undress us.”

I took Bilan in my arms for a long kiss then stepped back to look at her. The formerly uptight Bilan was smoldering now. I grabbed the bottom of her shirt up and she lifted her arms above her head as I pulled it off. I kissed her bare chest in passing as I knelt to unzip her skirt and slide it down her legs. Her slim brown body was hairless and sleek. I gave her pussy a quick lick then removed her sandals. I couldn’t resist her long graceful toes and sucked them into my mouth as she suppressed a squeal of ticklishness.

Vesna had Chhaya down to panties and her corset. They were mashing their lips together as Vesna undid the laces on the corset, allowing Chhaya’s luscious breasts to spill out. Her nipples pointed up on her purple brown areolas. Vesna moved her head to suck on Chhaya’s nipples as they both moaned. Soon Chhaya was completely naked.

Bilan left me to undress Vesna. Vesna wore a short sleeveless dress with nothing under it. To undress her was a moment’s work. Now Chhaya came to me and rubbed her breasts against my chest. I began to reach around her when Bilan said, “wait. I want to see you naked too.”

The three nude women unbuttoned my shirt, unzipped my pants, and now we were all unclothed.

“I’m afraid I might be out of practice giving blowjobs,” Bilan said playfully as she took my cock in her hand.

“I think I might need a refresher course too,” added Chhaya.

“I’ll be the judge of that,” teased Vesna. “Why don’t you suck him together while I offer suggestions?”

Bilan pushed me to sit on the bed as she and Chhaya got on their knees before me.

For a moment the two gorgeous young women looked wistfully at my cock. Bilan leaned forward to touch it with her tongue. She took my shaft in her hand and started to lick the head of my cock.

“Lick his balls, Chhaya,” instructed Vesna. Chhaya held my thighs and lowered her head to kiss and lick my balls.

Bilan stroked my shaft with a saliva wet hand while bobbing her mouth on the head of my cock. Chhaya continued licking and sucking my balls into her mouth.

“Suck his cock together. One on each side,” directed Vesna.

I looked down on the two pretty faces as Chhaya and Bilan slid their full lips up and down my cock in unison, sometimes pausing to kiss each other with my cock between their lips. Bilan was fondling Chhaya’s breasts as they did this and pulling on her large nipples. They didn’t seem out of practice to me but I wasn’t about to interfere in their re-training session. For a moment they got so caught up in each other that they left my cock unattended for a moment.

Vesna stepped in. “Now I want to see how deep you can go. Watch me first, then try it.”

Looking at me without breaking eye contact, Vesna parted her pink lips and slid them over my cock head, moving steadily down until she had my whole cock in her mouth. I moaned to feel her throat contract around the head. Vesna slowly pulled her mouth off my cock.

“Wow!” exclaimed Bilan, “let me try it.”

Mimicking Vesna’s technique, Bilan slid her lip down my cock until all but an inch was in her mouth.

“Relax,” said Vesna. “Think about how Claude is going to fuck you, then push yourself to take a little more.”

Bilan closed her eyes, breathing heavily through her nose. She grabbed my hand and put in on the back of her head. I gently pushed down until she had almost all of it. I let go and she pulled off, eyes watering.

“That was intense,” Bilan exclaimed, panting. “I kind of liked it when, when you…dominated me. Can I try again?”

“Okay, but it’s my turn now,” said Chhaya.

Chhaya looked up with her big brown eyes, made even more dramatic by dark eyeliner. She rubbed her pointy breasts against my thighs then lowered her mouth to my cock. At first she could only get a little more than half of my cock in her mouth. I could feel her tongue fluttering on the underside of my cock as she sucked me. With a determined look, Chhaya grabbed both my hands and placed them on her head. I tentatively put a little pressure on her and Chhaya looked at me fiercely. I pushed more steadily and she moaned but kept her eyes on mine. I kept pushing and, incredibly, Chhaya took my whole cock down her throat. Not only did she not gag, she lifted her hands to mine and pushed, encouraging me to fuck her mouth. bursa merkez eskort I held Chhaya’s head and thrust into her mouth as she moaned and drooled on my cock. I nearly came several times and pulled her off before I did.

“Fuck!” said Vesna. “Chhaya, that was incredibly hot.”

Vesna and Bilan had been fingering each other’s pussies as they watched Chhaya suck my cock. Their two slender bodies—one peach, one chocolate—looked so erotic together. Bilan was ready for another try.

“I think I can do that. I want you to do that to me,” Bilan said, looking at me eagerly.

“I’m not going to last much longer,” I cautioned.

“Cum down her throat. We’ll get you hard again soon,” said Vesna.

Bilan looked vulnerable but her face glowed with arousal. “Dominate me,” she told me softly. “I want you to make me swallow your cum.”

As Bilan knelt in front of me, Vesna and Chhaya got behind her and began to run their hands up and down her body. I took Bilan’s face in my hands and looked her straight in the eye. “I’m going to put my cock all the way in your mouth and fuck your face until I cum.” As I slowly thrust my cock deep into Bilan’s mouth, Vesna began to finger Bilan’s pussy and Chhaya pulled her little nipples.

I was just able to get my cock all the way in then quickly pulled back a little to avoid choking Bilan. Bilan’s eyes went wide and her nostrils flared. She grabbed my thighs and pushed her face back down on my cock. I began fucking Bilan’s lust-contorted face as Chhaya and Vesna tormented her body. This was impossibly sexy and I knew I wouldn’t last long.

“Fuck her face! Dominate her, Claude,” urged Vesna.

“Cum down her throat,” encouraged Chhaya.

I erupted with one last push into Bilan’s throat. Bilan screamed despite a mouth full of cock and trembled with her own orgasm brought on by Vesna’s fingers on her clit.

I pulled my cock from Bilan’s mouth and Chhaya quickly slurped the remaining cum off it, telling me, “I want you to do that to me too.” Before the weekend was over, I did.

But for the moment, Bilan and I recuperated in each other’s arms while Vesna taught Chhaya how to lick her pussy as she sat in a leather chair. Bilan and I kissed and touched each other all over. I then kissed every part of Bilan’s tender body, sucking her long toes and then licking her pussy until she had another shuddering orgasm.

As Bilan came down from her high, I heard Vesna moaning into Chhaya’s mouth as she came. Chhaya was proud of herself for making another woman cum on her first try.

We all rewarded Chhaya by laying her on the bed and kissing her body all over. As Bilan concentrated on Chhaya’s breasts, Vesna and I each took a foot and, starting with wet toe jobs, licked our way up Chhaya’s legs to her smooth pussy. Chhaya had full, deep purple labia and her clit protruded visibly between them. Vesna and I lashed Chhaya’s pussy with our tongues making her squirm and cry out in pleasure.

Vesna put three fingers inside Chhaya’s pussy and fucked her as I flicked at her clit with my tongue. Chhaya began pumping her hips up to meet my tongue then cried out “oh!” I looked down and saw that Vesna had removed her wet fingers from Chhaya’s pussy and was pushing one of them up her ass. Looking up I saw Bilan gently biting Chhaya’s nipples. Chhaya’s face was flushed and she was softly moaning. I renewed my attention to Chhaya’s clit and, as Vesna got her entire finger buried in Chhaya’s ass, she called out her orgasm as the three of us worked her over.

We all relaxed for a while after that and then Chhaya said, “I never imagined I would like that.”

“Licking my pussy?” asked Vesna.

“Having me bite your nipples?” asked Bilan.

“Or was it my finger in your ass?” continued Vesna impishly.

“I guess I did imagine the first two, but I didn’t understand about the ass before,” Chhaya explained. “It just seemed wrong before.”

“What was it like?” Bilan asked.

“Well,” paused Chhaya, “First, I was scared. Then it felt really pleasurable. And then I felt that it was something really intimate to share with you. And to have all of you concentrating on me together…well, it was really a special experience.” Chhaya smiled at us and we all smiled back.

“I’m still kind of fearful of getting close to anyone,” confessed Bilan. “I dated a couple of guys but I couldn’t really let myself go.” Bilan paused a moment then continued, “but I feel safe with all of you. I’ve done things with you I’d never done before. I don’t know when…I mean, this is an opportunity. I think I want to try it too.”

Vesna pursed her lips and said, “if that’s the case, I think you should try more than just a finger.”

Bilan looked uncertain but didn’t say anything.

“Claude?” questioned Chhaya.

“Yes, Chhaya,” I responded.

“I did have good sex with Hugh but now I feel kind of like Bilan does,” explained Chhaya. “And if you can teach us both. I think I want to bursa sınırsız escort try more than just a finger too.”

Vesna and I looked at each other with slightly conspiratorial grins.

“Bilan,” said Vesna. “If you’re not sure yet, you can watch Chhaya and then decide.”

“I’m nervous but I know I want to. And I know Claude won’t hurt me,” responded Bilan. “But I would like Chhaya to go first.”

“You can get Claude’s cock hard and wet while I get Chhaya’s ass ready,” suggested Vesna.

I sat on the chair and watched as Vesna positioned Chhaya on her knees on the bed. Her hair and breasts hung down, her back curved. She looked very sexy. I beckoned Bilan to sit in my lap and kiss me a while as we looked at Chhaya.

Vesna went to her luggage and came back with a tube of lubricant and a buttplug. Chhaya’s ass looked delicious and I could hardly believe I would soon be taking her anal virginity. Vesna used her fingers to work some lube around Chhaya’s little hole, then inserted her middle finger and slowly worked it all the way in.

“Is that okay?” Vesna asked Chhaya. “Can you take more?”

“I think so,” said Chhaya.

Bilan shifted so she could stroke my cock as we watched. Vesna withdrew her finger and spread lube on the 3 inch silicone plug that was narrow at the tip and flared at the end. She slowly inserted it in Chhaya’s ass as Chhaya inhaled sharply then moaned with a high-pitched voice.

Bilan whispered in my ear, “I am so excited that you’re going to do that to me. After you fuck Chhaya’s ass, I want you to fuck mine. I love you and I want you to cum in my ass.” Bilan gave me another deep kiss then slid to the floor and began sucking my cock, looking up in my eyes as Vesna had taught her. I felt incredibly close to Bilan and told her that I loved her too.

Chhaya now had the whole shaft of the plug in her ass and was moaning softly as Vesna pushed and released the protruding end. “Claude,” Vesna called me. I reluctantly left Bilan’s loving blow job but knew that I was in for additional pleasures.

“Fuck her pussy first,” Vesna directed.

I knelt behind Chhaya on the bed and ran my hands over the round brown globes of her ass and broad hips and then up to grasp her slender waist. Chhaya turned her head to look back at me and smile. “Hi, stud,” she teased.

Vesna took Bilan by the hand and positioned her close so that she could watch. I pushed my cock into Chhaya’s pussy. It felt very tight due to the plug in her ass and I fucked her slowly and deeply as Chhaya moaned. “I feel so stuffed. Your cock feels so big!”

“Just wait for what’s coming next,” Vesna advised.

After a few minutes, Vesna pulled the plug and my cock out of Chhaya’s holes. She asked Bilan, “do you want to take a lick?”

Bilan looked confused but then looked at my face and grabbed my cock and took the head into her mouth with her tongue swirling around it. Bilan sat back up with a satisfied smile. I could see she was determined to break all her boundaries.

Vesna now slathered lube on my cock and I positioned the head against Chhaya’s puckered hole. I pushed my thumb on the head to pop it inside Chhaya’s ass. She uttered a little yelp then said, “I’m okay.”

I gave Chhaya a minute to get used to my cock, then pushed a little more inside her. Chhaya let out a long hum of pleasure. I began to slowly pump in and out, gradually pushing a little deeper. Chhaya was breathing heavily between breathy moans. Vesna smiled and Bilan watched intently. Vesna took Bilan’s delicate hand and guided her fingers to Chhaya’s clit. Bilan began to rub Chhaya’s clit and I started to fuck Chhaya’s ass in earnest.

By now Chhaya was making all kinds of noises interspersed with one-syllable words of encouragement. I was really hard but was determined to save my cum for Bilan. I held Chhaya’s hips firmly and fucked her ass hard until she came with a long, drawn out cry. I pulled out and Chhaya collapsed on the bed. She rolled on her side and beckoned for me to hold her. I kissed her lips and she looked at me with her big shining eyes. “Claude,” she panted, “you’ve been my first for everything.”

“I’m a very lucky guy,” I told her and kissed her deeply.

Vesna sent me to the bathroom to wash my cock and the plug. When I came back, Bilan was lying on her back while Chhaya kissed her and Vesna licked her pussy.

“Chhaya,” inquired Vesna, “how would you like to get Bilan ready for Claude’s cock?”

Chhaya smiled with enthusiasm and said, “Oh Bilan, you’re going to love this!”

Bilan’s legs were spread apart and she looked vulnerable but definitely aroused.

Chhaya ran her hands over Bilan’s lithe thighs and down to cup her ass cheeks in her hands. Then she tentatively touched Bilan’s little asshole with a fingertip. Vesna squirted some lube onto Chhaya’s finger and Chhaya repeated the process that she had just experienced herself.

Bilan closed her eyes to soak in the sensations. I began to lick her arms, her neck and her breasts as Chhaya worked the plug up her ass and Vesna stroked the inside of her thighs. Bilan’s face betrayed some discomfort mixed with the pleasure she was feeling but soon the plug was all the way in and Chhaya bent down to lick Bilan’s pussy while pulsing the base of the plug in her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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