Barely Awake Needing You

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I’m barely awake… perhaps still dreaming. I feel your breath on my neck, your strong arms sliding around my waist. I cuddle into you, feeling your warmth of your body… your chest pressed against my back… you kiss my neck… I melt into you, feeling the desire welling up inside me, longing for your touch.

My body starts to respond to your touch, every part of me, one by one, waking, electrified. You slide your hands over mine, and cover my body with yours, like a blanket of fire. Your passion ignites, your breathing growing more and more rapid, I feel you getting hard against me. I’m instantly wet. Yearning to have you fill my emptiness…

You part my legs and slide your body between them. You run the head of your cock across my ass…and down to the place you have been dreaming to be…you pause before you enter…needing it but prolonging the excitement.

Even before you reach me, you feel my heat, I moan, still somewhere between sleep and awake, licking my lips. I arch my back…your hands caress my firm, soft breasts. My nipples responding as they slide through your fingers. You move one hand down across my belly…you feel my soft skin, a light film of perspiration emanates from my pores. I relax into you. You moan and breath close to my ear… “I need to be inside you”, you whisper, I bite my full, cherry red lips…and the hunger over takes you.

You thrust your hand over my pussy, taking what you know is yours. You force your finger between my lips…my hard clit meeting you, you rub it in long hard circles…but can’t stay long…you need more…you force me apart. Your finger pushing into the wetness. Your cock rock hard between my legs.

You use your other hand to lift my hips off the bed, the tip of your finger pressed against the hole, my juices running down to your hand…but it’s so tight, even moreso than you remember. You feel a wave come over you…you leave your finger still and with your other hand you grab my hips hard and push me down, forcing my pussy over your still finger. There is still resistance from my walls, and you can’t türkçe altyazılı porno take it anymore. You thrust your finger hard inside me. I gasp as you force me open for you. You moan as you slide in deep…I feel your knuckles grinding on my lips as you twist into me. A run of wetness covers your hand.

It isn’t enough…you slide your hand back…and push two more fingers against the hole. You use the weight of your body to force them inside. I’m moaning…my walls relax as you enter me…Taking me with your hand. The head of your swollen cock underneath. You slide your wet fingers out slowly and grab your cock. You push it against the hole and then run your hand down your shaft…getting it completely wet. You rub it over your balls…bathing your entire cock in my wetness.

That’s all you can stand…you pull me up hard to my knees and grab my shoulders. The tightness excites you… the head swollen and so much larger than the opening you intend to push it through… You lean your entire weight in me and arch your back…slamming me down into the bed as your throbbing cock rips through me. You hold me down… and take me deeper…your body pressed tightly against mine. You squeeze my nipples and bite into my shoulder. Driving deeper and deeper…until you hit where you cannot penetrate.

You are soaked in my juices. You hold it deep and wind your hips hard. Stretching me open to take every part of you. Your balls grinding on my pussy…rubbing my clit. You swell inside me…so much larger than I remembered. I almost can’t take it, but having you filling my body is the most amazing feeling. You push your wet fingers into my mouth, and with my eyes still closed, I begin to suck them, tasting my juices all over them. It excites me.

I push hard back against you…grinding the opposite direction to allow you to stretch me completely. It doesn’t take much before I feel my walls pulsate as you wind against my g-spot. I grab your hand out of my mouth and force you down hard on my clit. I roll over.

You are laying xnxx on your back, and I am laying on my back on top of you. We are rubbing my clit together. You slide your arms under each leg, holding me open as you thrust inside me harder and harder. You tell me to rub my clit as you bite and suck my neck.

You love the helpless position you have me in…like a turtle over-turned on its shell. I moan hard as you pull me down on your cock over and over. And then I feel you reach down and pull it out in one stroke, pushing it hard against my tight ass. You can’t imagine anything you want more than to be inside my ass in this position. You grab my knees and rub the head against my asshole. I moan. “It’s too tight this way baby. It’s going to hurt so much. No…please.” But either you don’t hear me in your ecstasy or the desire is too overwhelming for you to care. You slide your hand over my mouth as I plead for mercy. And you say … “It’s mine…I need it.” With that I feel my rim catch on fire as you push the swollen wet head inside me hard.

As you push past my rim, the pain is overwhelming but at the same time I want it so bad. It’s the most confusing feeling. You slide your fingers into my mouth and tell me to suck. My warm mouth and the sucking intensifies your pleasure. The tight rim slides down your shaft squeezing your swollen cock deeper into me. You reach down, pushing my hand on my soft pussy and tell me to wet my fingers.

From this position you can see it all. You tell me to slide them up now and rub the wetness all over my nipples. You start to pump into my ass, fucking me hard while you squeeze my thighs back to watch. You tell me to squeeze one nipple and rub my clit hard. I do what I’m told and you ease your pumping into my ass…since I’m being a good girl for you.

As you watch this entire scene playing out on top of your body, you reach down and slide your fist against my pussy hard. You pull my legs back and push your fingers to the back of my throat. I feel you grinding your knuckles inside my pussy. Then you open your fingers and porno izle one by one dip them into my wetness.

You can’t take much more. You want me to cum on top of you. You tell me to rub my clit. You slow the pounding in my ass and push it as deep as u can until it hits the spot. My whole body electrified as you rub my g-spot.

You slide your fingers out of my mouth and down my neck. And you squeeze…intensifying the high. You suck and kiss my ear and tell me to cum over and over. I rub my clit and squeeze my nipple. I wind my hips over your fingers and cock. I feel the waves about to break. And you lean up to watch. I arch my back and start to cum. You tighten your grip and I struggle for breath, screaming and moaning on top of your body. Electric shoots through my body again and the waves crash all around me…You feel my walls pulse hard around your cock and then around your fingers. You pump deep into my orgasm. You have never seen me cum this hard before and you can’t take it.

You push in deep while I’m pulsing all over you moaning and winding my body on top of yours… suddenly…you erupt… long hard streams of cum fill my ass. You pull back and flip me over… facing you. Cum dripping out of my ass, u finger it…and pull my pussy down over your cock. You arch and unload inside me…

I ride your hard cock as you cum harder than you ever have in your life. You shudder and I cum again… Dripping cum all over your cock as your finger slides inside my ass…your cum dripping over it.

You pull it out…and stop, holding me down on your cock and push the cum into my mouth. Your eyes locked on mine. I suck your cum. You pull your cock out and slide me down. You push my lips over your cock as it softens and watch me suck the last of the cum from your cock. I look up at you. You smile as the cum runs across my lips as you go soft.

I kiss the head…and crawl up your body. I press my cum filled mouth against you and kiss. You pull me on top of you and slide my pussy to your mouth. You suck the remaining cum out of my pussy and kiss my lips as I slide my wetness over you. You pull me back so you can look at me.

I lay down on your chest and you pull the sheet over me. Your cock softening as I lay my pussy on top of it. You feel the cum spilling out into you. You wrap your arms around me and we doze back off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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