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Bdsm Slave

Note: Before you blame the Bowl Championship Series fiasco on money and computers, allow Literotica.com to offer a more likely explanation. Names have been changed to protect the guilty parties, despite the fact they deserve to be hung by the balls.

BCS Chairman Frank Mongoose pushed the intercom button on his desk phone.

“Yes, Julie.”

“It’s a representative from USC on line one, sir,” the woman said.

The Chairman closed his eyes in pain. It was Friday, December 5th. The following day was the last day of the college football season. On Sunday the final BCS standings would be announced and formal invitations to college bowl games would be extended, including the Sugar Bowl—this year’s national championship game.

Frank knew the possibility existed that one team…probably USC…could be excluded from the big game even though they would be ranked higher in the coaches and media polls. The worst-case scenario would be wins by USC and LSU and a loss by Oklahoma.

Was it possible? Yes. Likely? No.

“OK,” Frank said. He heard Julie click off the line. Slowly, he lifted the receiver and placed it to his ear. With much trepidation, he pressed the flashing light for line one.

“Hello, Frank here.”

“Hello, Mr. Chairman. This is Joe Branixston from the University of Southern California. I represent the alumni association of USC. How are you today?”

The Chairman leaned back in his chair. “Fine, Joe. What can I do for you?”

“Frank, I’m not going to beat around the bush here,” Joe said. “We all know the scenarios for this weekend.”

Frank looked out the window, dreading where this conversation was going to take him. He would give the man a couple minutes to speak his peace and then he would find a way to gracefully end the ordeal.

Joe continued, “You’re likely to have three teams deserving of the national championship game and only two can go. We at USC feel we are the most likely to get screwed here. Excuse the French.”

The Chairman wasn’t smiling.

“Anyway,” Joe was saying, “I’m in town today and I brought a friend with me and I wondered when we could meet with you to discuss an alternative solution.”

“An alternative solution?” Frank asked, intrigued by the man’s choice of words.

“Sure. A way to show you how important USC thinks it would be to play in the Sugar Bowl this year.”

Frank decided to play devil’s advocate for a second. “But, Joe, the Rose Bowl is in your backyard, close to your fan base. And Michigan would be a great win for you.”

“Sir, we know that,” Joe said sincerely. “But we want the big prize. And we’re willing to show you how much we want it.”

Obviously, the man wanted the Chairman to bite on the offer. Frank knew he wasn’t going to blow the guy off without hearing him out. It might cost him a meeting, but at least that would be the end of it.

“What’s the offer?” Frank asked succinctly.

“Let’s meet in your office and discuss it,” Joe replied.


“Whenever you want,” Joe chimed in quickly. “We can be there any time.”

“Who’s with you?” the Chairman asked.

“A special guest. I think you’ll be glad you did this, Frank,” the voice on the other end said.

In his tenure as BCS Chairman, Frank had received just about every bribe imaginable. He had politely refused each one, being able to sleep at night despite knowing the system was flawed and eventually doomed.

“How about one o’clock?” Frank asked. “And don’t waste my time. I can’t be bought.”

Joe’s sounded truly hurt. “Frank. I can’t believe you’d suggest such a thing. We at USC have concerns. We just want to be heard.”

“Fine. See you at one.”

The Chairman hung up. He was too nice a guy, he thought to himself. This jerk didn’t deserve his attention, but his curiosity was somewhat piqued. Half an hour. That’s all he’d give him…and his mystery guest.

Promptly at one o’clock, Julie rang her boss and informed him that the representatives from USC were there. Frank asked her to show them in.

A few seconds later, there was a knock on his office door. Frank was beginning to rise from his chair as Julie held the door open for the two visitors.

A middle-aged, slightly overweight, balding gentleman smiled as he walked in, then stepped aside. Directly behind him came a tan and white image straight from heaven.

Frank stared at the tall, blonde escort bayan mecidiyeköy cheerleader in her long-sleeved turtleneck USC sweater and short skirt with crimson and gold stripes at the bottom. She and Joe stood side-by-side, smiling broadly at the surprised Chairman.

Julie’s eyes scanned the young cheerleader from head to toe before turning and closing the door behind her as she left.

Joe began to step forward when Frank remained frozen behind his desk.

“Mr. Chairman. I’m Joe Branixston.” He extended a hand across Frank’s desk. “Thank you so much for seeing us.”

The men shook hands and Frank managed a weak smile.

“My pleasure,” Frank said. His eyes quickly returned to the girl.

“Let me introduce Kimberly, one of our senior Song Leaders,” Joe said proudly.

Kimberly gracefully strode to the desk and shook the Chairman’s hand. The man tried with all his inner strength to maintain eye contact with her. He succeeded, but his brain was picking up her flowing blonde hair, the breasts pressing against her sweater and the never-ending legs extending below her skirt.

“Hello, Mr. Chairman. Thank you for your time.” Kimberly’s voice flowed like a song from her mouth.

“You’re very welcome,” Frank replied. “Uh, have a seat.”

He waved with his hand towards the sofa and chairs that lined the office walls. Kimberly sat on the sofa while Joe took one of the chairs. Frank watched as the girl crossed her legs, her pure white sneakers seeming to glow in front of her.

“Now Joe,” Frank said slowly, “you said you wanted to discuss a possible solution to a problem that hasn’t even arisen yet.”

Joe preserved his friendly outward attitude while absorbing the bluntness of the Chairman’s comment. “Well, Frank, you and I both know the potential for disaster is very great this weekend.”

“For who?” the Chairman asked abruptly.

“For everyone. Yes, I want…Kimberly and I want to see USC receive fair treatment for the great season we’ve had so far. But if certain events occur, the potential for embarrassment for the BCS can’t be denied.”

And Frank wouldn’t deny it. He had spent the entire week with the computer geeks crunching numbers to predict the final standings if this happened, or that happened, or this AND that happened. It wasn’t pretty.

He looked at Kimberly. She re-crossed her legs in the opposite direction, smiling the entire time. Frank couldn’t be certain, but the sight of her nipples pushing against the sweater left the distinct impression that she was braless.

“I’m well aware of the possibilities, but the BCS is ready to stand by its system and present a quality Sugar Bowl that will crown a true national champion,” Frank said as if reading from a script.

“That’s crap and you know it,” Joe retorted. Seriousness replaced the painted on smile he had shown until now.

“OK,” Frank said with a sigh. “What’s your plan?”

The smile returned to Joe’s face. “USC would like to offer you a token of our appreciation in return for a spot in the Sugar Bowl.”

“A bribe?” Frank asked nonchalantly.

“Frank, Frank, Frank. We would never consider such a thing. You have every right to say no at any point,” Joe said.

Frank looked at the other man intently. “Say no to what?”

The sparkle returned to Joe’s eyes. He turned and looked at Kimberly. Then he nodded.

The twenty-one year old beauty pushed herself up from the sofa and stepped leisurely toward Frank’s desk. Actually, it was more like floating. She stopped when she was close enough to touch the desk.

Frank could see her from the waist up and this time he made no effort to maintain eye contact. Kimberly ran her hands down the sides of her tight, white sweater. When she reached the bottom, she wrapped her fingers around it and gradually pulled it up.

The Chairman saw the beautifully toned stomach muscles, followed by her navel and more of her soft, tanned skin. By the time the girl had the sweater to the bottom of her breasts, Frank realized what was going to happen. He stared without the slightest ability…or intent…of not looking.

The sweater rose over the breasts and Frank heard himself swallow. He followed her hands as they proceeded over her head, pulling the sweater off entirely. With an erotic shake of her head, Kimberly’s long blonde hair fell back into place across her shoulders fındıkzade escort and upper chest.

Finally, Frank’s eyes returned to the gorgeous breasts. They were full and round and firm. They were basically perfect, with large nipples that begged to be licked.

Kimberly dropped the sweater to the floor next to her. With calm movements, she ran her hands over her stomach and up to the breasts. She massaged them in unison, the flesh moving up and down and around in chorus with her hands.

Her eyes were closed and her head swayed back and forth as if she was listening to a slow song. The girl’s hips soon joined in and her entire body was swaying.

Frank felt his cock hardening as the unbelievable scene played out in front of him. He watched Kimberly move her hands up the outside, then the inside, of her legs. Her hands disappeared under her little, slit skirt, lifting it teasingly. Just as her pussy was about to be exposed, she withdrew her hands.

With a playful smile, Kimberly turned sideways and pulled down the small zipper at the top of her skirt. The material hung on her hips for a second before she wiggled one time and it began to slide down her legs.

The thin strap of a black thong was all Frank could see when the skirt fell out of sight behind the desk. He watched the girl kick it off with one foot and stand tall, her back arched slightly with the hands on her hips.

The Chairman followed the curve of her luscious ass down to the back of her thighs. Not a single flaw could be found in the long, tanned legs.

Kimberly slid a finger inside the strap and stretched it away from her body. Her hand continued around her waist until coming to the top of her pussy. Although blocked from direct view, Frank could tell her hand had slipped inside the thong.

Again, her eyes closed. This time her head leaned backwards and her hair fell down her back. She straightened back up a few seconds later and began pulling the thong down.

As if in slow motion, the panties moved down her legs as the girl bent at the waist. Frank inspected her entire body over and over again. The pendulous breasts. The little waist. The curve of the hips. The protruding ass.

Kimberly gave him enough time to realize his erection was almost complete. Frank squirmed in his chair, determined not to use his hand to reposition the throbbing cock pushing against his boxers. The girl smiled.

She now stood totally naked in front of the Chairman, having pulled off her shoes while bending over to remove her thong. She stepped away from the desk a little and slowly turned her ass toward Frank. Her hands caressed each cheek, squeezing them and pulling them up, then pushing them together.

Frank finally reached between his legs and rapidly made the adjustment he had to make to his aching cock. He wanted desperately to wrap his fingers around it and stroke it against the round, firm ass in front of him. He tried not to think about whether this was leading up to that or not.

Kimberly turned once more, allowing the man to have his first view of her neatly shaven pussy. A thin patch of light brown hair led to her clit, with more fine hair on either side of her pussy lips.

She placed hands on either side and massaged the area gently, spreading the lips open just slightly and allowing Frank to see the shiny pink skin beneath. If a more perfect female body existed on Earth, Frank had not seen it. And he wanted more of this one.

Kimberly walked around the side of his desk with Frank turning his swivel chair to watch every beautiful step. The girl continued until reaching his legs, then straddled them and sank onto Frank’s lap.

He was afraid to touch her. But Kimberly wasn’t afraid to be touched. She took his hands and moved them up to her breasts. Once his fingers touched her skin, he took over.

He kneaded the breasts and rolled her nipples between his fingers. They grew instantly and she let out a sigh. Kimberly leaned forward and placed her hands on the back of the chair on either side of the man’s head.

Without having to be told, Frank took a breast into his mouth. His tongue immediately began working the girl’s nipple. He pushed the breast up with his hand and tried to take more of it between his lips.

Frank’s head moved back and forth as he savored the young flesh. After a minute or so, he switched to the other fatih escort breast. Kimberly moaned her approval and pulled his head closer. He was now frantically trying to devour her tits.

Frank moved his hands to the girl’s ass and cupped it firmly. She rose an inch or two so he could get a better grip and Frank complied. Both of them were getting hotter and something had to give. The sexual tension was too high now for the session to end.

Kimberly began to unhook Frank’s belt. She fumbled with his zipper, but managed within seconds to have his pants open. She immediately felt his hard cock inside the boxers. While Frank sucked furiously on her breast, she reached inside and grabbed the rigid shaft.

She was somewhat surprised at the size of the man’s cock. Maybe because she had not found the man overly attractive, she had not been all that horny when she began to strip. But now she was excited. The man knew how to handle tits and she was eager to see if the cock felt as good inside her as it did outside.

Kimberly pulled the cock out the fly of his boxers. It stood erect just inches from her pussy. She had to have it.

The girl slid down the man’s legs and got on her knees. Frank watched for a second before pushing his head against the back of his large chair. A second later, he felt her lips around his cock. Then her tongue.

She began an agonizingly slow blowjob. She teased the entire length of his cock with long, deliberate licks and deep-throated sucks. If they had spent the remainder of the afternoon doing nothing else, he would have been happy.

But then he felt her pulling down his boxers and pants. They fell to his ankles and she rose once more to straddle him. This time she didn’t aim for his legs. She gripped the hard cock and positioned her cunt directly over it. Frank slid down the chair, giving her a little extra room to move.

The tip of his cock touched her and Frank felt a shudder go through his body. Then the tip was inside her. As Kimberly lowered her body, he felt the tightness of her cunt envelope his throbbing cock. Every inch that she allowed him to enter her was ecstasy. By the time he was completely in, he thought he was going to explode.

She leaned forward until their bodies were aligned perfectly. Frank grabbed her by the waist as Kimberly began to fuck him.

“I want you to cum, Frank,” she whispered. “Cum inside me.”

The next few minutes were kind of a haze in Frank’s mind. The pure joy he felt being inside this babe—the elation of watching her breasts sway in front of his face—the magnificent feel of her ass in his hands. He never wanted it to end.

But his cock had other ideas. His orgasm built rapidly. He cried out to Kimberly one time before the first of a long series of streams of cum flowed into her. She encouraged him the entire time, thrusting herself down as he drove deeper into her. The chair squeaked loudly as Frank came again and again.

Kimberly was not far behind. Intent at first on doing her “duty” and leaving, she found herself having her own long-term orgasm. She felt the man’s cum seeping onto the outside of her cunt and it only caused her to cum harder. Their mutual moans attested to the satisfaction of their orgasms.

When it was over, Kimberly leaned into the man and they embraced each other sincerely.

“God, Frank. That was wonderful,” Kimberly said softly.

“Thank you, honey. You were great.”

They kissed before Kimberly rose from the man’s lap. Frank pulled up his boxers and pants and was zipping himself back up as he watched Kimberly dress. He was sad to think that might have been his one…and last…experience with such a lovely female.

Joe rose from his chair, a noticeable bulge in the front of his pants partially hidden by his sports coat.

“Well, Frank. As you can see, USC is willing to do anything you desire to make sure this system is fair and just. I hope you and the rest of the committee will take this into consideration this weekend,” Joe said.

“Joe, you and Kimberly represent your school very well and I’m glad we had a chance to meet. You can be assured the Trojans will be given, uh, priority by me. I would say you have a very good chance of being in the title game.” Frank smiled broadly, glancing back and forth from the girl to Joe.

After they had left, Frank sank back into his chair, feeling the heat that remained from before. The scent of Kimberly lingered in the air. He replayed the events in his mind.

Later that afternoon, the intercom buzzed once again.

“Yes, Julie,” Frank said.

“Sir, a gentleman and two young ladies are here to see you. They say they are from Oklahoma.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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