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Amanda was very curious to explore her submissive nature, but she didn’t want to submit to just anyone. It was more complex than that, more complex than just letting some guy push her around, more complex than just following orders.

It began with her high school graduation present, the special weekend in New York with Uncle Denis. Their first night together she intentionally misbehaved, drank too much Champagne at the pool party, flirted with this other guy, and her Uncle had to take her aside and spank her. G-d, that was so humiliating, the way he treated her, as if she was a naughty child!

He spanked her several more times that weekend and Amanda realized she liked being over Uncle’s knee, liked feeling his firm hand on her sexy 18 year old bottom. Even more, she liked feeling his hand between her legs, rubbing her clit, making her wet, making her want to feel his cock in her pussy or mouth or asshole.

“Your mother was like that,” he told her as they drove back to the airport after that first weekend. “When we were in high school all I had to do was swat her on the ass a few times and she was down on her knees, working on my zipper, getting herself, and me, all worked up…”

Amanda could visualize her mom, could almost see the greedy look on mom’s face as she stuffed Uncle Denis’s thick cock into her mouth. Amanda looked a lot like her mom so it was almost like looking in a mirror. They were both very slim, only about five feet tall. Like mother – like daughter; she had inherited her mom’s small firm breasts and natural blonde hair, and, it would seem, the overpowering desire to suck and fuck Uncle Denis.

Amanda started classes at Arizona State that fall. By the end of the term, she had dated and she slept with a few guys her own age. But it was nothing like her first time, that weekend in New York with her Uncle Denis. She had been a virgin on the trip east, but over the course of 72 hours Uncle D. had her, several times in fact, in the mouth and pussy and ass. If truth be told, she was a very sore and very satisfied little girl the morning Uncle put her on the plane back to Arizona.

Uncle Denis stayed on the east coast that fall, and she missed him dearly. He sent her regular e-mails, telling her about his work and travel and the woman he was dating. She was always jealous when she heard about the other women. Did Uncle spank her before they had sex? Amanda was sure he did and it broke her heart to think about it. And when she responded, Amanda tried not to sound too sad, tried not to sound like a love-struck teenager.

Then, unexpectedly, Uncle Denis came back into her life. It started with his weekly e-mail. He had decided to take an early retirement and move back to Scottsdale. It would take a while for everything to fall into place – to sell his house on Long Island and move back west. Giresun Escort But he was coming home over Christmas and planned to begin house hunting in early January.

Over the course of the summer and fall, Amanda had confided to Uncle Denis how much she enjoyed his spankings, and wondered what it would be like to take it a step further.

“Be careful what you wish for,” he warned. “There’s a bondage club in Tempe. Maybe I’ll take you there some time, to find out if you really have the desire and courage to act out your fantasies.”

Yes, Amanda was very curious. For the last month or two she had that itch, had wanted to go to a bondage club, and now that Uncle Denis was coming home for Christmas, she wanted very badly to go to a bondage club with him.

“I’ll be staying in Scottsdale,” he told him over the phone when they talked in early December. “I’ve already made reservations at the Phoenician. I stayed there the last time I was in town, and it’s a really classy operation.”

Amanda was glad to hear his response.

“After all this time, I’m really looking forward to being with you again.” Then her Uncle went on, “And I think you’re ready to act out some of the things you’ve written about. But I hope you won’t scream or moan or make a lot of noise when we do.” Amanda giggled when he concluded, “Maybe I’ll bring a gag, or do I have to reserve a sound proofed room?”

Amanda phoned the hotel the evening Uncle Denis got into town. That was when he told her again about the bondage club. “It’s in Phoenix, just off the 202, not too far from your college dorm. Let’s plan on going there Saturday night.

“Will I be the Top or the Bottom?” she asked in her best little girl voice. Amanda knew that was a silly question. With Uncle Denis, she would always be the bottom, always there to please him, in whatever way he wanted.

“What do you think? I’m the teacher and this is a Pass-Fail test.”

“You know,” she sputtered, “the Bottom. However you want me.”

“Good, you passed the test.” Then he told her he would pick her up at 10 p.m. Then he went on to tell her what she needed to do to prepare.

“Make sure you wear your black dress, the sexy one you bought for the trip to New York. And I want you to wear dark stocking and your most revealing garter belt. I know you don’t need to wear a bra, but if you do, make it something sheer, something that just covers your nipples. And no panties…”

Amanda knew being in public, without underwear, would be part of the turn-on.

Uncle Denis arrived on time, and she wasn’t disappointed. For a guy in his late 40s, he was very fit and trim, and his short white beard was very sexy. Her mom was recently divorced, and she wondered if she had ever fucked her sexy older brother.

It took about 10 minutes to get back Giresun Escort Bayan into the city, and another 5 to find a parking space. For most of the ride, Uncle Denis kept his hand on the inside of her thigh, just above the top of her stocking, stroking her, caressing her, slowly driving her crazy.

At one point, Amanda wanted to touch him, to rub his cock through his trousers, to unzip him for a blow job while he drove, but Uncle Denis wouldn’t let her.

“No yet. Later, when we get back to my hotel there’ll be plenty of time for all that.”

After they parked the car, he got her ready. First the collar. It was a simple black number with a chrome D-ring and a quick release mechanism, adjusted to fit comfortably around her neck. Next came the handcuffs. He put a cuff on one wrist, the other cuff dangling free. They were regulation police issue, much heavier than Amanda thought they would be.

“Given these subtle clues, I think most people will figure out that I’m the Top and you’re the Bottom.”

She shuddered at the thought, and started to get even wetter between her legs, knowing that she would be on display, knowing that everyone in the room would know who she was, would guess what she liked to be done to her.

He paid their admission at the door, and they entered the large semi-lit room. Slowly they took a walk around the floor, getting a sense of the place.

In one corner of the room a naked woman was strapped over a padded saw horse. She was being beaten with a cane. Her Master was a man wearing black leather. A similarly dressed woman, gaunt almost to the point of starvation, used a ruler on the woman’s tits.

“Ahhh” the woman whimpered as her torment progressed. They watched for a moment. Amanda was both aroused and repelled by the sight. She tried to look away, but Uncle Denis compelled her to watch a while longer.

They finally finished their tour and made it to the bar. She was taking medication and was permitted only ginger ale, while her Uncle Denis had a red wine, an Australian Shiraz, she remembered later.

“It’s good for my heart, doctor’s orders,” as he paid for the drinks.

They faced the room, their backs to the bar. At one point her Uncle put down his drink and started to rub her tight little ass through the back of her dress. G-d, she liked that, his hand on her ass.

Then he lifted her dress in the back, and began to caress her bare skin. First he kneaded the cheeks of her ass, and then he reached down between her legs, into her wet pussy.

“Stand very still,” he warned as he finger fucked her. Amanda started to squirm – she could barely contain herself.

“Ohhhh – I like that.”

“Later I’ll let you cum – but not yet.”

She kissed him on the neck, licked him, whispered in his ear.

“Please, just Escort Giresun a little bit more. Please touch my clit, Uncle Denis. Please make me do it.”

“Slut,” he told her, with a smile on his face.

It was hard to believe this place was real. So much was happening. It all rose a higher level when a tall woman dressed in leather dragged a younger guy over to them. The sub wasn’t wearing much – a restraining harness over his cock and balls, and leather hood over his face.

The Domme pushed the young man down to his knees, and then leaned over and whispered something in Uncle Denis’s ear.

“Yeah, it will be good training for both of them.”

Then he told Amanda, “Put your hands behind your back.”

She did as she was told, and he hooked the other cuff to her free wrist.

Then the tall woman moved her slave into place, as Uncle Denis lifted Amanda’s dress up above her waist. Several people at the bar turned to watch. The slave knew exactly what to do. Amanda blushed and tried to look away as the other submissive began to lick her thigh, just above the stocking top. As he worked his way up, Uncle Denis began to squeeze one nipple through her dress, and the tall woman began to work on her other tit.

The slave got to her wet, dripping pussy, and Amanda moved her shapely legs further apart to give him better access. His tongue was like a serpent, invading her, darting over her clit, tormenting her. Uncle Denis kept his hand on her tit, rolling her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He reached down with his other hand, into the crack of her ass, to the pucker of her asshole.

His finger was still wet with her pussy juice, and she wished he would go deep into her. But Amanda had to settle for being rimmed with his finger tip, being opened just a little bit, as the slave ate her.

“Kiss me, please, on the mouth.”

Her Uncle kissed her, bit her lips, sucked her tongue into his mouth. At the same time the slave bit her clit and she started cum. Then the explosion as her Uncle forced his finger up her ass for the first time.

Amanda wasn’t sure how long the orgasm lasted, a minute, maybe two. The slave held her legs open, kept his tongue on her clit, sucking, sucking, as she whimpered and trembled. Finally it was over.

She smiled at Uncle Denis. “Thank you.”

“When we get you home, back to my hotel, I’ll get you out of this dress. I’ll have to see how many more times I can make you cum. Then you can suck my cock, before I’ll lube your asshole and fuck you back there,” he told her when her orgasm had totally subsided.

Uncle Denis pulled the dress down over her hips, and used the cuffs to drag her out the door and to his car. He made her kneel on the front seat and for the entire ride to the hotel he kept his hand between her legs, stroking her thighs, playing with her wet pussy. Every time she was about to cum he stopped for a moment, letting her regain her composure.

“Please Uncle Denis. Please let me cum, just one more time,” she begged.

“Not yet, my darling, not until we’re back at my hotel… not until I think you’re ready.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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