Beach Balling

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My name is Steve and my mother’s name is Martha. We have always had a good relationship, but after my father died last year we became even closer. Mom is comfortably retired and lives a quiet life in rural southern Maryland. I live the quite life of a 32 year-old bachelor in Washington DC and visit my mother about once a month. Before my recent divorce, mom used to be the one who would make the visits and stay for a few days. My wife tolerated these visits and the kids loved it when she came. She spoiled them like only a grandmother could.

I think what nurtured our current relationship was that we were both were going through life transformations. I was still grieving from my divorce and my mom was grieving from the loss of her husband. After twelve years of marriage, my wife felt she needed her freedom which she obtained along with everything of value we had.

One day my mother remarked that she would like to travel but didn’t have a traveling companion. I suggested a few relatives but none were suitable for one reason or another. When all else failed, I suggested that we spend a week at the beach together this summer. Mom seemed to jump at the suggestion and looked forward to the vacation. I was elated and began making preparations.

Rather than rent a beach house, I thought it would be better to rent a condo. The one I picked was right on the beach and unlike a beach house, it came fully ready for occupancy. With a house you had to bring your own sheets, pillows and towels and they were farther from restaurants. I also thought that there would be more of an adult community in the common areas and the pool. I love kids, but hearing “Marco”,” Polo” all day can be a bit much. My anticipation over the vacation grew as the time neared. Unlike past beach vacations, preparations were much easier. Typically the car would be loaded with beach chairs, boogie boards, coolers and athletic equipment. This time it would be a suitcase and a good bottle of Scotch.

The day before the trip, mom drove over to my house and spent the night. Early the next morning we left for the four-hour drive. Along the way we talked. Significant events in your life tend to bring your emotions closer to the surface. One of the good things is that your conversations become more direct and truthful. There’s no more posturing and evasiveness. You’re able to confide deep and honest feelings never before shared. The drive helped us unveil our feelings and further cement our connection.

Upon arrival, we quickly unloaded the car, got into our bathing suits and hit the beach. It was a beautiful day and the water was refreshing. The beach chairs provided by the condo association were really comfortable and the outdoor bar served great margaritas that we could charge to our unit. Things couldn’t have been better. Around 4 o’clock we headed inside, showered and, since we had left for the beach early, headed out for an early dinner. The condo had restaurant guides and the selection we made was surprisingly good for a tourist area.

That evening we went for a stroll along the beach. We were both in a good mood. Maybe it was the sweet scent of freshness in the sea air, the sound of the waves or because of the feeling of our loose fitting clothes against our slightly sunburned skin. We held hands and laughed as we skirted the surf. Indeed, those that saw us together at the beach could tell that there was special bond between us.

The early start to the day resulted in an early bed time. At 9:30 we could barely keep our eyes open and we turned in-each to our respective bedroom. I insisted that my mother take the master bedroom which was quite grand. We parted with a gentle hug and our usual light kiss on the lips.

At 1:30 am I was jolted awake by a scream coming from the adjacent unit. I got up and went to the living room where I found my mother siting on the sofa. She had a flimsy nightgown on that revealed imprint of her nipples and made me wish to see more of what was underneath. I am embarrassed to admit it, but my dick stiffened a bit. I asked, “Did you hear that scream?” She replied that she had and that she had been hearing them for the past 10 minutes. I suggested that we call the police but she smiled and said that wasn’t the problem.

She saw my confused look, smiled and then explained, “They’re making love and she’s a screamer.” Through the wall, I heard our female neighbor plead, “I can’t take any more.” I felt like yelling a second. We sat together in amazement for another five minutes until the shouts and screams finally ended. Smiling, mom and I went to get what rest we could. I just couldn’t believe what I had just heard.

At 6:15 am the performance resumed. At one point it sounded like chickens were being strangled. The screeches didn’t sound human. I couldn’t imagine how two people could be so supercharged. It was too early to go to the beach and too late to try and get more sleep. Instead we dressed and went looking for a restaurant where we could have breakfast. One of the things I like about vacations is breakfast in a restaurant. I never make waffles gorukle escort bayan or french toast at home, so away from home they’re a treat. We returned to our condo and sat outside on the patio drinking bloody marys.

Our neighbors came outside carrying their beach togs and stopped to introduce themselves. I had expected to see porn stars but met two people in their early thirties each about 50 or 60 pounds overweight and not particularly attractive. We introduced ourselves as Steve and Martha Williams and they introduced themselves as Donna and Larry Johnson and explained that they were newlyweds on their honeymoon. Mom remarked that she suspected as much. Donna picked up on this comment and profusely apologized if they had made too much noise and promised to hold it down. We all said our good byes as they left for the beach. Mom and I leisurely changed into our bathing suits and went to occupy beach chairs at the shoreline. We were searching the ocean for dolphins that regularly passed by each morning.

We could see Donna and Larry frolicking in the water about 25 feet from the shore. Suddenly, we did a double take. We couldn’t believe our eyes. They were screwing in the water that was up to their waists. The beach was sparsely crowded but it wasn’t empty either. Fortunately, there weren’t any children there. Mom and I looked at each other in disbelief and then back at the show. Donna was leaning over and Larry was humping her from behind. Although hidden by the water, you could surmise that his suit was pulled down and her suit had to be pulled to the side so that they could do the deed. I was astonished that they could go at it so soon and that they were doing it in the water out in the open. I didn’t know if anyone else was watching but fortunately Donna’s screams were drowned out by the sounds of the ocean. They went at it a full bore before they called it quits and came back and joined us on beach chairs. Apparently at least one other couple had witnessed their antics as they applauded them as they made their way to the beach.

Beaming, they gave the impression that they were quite proud of their accomplishment. I remarked that it looked like they enjoyed playing in the ocean. Donna said Larry was a great lover and she couldn’t get enough of him. Donna noted our age difference and mom acknowledged that she was older and enjoy mothering me. Donna told mom, “Age difference or not I wish I had a figure and tits like yours.” Those were her actual words. Donna was large but her breasts were smallish for her size and looked fairly droopy. Mom did have a nice figure with average C cup breasts. She kept them pretty much under wraps and didn’t wear provocative clothing. I had admired her form from time to time myself.

It was rather impolitic but I asked how many times a day they went at it. Donna said that they usually did it three times a day and sometimes as many as five on the weekends when they weren’t working. She explained that she was “highly charged” and Larry could always rise to take care of her. I guess that I deserved it, but I didn’t see it coming when Donna asked how often we made love. She hadn’t deduced that we were mother and son. Mom piped up saying that we were far less active than they. Mom and I both couldn’t help but smile at the notion that we were lovers. We probably should have explained the nature of our relationship, but it was fun to masquerade as a married couple. We basked in the sun for about an hour more and announced we were going inside. Donna asked if we could have lunch together a little later. Larry seldom spoke. With Donna around, he didn’t have much of an opportunity. Mom and I looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders and said, “Sure why not. Meet you at noon.” We all went inside out of the sun which was approaching its apex.

At exactly noon Larry and Donna were knocking on our door ready for lunch. Thankfully they wanted to drive. I say thankfully because it would have been a tight squeeze for them to get in the back seat of our car. Millers was a popular family eating spot and a favorite of our neighbors, so that’s where we ended up. The menu was heavy on fried fare. Larry seemed more interested in quantity rather than quality. Donna seemed anxious to gain our friendship. She talked a lot about herself always apologizing for doing so. Before the food arrived, Donna lowered her voice adding import to what she was about to say. She explained that she and Larry fantasized about having sex with people watching. She asked if we ever gave any thought to watching or being watched during “the act.” Mom quickly volunteered that it was something that we hadn’t considered.

To be quite honest, having sex with my mother hadn’t occurred to me (at least not since I was a horny teenager) much less doing so in view of others. I had enormous affection for my mother and I’m sure she felt the same about me. However, our relationship was affectionate not carnal. Donna was embarrassed by her assumption that we shared her fantasy. Mom assured Donna that there was no need to apologize and she was nilüfer escort bayan actually flattered that we were taken into her confidence. Donna, then close to tears, was comforted and quickly regained her composure during lunch.

When we returned, mom invited the Johnsons to join us on our patio for margaritas. Larry and I were engaged in a baseball discussion while mom and Donna were involved in some sort of girl talk. They seemed to be bonding with much laughing and touching. It was 3 o’clock when we decided to have some beach time so we went to our respective units to get suited up.

After we changed, mom pulled me aside to sit with her on the sofa. She said that she had given thought to Donna’s request and really didn’t think that it would do any harm witnessing our neighbors’ antics and it would mean a lot to Donna. Donna told mom that what she was hoping for was to have a video of her and Larry. Mom said that a video would also make a fine wedding present for them. Mom really surprised me. Never in a million years would I have thought that she would consider watching and filming two strangers screwing. She encouraged me to loosen up and make our new friends happy. I felt like an old fogy and mom was the spirited youngster.

At the beach we sat together and mom whispered in Donna’s ear what she decided. Donna squealed with delight and told Larry who gave her a big kiss. He also gave her tit a squeeze which seemed to energize her. I thought it rather out of place; however, it was tame compared to their water antics. Donna jumped up and grabbed Larry’s hand and said they’d be showered and ready in 30 minutes and raced to their condo. I asked mom if she knew what she was getting into and she admitted that she wasn’t sure. I told her that I wished her luck and she was taken aback. She fully expected me to go with her, whereas I thought she was flying solo. She started tearing up when she learned my reluctance. I immediately caved in, hugged her and apologized for upsetting her. We walked to the condo hugging each other. My impulse to comfort her was intense and even surprised me.

We waited about 40 minutes and then knocked on their door. We were still dressed for the beach. I was in my shorts and a tee shirt and mom was in a beach cover which was like a large tee shirt. Larry let us in. He and Donna were wrapped in beach towels. Donna thanked us again and then showed mom how to work the camera. Donna explained that she and Larry were very oral and that’s how they usually started out. They climbed on the bed. Donna took a deep breath and said, “OK, Let’s go!” Mom got into position near the bed and Donna whipped off her towel and then Larry’s. They were fairly obese and had lots of fat ripples but that didn’t seem to bother them. They began hugging and kissing and rolling around a bit. While they were kissing, Donna was rubbing Larry’s dick and balls while he was massaging her pussy and sucking on her tits. Larry was circumcised and his dick impressively grew to about 6 or 7 inches and was pretty thick. I think his dick had mine beat though I was still proud of my equipment. Donna’s tits were unappealing to me and as I had surmised, they were small compared to the size of her body and they were flat and droopy. That didn’t deter Larry who massaged and sucked on them with gusto. Mom did her best to capture to action moving about and getting close ups.

Donna slid down to greet Larry’s dick with her mouth and quickly engulfed it and, much to Larry’s delight, she started pumping her head on his full-blown erection. Donna seemed to be enjoying the blow job as much as Larry. She was making grunting noises and her tongue could be seen wriggling on the underside of Larry’s shaft. After just a couple minutes, Donna stopped the blow job and told Larry, “I want to do it.” Larry nodded his assent, Donna got on all fours with her formable butt up in the air. Donna called to mom, “Martha, get a shot of my pooper.” Donna reached behind and spread her cheeks so mom could move onto position behind and get a close up of her ass hole. Larry approached and mom backed off a bit. He got behind Donna, spread her ass cheeks, moved his face between them and started licking Donna’s butt. Donna started screaming immediately. She obviously enjoyed this and Larry seemed happy too. His dick was in full bloom and dripping. Donna said that one day she was going to take the plunge and have Larry shove his dick up her ass. After about 4 or 5 minutes, Larry and Donna switched positions. She dived right into to Larry’s hairy butt and handled his balls. Larry gave up some moans but it was a significant respite from Donna’s cries.

Donna rolled over on her back and raised and spread her legs. Mom was right there with the camera to focus in on her vagina. I was curious and moved in to get a close look. Her vagina was actually neat looking. It didn’t have any flaps and was cleanly shaved. I thought Larry was going to do some muff diving but instead he moved his dick to her honey hole and slowly entered. You would have thought his dick was bursa otele gelen escort bayan sending electric shocks into Donna as she immediately started crying out. One would have thought she was in pain. Larry plunged in and then the humping began. Donna was surprisingly active meeting Larry’s thrusts. I have to admit that as unappealing as I initially found their looks, I was getting turned on by their intense love making.

Mom was pretty stationary and I moved behind her and put my arms around her waist and hugged her as she recorded. I was looking over her shoulder as the two love birds did their dance. Donna’s yells and Larry’s grunts were getting stronger. When you thought Donna was at the peak of her passion, she raised the decibels again.

I had a full-blown boner and, God forgive me, I was pressing it in mom’s backside. I wasn’t humping although the desire to do so was strong. I wasn’t sure if mom was aware of my situation but apparently she was as she slowly started grinding her butt against me. Holding the camera with her left hand, with her right had she reached down to her waist to take my hand in hers and moved it over her breast. My boner was transformed from hard to hardened steel. I discovered that mom’s tits were free of restraint and I squeezed them with both hands as though I could get them to produce milk. My head was spinning with so many thoughts cascaded through my mind, I couldn’t focus on any of them.

Donna reached the stage where her screams seemed unearthly and unbelievable. If you didn’t know better, it sounded as if she was being murdered. Fortunately, it signaled her climax. Larry was synchronized with her and gave three power thrusts discharging his love juice with raw grunts. He rolled off and Donna asked my mother to capture anything that leaked out in the video. Surprisingly, after so many episodes, there was a credible amount of cum that oozed out. Donna scooped it up and rubbed it on her tits. After recording the happy couple embracing and kissing, the show was over. We put the camera on the dresser and made a hasty retreat.

We slipped inside our condo and I immediately grabbed mom and kissed her more passionately than I ever kissed anyone before in my life. The effect on me was super intoxicating. It was as if my head had fireworks going off inside of it. It was unlike any experience I had ever known. Our tongues were frantically exploring each other’s mouth. While we were embracing, I maneuvered mom to the bed and pushed her on it and I landed on top of her. Our arms and legs were entwined and we were wriggling with abandon like two snakes performing their mating dance. My dick had taken total control of my body and I was helpless to restrain it. No power on earth could stop it from being planted between my mother’s legs. When her beach cover was whipped off, I saw that mom had nothing on underneath. I can’t remember when I saw such a welcoming sight. Her form was more beautiful than I could have imagined.

She was as frantic as I was to merge our bodies. My shorts were off in a second and in another second Martha guided my truncheon inside her and my dick felt like it had been embraced by angels. The feeling of her velvety sleeve against my shaft was indescribable. We screwed like two minks. My mind was in a total blur of passion and instinctual drive. I was pounding away with all I had and mom loved it. While she didn’t scream, she did moan and cry out. I stared into her eyes which had become two gorgeous beacons of desire. I watched her breasts oscillate in response to my thrusting and I heard an ocean roaring in my ears. All too soon my testicles detonated and the launch sequence began. My orgasm electrified me as it built in intensity. I could almost hear mission control giving the count down. It only lasted a few seconds before I erupted. Mom raised her knees when she sensed my moment had arrived so I could achieve maximum penetration. With five hard thrusts, my sizzling hot sperm was propelled deep within the recesses of her body. This orgasm was unlike any other I experienced before. I felt pounds lighter as my tiny sperm babies gushed into my mother. I wouldn’t have been surprised if sperm had started running out of her nose and ears.

I realized that mom’s climax was still on the launching pad so I began kissing her while I fingered her vagina and then focused my efforts gently massaging her clitoris while I sucked her nipples. In no time mom achieved a massive orgasm. She writhed with uncontrolled abandon as she experienced her body’s rapture. We looked at each other for a moment and then with our legs intertwined, we tightly hugged—I can’t say how long. I wasn’t sure what to say or even how to express what I felt. I finally said that while this turn of events was incredibly wonderful, it was something I had never anticipated. Mom looked at me and said, “I did. I’ve been hoping for this moment for years. I’ve always loved you. First as a boy and then gradually over time as a man. I had hoped the best for your marriage, but when it failed, I desperately wanted you for my lover. I did everything I could to make myself as attractive to you as possible. When you visited, I wore the filmiest of nightgowns with my breast unrestrained. I even began using a hormone cream for my vagina to keep it lubricated and supple. I wanted you to want me and to make me experience what it was liked for a 54 year-old woman to be loved again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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