Beach Party

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It was a warm sunny summer day, and I was alone at the family horse ranch. Everyone had gone to town to run errands. Feeling a bit frisky, I decided to go for a ride on my horse. Since the ranch is on more than 1600 acres of private land, most times I ride naked.

It was very warm, and I was alone, so I stripped off my clothes and left them in the barn. I rode off feeling a little naughty, riding naked always makes me horny, and this time was no different. I could feel that familiar tingle coming from deep within, and the pounding of my pussy on the saddle soon had me feeling hornier than ever. As I continued to ride I could feel my pussy beginning to flow as my juices ran down my thighs. Soon my saddle was glistening with my wetness. The pounding of my clit on the saddle horn was driving me wild, and I knew I had to stop and masturbate.

I headed for the lake situated in the middle of our property. It is totally private, with a lovely beach at one end of it. By the time I reached the beach my pussy was on fire, flowing like a stream and my clit was throbbing wildly.

After I dismounted my horse, and tied the reins to the post, I reached into the saddle bag and pulled out a blanket and my vibrator (I never ride without it). Then I made my way to the beach, laid the blanket on the warm sand, and quickly lied down on it, spreading my legs wide.

Slowly my hands started to roam over my body, gliding over my firm breasts and rolling my nipples between my fingers. I raked my fingertips across my tummy and playfully teased my belly button. Then slowly I moved them down, ran them along my soaking pussy lips and plunged a finger deep inside, followed by another.

Faster and faster my fingers were digging deep inside my wet hole. Curling up to tickle my G-spot, then up moving to pinch my throbbing clit. I repeated this pattern for several minutes, and then removed my fingers to lick and suck my juices from them.

After cleaning my fingers I picked up the vibrator. I started to tease my clit, by running the vibe in circles around it, before pulling the hood back and pressing the tip directly on my throbbing bud.

My hips were bucking wildly upwards, as if to meet an imaginary lover’s thrust. My eyes rolled back and my back arched, as the sensations of the vibe engulfed my entire being, and I lost myself in my own depravity. My other hand began to pull and twist my nipples, as I frantically humped the vibrator. By then the vibrator was deeply buried in the depths of my core, buzzing away as it slipped in and out of my dripping hole.

The vibrator slammed faster in and out, as my hips rose to meet each thrust with equal fervor. My fingers were pinching my nipples harder, before letting them loose and moving down to begin rolling my clit between thumb and forefinger.

I was moaning loudly as I began pinching and pulling on my clit. The vibe was buzzing away at my G-spot deep inside and suddenly my body began shaking uncontrollably. Ataşehir Escort My legs stiffened and my pussy tightened, I let out a scream of ecstasy as I felt every nerve in my pussy exploding and I came with such force I almost passed out.

As I laid there panting, lost in the aftermath of a mind numbing orgasm, I was startled back to reality by a woman’s voice:

“Oh my god… That certainly was very exciting, my dear!” she exclaimed. “Just what was it that brought on that much passion?” she inquisitively asked.

I tried to cover up, and she calmly reached out to stop me, saying “No need to be shy my pet. Don’t stop on our account, my dear! Please, by all means, continue!”

I looked at her with a dazed stare. Lost for words I questionably mumbled “our account?” Then, looking around, I noticed that there were two other women with her.

To my surprise, one of them was completely naked. Her hands and elbows were tied behind her back and her ankles were hobbled. She had a gag in her mouth and a thick black leather collar around her neck. A leash was attached to the collar and the third woman was tightly holding the other end in her hands.

The first woman spoke again saying “I was out walking my slave and we heard the most delicious sounds coming from here. We just had to come see what all the excitement was about. Imagine just how surprised we were to find you lewdly masturbating, shamelessly lost in the throes of ecstasy, my child. It is truly refreshing to see that you are not ashamed to indulge in such activities.” she said.

My face was glowing red both from my embarrassment as well as from my orgasm. Noticing my embarrassment she reached out and took my face in her hand. Brushing the hair from my face, she leaned over and kissed me on the lips. Then looking me directly in the eyes, she said:

“There is no need to feel ashamed my child, you are a very beautiful young lady, and you should never be embarrassed to embrace your sexuality. It would truly be my honor to own you, and to explore deeper into just exactly what limits you can be taken to. I think you would make a nice addition to my stable; you deserve to have someone who can really bring out all that passion. Will you allow me to take control of you for the rest of the day?” she asked.

Her calm nature, and the authoritative way about her, made me feel at ease and without even thinking I was answering “Yes ma’am!”

The next thing I knew I was being laid back down on the blanket, and my arms and legs were spread wide. The other woman then began to stake me out in a spread eagle, using some rope from a small duffel bag she was carrying. She used a rock to drive some stakes in the ground, and then she tied each of my limbs to the corresponding stake.

The second woman then lifted my head and tied a blindfold over my eyes, plunging me into complete darkness. I began to protest but was cut short Ataşehir Escort Bayan by a sharp slap across my face.

“Just relax my slut! You belong to me now, and you will succumb to whatever treatment I desire. Is that understood my slut?”

As punctuation I felt another slap across my face, then my head was lowered to the ground. Not wishing to receive another I meekly replied

“Yes ma’am!”

I tested my bonds and found that I was totally helpless and there was no escape. I laid there in the dark for some time, as the two women sat and discussed their plans for me.

Suddenly I felt four hands roaming over my body. They were squeezing my tits, pulling and pinching my nipples, tugging on my pussy lips and pinching my clit. Their hands searching for my reaction to their manipulations.

After a few minutes I felt a tongue licking up the inside of one of my legs. Licking and up, around my pussy, then back down the other leg. At the same time I felt a mouth close over both my nipples sucking, and biting them in unison.

In the meantime the tongue on my thighs had made its way into my wet cunt and was digging deep into my core. Eliciting screams of delight from my quivering lips. The tongue grew more persistent and soon was driving in and out of my pussy like a piston.

The girl’s nose was rubbing against my clit as she drove her tongue into me. Causing me to buck my hips wildly, trying desperately to increase the pressure of her nose on my clit. My nipples were getting quite the workout from the two mouths clamped over them. They were biting and stretching my nipples with their teeth, pulling them to their limits, before they finally broke free .Causing screams of relief and delight to escape my lips, as I felt the rush of a cool breeze on my wet nipples.

As the girl’s tongue continued with its ministrations on my pussy, I was startled by a sudden and sharp rush of pain. Nipple clamps were tightened on my unsuspecting nipples, followed by a quick, hard tug on the chain, causing me to scream in agony.

My screams were muffled as a warm wet pussy was quickly placed over my mouth. My tongue instinctively darted out and licked the moist lips from bottom to top, before plunging deep into her core. My tongue moving in unison with the one in my pussy. Both plunging deep in beautiful synchronicity, greedily coaxing out the sweet nectar from deep within.

In my mind it was almost as if I was licking my own pussy, each lick I took was returned back to mine at the same moment. As I continued to lick, that image kept popping into my mind, causing my pussy to quiver with each lick. I was brought back to reality by a sharp pain in my nipples. She was directing the position of my tongue by tugging on the chain that joined my nipple clamps. Tugging hard on the chain when she wanted her clit sucked.

At the same time the girl’s mouth clamped down on my clit, sucking it Escort Ataşehir hard into her mouth, biting and nibbling, I did the same to the clit in my mouth. Almost on cue, we both erupted in orgasm. My muffled screams vibrated through her pussy as it flooded my mouth with her sweet juices.

Once her orgasm had subsided and she had finished flooding my face, I felt her pussy leave my face, only to be replaced by the other woman’s. She lowered her pussy to my waiting tongue, grinding her pussy hard on my face. Again my tongue worked its magic, drilling deep into her tight cunt, then nibbling her throbbing clit before returning to her depths.

Back and forth, my tongue licked her hole and flicked her clit. Soon I felt her pussy clenching, and her thighs tighten on my head. She was rocking wildly as she began to squirt and spray cum all over me. I swallowed as much as possible, but most of it ended up running down my face. I laid there covered in her cum, as she removed her pussy from my lips.

The slave girl had now directed her attention to the rim of my ass and her tongue was insistently pushing deeper into my puckered little hole. She tongue fucking my ass like her life depended on it. The sensations were too much for me to handle, and again forced another mind shattering orgasm from me.

The rest of the day was spent with her slave and I tightly bound in various positions, while the two mistresses idly used the whip, cane, crop, and whatever else they could think to use on our sore red flesh.

As night fall began to approach they decided it was time to take their slave and go back to their home. They released us from our bonds and told us to go jump in the lake and wash off. After cleaning up, they once again tied the slave girl’s wrists behind her back and hobbled her ankles. Before gagging her, they allowed me to kiss her one last time. As I kissed her I could still taste myself on her lips. She was then pulled away from me and gagged.

The first woman then kissed me deeply and passionately. My knees quivered as I stood there in awe, not knowing what to do or say. She seemed to sense my confusion and smiled at me. Then in a firm tone she spoke once again saying:

“You were quite a refreshing surprise my child and you seem to enjoy having someone controlling you, so I’m going to offer you this opportunity just once. You have two choices: 1) you get on your horse and ride away. Taking the memory of today with you as you go on with your life. Or 2) you can get down on your knees right now and put your hands behind your back, thus acknowledging your choice to become my slave.

I stood there for a few minutes silently running the choices over in my mind, then without hesitation I knelt and put my hands behind my back. A big smile came across her face as she walked over to me. Holding my face in her hands, she lifted my chin and kissed me deeply.

My hands and elbows were tightly bound behind my back, and my ankles were hobbled. Then she fastened a makeshift collar around my neck, and tied a leash from my collar to the slave girl’s collar. I was then told I was to address her as Mistress and from this moment on I was her property. With that she climbed up on my horse, took my leash and led me off into the darkness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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