Beautiful Beginning

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I had read the pamphlet a hundred times, I’m Cheryle “Cheri” an Irish Catholic thirty year old woman I know my place in the world I’m a bright, articulate, well educated, highly paid attorney, being a battered woman did not fit into who I thought I was.

I arrived at the support group meeting a little before seven pm, a twelve step program for battered women. looking around nervously at small groups of women talking, I saw a table with coffee and cookies and I wandered over to it pouring my self a cub and nervously eating a cookie.

“I’m Carol,” She said in a sweet voice.

I turned and smiled seeing a tall beautiful blonde woman with dazzling green eyes. Realizing I hadn’t responded, how long had it been, say something, “HI, I’m Cheri, very nice to meet you.”

“First time?” Carol asked me.

“Yes, is it that obvious,” I said chuckling.

“We were all there once, nervous, afraid of everyone, but you had the courage to come and that’s a start,” she has a wonderful calming voice that had a soothing quality and I relaxed a little.

“The meeting is about to start come you can sit with me,” so I follow my new friend taking our seats. We sit there listening to the other women talk of their abuse and journey back, their struggles and successes.

The meetings did help, I was even masturbating again watching my self explore my body in the mirror, having shattering orgasms again dreaming of Carol’s long smooth legs wrapped around me. I sat with Carol every week and at some point we started going whatsapp escort for coffee after the meetings. I looked forward to seeing her every week, slowly she drifted into more of my fantasies, I imagine kissing her, touching her, licking her wet pussy, sucking her toes, showering with her.

The night she asked me if I would like to go dancing with her I was tingling all over with excitement. I tried to play it chill so not to sound to eager has we made plans for a Saturday night of dancing on clubs on Rush Street. I was so excited when Saturday finally came, what to wear? I picked a tight black skirt with black strappy heels. We met our favorite diner, Eggy’s, were we went for coffee after meetings sitting by the window talking. I entered to see her sitting in our favorite booth by the window, she stood up wearing a gorgeous blue dress with matching pumps.

“you look great,” Carol complimented.

“Your gorgeous, sweetheart,” I blurted out

Did I really say that! She put money on the table and we were out the door in a flash. The short walk to the club seemed to go on forever, anticipation killing me, we arrived at the club entering to loud music blaring in our ears. We got our drinks and found a table sipping our drinks waiting for a good song to dance to. Werewolf’s of London started and I love that song. Grabbing Carol’s hand and pulling her up to the dance floor we started dancing. We drank and danced shaking our bodies to the music I was having a great istanbul escort bayan time with Carol.

Taking a break we returned to our table taking our seats they seemed closer together now our bodies touching now. Wonderful, I felt wonderful, I had come so far down the long road back from the abuse I suffered. From crying myself to sleep curled up in the fetal position. Carol’s hand was on my arm, I turned into those sparkling green eyes, her succulent red lips, scrumptious, luscious lips I needed to kiss her. Leaning forward our lips met softly, tenderly, we kissed, our mouths slowly opening to allow our tongues to enter. Lost in the moment of our first kiss never wanting this moment to end.

Carol saved me showed me how to survive, how lucky I was to have met her at that first meeting. Now laying naked in her arms I remember that first kiss, her first hello to that nervous girl at the battered women’s support group. I nibble her ear kissing down her neck to her breast biting her nipple hearing her moans lowering my mouth further to her wetness tasting her juices. We don’t go for coffee after meetings anymore we rush home instead to make love.

We have started running along the lakeshore together three mornings a week. We run and talk taking in the sights and sounds of our wonderful city. A great way to start my day before heading to the office or court. Of course are runs always end with a hot soapy shower for two at my apartment. A great morning workout routine, turning on the hot özbek escort water, I sat on the toilet to pee, as the bathroom filled with steam.

Carol walking past me, her gorgeous naked body, flowing blonde hair, amble breast, a hint of a bush, a heart shaped ass and her cute feet. Climbing in the hot shower, soaping her body, what a beautiful site, washing Carol’s back with my soft soapy hands, reaching around washing her breast with the hot soapy water, I tease with her hard soapy nipples, taking my time, as I let my hand slide down slowly over her flat stomach through her soft blonde pubes to a soaking wet pussy.

Rubbing softly, caressing, washing, the soap so slippery, making love to each other, letting my wet soapy fingers play with with her little clit, rubbing softly. Inserting one then two fingers inside her as she does the same things to me. Slowly moving in and out, our desire growing with each thrust. The hot water, the steam, the pulsing spray, lust, mixing to make a beautiful start to a morning.

Tingling all over with sensory pleasures, legs spread and my foot raised on the tub the pulsing hot water feeling great. We could do this for hours, teasing each other but we only had twenty minutes. Nearing a shattering orgasm, Moaning, moving my hips to meet her soapy slick fingers plunging into me. Carol rubbing my wet soapy swollen clit as the first waves of sheer pleasure start encompassing me.

The hot water, a bathroom full of hot steam, a shower for two. I drop to my knees for a taste. Carol is so wet my long tongue exploring her sweet insides. Curling, dancing, tasting her juices with my long tongue. She grabs my head, legs trembling. knees buckling, “YES! Cheri YES!” Squirting in an erupting orgasm all over my face I linger there savoring her taste. A great start to my day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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