Because I’m Your Sister Ch. 01

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Author’s note: All characters involved in sexual activities are eighteen years or older. This is a work of fiction. Don’t expect realism, and you won’t be disappointed when you don’t find it! Enjoy!


I’ve always known that my sister loved me. I probably shouldn’t have been surprised to find out that she was actually in love with me. After all, I myself had feelings for her that most brothers usually don’t have for their little sisters. Truth is, I should be grateful that Lillian finally forced me to face those emotions.

Ever since we were kids, Lily and I were always close. I like her, I always did. I never pushed her away to do my own thing, I tried to include her instead. I loved that she was always asking me about stuff, wishing to learn from me and looking so enraptured when I talked to her.

Lily was always very affectionate, hugging me warmly and holding my hand all the time, smiling that kind and open smile of hers, brightening my day with her sunny disposition. She always looked up to me, which made me feel important. Being around her felt good, right even, in a strange big-brotherly kind of way. The best way to describe it is to say that I felt like I belonged by her side.

I don’t know many big brothers who, given a chance, would actually choose to spend time with their little sisters. Personally, I always enjoyed being around Lily, a lot. Not all siblings are affectionate or supportive as a given, but that was never the case with me and Lily. Ever since we were little, we got along so well and so effortlessly that, for the longest time, I was baffled whenever I heard that other kids would fight with their brothers and sisters or feel competitive or be mad at them.

Growing up we didn’t grow apart. In fact, we got even closer. I’m just thirteen months older than Lily, so we were always in the same school, even though I was one year ahead. It was a good thing I was there for her. Beside being kind of shy around people, until puberty my baby sis was quite chubby, so the kids at school would often pick on her, the nasty little bastards.

Lily was so kind and sweet, so innocent, it really shocked her to the core to be made fun of for no reason. She suffered terribly when the other kids were mean to her, and I suffered alongside her. It was heartbreaking for me to see the sadness darkening my sweet Lily’s face. I died inside at the sight of those huge tears trickling down her soft cheeks while, through desperate sobs, she asked me if she really was ugly and fat like the other kids said.

My pulse would race as I held my baby sis tight to me and wiped her tears away, stroking her long hair and soothing her, telling her that she was the prettiest and most awesome girl in the world, and anyone who said any different was an idiot. Lily clung to me with all she had, sighing less and less as I hugged her, until she calmed down. Only when she was smiling and breathing smoothly once again did I start feeling better too.

Any time Lily was in trouble, I tried to be there for her. Once I got suspended from school because I got into a scrape with some morons who were picking on her in the cafeteria. Our parents were glad that I stood up for my sister but they scolded me for getting in a fight, telling me that there were other ways to sort things out and blah blah blah. I knew all that, but when it came to my sweet Lily, I didn’t care. The broken nose and black eye I got in that fight were treated like war wounds by my baby sis, who elevated me to the rank of living hero after that day. I also got a reputation for being a lunatic who would suicidally take on three bigger guys and kind of hold his own in a fight. People finally left Lily alone knowing that there was someone who meant business watching over her.

Some changes did occur when puberty hit, beside the obvious physical ones. There was a new, uncharacteristic tension between me and my sister whenever we hung out, which was most of the time. I wouldn’t say it felt uncomfortable, but it did feel a bit weird.

By the time I started attending a local college, Lily was eighteen and on her last year in high school. At that point, it was simply impossible to ignore the electricity in the air whenever we were close. We were still very casual around each other, as affectionate as always, but now even the smallest contact between us had a new intensity to it.

Honestly, since puberty hit I had started seeing my sister in a new, entirely different light. Lily’s baby fat was gone, replaced by soft womanly curves that I simply couldn’t stop staring at. She was amazing, radiant and fresh and spellbinding in her simple, unassuming way of being beautiful. My heart beat faster whenever I looked at her, which was any moment I could.

Her tits were big and round, yet they showed just the minimum amount of sag, looking very firm despite their heavy fullness. Her tummy had flattened but it still looked so adorably soft that I often felt compelled to tickle bursa escort her sides playfully just to have a chance to touch it, brushing her boobs in the process too. Her legs were shapely due to her daily routine of yoga exercises. Her ass was a vision of juicy roundness. I had to contain my groans every time I laid eyes on Lily’s shorts-clad bubble-butt. My mind reeled and my groin was jolted into life when my sister walked in front of me, her meaty bouncy asscheeks swaying mouth-wateringly before my adoring eyes.

But even though her body looked different, my sweet Lily didn’t change, nor did her caring, loving manners. If anything, my baby sis’s shows of affection toward me increased in frequency and intensity. I couldn’t help but feel tingly and flushed whenever she hugged me, pressing her buxom jugs into my chest and causing my pants to sprout a noticeable bulge, against which she unfailingly brushed her thighs and crotch. I winched at that and nervously laughed, trying to disengage from her embrace. Lily just purred, her arms holding me tighter to her.

At first I was embarrassed by my reactions to my sweet sister’s gorgeous body, but she didn’t seem to mind at all. Truth was, I often masturbated thinking about her at night, after we had cuddled in front of the TV or spent time together in my room, chatting and relaxing, usually lying side by side on my bed. By the time we said goodnight, I was unavoidably hard as a rock.

Of course it didn’t help that Lily rarely wore a bra when she was at home. Her tits seemed to be always on the point of spilling out of her tank tops and her tight fitting V-neck shirts never failed to display a mouth-watering amount of cleavage. If that wasn’t enough, the cotton shorts she wore around the house were flimsy and somehow undersized, so her spectacular ass was permanently straining against the fabric, her fleshy round buttcheeks enticingly outlined and partially exposed.

Horny as I was, beautiful and curvy and affectionate as Lily was, it was unavoidable that she should end up being my number one sexual fantasy.

I guess she was feeling the change too. There was a dreamy look in my sister’s big warm hazel eyes as she tilted her head and gazed at me sometimes, when she thought I wasn’t looking. She often bit her luscious lips or crossed and uncrossed her legs, pressing her thighs together as she talked to me from a deck chair while I did chores in the garden without a shirt on. It sort of comforted me to know that I wasn’t alone in my weird attraction to my sibling.

I often watched porn on the internet at night, even though I always ended up picturing Lily in my head when I came. One night, right after I blew a massive load, my door burst open and my baby sis stepped into my room. My face burned red as Lily breezily came to sit on my bed right by my side, unperturbed by my nakedness.

“Hey, Danny,” she said, nonchalant as ever while I scrambled to cover my oozing still plump cock and cum-splattered abdomen with my discarded shirt. “What are you doing, big brother?”

The obvious emphasis on ‘big’ was not lost on me. I’m not that big actually, just on the biggish end of average, though I am quite thick.

“What the hell, Lily!?” I exclaimed as she grinned impishly, scooting closer to me as I awkwardly backed away from her.

She was dressed for bed, wearing a faded old Propagandhi T-shirt of mine that looked more like a nightshirt on her and a pair of cotton panties that I could clearly see from the way she sat cross-legged beside me.

“Why didn’t you knock? I was… I’m… Uh…”

“Relax, Dan. You were jerking off, I know. Was it good?”

“Jeez, Lil!” I almost choked as she giggled and shrugged her shoulders, making her big jutting tits jiggle under her shirt.

“I meant the video you were watching, silly! Let me see…”

Before I could stop her, Lily had grabbed my laptop and was watching the porno I had just jacked off to. She quickly skipped through it, catching some frames here and there, before I managed to reclaim my computer and shut it down. There was no way she could have missed the fact that the actress was a big-titted round-assed chick with hair just a tad redder than Lily’s own chestnut locks.

As I scrambled to somehow push through my burning shame, mumbling in embarrassment that she shouldn’t have burst in on me like that, Lily just sat there, waiting for me to look at her. I couldn’t, so she eventually cupped my chin in her tiny hands and made me turn my face up. She was smiling her warm, kind smile. I immediately felt better, though I was still rattled.

“It’s okay, Danny. I do it too, you know…”

“Oh, okay then… Is that supposed to make it any less weird, Lil?”

We both laughed, albeit a bit nervously. My sister was still caressing my face.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep your dirty little secret. Well, maybe not so little though,” she giggled. Then, biting her lower lip, she added: “It was actually pretty bursa escort bayan hot… Send me the link to that porno, will you, I’m going to try it for myself.”

My eyes bugged out of my skull. “What the hell!?”

Lily just laughed at my shock and leaned in, giving me a quick peck on the lips. She had started doing that lately when we said goodnight, calling it ‘a little sisterly kiss’. I never once stopped her.

“Well, see you in the morning, Danny. Nighty night.”

Then she left, tittering, her ample boobs bouncing and her plump ass swaying. I stood motionless for a long minute before I realized I was once again hard as a rock. I jerked off a second time immediately, my eyes closed, grunting to images of my beautiful curvy sister until I came.

That was just a one time thing, but it was a sort of landmark for me and Lily. It brought some little but meaningful changes to our usual patterns.

After that night, when it was time for Lily to retire to her bedroom after we hung out together, she started playfully asking me what I was planning to watch for ‘late night entertainment’, demanding that I send her the link to my porno of choice. I snorted and downplayed her innuendo, but it always sent a shiver down my spine and a twitch straight to my dick to imagine that, while I jacked off in my bed thinking of Lily, she was most likely fingering herself in her room just across the hallway, probably fantasizing about me.

I lost count of the times when Lily somehow ‘happened’ to have to use the bathroom or pick up something she needed in there right at the time when I was showering. More than once, she burst into the bathroom with nothing on but a towel covering her voluptuous body and ‘absentmindedly’ pulled the curtain aside, thus catching me naked under the spray. She always lingered just a couple of seconds more than necessary before apologizing and leaving, announcing that she would take a shower as soon as I was done, an impish grin on her face, a not so subtle invitation in her voice.

At first I was a bit shocked and I halfheartedly yelled at her, but Lily seemed undeterred and just found new ways to sneak up on me when I had no clothes on. In the end I stopped bothering about it and just expected Lily to somehow ‘happen’ to come take a look any time I showered. I peeked in when she showered too, but not as brazenly as she did. I never even entered the bathroom but just cracked the door a bit, content to see the blurred outlines of my baby sis’s spectacular curves. After all, I had plenty of masturbatory material stored in my silly head already.

We never made a big deal out of our shenanigans and we sort of unconsciously set some boundaries, but the mutual attraction between me and my sister did nothing but grow with time. It came to the point where masturbating to fantasies of Lily, convinced that she was masturbating to fantasies of me at the same time, just wasn’t enough anymore.

I wanted her so badly, and I was pretty sure the feeling was reciprocated. Yet neither of us dared cross the line. I was too afraid to ruin what we already had, simple as that. I just couldn’t bare the thought of losing the loving relationship I had with Lily, even though platonic love seemed less and less satisfying every day.

At nineteen, I was still a virgin, and so was Lily. Well, I was pretty sure she was. I knew she was on the pill to regulate her cycle, but I was ninety-nine percent certain that masturbation was her only sexual outlet, just like it was for me. Despite being a horny and gorgeous eighteen year old, Lily never had a boyfriend. The few guys she agreed to go out with never lasted more than a couple of dates, usually at the movies with other friends around too. I was deeply glad about that.

Every time Lily said she was going out with someone, I felt cold all over, then flushed, then sick to my stomach. When this happened, Lily would laugh then smile, looking at me with a sort of weirdly reassured look, as if she was glad to see that I was, well, jealous. She always gave me one of her soft pecks on the lips before leaving for one of her rare dates, telling me to relax.

I could never relax of course, but I did feel a little better hearing her say that. I knew deep inside that she meant it and that I really had nothing to fear. I felt even better when she got back home, angry and frustrated, grumbling about guys being a bunch of idiots as she stomped her way to her bedroom. Within minutes, once she changed into her pajamas, she’d join me in front of the TV or come talk in my room like every night, and I was finally able to breathe deeply again.

I had not dated much during high school either, and not because I was shy around girls. After all, I was with Lily all the time, so I knew a lot more about how to behave with the opposite sex than most guys my age. Girls seemed to appreciate it, but after a while many of them began thinking I was gay, because I always turned down every girl who escort bursa made a pass at me. I did like girls, a lot, but none of them could hold a candle to my sweet Lily. I automatically compared them all to her, and they never measured up. Every girl I met, no matter how pretty or sexy or fun, was never as pretty or as sexy or as fun as my baby sis.

Lily’s sensuous lips started trembling and her characteristic cheerful mood suddenly soured whenever the name of some girl came up, even if it did because I said I had turned down an offer to go out on a date. I eventually stopped saying things like that when I realized that I wasn’t reassuring my sister by telling her that I was rejecting all other girls; I was only making her nervous by reminding her that there were girls interested in me out there in the first place.

I guess that’s why I never mentioned Kara to my sister.

I met Kara just a few weeks into my freshman year at college. She asked me for some notes after class, we started talking and found out we had the same major and before I knew it, we were friends. She was nice, a cute brunette with bright green eyes. She lived on campus and she became my connection to some semblance of vicarious college life, since I was a local who just went back home after class every day.

As the weeks passed, Kara made it clear that she was interested in being more than friends with me. I didn’t have any sexual or romantic thoughts about her at all, Lily being the only object of my desire, but this time I didn’t make it clear to Kara that there was no chance for us, as I had always done before with other potential girlfriends.

I don’t know why I did it. I was a bit conflicted at the time, I guess. Kara came into the picture just when the sexual tension between me and Lily was starting to really bear down on me. I loved Lily and I ached for her, but she was my sister and I couldn’t bring myself to do more than we were doing, and neither could she apparently. In a way, I considered Kara as a kind of coping mechanism, a surrogate of sorts, even though I didn’t really want her.

Truth is, I wanted my sister. Badly. But I couldn’t have her. Could I?

All through my first semester, I was hopelessly lost in this dilemma. I was happy and fluffy and horny around Lily, I masturbated thinking about her, I ogled her all the time and let her peek while I showered. But still I sort of lead Kara on when I was at class. Sometimes I would scrunch my eyes shut just enough to try and superimpose a mental image of Lily over Kara. But it never worked, of course.

I was hopelessly confused and rabidly horny all the time. It scared me to think that I might never be with Lily but I’d have to settle for something less instead, for someone less. ‘If only she wasn’t my sister,’ I’d think sometimes, lying in my bed at night, my cock still pulsing in my hand, my chest splattered with cum and my mind still filled with images of Lily and I having sex in any possible way conceivable, ‘but then I love her and want her even more BECAUSE she’s my sister…’

It was such a mess. I couldn’t see a solution to any of this. Until that fateful Saturday.

Our parents were out of town on a romantic weekend so Lily and I had the house to ourselves. While we were having breakfast that Saturday morning, Lily asked me if I wanted to stay home with her that night and binge-watch our favorite Tarantino movies. I was all in for it, of course. Lily smiled mischievously over her waffles. Then, giggling, she dipped a finger in syrup, leaned forward across the table and smeared the sugary goo all over the tip of my nose.

In a flash, before I could even open my mouth or retaliate in any way, my baby sis had jumped off her chair and had come to sit on my lap. Smiling, Lily licked the syrup off my nose, grinding her plump pajama-clad ass into my groin. I just sat there, chuckling, feeling myself get hard. After a couple of seconds though, she hopped off and went to sit across from me again, tittering as her pillowy boobs jiggled under her baggy T-shirt and my cock strained inside my boxers.

I had a paper due the following week and I was set to finish it. I spent the afternoon studying while Lily, strangely enough, went out shopping. When she got back, she went straight to her room and left it only to lock herself in the bathroom. It was weird, but I didn’t dwell on it much, I was too desperate to just finish my schoolwork so I could enjoying the rest of the weekend with my sister.

Later that evening, I was sitting on the couch in front of a bowl of pop-corn, waiting for Lily to join me so we could start our movie marathon, when my phone rang. It was Kara. I assumed she wanted to talk about the paper that we both had due soon, so I answered. To my surprise, Kara asked me out instead.

She invited me to a supposedly awesome party at a sorority house where she could get us in if I was interested, unless I had other plans. Her tone implied that she really, really hoped I didn’t have any, and that she was going to make it worth my while if I joined her. I was caught off guard to say the least, even though I should have probably expected something like this to happen sooner or later.

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