Becoming a BBC Addict

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Note: this story is a continuation of the story titled “going black at the park”. If you have not read it, I highly suggest you do before continuing.

I lay in bed next to my girlfriend Julie, thinking about everything that happened that day. My mind kept flashing back to images of Tyrone’s big black cock. I could still feel the tingle in my ass from the hard raw fucking he had given me just hours before.

While I had certainly thoroughly enjoyed the experience, laying next to my girlfriend and thinking back on it, I was starting to panic a little. I kept thinking back to the video that had been made with my own phone. A video Tyrone now had in his possession along with my girlfriends phone number.

I tossed and turned in bed, wondering what I should do next. Unfortunately for me, my cock and my mind were definitely not in agreement. When I finally fell asleep around 3 AM I had a plan. I would wake up early the next morning before Julie went to work and “accidentally” destroy her phone. I know this is not the brightest idea, but in my panicked and utterly à roused state it was the best I could come up with.

When I woke the next morning, my plan had already been shattered. It was almost 9 in the morning and Julie had left for work over an hour ago. I had no idea what to do. In a lethargic state, I headed to the bathroom and after using the toilet I took a long, cold shower.

I was just drying myself off when I heard the sound of a text message coming in on my phone. I grabbed it off the bathroom counter and took a look at it. I did not know the number but I quickly figured out who had sent it when I read it.

” hey white boy, I have a friend in town for a few days and I need you to show me a good time this morning. A car will be there to pick you up in twenty minutes, better be ready or your girlfriend might just find something interesting to watch in her messages.”

My heart was beating practically out of my chest as I reread the message three times. I thought of writing back the fuck off. I thought of calling the police and saying I was being blackmailed. But then I thought of Julie seeing the video and what her reaction would be. I knew I had no choice. I quickly shaved, brushed my teeth put on some deodorant and then threw on a pair of jeans and pulled on a T-shirt.

Waiting for the car to arrive seems like the longest twenty minutes of my life. My heart was still beating like crazy, I throat was dry and I felt absolutely sick to my stomach.

Although I was bisexual, it had always been something I had done on my own terms. I enjoyed sucking cock but it was not an every day urge for me. Most of the time I did not feel like doing it and only indulged when I had what I liked to call my “cravings”. I definitely did not have any such cravings that day.

A black sedan pulled into my yard exactly twenty minutes after receiving Tyrone’s message. I was numb as I opened the door and stepped outside. My legs felt like they weighed a ton each as I slowly walked down the driveway. I opened the passenger side back door and slid in, not making eye contact ith the driver.

He did not say a word of greeting as he backed out of the drive. I nervously ran my hand over my clean-shaven head. The car ride lasted all of 10 minutes but seemed much shorter to me. I had no idea where we were going and my mind could not focus on the road at all.

We pulled into a motel parking lot and the driver pulled into one of the empty parking spots. I took this as my cue and climbed out. As soon as I got out of the car the driver pulled out of the parking spot and drove Anadolu yakası escort bayan off, leaving me wondering what would happen next.

I did not have to wait long. Almost immediately I got another text message from Tyrone. It only said, “room 27”

The place was called the luxury motel but it did little to live up to its name. The payment of the parking lot was cracked and littered with discarded cigarette butts, candy bar wrappers and I even noticed a used condom a few feet off to my left.

The motel itself was not much better. The window to one room was boarded up and graffiti covered much of the building.

I looked at the door to the nurse room and it was number 19. As I headed down the series of outer doors towards number 27, I had to fight the urge to just run the other way with every step.

The walk seemed to last forever, and by the time I reached number 27, my heart was beating like a heavy metal drum solo. After a moment hesitation, I reached out and gently knocked on the door. There was no response and after a few moments I knocked again, with more urgency this time.

A deep baritone voice called out for me to enter and I gently opened the door and stepped inside. The inside of the motel was pretty much what I expected from the outside.

The decor could have been called modern 20 years ago perhaps. An old queen size bed which had undoubtedly seen better days was set against the wall to my left. An old mini fridge which seemed on it’s last legs was noisily humming away next to it. On the opposite wall a flat screen TV, which seemed oddly out of place, was set to an old comedy movie from the 80s. No one was in the room but the door to the bathroom was slightly ajar with the light on. It opened it slowly and out stepped a tall dark man. He appeared to be in his mid-40s a bit on the heavyset side with a thick barrel like chest. His head and face were shaved, and he was wearing nothing but a towel around his waist.

His ebony skin was still a little wet from the shower he had obviously just stepped out of.

He smiled at me and walked across the room, sliding his hand behind my back and pulling me close. He leaned forth and his lips touched mine, his mouth opening. I was in shock. I may be bisexual, but I have never truly been attracted to men. I just love sucking cocks. I had never wanted to kiss a man nor had I ever done so.

My mind was racing at a thousand houghts a minute. I knew I had to please this man or my girlfriend would be receiving the video of me sucking Tyrone’s cock. I opened my mouth to his kiss and felt his tongue brush against mine. Despite my reluctance, I could feel myself starting to harden. He slid his hand down my back cupping my ass cheek in his strong firm fingers. His other hand did likewise, firmly grabbing my other cheek.

After a few moments of passionate kissing he pulled away. I was left with the taste of his mouth on my tongue. At little surprisingly I did not find it at all unpleasant.

He looked me over and he smiled even wider, ” So I guess you are Tyrone’s new bitch.” He said the words with just a hint of contempt and sarcasm.

” He just said to come here and to make sure you have a good time.” I replied in a shaken voice.

He let the towel fall to the floor, revealing his thick, veiny semi erect cock. I gasped in spite of myself. It must’ve been 10 inches long with a thickness to match.

Despite my earlier reluctants I found myself getting quite aroused at the sight of it.

I knew what I was here for, and suddenly found myself quite excited Escort Kurtköy to do it. Without a word I dropped down to my knees and the foot of the bed. I gingerly took his cock in my hand and lifted it up, leaning in to kiss his thick heavy balls. Can you let out a deep moan as I gently bathed his nuts in my saliva.

I felt his massive cock in my hands and started to stroke it slowly as my tongue danced over his sack. I slid first one and then the other of his balls into my mouth sucking them each for a few moments. I felt his hand on the back of my head, pulling me forth a bit and urging me on.

I let him guide me and focussed solely on his pleasure. My hand never left his cock, stroking it slowly at first and then With more insistence as I sucked and kissed his heavy black rocks. He laid back on the bed and groaned in contentment.

I felt a strong hand under my chin and he lifted my head up from his balls.” Time for the main course cocksucker.” by this point I was quite aroused and did not have to be asked twice. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and felt his thick rod slide between my lips. I pushed his foreskin back with my lips and started to devote my attention to his bulging cockhead. He rewarded me with a loud passionate grunt.

His hand slid behind my head once more, and he pulled my head forth, forcing more of his thick cock into my mouth. It was massive and quite uncomfortable. I moved my head slowly back and forth, drooling on his cock all the while. Soon my saliva started to act as a lubricant and his massive member was sliding in and out much easier. His moans and groans became deeper and more passionate.

His hands pulled my head about halfway off his cock and he was suddenly standing in front of me. He started to turn living me little choice but to follow as best I could. I scrambled on my knees until we were fully turned around with my back to the bed. He thrusts fork violently forcing me to arch backwards over the bed until he was leaning over me.

He pushed down, forcing his thick cock into the back of my throat. I gagged and choked, reaching down between my own legs and grasping my cock with my hand, stroking furiously as I fell into a state of total cocklust. The loud humming of the mini fridge was buried by his loud primal groans and the sloppy sound of his cock thrusting in and out of my drooling mouth.

My hand pumped furiously on my raging hard on as he repeatedly hammered his dick into my willing slut mouth, my other hand reached out and grabbed the side of the bed as I hung on as best I could. I struggled to breathe, his massive erect cock stuffing my mouth as it had never been before.

I could feel my eyes water As I struggled to breathe. Just as I thought I would pass out, he pulled out suddenly and I lay back on the bed gasping for air. He allowed me a moments reprieve before ordering me to lay back on the bed. By this point I did not even think of resisting and complied eagerly. As I lay back I could see how wet and slimy my cocksucking had made his dark meat.

He reached down and put a hand on each of my knees gently pushing them apart. He smiled as he saw my rock hard erection. ” well it certainly seems like someone has been enjoying my big black cock.” He reached down and gave my throbbing member a firm slap. I moaned loudly in response to his treatment of my dick.

He slipped both his hands under my legs hooking them at the knees and lifting them, his elbows under both my legs. He leaned fourth and I could feel his cock head pressing against my asshole.

He rocked back-and-forth a few Maltepe escort times, every time his cock head threatened to enter me a little more. Finally after a few moments of this teasin motion, I felt my asshole open up and the bulging tip of his erect cock slid in.

In two throats he was halfway in. By the fourth thrust, I felt his balls slap against my ass. Still he pushed fourth until my ass was raised just a bit off the bed, In this position, my rock hard cock was pointing right back at me.

He shifted until he was kneeling on the bed and started to really pump my ass full of thick black rod. I was squealing like a stuck pig, but the sounds only seemed to urgent on.

The old bed rocked beneath our weight. I reached out the other side and grabbed the sides of the bed to steady myself against the rough fucking he was giving me. His thick veiny cock never stopped rubbing against my prostate. I did not even think it was possible to be so aroused.

He leaned further over me sweat dripping from his brow to land on my chest. I realized right at that moment that this was all I really wanted. I could lie to myself, I could lie to Julie, but what I really was was a black cock loving bottom slut.

Here I was, laying on my back getting fucked by a total stranger whose name I did not even know. And I was harder than I had ever been in my life. I never wanted this feeling to stop. I looked in to his eyes and could tell he was close. I clenched my ass cheeks firmly around his cock and started to push back to meet his thrusts,

It all happened so fast. One minute he was ploughing my ass hard and fast. The next moment I felt his eruption inside of me. My sensitive ass could literally feel his juices pouring from his cock and into my ass. I could feel some of the excess running down the back of my ass cheeks as he just kept pumping black seed into me.

He collapsed over me, his spent cock slowly sliding from my ass. I lay under him, my breathing was ragged and deep. I felt an emptiness where he had just pulled out. He turned to me and whispered, “damn that was great, you really are a great slut.” He leaned in to kiss me deeply and this time I did not even hesitate returning his kiss with passion and desire.

He rolled over and pulled me close, holding me until we both drifted off into sleep.

I woke with a start several hours later. I disentangled myself from his embrace and rolled over to look at my phone. I was in shock.

It was a quarter to four. Julie was due to get home around five and I was laying bed with a black stud, covered in my own sweat and drool, with his cum dripping from my ass.

I quickly dialled the number for the local cab company, ordered a taxi, and started pulling on my discarded clothes. I waited about twenty minutes for the cab to arrive, and slipped out as quietly as I could.

I kept glancing at my phone as the twenty minute ride turned into thirty due to traffic, silently praying my girlfriend would not be home early.

When we finally pulled into my yard, I tossed the driver the amount of my fare was a fairly generous tip, telling him to keep the change. Without looking back I rushed into the house and into the bathroom tearing off my clothes before hopping into the shower.

I washed as quickly as I could and got dressed again, finally emerging from the bathroom just as my girlfriends car pulled into the driveway. I greeted her at the door and she smiled before leaning in to give me a hug. We shared a soft kiss her and she gave me a wry smile. ” there is a little something different about your breath today. » she purred, as she slowly pulled out of my embrace.

I gave her a nervous smile and she shrugged. “Oh well it must be my imagination.” Little that you know. And I knew from that point forward I would be looking forward to, rather than dreading, Tyrone’s next text.

To be continued…

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