Becoming Jack’s Milk Cow Pt. 02

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Female Ejaculation


I dressed carefully for my dinner date at Jack’s house. I believed that tonight I’d know if our fantasies really did mesh as well as it appeared. Even if they didn’t, I liked Jack–alot–and wanted to find out where our relationship would go. But if they did—wow! As I leaned over to fasten the demi-bra that showed off my cleavage, I imagined what would happen as my breasts grew 2 cup sizes, or more, through regular feeding and then pregnancy and milking. Currently a 36-C, I’d love to be at least 40-DD. I felt the weight of my orbs, and tweaked my nipples as I became aroused thinking about it.

The dress I’d chosen was blood red and extremely form-fitting. Made of a stretchy fabric, it also would show off any growth of my belly, say, from a very large meal. It was low cut, and displayed my breasts to great advantage. I turned to look at my profile in the mirror, and imagined my belly protruding, stretching the fabric of the dress to its limits. If things went as I hoped with Jack, I’d love to see what those limits were!

Jack told me to arrive at his condo at 6 pm–early for a Saturday evening dinner, but that way we’d have more time to talk and size each other up, I thought. He lived in an upscale building in the city, on the 9th floor. The doorman let me into the building, and then directed me to the elevator. I was oddly nervous but also aroused as I knocked on Jack’s door. He opened the door and invited me into his apartment–wow! A very large and airy living room, with a wall of windows. Great light. Sleek, modern furniture that actually looked comfortable. And Jack, looking very much in place in his black jeans and black t-shirt. Very urban and VERY sexy. He looked me up and down, clearly admiring what he saw. I’d worn my favorite 3″ heels, giving me a posture that showed off my chest even İstanbul Escort more.

I smiled at Jack: “Am I overdressed?”

“Not at all”, he gave me that slow grin that had turned me on when we first met. “Though you may want to get more comfortable later on”.

“Actually, this is a pretty comfortable dress–look how stretchy the fabric is!” I thought I’d throw out a line and see if he bit. “If you feed me as much as you did last night, I might need it–if you don’t look out, you’ll make me fat!” I looked demurely at Jack, watching his response.

His response wasn’t hard to gauge–but he was. I noticed the outline of his cock in his jeans. Clearly, I’d said something that interested him. He took two steps toward me, and put his arms around me, holding me close (yep, that was definitely a hard-on!). Nuzzling my neck, he said “You are so beautiful right now, but I bet you’d be even more amazing if we did fatten you up–would you like that?”

I pressed closer against his strong body and whispered “Oh, yes, please”.


Still standing in the living room, Jack and I kissed and nuzzled for quite awhile–he’d looked at me after my aquiescence and said “Where have you been all my life?”

“Waiting for you”, I answered, and he kissed me even more passionately, stroking my back, sliding his hands down to my ass, and cupping my nether cheeks to pull me more tightly against him.

I was amazingly turned on, and was ready to jump him right there, but at that moment Jack pulled away–just a bit–and looked at me, smiling playfully. “Are you ready for dinner?”

“As long as I can have you for dessert”,I responded.

“We’re having two desserts, then,” Jack said. “My motto has always been ‘life’s uncertain, so eat dessert first’, and I thought that’s what we’d Bayan Escort do tonight.” He ushered me to the dining room–again with a wall of windows with an incredible view. I was still breathing hard from our clinch, and Jack was having a hard time keeping his hands off me. He pulled out a chair for me, saying, “Milady, please be seated”. On the table in front of me was a large crystal bowl full of tiramasu; Jack sat next to me, and said, “I thought we could share this–may I feed you?” And he proceeded to do so, taking one bite to every four or five of mine. As he approached me with yet another spoonful of the delicious, creamy, rich dessert, he’d whisper “Come on, eat one more bite for me–let’s get that belly nice and big” or “You’re making me so hot–I can’t wait to taste those beautiful breasts”. Meanwhile, I was becoming more and more aroused, as my belly became fuller and fuller. My nipples were visibly hard, and Jack would tease them through the bodice of my dress as he fed me.

The dessert he’d made would have made at least 6 normal servings, and he fed me at least 5 of them. I protested a couple of times “Please slow down–I’m getting too full” but I clearly didn’t mean it.

Jack replied “now, baby, you know I won’t force you to eat all this, if you really don’t want it. Just tell me to stop and I’ll stop. We’ll take a break before the next course, don’t worry–I want you to rest a little before I feed you some more”. Of course, I didn’t tell him to stop, though I was a bit apprehensive about how overstuffed I’d be by then end of the evening.

We finally finished the tiramasu, and I leaned back against my chair, looking down at my belly and then at Jack. “Look what you’ve done already” I said, and indeed my formerly flat stomach was no longer quite flat–Jack reached over and caressed the Eskort slight bulge.

“You’re right, that is a nice stretchy dress–but I think your nipples are begging for attention too–let’s move over to the sofa for a bit”.

He pulled my chair out for me, and helped me out of the chair, and into the living room, his warm hand at the small of my back. His every touch made me hotter, and the food foreplay hadn’t hurt, either. My pussy was throbbing, and my nipples were aching for attention. We sat on the sofa, and I reached for his crotch as he kissed me, but he pulled away my hand: “We’ll have time for that later–this is what I want right now”, as he slid my dress’s straps down my shoulders and pulled down the bodice, exposing my bra and my breasts fairly bursting out of it. Jack admired the scene: “Very nice–I love how hard your nipples are.” The lace of the bra barely covered my nipples, and Jack cupped one breast in his hand. “I’d love to see you spill right out of this bra–your breasts are already so nice and round and heavy. Would you like to be my little milk cow someday?”

As he asked, he slipped my breasts out of my bra, enough to reach my nipples, and began to pull gently on each one in a milking motion. I moaned, arching my back with pleasure. Jack continued, whispering, “I’d love for your tits to be full and aching to milked several times a day. You’d be my little heifer, just mooing for me to suck those big hard nipples. Would you like that?” He leaned down and began to lick, then suck, the breast nearest him as he continued to fondle the farther one.

My arousal grew–I’d never been this hot before and still not near an orgasm. But then Jack cupped both breasts together and began to lick both nipples at once, and I was over the moon. I moaned, “You’re going to make me come–I can’t take this” and dissolved into an orgasmic puddle.

Jack continued to stroke my breasts and nuzzle my neck as I pressed against him enjoying the afterglow. “Don’t forget, we’ve got a main course to feed you” Jack whispered. “Did you work up an appetite?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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