Becoming Sarah? Pt. 01

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All characters in the story are over the age of 18. It’s pretty slow at first, I tried to write out the characters and develop them, the next ones should be a bit more kinky. Things get pretty dom/sub towards the end, so if that isn’t your thing then this isn’t your thing.


Sarah spent the last six weeks dreading this day, the day she would be sent off to live with her uncle for a summer before going to college. She’d just graduated high school and was in need for some cash, which her uncle readily provided—as long as she lived with him and helped him remodel a house in the woods two hours away.

It took some convincing, especially when it meant she’d have to leave her boyfriend behind, but when her uncle offered her $15 dollars an hour she couldn’t refuse. Besides, she was only two hours away and could visit over weekends. In her mind, it would be a good test if they were viable to last in college because even though they were going to the same school, she knew there would be trials with class work and social circumstances. Still, she was going to miss their brand new sex life.

She waited until she turned 18 before they had sex, despite Max’s constant requests otherwise, so when the day came 4 months ago they began fucking every chance they got. They fucked in the car after Sarah’s soccer practice, before church on Sundays and in their beds while parents were downstairs watching movies. Her sex drive skyrocketed in that time, and Sarah was not looking forward to the immediate drop off from the move.

Sighing, she rubbed her eyes open and got off the bed, waddling her way towards the bathroom in a pair of gym shorts and a baggy white t-shirt, phone in hand. Seven o’clock it read, she planned on leaving for her uncle’s cabin at 11 am and still needed to finish packing her clothes, but first she had one last dick appointment with her boyfriend. Grabbing hold of her toothbrush, she posed for a second, hip out, winking and snapped a photo. Her raven hair settled on top of her shoulders, showing mild signs of bedhead. The thin white soccer t-shirt did nothing to hide her hard nipples from poking through, and her hip poised to the side brought out her natural curves.

“You better be ready,” she captioned the photo before sending it to Max. She finished brushing her teeth and brushed out the bed head from her hair before returning to her bedroom and looking at the floor of suitcases left open, containing clothes and toiletries with no organization. Sarah decided she’d just wear her pajamas to the rendezvous, clothes would just get in the way. Putting on a pair of sandals she snatched up her car keys, took one last look at the mess of suitcases, and made her way downstairs, yelling, “I’m going to see Max!” To her mom in the kitchen before hopping in her car and heading to the church parking lot.

She drove a small Ford Taurus that made a rickety sound when she pressed the gas too hard, and unsurprisingly she beat her boyfriend to the parking lot. Impatient, she sent another photo to him, this time with a finger in her mouth with her eyes rolled up, “Where are you?”

Five minutes later the man arrived in his SUV, rolling down his window and smirking at the barely dressed girl across from him. He decided a week ago, despite Sarah’s strong opposition, to grow out a beard—and it wasn’t going too well, growing in patches and scratching her lips when they kissed. Despite that, Max was drop dead gorgeous, with short brown hair and proud cheekbones, he had washboard abs from his time as a swimmer. Sarah opened her door and walked around to the driver’s side window, bringing his face in for a deep kiss, feeling his hair intertwine with her fingers.

“Come on, hop in the back. Let’s get a move on it,” she bossed around, playfully patting him on the head.

“Someone’s in a hurry,” Max responded, opting to get out of the car and move into the backseat rather than squeezing his 6′ 2″ frame over the center console. Sarah lay waiting for him on the backs of the pushed down chairs, leading to a pretty large flat space ripe for use. Once both of them were horizontal, she brought him in for another long kiss, slipping her hand underneath his shirt and rubbing along his back and front, feeling her man. He followed suit, smiling when he felt the lack of a bra securing her 32C breasts, and again when he slipped a hand underneath her shorts to feel her bare ass.

Embraced for a few minutes simply kissing, Max broke the routine first, twisting on top of Sarah and working his way down her body with gently planted kisses. Sarah always had a weakness for neck kisses, and she could feel her already wet pussy overproduce as he nibbled at her neck. Next he pulled up her shirt, and she could feel his tongue swirling around her left nipple, then her right, and she voiced her approval through a moan and rubbing her fingers through his hair with even more urgency. His trek ended at her waistband, where he looked up into Sarah’s face and wordlessly she Hatay Escort lifted her hips enough for him to pull off her shorts, revealing a hairy mess of a pussy. Kissing around her thighs, Max stopped teasing when he got kicked in the side by Sarah’s impatient foot. She was so wet at this point, that she’d left a wet spot on the fabric of the car, with a path of droplets leading directly back to her opened pussy.

Max attacked her pussy, licking up and down, swirling around her clit and starting to finger her. Sarah came after five minutes, feeling the waves of an orgasm coursing through her body, her moans alerting no one in the empty church parking lot to their unholy actions. Max licked her throughout her twisting orgasm, feeling her hairy mound pumping into his face and taking it like a champ. He smiled before adding, “Your turn.”

Sarah, when the waves of the orgasm had slowed, got up and returned the favor to her already-stripped boyfriend, taking his hard cock and bringing it to full mast by playing with the head. Once rock hard, it measured at 6 thin inches, but Sarah, easy to orgasm, loved every bit of it. She dismounted, knowing that at this point the oral was just to get him prepared for the next part of their dance, and reached into the cupholder on the side of the car to grab a condom, rolling it onto him.

On top, Sarah crawled up his body, kissing along his hairless body back up to his face, the opposite of what he’d done to her. After kissing him deeply on the lips, she leaned upwards and reached a hand down between her legs to guide the missile into its home. Rubbing the tip against her wet slit to give him a taste, she then slid down him slowly until she’d had every inch of him inside of her. Flipping her hair back, she smiled at her boyfriend and started moving up and down on the cock. Soon she started panting as his hands reached up played with her dark brown nipples, until she dropped down and kissed him passionately, cock buried all the way inside her.

“I need you to take me, Max,” she said, moving off his cock and moving onto her back. He quickly repositioned himself and picked up the pace, pushing inside her as hard as he could. She came a few minutes later, signaled by her call, “Fuck, yeah, right there, harder harder keep going, fuckkkkkkkkk.”

Max finished inside her seconds later, pulsing inside the condom until the orgasm had finished, pulling out and tying up the condom for easy disposal. Naked, the 18 year-olds laid together in the bed of the SUV, arms and legs intwined and stuck together with sweat. Sarah felt comfortable with her neck laying on his chest, the rhythm of his breaths making her smile, but soon the time came for her to go back home and off to her uncle’s cabin.

When she left him, she cried on the drive back to her house, rolling back into the driveway at 9:30. Shit, I only have an hour and a half left to pack, she thought, rushing to finish all of her final things.

At 11 am, she stood with her hand on her hips, wearing faded blue jeans and a thin red and black flannel. She’d fit all her clothes, bedding toiletries and life in two suitcases. Apparently her uncle had the rest of the things she’d need. She said goodbyes to her parents, impatient to get them to stop doting on her. On the two hour drive to the middle of nowhere, she talked with Max the entire way, laughing about missing an exit and all the fun adventures she’d have doing housework in the middle of nowhere. There’d be no wifi or service where she was going, her uncle said, so the young lovers made a plan for every Tuesday and Thursday night to talk at 8 pm, when neither one had work.

Sarah cried again when she finally hung up with him, she was taking this worse than she thought she would. Her eyes were still red when she turned into the quarter-mile long gravel driveway to her uncle’s house. Her uncle was sitting on the porch, iced tea in hand, when she finally rolled up to the house.

The last time she’d seen him was two years ago, and she had a vague memory of what he looked like then. Now, he was clean-shaven with a rich tan, with crow-eyes and thick salt-and-pepper hair. He had thick arms from his work as a carpenter, and a thick chest too.

“Howdy Sarah, been a while,” he said, coming down off the porch to help his niece unpack.

“Hey Uncle Aaron, how’s it going?” Sarah responded, moving around to open her trunk and take out her luggage.

“Please, just call me Aaron, your old enough now.”

“Sure thing Uncle, I mean Aaron,” she said, handing him one of her suitcases. “Where are you putting me?”

“Just follow me. You think you’re ready for the work?”

“Yeah, my dad’s been teaching me how to work with wood since I was 12,” Sarah said, slightly offended by her uncle’s implications. It’s not like she was a small girl, either. She was 5′ 10″ with toned arms from soccer and working out. Max always joked about how her thighs were the size of her waist from all the exercise Hatay Escort Bayan she’d done with them.

“Good, let’s see how good of a teacher he is,” Uncle Aaron said, finally arriving at a stripped down room with plywood floors and a basic frame with a twin size bed on it. “It’s a bit bare, but hopefully that’ll change in a couple weeks.”

“It’ll do,” she said, dropping her bags off. “So what’s first?”

The next few days passed in a blur, spending 12 hour days working on the house with roofing, siding, flooring. On Tuesday and Thursday she drove half an hour to the nearest town, calling Max and talking with him about his life and her own. When a week had passed, Sarah first started to feel horny, trying to rub one out late at night, but even when she came she felt unsatisfied.

After a week and a half at the house, she lay in her bed imagining the last time she had sex with Max, stroking her hairy pussy, when she heard a creaking noise at the door to her room. She stopped immediately, listening for any more noise. When none came, Sarah called it quits, pulling her fingers out from under her shorts and licking them clean before curling up and falling asleep.

The next morning, she got up and walked downstairs at 7 am, enjoying the cool morning air before it got too hot. Aaron sat, shirtless at the makeshift dining table the pair had made, eating some cereal.

“Hey Aaron.”

“Hey Sarah, how’s the garage wall going?”

“It’s good, just got a couple more panels left before I can move on. How is the flooring going upstairs?”

The pair talked about their plans for the day, and Sarah couldn’t help but noticed her uncle’s toned and tan muscles, catching herself staring from time to time. Throughout the day she stole glances at him, it was too hot to work with a shirt on, so Uncle Aaron wore just a pair of jeans. Sarah had followed suit after one day, wearing the same except with a sports bra, keeping her shoulder length hair in a messy bun. After the day’s work, they settled down and grabbed a beer out of the fridge, enjoying the sound of the crickets in the woods and watching the sunset from their perch on the westside of a mountain. The property was surrounded by heavy woods on all sides, with about half an acre of forest cut down for the house. Uncle Aaron said the nearest house was a mile away, in another alcove on the mountain.

Three beers in, Sarah was starting to feel horny again, stealing glances at her uncle with even more brazen curiosity. She knew he was noticing her looks and after his fifth beer he started returning her looks as they struck a conversation.

“So how excited are you for school?” Her uncle asked.

“Pretty excited, I can’t wait to meet a bunch of new people and really get out of my comfort zone.”

“Yeah, I remember when your dad left for college, he came back a different man. Even after his first semester, you could tell he was more confident.”

“Really, why is that, you think?”

“Oh, he was finally getting laid.” Sarah laughed at that one, imagining her dad as she knew him as some sort of stud. “You think I’m joking, but he really went out and got it. I’ll expect you to do the same thing, if you’re anything like him.”

“Oh, I’ve got a boyfriend that’s going to the same school,” Sarah said, remembering him for the first time today.

“Yeah, and those last in college. Someone that looks like you can’t be held down by anyone.”

“I’m your niece!” Sarah said, playfully aghast.

“I know,” smirked Aaron, locking eyes with Sarah. The pair looked into each other’s eyes for what felt like an eternity to Sarah, who felt her mood change from playful to serious as she felt her heater fluttering slightly. “Anyways, it’s getting pretty late, I should probably go to sleep. Goodnight, darling.” Aaron said, walking past Sarah and letting his hand trail from her left shoulder to her right shoulder, sending a wave of confusing emotions through the drunk girl.

Suddenly, she became immensely horny and finished her fifth beer before heading upstairs to her room and quickly stripped off her shorts on her way to the bed. She lay on top of her bed wearing just her sports bra and stuck her hand under the waistband of her underwear, rubbing her clit with her finger as she started getting wet. Tonight, helped by alcohol, it wasn’t Max she imagined with his cock inside her, but her uncle. His thick, muscly body slamming into her, driving her into the mattress. His cock, in her imagination, had to be as thick as her arm, spreading her wider than ever before. She slipped two fingers inside herself, then three and four, all trying to reach the thickness she imagined her uncle to have. Playing over scenes of him taking her from behind, throwing her against the wall, roughly playing with her tits ran on repeat in her mind until she couldn’t stop herself from moaning out, “Yes, Uncle Aaron, that’s it. Faster.”

When she finally came, the image of Escort Hatay him shooting his seed inside her pussy doggy style was burned into her mind. Wave after wave of the most intense orgasm she’d ever reached while masturbating washed over her, coursing through her veins. She was still riding that high when a creak at the door caused her to open her eyes and she noticed, for the first time, that in her haste to get busy she’d left the door open to the room, and in the frame stood her uncle.

His thick chest caught her eye first, but immediately after she noticed the thick bulge in his boxers, looking as if he kept his hammer inside his pants. Sarah gulped, rushing to cover herself with a blanket, with her cheeks growing even redder, as she watched her uncle just turn around and walk out of the door frame.

Ripe with the fear over the consequences, Sarah couldn’t fall asleep until late that night, making the early rise even more jarring. She paced across the floor of her room, panicked about what lay at the bottom of the stairs. How would Aaron react, what would he say? She’d gone too far last night, “It was the alcohol!” She told herself. After stalling for as long as she could, she put on a pair of worn-out jeans and a plain black sports bra.

At the bottom of the creaking stairs awaited her uncle, in his own jeans and scooping up cereal at the makeshift table in the living room. The two wordlessly went about their morning routine, Sarah making a desperate effort to avoid eye contact. The day was no different than any before, and it was late in the evening before her uncle said anything to her. “Hey Sarah, not heading down to the town tonight?”

“Huh?” Sarah said, taken aback by the strange question.

“It’s Thursday, don’t you usually head down to town for a while? I need some plywood and one of my drill bits broke today, I was wondering if you could grab them when you’re down there?”

Like a tidal wave, the realization washed over her that she was supposed to talk to Max today. Checking her watch, she saw it was almost 9, long past their usual call time. “Oh yeah, it must’ve slipped my mind, I’ll head down there now. What size drill bit?”

The entire drive to the town Sarah dived deeper into her guilt over missing the call time with Max, beating herself up over everything that had happened the last night messing up with her. As soon as she got cell coverage, she saw the three missed calls from her boyfriend and called him immediately.

“Hey baby, I was worried something had happened to you?” Max answered after a few rings.

“No no, just a really busy day on the house. The garage is being a real bitch, I’m so sorry for missing the time.”

“It’s no problem, but I can’t talk that long now, my Dad is up my ass about helping him with some project,” Max said. The conversation lasted no more than 5 minutes and left Sarah feeling worse than before. The only thought running through her mind during the call was her uncle’s body. She picked up the drill bit and plywood at the hardware store and drove around the country for an hour or so to clear her mind before coming back to a dark house. It looked like her uncle was asleep, it was about 11:30.

Sarah left the materials by the door and walked up the unfinished stairs, creaking loudly at every step. When she reached the landing she came face-to-face with her Uncle’s bare chest, her eyes immediately dropping to his naked crotch and massive member. She gulped as she heard her uncle say, “Oh I’m so sorry Sarah, I was just on my way back from the bathroom. I didn’t think you were home, and I like to sleep naked so I didn’t cover up.”

“It’s okay Uncle Aaron, I get it, have a good night,” she said, eyes never leaving his cock as she blushed and ran into her room. That night, like the last, was sleepless. Now, she’d seen what was under those boxers. He was a shower, for sure. About 6 inches flaccid and thick as her wrist, he kept his bush and balls trimmed down.

Another awkward morning an uneventful day passed, yet she found herself on the porch with her uncle again, beer in hand. She knew this was a bad idea after what happened last time, but there was nothing else she could say or do to get out of it. The sunset was, basically, their only form of entertainment. After four beers of silent reflection, the conversation started.

“You know, I was thinking about whether to put carpet in the house. What are your thoughts? Do I leave it bare or nah?” Uncle Aaron asked.

Immediately, Sarah’s drunk mind went to the innuendo and giggled before answering, “I’m a fan of carpets usually, but out here things get so dirty those have to be hard to clean.”

“Yeah, I agree. I like them smooth anyways. Things feel cleaner, and you don’t have to worry about a stray strand of fabric popping up.”

“You know, I’ve never thought about that.”

“It’s also nice, because then you have something hard underneath you,” uncle Aaron said with a smirk.

“I’m not so sure about that, it’s much better to have something hard inside you,” Sarah said, shocked by her alcohol-fueled innuendo. Aaron laughed at his nieces joke, patting her on the back, his hand lingering after the last pat. “Hey Uncle Aaron, can I ask you something?”

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