Behind Closed Doors

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In every home nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors, especially when it comes to sex. What people do behind closed doors is their own business and this is a story of what went on behind one family’s closed doors.


The Story –

For a couple of months now I have developed a problem that has baffled my mother. When I go to sleep I get erections that hurt a lot and they don’t go away until I wake up.

My name is Randy and I live with my mom in a nice home north of the suburbs on a farm. I can’t even get any relief even if I jerk off.

One night my mom heard me moving around in bed and came into my room and held me to her to relieve the pain. She was wearing a red satin nightgown that had a big slit in the side which clearly showed she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. As much pain as I was in, I took notice.

My mom held me and lowered her hand down to my erection. She started rubbing it in the hopes my pain would go away. I told my mom that it felt good and she continued rubbing my erection. After a few minutes I told her she had to stop even though it felt good. She asked me why and I had to tell her it felt too good if she knew what I meant. She smiled and said not to worry and she continued.

Well, after a few more minutes I couldn’t hold back and cum erupted from my cock. My mom asked if I felt better and I told her I did. She cleaned up my mess and gave me a kiss goodnight.

That night I fell asleep with no pain. My mom cured me, so I thought. The next day not a word was said and we acted like nothing happened.

That night I went to sleep and my problem persisted. I called out to my mom who came in wearing a short silk robe that barely mersin escort covered anything. Her tits were practically out and again she had nothing else on. She could see I was in pain and began rubbing my erection. This time she released my cock from its restraint and continued rubbing it, occasionally massaging my balls. God, it felt amazing.

Mom rubbed and massaged my cock and it felt amazing and then she asked me if it felt better when she rubbed me harder. I just whimpered a yes and she continued harder and faster, even squeezing my balls. Just then I sprayed her hand completely with my cum. She asked if I felt better and I told her I did and thanked her. Again, she cleaned up my mess and kissed me goodnight.

Now, before I go further, I know you want me to describe us. My mom, Carol, is 42. She is 5’7″, about 125, jet black curly hair, brown eyes, 38c tits and big nipples and keeps her pussy trimmed.

Like I said earlier, my name is Randy and I am 19. I am 5’9″, 160, brown hair, brown eyes. We are both fit from working the farm.

The next morning I said to my mom, “Thanks for last night. You really helped getting rid of the pain.”

“Well son, I can’t stand to see or hear you in pain. I’m your mother and I will do anything for you.”

“But mom, you can’t keep doing this for me, even though I appreciate it.”

“Don’t you worry about it baby. Mommy will take care of you.”

After breakfast, we went about our daily routine until it was dinner time. We had dinner and I helped mom clean up then we went into the den.

As we relaxed mom told me to undress. Without questioning her I got naked. As she looked at me, she got up and removed her clothes. As soon as mersin escort bayan she was naked, my cock got hard.

“Randy, are you in any pain now?”

“No mom, I feel fine. It only hurts when I go to sleep.”

“I think I know how to cure you. It will take some time though but you will have to do what I tell you. Understood?”

“Whatever you say mom. I am willing to try anything.”

That night and every night she came into my room wearing a long satin or silk nightgown in a different color with a sexy slit showing her thighs and a lot more.

Mom knew I loved the satin and this helps mom get me off. She would get into my bed and lay on top of me while massaging and squeezing my balls. Even though I thrash around trying to resist her massage and squeezing of my balls I love the feel of her satin body on top of me.

She can’t control me like this so she had no choice but to tie my hands to the bed purely to help relieve me. However, I still rolled around so she say astride my stomach to stop me moving, pinning me down while she rubbed her satin nightgown over my body and balls. She turned around, sat on his stomach with her back to me using her weight to pin me down and stop my movements. She then tickled and massaged my balls while masturbating me and squeezing my balls until I cum. She untied him and I went to sleep.

This happened every night with a different colored satin and/or silk nightgown, each time showing me more.

One night she was feeling horny so she dressed up in stockings and suspenders with long red silk nightgown slit up the side and sexy red satin fullback panties to surprise me.

She came to my room to relieve me and then tied my hands escort mersin to the bed as usual but instead of sitting on me to keep me still, she laid on top of me and started squeezing, tickling and massaging my balls using her satin body to tease me and masturbated me. I wiggled and tried to throw her off and yelled out so she used her weight to keep me still and she kissed me to muffle me. I tried to resist so she forcefully kissed me, open mouth and continued to rub me harder until I came while she squeezed my balls.

My erection didn’t go down as usual and she was still horny so she sat on his stomach and started to play with my balls. She sits on my face to muffle me in her satin panties. Mom got turned on by sitting on my face and tried to masturbate me again. I struggled to breath and I jerked my hips as she rubbed my cock harder. She eased off & let me breath then sat back down rubbing herself on my face. This went on for more than10 minutes until she had multiple orgasms.

My erection still didn’t go down and she was still horny so she decided to take my virginity. She untied my hands and laid on top of me kissing me hard. I ran my hands over her satin body and she placed them on her ass as I rubbed her satin panties, loving the feeling as she kissed me and played with my balls.

She then sat up and placed my hands on her stocking covered thighs as she rode me while squeezing and playing with my balls. I soon exploded and she turned around with her back to me continuing to ride me through several orgasms and I came many times each time as she squeezed my balls hard while I came.

After that night she told me she would visit me nightly to help me get rid of my pain.

So, just about every night now, my mom comes into my room and closes the door. Each night she puts on a different satin or silk nightgown or robe with nothing underneath and she fucks me to get rid of my erection pain, you know the one I never had…

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