Being a Hoe – Part 2

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So the work week went by as usual. I was still thinking of what Jason said to me after our fuck fest last week. He had something in store that will be “double the trouble”. I wondered what he meant but I didn’t dwell on it that much it was time to hit the club once again and get my rocks off. I dressed up in a nice polo shirt and fitted jeans and added a few charms here and there to boost my outfit up. I called a couple of friends to see if they were down on hitting up Passions again and they were up for it. As I was heading out of my apartment my Blackberry Phone beeped because I received a message. I took out my BlackBerry and went to the message box and there he was, Jason. “Hey sexy what you doing tonight *winks*” he texted me. I had a little grin on my face when I saw it. I texted him back, “Heading to the club again”. I headed out of the building to see my friends and we all hopped into my friend Daniel’s Jeep and headed to Passions. Amongst ourselves we talked and laughed about stuff just like friends do. I than received another text from Jason saying, “Ok, see you there sweet buns”. Now I thought to myself that I wasn’t going to Passions to meet him again since it was a one night thing between him and I but I thought again about the whole “double trouble” thing. I wasn’t going cloud my mind with things that weren’t really that relevant so I texted him back saying “Ok” and just see how the night goes.

The boys and I got to Passions and headed into the famous club. We got a table and ordered a bottle of Ciroc to come. We all scanned the place to see the go-go boys dancing and gyrating on the stripper poles and with each other as well as seeing other cute boys dance and socialize. My Blackberry beeped again. “I’m here gorgeous, where are you” he texted. I looked at my phone for a split second and decided not to answer. I didn’t know why but I didn’t feel as if I had to reply to him. The boys and I went onto the dance floor because one of our booty poppin’ songs came on. We all headed to the dance floor and worked our magic, having fun and talking to others. Than I felt a hand on my right side of my hip. I looked and there was Jason standing there looking fresher than ever. I was amazed at first at how gorgeous he is and handsome he looked tonight. “Why didn’t you respond to me, I was looking all over the place” he said concerned. “I turned off my phone” I lied. I continued dancing and the look on Jason’s face wasn’t to pleased by the answer I told him. Jason went off to buy a drink and I continued my booty bouncing. Another hand later on touched my butt. I quickly turning around and there was this dude. Chocolate covered skin, tall and masculine, light brown eyes, and rippling muscular arms that extended from his crisp white wife-beater. “Mmmm” I said seductively. He laughed a little and open his mouth, “Hey sexy, how you doing”.
“Just fine and you” I replied
“Good I see your enjoying ya’self”
“I am and you should too”
He laughed a little again and threw his hands up in the air and was boppin’ to the music. This went on for the rest of the song and I completely forget Jason was here. I mean it wasn’t like we were on a date and all I’m here to have fun just like he wanted to be here and so did this gorgeous looking chocolate guy in front of me. Jason returned to where I was.

“I see you made a friend” he said with a hint of angry in his voice.
“Well I just met him and I don’t know his name” I replied.
“Ken, the name is Ken” he said being flirtatious.
I smiled but I quickly looked at Jason and he was a little amused but not to much. Jason started to dance behind me rubbing his concealed dick on my butt. I can tell he was being turned on. Ken just continued to be-bop to the song but was looking at Jason and me. I was a little uncomfortable until Jason whispered into my ear with a seductive voice, “You wanna do the do like last next”. He nibbled a little on my ear and that sent vibrations through my skin with desire. I turn to face Jason and signaled him to lead the way. I looked back at Ken and he seems very interested on what both Jason and I were up to but he continued to dance. Something was up but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Jason paid for the room again and we headed into the hallway to find our room door. He was constantly making little sex comments about what he was gonna do to me and what he wants me to do to him. I have to admit I was quite hype on seeing his engorged meat stick again. We got to our room door and he opened it up. I walked inside as he closed the door behind us. This room was much different from our last one. It was small and petite with paintings on the wall indicating kağıthane escort male sex. The bed was draped in some kind of linen and the furniture was quite old. I wasn’t to impressed with this room but I wasn’t here to decorate I was here to fuck. I turned around after scanning the room and there was Jason standing there butt ass naked again jerking his massive sausage. He was biting his bottom lip and admiring my stature. He nodded his head and said, “Take off ya clothes Jay, I wanna see ya body”. I obliged and did what he ask me to do. I did what people might call the sexy dance in which I slowly took off my shirt in a sexy stripper way. Jason liked the way I was moving and taking off my clothes. He continued to jerk off and from time to time he would lube up his hand with his saliva. I continued to strip down by unbuckling my pants and looking him lustfully into his gorgeous eyes. “Ohhh yeah Jay, you know how to turn me onnn” he said. I smirked and said, “Anything for you”. I was getting heated up to. Looking at his huge dong made me crave him more. He was just pounding away at his dick like there’s no tomorrow, each stroke vigorous than the last. He rubbed the tip of his cock head with his index finger and slowly motioned his hand to his mouth. ” Wanna taste me”, he said seductively. “Hell yeah”, I replied”

I walked towards him and he held his dick straight at me with those lustful eyes. I got to him and kissed him then made my way down his adonis sculptured figure. Kissing and licking every muscle that flexed and bulged. His sturdy chest to his impressive abdomen to his navel. Once again I was there, face to face with the massive beast that invaded my mouth before. Jason placed his hands on my head and motioned me towards his crotch. I took a quick breath and opened my mouth pleasingly. In a matter of seconds his 12 inch dick was in my mouth completely. He fucked my face very hard but with a desirable passion. ” Ooooo awwwwww ohhhh yeah mmmmmm” he exclaimed in delight. I looked up to see his face expression and he was at completely bliss. His eyes rolled back in his head as he held onto me. I felt him tense up when his dick was all the way in my throat. I tense my throat a little to get a twitch here and there and he would moan and grunt when I did. My head game was by far impressive lol. I continued to suck away at him taking his massive member deeper and longer into my eager throat. I cupped his huge ball sac that hung proudly below his prick. Squeezing them and playing with them. I can tell he liked this very much. I released my grip on his cock and aim for his balls. I opened my mouth once more and took his two marvelous balls into me. I sucked and pulled away as he jerked himself. “Ohhhh fuck yeah ohhhhhhhh fuuuuuuck” he screamed out. I was soooo turned on from when he screeches out. It meant I was doing something correct.

Suddenly a knock stroked the door. Jason’s ball sac fell out of my mouth as I was astonish to know who was at the door. I mean Jason was harder than a steel pole and I was right along with him. “Let see who that is”, he said with a cunning grin. At this time I didn’t know what to think. What did he had in mind? Does he know who’s behind the door? Was I really about to have this person stare at me in my glory? I didn’t know what to do. Jason walked towards the door and opened it. To my surprise, it was Ken. The gorgeous young chocolate stud I was dancing with earlier. Ken was completely satisfied at what he saw. “Seems you guys are having a party, wonder if I could join” he said hoping for an answer that will please his curiosity. Jason looked back at me still with the cunning smile and than back at Ken. He grabbed Ken on the back on his head and guided him into our room and than quickly shut the door behind him. I was still at “aw” when this was going down. I mean not only do I have Jason’s sexy ass but now I have Ken beautiful butt in here as well. Ken look at me and was very pleased. He began rubbing himself with his left hand and pinching his nipples with his right. “Don’t have me fuck up the mood, continue what ya’ll were doing” he said satisfying himself. I was a little confused at first because of his boldness but on there other hand I just met him not to long ago. Jason said,”Well you heard what the man said, come here and suck me off”. I was a little turned on by how he said that. He was sooo demanding and I like a guy that took control. So I walked over to Jason and resume my ball sucking routine on him. His jerked himself off as I went in for his balls. Sucking and licking and tasting his wonderful ball sac. I reach around with my right hand eyüp escort to feel on Jason’s tight ass. I slapped him a couple of times on his right ass cheek. “Ooh” and “Ahh” came out of his mouth as I was doing this. I looked over a little to see what was pretty boy Ken was doing. He was on the bed with his legs spread open jerking his 10 inch pole. My eyes almost popped out of my head. It didn’t strike me that Ken would have a big meat like that but I guess I was lucky this night. “Awww yeah suck his dick” Ken said jerking away. Jason was pleased and aimed his dick into my eager mouth once more and thrusted his dick into me with one quick movement. He held onto my head like if it was a life savor and fucked my mouth repeatedly. “Stick out ya’ tongue Jay” Jason said panting. I did and he guided his dick further and deeper into my throat. He liked when my tongue hit his balls and lick up and down his heavy shaft.

Ken got off of the bed and headed towards where Jason and I were at. Still jerking himself off, he wanted to get a better look see on the action. He stood right by Jason and watched as Jason’s large sausage link pulsed in and out of my mouth like a jack hammer. He reached for Jason’s ass and he manuvered his middle finger in bewteen Jason’s buns of steel. “Ohhh fuck….. Awwww yeahhhh” he exclaimed in joy. Ken was now finger fucking Jason as Jason was fucking my mouth. In and out Ken’s finger went, violating Jason’s man hole. Jason was looking quite amused and satisfied. “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum” Jason said trying to catch his breath. I felt him tense up again, his legs were quivering and he held onto my head once more. ” Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCKKKKKKKKK” he said releasing his orgasm into my mouth. Jizz after jizz his dick pumped more and more of his creamy cum into my mouth and throat. He convulsed in my mouth about 10 times before calming down. I was at complete bliss. Tasting him was a dream. The milky substance gooed its way down my throat and into my stomach. The rest oozed out from my mouth and trinkled down my chest and splashed onto my abdomen. Jason grabbed a hold of his massive tool and jerked while still in my mouth to get rid of any excess cum. Ken took his finger out of Jason’s ass and wiped my cum stained chest with his finger and licked it. “You do taste good mmmmm now come taste me” he said very eagerly. I gulped the cum that was in my mouth and moved in front of Ken. Ken’s veiny pole looked delicious.

I opened my mouth and took his willing member into me. The cum from Jason’s dick made it easy for Ken’s dick to slide in and out of my mouth. There I was again being face fucked by another gorgeous male. I look up at Ken to see his expressions. He eyes were closed and his mouth was open. He sucked his teeth to establish that I was doing a great job but he wanted more. Jason was now on the bed watching Ken fuck my mouth. I believe he was jerking off again to get himself reeled up. Ken fucked my mouth mercifully. He exited my trap and my saliva strung up aganist his dick. Little tears started to form in my eyes from the constant lack of air supply. But I was enjoying myself. Ken slammed his 10 inches back into my mouth again and fucked it unconditionally. “Oh fuck oh yeah oh FUCKKK!!!” He screamed and let out a burst of cum on my face. Splatter after splatter his cum hit my forehead, than my cheeks then my chin. “Mmmmm” I exhaled. ” Tastes very yummy, you should consider selling it” I added and laughed. Jason made his way over to me and lick my face covered in Ken’s cum. ” Oh yeah man you should sell your spunk, you could make a fortune” Jason added. Ken just looked at both of us and grinned very happily. He than leaned towards me to lick my face as well. He smacked his lips together in a effort to taste himself. He smiled and said,” I might just sell it”. We all laughed.

My face was licked and sucked on by both Jason and Ken for lapping up Ken’s cum on my face. They licked me clean. Jason grabbed a hold on my arms and lifted me to my feet. “Its time to take a spin on that ass Jay” he said with such an excitment. Ken grabbed for my ass and added, “oh yeah, I can’t wait to get up in that ass”. Truth be told I couldn’t wait either. Jason slightly shoved me onto the bed. I loved how agressive he was to me. He spread open my legs and dove onto my dick with his mouth and sucked like if his mouth was a vacuum. “Ooooooooo fuuuck” I said passionately. Ken made his way to meet my face with his and he gazed into my eyes. As Jason continue to suck me off, Ken kissed me gently. He nibbled on my lip and then kissed me and would let out a moan in between each session. He carassed my nipples mecidiyeköy escort with his big soft hands and continued kissing away at me. Jason had my full hard on in his mouth. He gagged a little but nevertheless did his stop. It was like he was on a mission to stuffed every ounce of me in his mouth, and so he did. He had my full on 8 inch dick in his mouth to the hilt. He popped off my dick to catch his breath and started to pump his hand up and down my shaft. It felt amazing. Ken’s hand slithered its way down my chest and stomach to meet Jason’s hand jerking me with quickening speeds. “Ooooooh yeah that feels sooo good” I said panting. “If this feel good wait till what happens next” Ken said and he swung himself on top of me. His buttocks was on my chest and he was facing Jason who was still pumping away. Ken scooted himself in a “69” position so that his face was directly above my dick and his ass and ball sac was in my own. His asshole looked stunning. It was cute and little like if no one had penetrated it before. To bad my tongue was gonna be the first to pierce this beautiful butt of Ken’s. So I jabbed my tongue in his ass. “Ohhh fuck yeah do it again” he said inhaling and quickly exhaling. And so I did, I did jabbing circles around his rosery and he twitched and turned with every motion. Jason stopped jerking me off and grabbed the back of Ken’s head and motioned him to suck his massive 12 inch monster. Ken was drooling and was enlighted with ectasy and complied to Jason’s order. He sucked him off with a passionate fury and all I heard was Jason grunting and moaning in pleasure.

“Ohhhhh fuck yeah just like that Ken suck that dick” he said in a demanding tone. Ken continued to pulse onto and off his dick sucking more and more of Jason into his alarming mouth. I on the other hand was still darting my tongue in and out of Ken’s ass. We were doing this for about 6 or 7 minutes until Jason withdrew himself out of Ken’s mouth. He reached for the lube on the counter next to the bed and poured some into his hand. He lathered up his dick and my awaiting mangina. With one swift movement Jason entered me with full force. I quickly grabbed the sheets on the bed and inhaled deeply. The sharp pain soon turned into full pleasure. “Ohhhhh fuck yeah, fuck me hard” I exclaimed. “No problem Jay” he replied. Jason fucked me hard and rough and was passionately kissing Ken who was still on top of me now jerking my dick away. I was still eating his ass because it taste so good. He removed himself off me and came off the bed. He than moved to the back of Jason while he was still pumping his dick in and out of my asshole. Ken wrapped his left hand around Jason’s stomach and his right hand was gearing his dick up Jason’s chute. Jason closed his eyes and was groaning like a animal in heat. He pumped faster and deeper into me and soon he will experience the same pleasure I was experiencing. Ken lubed himself up and insert two fingers into Jason’s ass. “Oh yeah fuck me while I fuck Jay” Jason said seductively. Ken finger fucked Jason a little longer and braced himself behind Jason. And like with me, with one motion Ken entered Jason without hestitation. Jason inhaled deeply and exhaled with complete bliss. There we were, Jason fucking me and Ken fucking him. All of our moans and groans were mixing in the air. All of us clenched onto one another and soon the big finale came. The humps and bumps became more vigor and harder. I jerked away at my dick as I was taking in the pleasure that was happening to me. Ken stopped fucking Jason and made his way on the bed pointing and jerking his dick by my chest.

“Oh fuck uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah” Ken said and he released his second huge load on my chest. Ken jerked himself and was licking his fingers. “Mmmmm I feel so good right now” he said very satistifed. Jason pumped harder and deeper more and more into me and soon enough he busted his nut in my love hole. “Uh uh uhuh uhhhhhhhh fuccccccccck yeah take my jizz up ya ass ooooooooooooh fuuuuck” he said as his semen left his ball sac and entered my body. I was unbelievably enjoying every minute that this was going on. I felt myself getting close and Ken hovered his mouth over my dick. Squirt after squirt my cum started to shoot out from my meat stick and hit into Ken’s eager mouth. All of us were panting and covered in man jizz. Jason leaned in towards me and so did Ken. “Guess what sexy” Jason said with the cunning grin from before. I looked at him and than at Ken and replied,”What”. “I was the double trouble buddy”, Ken said. I shook my head and my mind was concluded with the whole “double trouble” thing. Jason, Ken and I all just laid there in the bed and just soaked in all of the things we did. I was wondering if they wanted to start up again. We all looked at each other and had a distinctive grin on our faces which means one thing…. One more person couldn’t hurt….

Part 3 coming soon!

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