Being Jim Ch. 06: Lessons of Life Pt. 03

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I would like to apologize in advance to my readers. In the retelling of this story it sort of took on a life of its own. Normally my tales are fairly brief and concise, this one however seemed only to grow as I put pen to paper. (Figuratively speaking). Since it did turn out to be rather long I have decided to break it down into several smaller portions both for ease in posting and for reader consumption. That said… I hope you enjoy this long winded tale. It is a true story, all of this really did happen.

Life is a tapestry, a cloth woven of many different threads that create the whole. This story is a thread, one of many, contributing to the waft and weave that is the Whole cloth, being Jim.

Being Jim Ch.6 Lessons of Life

By Frodov

This story is based entirely on true experiences from my past. Names and a few details have been changed to provide anonymity for those involved. Discretion is a precious commodity and is becoming rarer and rarer every day.

Sometimes to better understand the “whole”, the big picture in its present state you must pick a thread and follow it back through the weave to earlier times or events, to see the interactions that colored that thread or created it. Often one thread is formed from multiple smaller connected threads, much like the cloth is woven from many threads. But isn’t that life? This story reaches back to my time in college. I was working full time mostly in a part time job delivering pizzas to pay for my gas and insurance to allow me to commute to and from school and home. Remember this all happened before cell phones and the internet, cable TV was still in its infancy. The 80’s big hair bands, big hair, a different time.

-Part Three-

Monday morning turned out to be a beautiful day. It was warm even in the early morning as I tended to the animals and did a few chores on the farm before I cleaned up and headed to town. When I arrived at the teachers’ house Michelle was already halfway done mowing the front yard. She waved at me and smiled as I pushed my mower to the back yard to get started. Coming around the garage I saw that Penny and Maggie were taking advantage of the beautiful day as well, both were stretched out on their loungers face down getting some sun again. Maggie lifted one hand up and gave a lazy wave. Penny of course had to be Penny, instead of a simple wave she raised her whole upper body up off the lounger and shook her shoulders. This of course caused her beautiful breasts to jiggle and wiggle in their pendulous position. Maggie backhanded her on the shoulder in admonishment and shook her head as if to say “What am I going to do with you?” Penny smiled and winked at me before settling once more in a prone position and resumed her sun worshiping. I never broke stride and kept mowing but I was smiling the whole time. It took me another forty five minutes or so to finish mowing the back yard, at some point the ladies had gone back in the house. I must have had my back to them when they left as I never saw them leave. I pushed my mower back around the house and loaded it up in my truck before making my way to the kitchen door in the garage. Michelle must have already gone inside as the dinosaur of a mower was parked in the garage and her car was still parked in front of the house.

I know I had been told to just come on in when I was finished with my mowing but my upbringing and conscience just wouldn’t allow me to do so, so I knocked on the door and waited. Penny opened and took one look at me and just rolled her eyes and motioned me inside. She handed me a clean towel and shooed me towards the hallway and the bathroom before sitting down at the table and picking her coffee cup back up and the papers she was reading.

I showered and then dressed in clean clothes, I knew that Jules was coming by sometime today so I went ahead and put on street clothes instead of just a tee shirt and boxers. I went back to the kitchen after dressing and as I walked through the doorway Penny looked up and then did a double take. She didn’t say anything but simply let one eyebrow creep up her forehead.

“Jules is coming by sometime this afternoon to take some more measurements. I figured I should probably be dressed.” I said and shrugged then took a seat across the table from Penny.

“Yes, Maggie told me that she had spoken with our Miss Jules. Thank you for exercising your better judgment of course, but you do realize that Jules is familiar with our house rules, don’t you?” Penny asked with a smile.

“Speaking of Maggie, is she working with Michelle today?” I asked curious as I hadn’t seen either since I saw Maggie and Penny sunbathing earlier. Penny actually avoided my eye but smiled slightly before clearing her throat.

“(ahem)… She is working with Michelle today actually but it is something a bit… unusual for what we’ve done in the past with other students.” With this said softly, Penny raised her eyes to meet my own şişli escort before giving me a wink. “You know Maggie and I both have remarked on your advanced… skills… and understanding of what we have been teaching you. Last evening while discussing you and, well, Michelle, we wondered if you might lend your… assistance… to us for an exercise today. We will understand perfectly if you decline of course, but we both feel that you could help us out with this exercise as you are uniquely qualified in our opinions.” Penny said tilting her head slightly to one side and raising one eyebrow in that impish questioning way of hers. Puzzled as to what she was talking about I had to ask.

“Um… What exactly would I be ‘qualified’ for that you would need my help with?” My mind racing trying to figure out what Penny was even talking about.

“Maggie and I both know for a fact that you are naturally kind and gentle at heart and a very considerate and understanding young man of course, but that coupled with your… talent… and the very fact that you are indeed a man. Well, we would like to borrow you, if you agree, to help us out with another student that is having some difficulty in feeling comfortable with… kissing.” Penny giggled and then bit her lower lip to hush herself before batting her eyes at me. My mind took two steps back and fell on my ass figuratively speaking as I reeled finally putting the request together. Penny and Maggie wanted ME to work with Michelle… kissing! Had I not already been sitting down I’m sure I would have collapsed out of shock. I could feel first my face going pale then getting warm from the blood rushing to cause me to blush. Even my ears felt warm. My lips and mouth were moving with nothing coming out.

“I… uh… I mean… huh?” I stammered not really knowing what to say. Oh my god! Part of my brain was screaming YES YES YES!! And part of my brain was saying NO NO NO! Kissing Michelle? My heart flipped in my chest and my stomach was suddenly filled with a swarm of butterflies. Penny just sat there silently watching the turmoil play out on my face and grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“Jim, darling, it wouldn’t be like kissing a complete stranger, the very fact that she knows you and has past experience with you as a person is why it occurred to Maggie and myself in the first place. She already trusts you. You know how important that is, to anyone. If you must know, she’s as much embarrassed about the idea as you are but as it’s important to both for both of you, please consider it.” Penny said as she reached out and put a hand atop of mine that were pressing down on the top of the t able as if trying to keep it from floating away.

“I… I… I don’t know what to say, really. I mean… this is kind of awkward. I mean I know that both you and Maggie know I’m kind of interested in Michelle but we’ve not even talked about anything really… I don’t know how she feels about me…” I mumbled and trailed off into silence. At this Penny’s smile got even larger and there was a twinkle in her eye.

“Jim darling, you have absolutely nothing to worry about as far as that is concerned. I happen to know that our young Michelle is quite taken with you and would in no way be offended with your participation with this exercise. There are… concerns that she has shared with both Maggie and myself that I cannot elaborate upon, as that is not our place to do so, but I can assure you that you are held in high regard with Michelle. All we ask is that you exercise your previously demonstrated open minded thinking and simply be yourself with Michelle. You will be helping both her and yourself really… both of you still need to bolster your self confidence. Now neither I nor Maggie would ever consider forcing you, either of you into doing this… but I would ask you to consider it, if nothing else, as a favor to me.” With this last plea Penny’s smile slipped away and she averted her eyes as she suddenly found the table top to be fascinating or something. That’s when I realized that there was something else at play here that she was either too embarrassed or too ashamed to bring up. So even as I was embarrassed and nervous about it I agreed to give my… assistance. Penny brightened immediately and her beaming smile returned and I could have sworn there was a hint of a tear in her gleaming blue eyes.

Patting my hands, Penny stood up and told me to stay where I was and that she would be back in a few moments. And then she left the kitchen. In a few moments I heard a soft knock on one of the doors down the hallway, I assumed it was on Maggie’s bedroom door, followed by some soft conversation in voices too low to tell what was being said. Then the door closed again. I looked up and Penny was coming back into the kitchen with a smile on her face. She motioned for me to stand up and taking my hand she led me to the living room and the couch. Before we could be seated however, I heard the istanbul escort door open down the hallway and I looked up to see Maggie leading Michelle by the hand towards us. Michelle was almost pink in the face as she let her eyes dart around the room trying to look at anything but my face. Maggie on the other hand had a delicate almost nonexistent smile on her lips but her eyes were absolutely glowing as she looked between myself and Penny. As they approached the couch Maggie positioned herself behind Michelle so that the two of us were standing toe to toe in front of the couch.

Finally standing close together Michelle looked into my face, and her eyes met mine. I think she finally realized that I was just as nervous as I was as she gave me a timid smile and was having trouble keeping eye contact with me. Before either of us said anything though Maggie took charge of the situation.

“Jim, thank you for agreeing to this unusual request, before we go any further however I must tell you that this was mine and Penny’s idea, not Michelle’s. Penny and I have been working diligently with Michelle on many of the same things that we have been working on with you, however, as we are decidedly all females, there are certain nuances that would be better suited to being demonstrated by a male, like yourself. Now as Penny might have explained, this something we’ve never done before with any previous students we’ve tutored in the past. It is uniquely fortunate that the two of you have a shared past and are familiar with one another thereby creating a level of trust that is needed for this exercise.” As she was saying this I noted that Maggie was rubbing her hands idly up and down Michelle’s arms from her shoulders to her elbows and back as if reassuring Michelle in a tactile way. “Michelle, you know from personal past experience that Jim here is a kind and gentle man. The fact that he agreed to participate in this exercise speaks volumes on his caring and giving nature, and perhaps to the idea that he is quite fond of you to begin with. Oh now Jim, don’t be embarrassed, you are after all among friends.” Maggie almost chuckled as I blushed red enough to possibly catch my hair on fire. Michelle looked up into my face and smiled somewhat sheepishly at seeing me blush or possibly at Maggie’s words.

“Why don’t we all have a seat on the couch here and get comfortable?” Penny spoke from behind me as she took up her seat at our end of the couch turning almost sideways so that she could allow for Myself and Michelle to be seated in the middle with Maggie taking the far end of the couch on the other side of Michelle. Maggie and Penny were of course still dressed in their robes over at least their bikini bottoms from their earlier sunbathing. Michelle was dressed as I’ve seen her several times in a school girl’s plaid skirt with knee socks and a white button down blouse, this one having short sleeves. Her hair was pulled back with one of those large hair clasps that pushed most of her hair back over her ears to fall loosely down her back. I noticed for the first time that Michelle’s fingernails, while short to the point of being almost not there, were painted a pearly pink that made them look almost wet. Her hands were clasped in her lap as she sat nervously waiting for whatever was going to happen to begin. Her lips, were moistened, with a gloss of some sort, not colored like lipstick however. In the back of my mind I realized that she was every bit as nervous as I was. From The far end of the couch I heard Maggie clear her throat before she spoke.

“Now darlings, we know this is highly unusual and you are both… nervous, but you need to relax and let go of your tensions and apprehensions. If you are embarrassed about being ‘watched’ think of it this way, you both have been in the same situation, perhaps without the audience, with both Penny and myself in the past. You both survived those situations and you will this one as well. Open yourselves up to the experience… hopefully you with both learn something in the process.” Maggie said in a soft reassuring voice. I picked up the subtle prompting from Maggie that one of us needed to break the ice and start this exercise. I also knew that I couldn’t just lean in and start kissing on Michelle yet, she felt like she was wound up so tight that she would bolt if I so much as turned my head too fast towards her. So I didn’t, rather, I took my left hand, as she was sitting beside me on my left side, and held my hand out palm side up slightly higher than her own hands in her lap. At first, Michelle was puzzled by this and simply looked at my offered hand in confusion. Then, hesitantly she raised her left hand and settled it into my open hand her palm down. I slowly, gently squeezed her hand and then slowly brought it to my lips and kissed the back of her fingers softly.

Michelle turned her head following her hand to my mouth and watched me kiss her fingers softly. Her head tilted mecidiyeköy escort and her eyebrows knitted questioningly as her lips parted and her jaw sagged open. I smiled sheepishly and shrugged my shoulders then surprised myself by speaking.

“I thought my head would explode when Penny first asked me if I would do this ‘exercise’ with you. Truth be known I have often wondered what it would be like… to kiss you. But I’ve always been so shy and… well… bashful I thought that I might never find out. Every time I talk to you I seem to chicken out and… see? I can’t even talk about it. I would understand if you changed your mind.” I mumbled and glanced away releasing Michelle’s hand. Then I was surprised again when she took my hand back in hers and squeezed it, hard! This caused me to look back up into her face and I saw that she had that look in her eyes, those big beautiful blue green orbs with the golden flecks. Her eyes were huge, and almost pleading as she smiled timidly and nodded her head almost imperceptibly. I swallowed nervously and gave her my own slight nod before I leaned my head a little closer to hers. Michelle matched my movement with her own slow lean. Our foreheads met touching one another softly, our noses almost touching. We both realized that sitting as we were side by side was not only not very comfortable but not very advantageous to what we were intending to do. In an unspoken agreement we both withdrew from one another and half turned in our seats. I drew my left leg up under me, and Michelle her right so that we were more or less facing one another only slightly apart. We both smiled awkwardly and raised both of my hands palms up, Michelle placed both of her hands in mine, palms down. Over Michelle’s shoulder I caught a glimpse of Maggie and her enigmatic smile with one lone eyebrow reaching for her hairline. Behind me I heard Penny make a soft gasp then a hum of approval.

Again Michelle and I leaned in towards one another this time instead of our foreheads meeting, our noses brushed softly along one another as we found out lips just a breath away from the other. Michelle swallowed and she actually closed her eyes just before our lips met. Her lips were frozen in place as if she were afraid of contact and then not sure what to do once it was made. I marveled at their softness and their warmth. I opened my own a fraction and softly drew in her upper lip then released it and pulled back a bit. Michelle reopened her eyes and they searched mine. I thought that perhaps some of the doubt or hesitance had faded a bit… I thought I noted some hint of curiosity now adding sparkle to those gold flecked eyes. Her hands squeezed mine gently as if asking for another taste. This time however as she leaned in closer her eyes remained open, the two blue green orbs morphing into one as we drew closer and closer. Again our lips met gently, pressing softly one set into the other. I could feel Michelle’s lips moving experimentally against my own, she drew my bottom lip into hers as she pulled gently testing my pliability or resistance. As she drew my bottom lip in between hers I pulled her upper lip between mine and we could both feel the ice melting as our breathing warmed and quickened.

I knew that it was a risk but some instinctive impulse caused me to probe her lips with my tongue, hesitantly, running along the parting of her lips tickling the front of her teeth. I was surprised by the slight gasp she drew in just before her own tongue met mine for the first time. I must have made the right decision or done something else right as I felt Penny’s hand softly pressing against and gripping my right arm above the elbow, as if to prompt me to go further. Pulling back from our still tender kissing, both to catch our breath and to look into one another’s faces, both Michelle and I were smiling and blushing. Over Michelle’s shoulder I heard Maggie softly speak to Michelle in an almost whisper. “I think you now understand what I was saying about not being afraid of a kiss, and about trusting yourself.” Michelle blushed a bit more and nodded by way of acknowledgement.

I released Michelle’s left hand from my right and reached up to run the backs of my fingers softly along her left cheek. I continued on and my fingers wrapped around the back of her curly auburn haired head, then I drew her into me and our heads tilted slightly side to side as we collided again with our lips, and our not so bashful tongues. I guess my hand on the back of her head gently drawing her into me caused Michelle to give in to some hidden hunger as she began a much more passionate round of kissing than what we had initially begun just minutes earlier. I’m not sure when I realized it but I discovered that Michelle had raised both of her hands and were now holding either side of my neck as she lashed and probed my lips and mouth with her own tongue and lips. At this I thought I was not really enjoying, it was as if she were putting on a show or something, be it for me or perhaps for Penny and Maggie. It just didn’t feel ‘real’. I released Michelle’s head and pulled back a bit to look into her eyes. Puzzled, Michelle had a questioning look in her eyes as if asking what she was doing wrong.

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