Being the Center of Attention

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*Returning to the same theatre as before, this time alone with time on my hands. This happened when I was 18 and had been in the army just under a year.*

After finding the adult theatre by chance when I had gone out for drinks on a Thursday night after work and having such a good time, I decided I needed to visit again.

This time my buddy who I had been out with wouldn’t be around and I would be able to enjoy myself for longer without the risk of him catching me and therefore keeping my secret safe.

I did a little research and found the theatre listed online as a known cruising spot. I read through the comments and any other info I could find and decided that Friday night or a Saturday afternoon/night were the busiest.

The listing claimed that during the week days only older guys would frequent the theatre. But during the peak times, couples and women (I never encountered a single female in all my trips there lol), younger guys, straight drunk guys etc as well as the older guys could be found.

I planned to go a Saturday afternoon and stay as late as needed to be fully satisfied. Having nowhere else to be I could spend a few hours down there and wait for a crowd to build, the right kind of guy and that sort of thing.

Knowing I had no intention of going out with the guys or meeting up with them later I could dress as comfortable as I wanted. I choose workout gear as it would be light and easy to put on and take off.

I showered, shaved and made sure I was squeaky clean before putting on my clothes. I went with Nike running shoes and ankle socks, loose dri-fit material black shorts and a grey, one size too big shirt in the same material.

I didn’t want to wear anything that would be too restrictive, I wanted to be able pull the shorts to the side and let my cock hang freely or to quickly hide it if need be.

I gave myself a once over in the mirror in my room on base. I stand 5’10, somewhere around 185-190lbs, I have a thick chest and shoulders due to all the rugby I have played and weights training, short, crew cut dark blond hair, I shave from my face to my balls as I like to be silky smooth and a thick 8″ cut cock with a big mushroom head.

I had already drank two glasses of vodka while getting myself ready to calm my nerves. I made myself one more and quickly downed it before heading out the door for the bus stop.

Parking in the city is expensive and can be a pain. The bus was going to be less than $5 for a return trip and due to it being a Saturday would run all night. I chose a seat near the back of the nearly empty bus and took the opportunity to tease myself during the 30min ride.

Not a lot of people rode this route at 2pm apparently and there was never more than 10 people sharing the bus with me.

I pulled one of the short legs up and free’d my cock and balls. With each bump they would rise and fall as we made our way closer to the city center.

With my hand holding my cock I began to slowly stroke it, gently at first just firm enough to tug at the skin. I continually checked to make sure the coast was clear and became bolder.

I alternated from stroking myself to massaging my balls and watching the sunlight beam through the bus window and warm my meat. I would trace the veins bulging along my shaft and watched as pre cum started to fill the slit at the end of my knob.

No one seemed to be paying me any attention so I pointed my cock forward as I moved to the edge of the seat and squeezed a large drop of pre cum from cock. I watched as it fell from my tip to the floor of the bus, leaving a string connecting the place it had left and where it now was.

Still no one was looking back my way, the 3 quick vodkas were taking effect, I was getting hot at the site of my pre cum as well as the public risk. With one more quick look around the bus I slid my shorts down removing one foot in the process.

I now had unrestricted access to my member as the sun shined through the window onto my completely naked legs. I got more daring and laid back in the seat and stroked myself feeling my balls lift and fall with a small smack against my ass with every down stroke.

The feeling was taking over me and I no longer worried if someone would happen upon me. I closed my eyes and worked my cock in my own world.

That’s my biggest downfall, once I’m fully worked up I lose any and all inhibition. Want to fuck me in the middle of the street? Ok. Want to film me? Ok. There’s 10 of you? Ok. It’s a dangerous game but it leads to the best orgasms I have ever experienced and luckily no arrests.

So I continued pumping my cock more violently, my balls smacking even louder now. I could feel my breath quickening and pre cum coating my hand. I eventually had to slow to keep my orgasm at bay.

Only then did I open my eyes and noticed a middle aged women had moved seat and was now a lot closer to me. She was diagonally across the aisle and her eyes were locked on my raging cock.

Thankfully görükle escort bayan she was enjoying the show and not screaming for the bus driver. I slowly stroked myself and pointed my cock at her as I watched her lips part involuntarily. Her neck was very red and I was sure she was soaked after getting a free show from an 18 yr old, fit army guy.

A couple of stops before mine the lady got up to exit the bus. With one last look she was gone.

I unfortunately had to quit the playing around or I would have to walk the length of the bus with my cock straining against the loose shorts and risk someone else bringing attention to it.

I focused my attention to the buildings passing by the window and soon my cock began to soften ever so slightly. When my stop arrived I still had a large bulge in the front of my shorts and anyone who looked would have been able to make out the entire outline of my manhood.

I hopped off the bus and started the short walk to the theatre. I started to get a little nervous as I approached the store. I had been drinking last time and it was late at night. This time it was the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday.

There were families and groups walking down the street, going from store to store. I lowered my head to avoid direct eye contact with anyone and made a bee line for the entrance.

The upper part of the store was full of dvds, outfits, toys etc, in the back left corner there was a row of private booths, the counter was along the left wall closest to the door and in the back right was the door to the downstairs theater.

When I entered I noticed there were two younger looking girls working the counter. They would know exactly what I was here for when I asked for the theatre. I took a deep breath and thought to myself, they have to deal with different guys coming and going all day, they won’t even remember me next week.

I paid my money, only feeling a small amount of disgust and judgement from the two of them and made my way to the door to the theatre. One of the girls pressed a button that made the red light illuminate above the door and a buzzer to go off, I pulled the door open and made my way inside.

As the door closed behind me I was faced with a dimly lit staircase. I opened and closed my eyes a couple times trying to speed up the adjustment process after being in the brightly lit world outside.

The small red bulbs every few feet down the wall were just bright enough for me to make out each step as I descended. When going up the stairs you could see small white LED lights along the face of each step. Almost at the base of the stairs a left turn was required, as there was a wall directly in front of you.

Once stepping off of the stairs there was a small kitchen style room to your left that went under the staircase and a small theatre to the right which had about 10 chairs in front of a flat screen tv playing gay porn. A few paces forward was a curtain you had to pass through to enter the main theatre room.

Along the left wall there were several rooms, some with glory holes that faced into little dark alcoves. The first alcove to the immediate left had a curtain, then 3 rooms with sliding doors followed that, the theatre seating went from the aisle to the right wall with maybe 50 seats total.

To the right was an open area that had a half wall behind the final row of chairs. One could stand there and observe the movie or majority of the room.

If you continued down the aisle past the rooms and seating you would notice in front of the theater screen was a stage. At the end of the aisle was another curtained doorway.

To the left was another alcove that I knew had a glory hole the final of the rooms (I had experience this on my first visit), 3 more small dark rooms I had never actually walked in and inspected, a hallway to the right which if you followed it turned to the left and led to large, long bathroom. The bathroom had 2 sinks, a long urinal trough, an open shower and two toilets in cubicles at the end.

I proceeded as I had last time I visited. I walked through the theatre trying to see how many others were in there and what they were up to while being discreet. I headed straight to the bathroom to relive myself after the bus ride.

I had noticed a couple guys in the first theatre room and maybe 5 more in the main room. My eyes hadn’t adjusted fully before I started my walk so I wasn’t sure what they looked like or what they were up to.

All of the rooms to the left had their sliding doors open and appeared unoccupied. This left the 3 dark rooms in the back unaccounted for as there was no one else in the bathroom.

I washed and dried my hands and decided I needed to know more about these dark rooms. Were they themed? Occupied? Just smaller rooms with no purpose? I had time so why not get a real good knowledge of the entire set up while it wasn’t busy.

Two of the rooms bursa otele gelen escort just appeared to be small, dark, 6 foot by 6 foot or so, plain rooms with nothing interesting about them. I figured just for more private play. The third room was more interesting to me. It was off the middle of the hallway and bigger than the other two.

It was a little brighter in there as a light in the hallway was almost immediately in front of the doorway. The back wall was exposed brick that had some kind of bondage device attached to it. It appeared to be hand and ankle cuffs. I had never tried anything like that so I decided to mess around with them a little since no one had followed me back there.

I put one of the wrist cuffs on and pulled it closed. It was like a thick padded belt but had a soft fur like material on the inside that I thought must be so it doesn’t hurt whoever is tied up. I quickly realized that once bound the person would have no ability to free themselves and would be at the mercy of anyone who entered.

Being satisfied with my recon of the back rooms, I undid my wrist strap and decided to head back to the main theatre room. I found a seat closer to the back of the theater and stroked myself through my shorts half watching the movie and half watching the other 4-5 guys in the seats.

Three of the men where the older type I had read about. All appeared retirement age and seemed to be stroking themselves slowly to the movie while not paying any attention to each other.

One of the younger guys was sitting in the front row, I had noticed him jerking himself when I had walked through but I was getting a strong bottom vibe from him and I wasn’t ready to cum yet. The only other guy left was a middle aged man wearing a white buttoned shirt and black slacks.

He looked like he could be a manager somewhere. Around 6′, 200lbs, he had dark combed hair, a clean shaven face and appeared to be stroking himself to my right and two rows ahead of me.

He was leaned against the wall and had his left arm draped over the back of the seats next to him. I noticed him turn his head a couple times in my direction and raise up slightly. He was either trying to get a better look at me stroking or raising his cock so I could get a view of it.

I took this sign as an invitation and made my way to his row. His didn’t appear to protest me taking a spot 3 seats to his left so I sat and pulled my cock free of my shorts again and began to stroke it.

His eyes appeared to dart from the screen to my cock and back. I noticed he had a nice 7″ cut cock in his hand that was glistening with his pre cum. After a couple of minutes he was no longer watching the screen. His eyes were fixed on my left hand wrapped around my cock and he was matching his strokes with mine.

I moved to the seat directly next to him to allow him a close up view. I watched his eyes travel from my thick mushroom head, down my swollen, veiny shaft, to my shaved plump balls hanging below.

I was rock hard and pre cum was once again fighting to escape my slit and travel down my length. I took my shaft again with my left hand and gripping it tightly pulled my hand upward allowing the pre cum to be forced out.

I placed my right hand on his thigh and gently massaged him while sliding my hand from the tip of my cock to the base, coating my fingers with my own juices. He was tense at first but relaxed quickly and I continued to rub and squeeze his thigh. I made my way to his inner thigh and let my pinky brush against his hairy balls as I rubbed.

His focus was back on the movie ahead as he let his hand fall to his side no longer stroking himself. I took this as my cue and took hold of his shaft and slowly pumped him up and down. I could feel his cock twitch whenever my finger would run across the glands below his knob.

I squeezed my thumb and finger as I brought them from the base of his cock to his tip, forcing his pre cum to escape. I brought my fingers to my mouth and sucked and licked them clean making sure he could see this in his peripheral. He let out a soft moan as I did.

I slowly moved down to between his legs and took him between my wanton lips. I teased him by only sucking the head and flicking my tongue against his glands. He raised his hips and arched his back to try to push into my mouth. I then let him slip from within my lips and kissed down his shaft to his balls. My hands held his knees apart as I sucked and licked at his manly balls.

He shuffled and moaned as I went from one ball to the other. I pushed my tongue against the bottom of his sack probing at him and then rolled each ball back into my mouth. They were so big and full I could only get one into my mouth at a time.

Once I was sure I had treated his balls enough I ran my tongue back to the tip and engulfed his entire length, taking him into my throat. He moaned loudly as I pulled almost completely off him and bursa escort bayan drove my head back down until my nose pressed against his belt.

I bobbed up and down pushing my tongue against the underside of his shaft on my upward strokes. More pre cum was now coating my tongue with each pass across his tip. His hand had found its way to the back of my head and he was raising his hips to try to force deeper into my mouth with each thrust.

I could feel him getting closer to cumming so I allowed him to take my mouth however he needed. His hand was forcing my mouth down now to meet his cock. I was drooling down his cock, breathing through my nose when possible.

I felt him tense up and roughly bury his cock one final time. His cock swelled and pressed against the walls of my throat as the first shot exploded from the tip. I gulped as fast as I could manage to try and keep up with the onslaught of cum now filling my mouth and throat.

I felt his cum escaping my lips as it overpowered my ability to swallow. He had obviously been needing to cum for days or even weeks. Once he had finally finished shooting into my mouth his hand relaxed at the back of my head and I was able to let his softening cock slip free.

I then proceeded to lick and suck his cock and surrounding area clean of all the cum I had let escape. Once I was satisfied he was cleaned up I thanked him and made my way to the bathroom to freshen up.

My cock was coating the inside of my shorts with my pre cum as I walked and I noticed more people had entered the theater while I was taking care of my first cock of the afternoon.

There had to be at least 10-12 people in the theater now and several appeared to have enjoyed watching me as they were huddled at the end of the aisle either openly stroking themselves or rubbing through their pants.

I smiled at them, making sure to get a good eyeful of their cocks, then made my way to the back. I quickly rinsed out my mouth and splashed some water on my face. I was hot and flustered, even if I wanted it to there was no way my hard on was going to subside.

I exited the bathroom into the hallway and found a couple of the guys that had watched me put on a show had also made their way to the back. I knew they were looking for me so I calmly turned into the bondage room and waited.

Seconds later they followed me into the room and presented their cocks to me. I dropped to my knees and was thankful that the floor was padded. They stopped inches from my face and waited for me to take them into each hand.

I reached out and took a hold of each of their cocks and examined them in the dimly lit room. The guy to my left was probably early 40’s, some grey, 5’8, a little bit of a belly, wearing a t shirt and jeans.

His belt was still on holding his jeans up and had only pulled his cock and balls out of his zipper. It was cut, average in size and shape with a nice set of hairy balls hanging below. As I stroked and squeezed it began to thicken up and harden to its full 6″ or so.

The guy to my right looked closer to 60. He had full grey hair and a goatee. He was wearing a shirt and shorts and had pulled them down to his knees to expose his thick cock below his protruding belly.

He was probably 5’10, 260+ pounds and had a lot of grey hair surrounding his cock. He smelt musty like he had sweated a lot on his walk to the theater. His cock was already rock hard and around 7″ but very thick. I had trouble closing my fingers all the way around it. He also had large, low hanging balls.

I usually wouldn’t have picked him out of a group as one I would suck almost sober, but he had come to me and I had been worked up for a couple hours now. My cock was in control now and my better judgement was on it’s way out the door.

I alternated between sucking and stroking either guy. They both seemed to be enjoying me taking turns sucking on their cocks. They both moaned whenever I would take them back in my mouth. I like a vocal guy, it encourages me and I can use it to figure out what they like best. I want to be remembered as a great experience.

Their moaning as well as my not returning to the theater must have alerted to the others there was a party happening in the back. Soon the room was full of guys and I was the center of attention.

I pulled back off the older guys cock when I noticed we were no longer a group of 3. I counted 7 guys before the younger guy had his hand behind my head pulling my mouth back to him.

I could feel the heat rise throughout my body knowing there was at least 7 different men watching me suck two guys. My cock involuntarily spasmed multiple times and I knew one touch in that moment and it would explode.

I could feel the cock in my mouth begin to swell and more pressure applied to the back of my head with each thrust. I could sense that his orgasm must be fast approaching.

Then without warning with a loud grunt he buried my nose against him as he shot rope after rope into the back of my mouth. I held firm, an old man’s thick cock in my right hand, my left hand on the denim fabric of the others, as his cock jumped and squirted, coating the entirety of my mouth.

Only when he had finished cumming and I had swallowed it all he released my head and withdrew his cock with a pop from between my lips.

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