Ben and Lisa Ch. 01

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Ben and Lisa work together in a big office in the middle of town. They have known each other for a couple of years, but recently Ben told Lisa about opportunities to work in his team and she joined him.

Ben is in his mid thirties, about 6ft, dark haired, 200lbs, married, but has a certain charm that seems to make women like him. He’s always got a smile on his face and recently started to do some more exercise and the results are starting to be visible, as he’s toning up. It hadn’t gone unnoticed to Lisa, who had been secretly checking him out for a while.

Lisa is in her mid twenties, about 5ft 7, about has 120lbs. She has long dark hair, a beautiful slender body, perfectly pert breasts; a deliciously curved backside sits on top of gorgeous legs. She’s got amazing beauty, with stunning blue eyes and when you look at her you’re drawn to her full, kissable lips. She’s the girl that everyone wants to see naked. She has a boyfriend, who works at the same place but in a different office. This doesn’t stop her flirtling, which only adds to her sex appeal. Ben thought about Lisa a lot when he masturbated.

The pair had been flirting with each for quite some time using the companies messaging system. Knowing that the system was monitored they’d established some abbreviated “code” for their flirting.

Their flirting lead to them meeting for coffee’s and chats often at work. One day this flirting escalated.

“Have you lost some more weight Ben”, Lisa asked.

“Yeah a bit – you noticed?” he replied.

“Your shoulders look amazing. I love big shoulders. Have I told you that before”? Added Lisa.

“ha yes you have, you also told me when you were drunk, it’s a feature in a man that makes you a bit horny” Ben said smiling.

He added cheekily “does that mean I’m making you horny?” Lisa blushed a little

“You do Ben yes … I can’t beleive I’m blushing – phew it’s hot in here” she joked back.

Ben couldn’t believe his ears. This was the latest and best entry he had in his wank bank from Lisa.

“What mecidiyeköy escortları else have I told you when I’m drunk”, Lisa asked.

Ben had plenty of things in mind to say, but responded with “I know you have a nipple piercing”

“Oh my God, did I really tell you that?” Lisa asked

Ben nodded.

“Oh my god” she repeated.

“I am never drinking with you again” she joked.

Up until earlier, knowing about the nipple piercing had been the thing Ben thought about most when he was wanking. Now he had the knowledge that this stunning woman found him horny too. He wondered if she masturbated thinking about him. His mind was in over drive.

“I think about your nipple piercing a lot” he blurted out.

“What? You do? … When? … oh my god Ben” she replied.

Now it was Ben’s turn to blush.

“What do you mean you think about it?” she continued

“Arm … you know … dont make me say it” Ben said going unusually shy

Lisa checked over her shoulders for anyone listening before asking

“You wank off thinking about my nipple piercing?”

Ben nodded again and said – “well yes – look at you – you’re gorgeous”

Lisa chuckled and sat back in her chair a little

“What would you do if I showed you it?” she asked slyly. Her face had changed a little – it was slightly more serious.

“I’d probably go blind” Ben joked.

“Don’t tease me” he added.

“Meet me on the stairs in block 2 in 10 minutes. You might just enjoy it” She said. She finished her hot chocolate, stood up, and went back in the direction of her office.

Ben was in shock. Had he heard her right? Why would she want to show me her piercing? Damn – how many minutes ago did she say 10 minutes. He was going to go, but was sure he’d only be calling her bluff or she’d try and make a joke of it and call him

Old perv of similar. He finished his coffee, and went to get some mints.

He decided not to go back to his desk, but to make his way to block 2 instead.

When etiler escort he got there, Lisa wasn’t. He wasn’t too worried; as he was sure it hadn’t been 10 minutes yet.

A few minutes later Lisa appeared. She was smiling, but not in a way like she was going to take the piss out of him. She looked a bit nervous.

“Hi, long time no see” Ben joked, trying to ease the tension.

“Hey” she replied.

“Are you really going to show me or were you just teasing” Ben asked

“I’m here aren’t I?” Lisa added

“Why do you want to show me … whets in it for you?” Ben continued to quiz.

Lisa looked around again to make sure no one was in ear shot or line of sight. “Because I’m guessing you’re going to have a wank thinking about me … and that makes me really horny”

“You really get horny thinking about me?” Ben asked in amazement.

Ben was Ok looking but not handsome like her Boyfriend or indeed many of the people he knew that liked her too. Despite his recent weight loss and toning up, and the occasional compliment that came with this, he was generally quite down on himself and how he looked. Too many years in a passionless marriage where he had been knocked back too many times to mention by his wife, had really dented his self confidence. The charm and persona at work was really just a masking this.

“I do think about you Ben yes”. Your shoulders are amazing and when you told me that you think about me, It just sent a shiver down my spine” Lisa replied, looking him in the eye. Her eyes had changed. They looked Smokey and sensual.

Ben moved in closer to Lisa in the corner of the stairwell and raised his eyebrows to reaffirm this was ok, as he looked her in the eyes. She looked amazing as always. Lisa pulled up her top and exposed her bra. Ben took this as his sign to pull down the front of her lacy bra and expose her left nipple and its bar. Her nipple was a delicious pink color, about the size of a 10 pence piece, and hard where the piercing was through it. He moved his other hand and şişli escort gave her nipple a little tug. Lisa was nervous, and stepped back and pulled her top back down.

“That’s enough for now” she said. “What do you think?” she continued

“Amazing. I feel really horny now.” Ben replied.

“Good – me too – but we need to get back to work now” Lisa added. “Message me when you get back to your desk” she said and turned away to head back to her desk.

Ben walked back to his desk in shock. He’d just seen Lisa’s tit and it was unbelievable.

He unlocked his PC and went straight onto the messaging system. She was online

Ben: Hi

Lisa: Hey u

Ben: wow

Lisa: ha-ha – I know

Ben: Amazing. You are.

Lisa: have you turned into yoda? lol

Ben: ha-ha

Lisa: is that in the bank then?

Ben: God yes.

Lisa: Good. I like the idea of that.

Lisa: I like it a lot.

Ben: mmmmm how much?

Lisa: today is in my bank now too 😉

Ben: wow – really? You will… you know… about me?

Lisa: I do yes.

Ben: Wow. Listen… you know when I moved in closer and looked at you, it kind of felt like we should have kissed

Ben: do you know what I mean?

Lisa: I do. Why didn’t you then?

Ben: You want to?

Lisa: Maybe. Not now though.

Ben: ok

Lisa: I’m impressed btw

Ben: Impressed?

Lisa: Yeah, I thought you’d bottle it. Didn’t think you’d have the balls and I certainly didn’t think you’d pinch it.

Ben: ah sorry about that

Lisa: don’t be. I had to pull away because I can’t risk getting caught and I knew if you’d done more, id have wanted more and we’d have been in trouble.

Ben: more?

Lisa: yes you muppet. More. I want you.

Ben: wow. You know this is Ben don’t you? 😉

Lisa: Lol yes mwah x

Lisa: I got to get some work done, let’s carry this on soon. Ok?

Ben: ok, sure.

Ben: Thank you.

Lisa: what for?

Ben: making my day.

Lisa: loll, you daft sod. You’ve made my day too. Speak later x

Little did they know but both of their minds were in overtime, and they were both very horny. They were both thinking about how to start this off again, and where it could go to.

To be continued….

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