Ben , Pam Ch. 02

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Pam awoke early on Wednesday, the images of the dream drifting away from her consciousness, but the lingering effects leaving her panting and flushed. Her nipples were hard and sensitive, and her pussy moist. She stretched languorously, and remembered last Friday’s pleasuring from Ben. When the memory came flooding back, her pussy began to moisten further. She thought about how she awoke on Saturday morning, refreshed, and dry, and knew she would not be dry this morning. Pam sat up, and pulled her nightie over her head, and slipped it under her bottom and thighs. She knew how much her pussy leaked during the times she pleasured herself, and marveled that Ben had not let a drop reach the bed.

Pam pulled the covers back up, reveling in the feel of the sheets on her naked body. She slid her hands down her sides, over her tummy, and up to her breasts, then gently rolled her nipples between thumb and forefingers, sending waves of pleasure through her body. Her pussy cried out for attention, but she denied it, continuing to caress her breasts, and gently tease her nipples. She had plenty of time, and wanted to enjoy it almanbahis adres fully. Pam slid her hands down her tummy, to just above her thick tangle of pubic hair, and let them wander around her belly for a bit, before sliding them up to cup her breasts again. She slowly slid her hands over her breasts, fingers spread wide, letting each finger flick across her rock hard nipples. She wet the index finger of her left hand, and began to trace circles around the left nipple, while she wet her right index finger, and did the same for her right nipple.

Eventually, Pam could stand it no longer, and spreading her legs, reached down with one hand to open her folds wide, and lightly touched her swelling bud with the other. Pleasure coursed through her body, and she sighed with delight. Pam began to lightly stroke herself, keeping her touch as light as if a feather were caressing her. Ever so slowly her passion grew, as she rode higher, she would pause, letting her arousal drop slightly, before continuing to lightly stroke her swollen bud. Pam paused, just under her threshold, letting herself drop down, then almanbahis giriş one stroke to bring herself back up, then dropping down again. Pam held herself for over a minute, before relenting and giving herself several quick strokes, when her orgasm exploded through her. With her fingers inside her thighs and thumbs in her pubic hair, Pam felt her pussy clench and throb, squeezing her juices out onto the nightie she had placed under herself.

After several minutes, Pam began anew to stroke herself, even slower this time, drawing out her slow ascent, prolonging her pleasure for as long as possible, slowly raising her ardor until she was just under the edge of release. Pam lingered, just touching herself enough to hold her passion for nearly 5 minutes this time, then finally giving in, stroking her bud slowly and steadily, holding back as long as possible, until with a huge rush her second orgasm ripped through her in great satisfying pulses, gradually diminishing until all of the tension left her body. She finally looked over at the clock, and saw she still had plenty of time for a leisurely shower almanbahis yeni giriş before getting dressed for work.

Pam relished these long early morning sessions. When she was living with Bill, she had to wait until after he left for work, then rush through her pleasuring to still have enough time to shower before work. Now that she lived alone, she could take her time, and enjoy herself for as long as she wanted. Pam got up, and tossed her soaked nightie into the hamper, and padded naked into the bathroom to shower. She always enjoyed taking a shower after pleasuring herself, her skin tingled with post orgasmic energy, and the feel of the warm water and slippery bath gel drew out the sensual pleasure.

Pam never noticed, but she had a tendency to dress just slightly more provocatively on the mornings she woke up horny, but Ben did, the moment she entered the building and said good morning.

“Morning Pam,” followed by a whispered, “you had morning pleasure didn’t you?”

Pam felt a flush tinge her face a she stared at Ben, “How did you know?” she whispered back.

“You look just like you did Friday night, Pam, you are just glowing.”

“Don’t you dare say anything!” Pam admonished Ben.

“I won’t, as long as you agree to let me taste you again.” was Ben’s quiet reply.

“Saturday morning, ten o’clock?” Pam whispered back.

“I’ll be there.”

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