Beneath Your Skin

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It’s what seems like an ordinary day: two lovers sitting on the couch, close enough to share body heat without touching, doing the everyday act of watching television in their living room. But it’s not so ordinary because those lovers are the two of us, and it’s not just body heat we’re sharing, but something electric. And I know you feel it too, because a cursory glance in your direction causes me to catch a vein beating quite prominently in your throat. It puts me into a trance, engages my attention until I start to feel my clit throb in response to what’s going on beneath your skin.

Stealthy, I move to close the sliver of space between us and cup the side of your face in one hand, and with a feather light touch, press my lips there. Your eyes flutter closed, and you emit a soft moan. I repeat the caress – gently, gently – then again, as I watch that vein throb faster and faster with each subsequent kiss. As your sighs become louder, I lick my lips, part them, and press them to your throat again, applying more pressure to that gloriously beating vein. Then I slide my hand from your cheek down to your chest, so I can feel your heart pound against my palm in harmony with the vein that throbs against my lips.

“Baby…” Your voice is barely above a whisper as my lips continue to trail their way down your throat, each kiss a soft suction. Your heart thumps faster and faster against my hand, so hard that I can feel your chest move. After one more soft, sweet kiss, I take the tip of my tongue and run it along that vein, causing you to curse between your teeth, your heart to jump. Your head falls back against İstanbul Escort the couch, exposing your entire throat. Now I have full access…

My mouth descends like a vulture, exploring your neck, all its sinew, its tendons, the pulsing network of veins: my road map to your pleasure – turning your heart into a violent drum, causing you to grind your hips. With my lips still anchored to your hot skin, I slide my free hand into your shorts, carefully curling it around you where you’re smooth, hot, and hard.

Your exclamation of pleasure is a strangled moan. I can feel the veins slamming in your throat, your heartbeat shoving hard against my hand. You’re overcome: your body surrendering, going slack; your mouth falling open as you begin panting uncontrollably. Inside your shorts, I tighten my grip and slide my hand down to the base of your cock, then slowly back up to the tip. You’re so slick, every vein straining against your skin just the way they are in your throat. Your heart is a wild animal beneath my hand and I’m almost certain that it’d leap from your very body if my hand weren’t there.

I have to hear it.

After running my tongue along that vein one more time and pressing a delicate kiss to the base of your throat, I move my hand from your chest and yank up your shirt. Oh, but how your chest moves with every pounding beat of your heart, thrusting against your pectoral muscle, making your pebble-hard nipple vibrate. I become so fascinated with the sight that I’ve forgotten to keep stroking you until you beg me to continue.

I place my hand on your chest again, this Anadolu Yakası Escort time to gently push you down until you’re lying on the couch on your back. Then I lie down next to you, partially on top of you – all while keeping my tight hold on your cock. Finally – prolonging the moment just enough to enjoy the sweet anticipation – I put my head down on your chest…

The sound is an intense bass drum, a galloping horse, the beats tripping over one another. I continue to stroke you, trying to match the rhythm of your ferociously thudding heart. You’re getting close now; I can feel your cock filling up, pumping desperately as your body writhes and thrashes beneath me, your panting punctuated by long loud moans, your face and neck dewy with sweat. Your timpani heart is reaching a crescendo, my hand making slicking sounds as it smears your pre-cum up and down your cock. Your body stiffens; you’re so ready to cum…

Until I pinch the tip of your cock, stopping your orgasm in its tracks. You growl-scream in frustration, begging me to let you cum. Instead of complying, I bend my head to slide that tip into my wet and waiting mouth, sucking hard as I maintain my grip around the base of your shaft, holding you tight. Your body jolts beneath mine as though you’ve been electrocuted, and even though my ear has left your chest, I can swear I can still hear your heartbeat, imagining that it’s thrusting forth in your chest like a cartoon character’s.

I take you deeper into my mouth, hollowing out my cheeks to create a tight suction around your throbbing cock, taking as much of you in my Kartal Escort mouth as I can. Then I take my hand out of your shorts and slide it under your ass to draw you even deeper into my mouth. My other hand slides its way up your quaking stomach and back on your chest, back to your heart.

I begin sucking you faster and faster to the rhythm of your heart beneath my hand, my head bouncing up and down. I can feel you grow thicker and thicker in my mouth, feel your ass cheeks clenching. I suck faster and faster and faster and you’re begging me not to stop, your heart a battering ram. Body thrashing, head moving madly side to side…you tell me you can’t take any more, tell me I’m driving you crazy, that you’re gonna cum, you’re so close, so close…

And then I stop sucking you abruptly, pulling my mouth away from your cock. This time, your growl-scream is much more animalistic – almost feral. But before you can complain any further, I put my head back on your bare chest – your tortured heart kicking wildly against my ear – wrap my hand around your throbbing cock, pumping harder and faster from base to tip from base to tip as your heart gives a great skip and then races so hard it’s almost tachycardic and your hips start lifting off of the couch and you’re yelling that you’re gonna cum and you explode in my hand cumming all over your stomach as your heart goes BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM and I keep pumping and pumping and pumping until you’re empty.

As you lay on your back panting, unable to speak, I tuck your now-flaccid cock back into your shorts before reaching for the box of tissues on the end table next to the couch, using a couple to clean off your stomach. I bend over to kiss it before trailing my lips all the way back to your heart. Feeling your arm curl around me, I lay my head back onto your chest and rest my ear there, listening to the sweet sound of your heartbeat slow down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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