Bess Ch. 13

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Big Tits

She stood on the deck and let the late morning sun caress her body. The ocean breeze was light and brought freshness to the air. Her body felt alive to the feelings and still tingled after last night’s amazing love making. She was naked and had decided that she would remain that way for as long as she could. She liked the way she felt, free, open, and ready.

Scott came up behind her and put his arms around her. She reached behind her and pulled him close. She could feel his nakedness. Pushing her head back on his chest, she said, ” Great view.”

“It certain is,” he replied and he kissed her neck.

“I meant the beach,” she laughed.

Deidre leaned forward and waved to a young woman down on the beach. She waved back. It was Marie who was from Montreal and she was here on her honeymoon with her husband, Jean. Deidre and Scott met them yesterday.

“Hey, I feel you back there.” She moved her ass from side to side feeling Scott’s hardness grow between her cheeks. “Didn’t you get enough last night?” How could she tell him she didn’t either?

Deidre rose up on her toes and reached between her legs. As she gripped his erect cock, she gave a little shiver. It felt velvety yet firm. She rubbed it up and down her slit allowing her wetness to cover the tip and then positioned it at her opening. Scott gave push and he easily entered her.

“God, Dee,” he gasped. “You feel so fuckin’ good.”

Deidre sighed in agreement as he began to thrust in and out. “That’s it, baby. Keep doing it, nice and slow.”

This was so different than last night. Last night there was urgency, a desperate need between them. It was primal, animal-like. This time it was slow, deliberate, and relaxed. The feeling that she felt was warm and it radiated from her pussy outward. She knew that when she came it would be slow, deep, and one she could ride for a long time. She closed her eyes and let out soft, quiet moans as the feeling grew.

When the first orgasm swept over her, it was like a small rolling wave at the beach. It broke gently and caused her to let out a long moan of pleasure. Her pussy clenched around Scott’s cock and began to milk it.

Scott began to thrust faster causing a second orgasm for Deidre. “That’s it,” she moaned. “Keep it up. Right there. Oh yeah.” Her pussy tightened around his cock. To Scott it felt like his cock was encased in a velvet vise. “It feels too good, Dee,” Scott groaned. “Oh, babe!”

Deidre stood up causing his cock to slip from her. Quickly she dropped to her knees in front of him. She slipped the head between her lips and began to suck. Her tongue swirled around the sensitive underside. She could taste her own juices as she sucked harder. With one hand, she fondled his balls; rolling them between her fingers while her other hand found her clit and rubbed it.

“I’m going to cum!” Scott said between clenched teeth.

Deidre wrapped her hand around the shaft and stroked it hard. When he came, she felt his salty cum hit the back of throat. It caused her to cum, a nice, satisfying one as she swallowed all of his semen.

Deidre rocked back on her heels. She looked up at him and smiled. Scott reached down and lifted her up. They kissed and held each other, allowing their hands to roam over each, taking in that post-orgasm feeling.

There was knock on the door.

“Who the hell is that?” Scott snapped.

“I’ll go see,” Deidre said. She made no effort to grab any clothing as she padded to the door. She had decided she was going to be naked as long as she could today and no visitor was going to change her mind. Besides she was pretty sure who it was.

“Hi Marie,” Deidre said cheerfully as she opened the door.

Marie took a step back as she saw Deidre standing there naked. “Um, I’m sorry,” she stuttered. “I can come back if this a bad time.”

“Don’t be silly. Come in.” Deidre took Marie by the hand. “Scott, it’s almanbahis giriş Marie.”

Scott came into the room. He had put on a pair of shorts as he wasn’t that comfortable being naked in front of people especially young women they just met. “Hi,” he said.

Marie looked at Scott then Deidre and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see she interrupted something. “I better come back.”

“You’ll do no such thing.” Deidre said. “What do you want?”

“OK then. I wanted to know if you wanted to sunbathe together. Maybe talk and get to know each other better but if you have other plans…”

“No that sounds great. Just let me get some things.” Deidre walked off towards the bedroom. As she did, Marie watched her go. She smiled as she admired her ass. Deidre had a really nice body. No wonder she liked showing it off.

The two lounged on the beach, taking in the sun and breeze. It seemed natural that they should be naked even though they just met yesterday. Anyone strolling by would assume the two were good friends or sisters possibly mother and daughter. Deidre’s body showed off her full breasts and flaring hips. It was the body of a mature woman who had every right to be proud of it.

Marie had checked Deidre out and was very impressed with what she saw. She hoped that when she got older, she could pull it off like her new friend. Her own breasts were not as larger but the areolas were larger. Her nipples, when aroused, stood up like small erasers and were very sensitive. She carried a little more weight than she wanted but she wasn’t by any definition fat. No man ever complained. She kept her pussy completely shaved and had since she was 14. It seemed odd but she was proud of it and liked to show it off.

Marie liked showing off her entire body. When she was in high school, she would walk around her home with very little on especially when her older brother and friends were around. She loved the reaction and comments it caused. As she got older, she grew bolder. She wanted to try new things, experiment, be curious. Yesterday was just an example.

Her husband tried to go along with some of it but she knew it bothered him at times. She tried to curb some of her ideas but she felt she should do what she wanted too. Besides she never said no to making love to him. He also seemed to like it when she took control and dominated him.

She looked over at Deidre and smiled. “If I had her body,” she thought, “What possibilities.”

They sipped some wine coolers and talked. Just like being naked together, the conversation was easy and relaxed.

“I hope you are not embarrassed,” Marie said, “but you have a fantastic body. It is so natural, so real.”

Deidre was embarrassed. She didn’t show off her body because she wanted to impress anyone. She was just comfortable with it and it made her feel good. “Thank you.”

“No. I really mean it. Your husband is a very lucky man,” Marie swung her legs around so she was facing Deidre.

“I’m a very lucky woman to have Scott. I couldn’t ask for someone better.”

“What I saw of him yesterday, I think I understand.” Marie was very impressed with what she saw of Scott’s cock. It appeared bigger than her husband’s but was it? “So he is a good lover?”

Even though the question caught Deidre off guard, she answered it quickly. “Scott is the love of my life. In all ways, I couldn’t ask for anyone better. He is the answer to all my needs. All my needs.”

Feeling a little bolder, Marie leaned closer. “Your breasts look great. May I touch them?”

Deidre sat up and moved the edge of the lounge. Their legs were now between each others. She lifted her arms up behind her head. “Go ahead, if you want to.”

Marie cupped each one in her hands. They felt full, firm yet soft somehow. “Wow! They seem so nice.” She jiggled them and laughed. “Not like mine.” She moved her hands to her almanbahis yeni giriş breasts and tried to jiggle them.

“Don’t sell yourself short, Marie. They are perky.” Both women laughed.

“Are your nipples sensitive?” Marie asked. “Sometime I can bring myself off just by playing with them.” She leaned forward and placed her hands on Deidre’s breasts. As she did she lightly grazed her nipples with her thumbs.

A small electric feeling went from them straight to Deidre’s pussy. She gave off a short gasp. “Where did that come from?” she thought.

Marie noticed it too. She gently rolled each nipple between her thumb and finger. Each one grew erect as she continued. “From your reaction, I take that as yes.”

Again she brought her hands back to her own breasts. Deidre watched as the young girl pinched and rolled her nipples. Quickly they grew hard and erect, standing out further than Deidre’s. With each tug, Marie wiggled her bottom. “See, real sensitive.”

She reached out and taking Deidre’s hands placed them on the breasts. Deidre instinctly began to massage them. “Oh, that feels so good,” Marie sighed.

She was right, Deidre thought, it did feel good. She moved her fingers to the nipples and rolled them between her fingers. She could feel her own nipples grow hard and her pussy damp.

“Have you ever been with another woman?” Marie asked softly.

“Yes, once,” Deidre answered.

“What was it like?”

“It was nice, different. No, actually it was wonderful.”

Suddenly Marie leaned forward and kissed Deidre’s nipple. The sudden movement caught her by surprise and she gasped. Marie placed her lips around it and began to suck. The sensation went straight to Deidre’s pussy causing it to tighten and Deidre to let out a long moan.

Marie’s hand massaged that breast while with the other she twisted and pulled on the other nipple. Deidre slid forward and pressed her pussy against Marie’s leg. Slowly she moved back and forth, rubbing her pussy on it. The feelings she was experiencing were delicious. Her breaths came shorter.

For the first time being with a woman, Marie certainly knew what to do. She used her tongue and mouth in ways to send continuous spasms through Deidre’s body. She moved her hands from Deidre’s breasts moving them around her and slowly gliding down to her ass. She slid them under her lifting and spreading Dee’s cheeks until Deidre ended up astride her leg.

Deidre was awash with feelings. She pressed her pussy hard against Marie all while riding her leg. The young girl had spread her ass cheeks making her feel wide open. Deidre placed her hands behind Marie’s head urging her to take more of her breast. “Oh, oh,yes,” she softly moaned.

She had closed her eyes and blocked out everything but the intense feeling that was growing inside her. Her body tingled with excitement awaiting release. Suddenly Marie removed her mouth from Deidre’s nipple and eased her off her leg.

Confused, Deidre pleaded, “Don’t stop. Why did you stop?”

“Listen,” Marie whispered.

They could hear the sound of footsteps coming down the wooden steps and a man whistling. They quickly untangled themselves as he came into view. It was Scott.

“Hi, ladies,” He gave Deidre a quizzical look. “Is everything alright?” He couldn’t miss that both seemed to be a little short of breath and flushed. He also noticed how erect Deidre’s nipples were. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing,” they both quickly replied.


“Yes, Scott,” Marie answered. “It is just hotter out here than we thought. Also too many wine coolers. Right, Deidre.”

“Yes. Yes that’s right.”

“Deidre and I were just saying that we should go out tonight. Dinner and dancing. What do you say?”

Scott looked at Deidre. He felt there was more to this than the heat. “Sure,” he said. “Sounds like fun.”

Deidre almanbahis adres stood up. Quickly she said, “Good. Any place in mind?”

“Yes. Jean and I found a great place last night. We’ll pick you up.” Marie stood up. “Look I better check on my husband. He drank a little too much last night.” Before she left, she gave Deidre a light kiss and slid her hand along her arm. “Until tonight.”

Deidre picked up her stuff. “Come, let’s go up. I need a shower.”

Scott grabbed her arm and spun her towards him. “What’s going on between you two?”

“Nothing,” Deidre said moving away. “Let’s go.”

Scott followed her up the stairs. He watched the gentle swaying of her ass and though to himself, “God, you are one lucky guy.”

Upon entering the house, he quickly removed his shorts and headed for the master bedroom where a large shower awaited. He found Deidre sitting on the bed. “Aren’t we taking a shower?”

“Scott, we need to talk.”

“OK.” He walked over and sat next to her.

“I need to tell you something. Promise you won’t say anything until I’m finished. Promise.”

He could tell by her voice and her look that this was serious. “I promise.”

She held both his hands and began. “It happened when I went to visit Bess in Chicago. I met her friend Nancy then. We hit it off real well and when Bess went off to work, the two of us went back to Nancy’s place. We had a number of drinks and…” She paused.

“Go on,” Scott said. All kinds of thoughts were racing through his head.

“She seduced me. No, I let her. I let her do me. Then I did her.”

“You two… you made love together?”

“Yes, we did. I never told you because I cheated behind your back. I couldn’t tell you because I was afraid you might be angry. That I might lose you because I cheated.” She stated to cry. “I love you so much that I couldn’t bear losing you because of my stupidity.”

Scott pulled her close and hugged her. She buried her face into his chest and he could feel her warm tears on it. What should he say?

“You aren’t going to lose me that easily. Let’s just say I’m surprised that you did that. I never thought in a million years you be telling me this story. On one hand, the guy in me likes the idea of his hot wife with a woman. On the other hand, I’m am pretty angry at you.”

Deidre lifted her head and look at him. “You are? Because I cheated on you?”

“Yes I’m angry,” Deidre could tell by his tone of voice he was upset. “And a little hurt. I’m not mad that you were with a woman. I guess you think you cheated on our marriage but I don’t think so. You experimented, that’s all. I’m mad because you were afraid to tell me. Afraid I might leave you? Am I that shallow?”

“No, no,” she said shaking her head.

“One serious question though. Did you do it because of me? Am I not giving you something you need?”

“Oh God, no!” Deidre hugged Scott as hard as she could. “You give me everything I need. You are here for me all the time. When we are together I can’t get enough of you. The mere touch of hand makes me feel good. When we are apart, I miss you terribly. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I tried to say no to Nancy because I didn’t want to cheat on you. But I did. Then I didn’t know how to tell you. I’m sorry.”

“Remember when you thought you lost your engagement ring? And you thought I’d be so mad so you didn’t tell me about until I asked? What did we agree to do?”

“Not to keep secrets from each other.”

“Right. We found the ring together. You should have told me when you got back.

“So you forgive me?’

“Nothing to forgive except you needed to tell me things. My first marriage went bad because of secrets. Not letting that happen to us. OK?”


Hey, wait a minute!” He fell back on the bed. “When I came down to the beach today, you and Marie. You and her were…Wow!”

Deidre fell back so she lay across his chest. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” she reached down and lightly touched his rapidly hardening cock. She pushed herself off the bed.

“Maybe. You never know,” she said with devilish grin. “Last one in the shower is a rotten egg!”

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