Best. Beach. Day. Ever!

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Lupine awoke from a sleep peppered with sexy dreams. A number of naked men had visited her overnight, but only in her imagination. It left her feeling both unsatisfied and frisky. She looked out the window and could tell it was going to be a particularly beautiful day. It was early autumn, a time when the tourists in her small lakeside town had returned to their homes downstate, but the temperature was still perfect for outdoor fun. This was the time when locals could get out and really enjoy the area, free from the loud crowds. So she decided to text some of her friends to see if anyone wanted to head out to the beach.

“Hey guys—anyone up for some swimming today?” Lupine wrote in a mass text to some of her besties.

“Argh no gotta work sry!” one wrote back.

“Me too :(“

Several others continued on in this same vein, with no one accepting the invite. Lupine decided she would just go alone. Some of her best times were had alone. She loved to go on solo adventures. Lupine had been on multi-day biking, hiking, and even kayaking adventures alone, so just a trip to the beach was no big deal. Actually, Lupine was starting to think she would prefer it, because if she was alone, she would be free to do things that might get a bit awkward if her friends were there…

Lupine gathered up her supplies and set off on her bike to the lake. She was lucky to live so close to the beach. In ten minutes, she was there. It was a large, popular beach, but there were only a few cars in the parking lot today. It was late in the season, plus it was a work day for most people. Still, Lupine was looking for a completely isolated experience, so she walked down the beach for about half a mile until she got to a place she was sure no one would disturb her. This was her favorite spot. There were some high rocky cliffs here that formed small cave-like outcroppings at the base. This created perfect little hidden coves to set up a blanket on the sand, and still be only fifty feet or so from the water. Lupine chose a spot that gave her full view of the beach, but someone walking by wouldn’t necessarily notice her there unless they were really looking. It was perfect.

Lupine spread out her beach blanket and sat upon it, surveying her surroundings. No one in sight. It was obvious what she would do next. She giggled a little as she took off all her clothes and ran into the water. There was nothing better than this. No clammy bathing suit between her and the glorious fresh water. Lupine had recently lost 50 pounds, and while her body wasn’t “perfect” by any means, for a 39-year-old woman, she was pretty proud of it. Feeling good in her own skin had the added effect of making her extra horny. Unfortunately, she hadn’t met any men in her small town that interested her lately, and she had to take care of her needs on her own. Frequently.

As Lupine splashed around, she started rubbing herself all over. Her breasts were large and perky in the cool water, and her pussy was starting to feel warm despite the temperature. After about ten minutes, she couldn’t stand it anymore, and she ran out of the water and back to her blanket oasis. Lupine rummaged through her bag and grabbed her secret tool. It was a large zucchini, nine inches long and two inches thick. She had picked it from her garden that morning. Anyone who grows zucchini knows that it’s prolific. That could be a source of annoyance for many gardeners who couldn’t find ways to use all that zucchini. Somehow Lupine had never had any difficulty finding ways to use it!

Lupine grasped the zucchini in her hand and put her mouth over it. She moved up and down on the vegetable a few times, pretending it was something else. Then she positioned it at the entrance to her hot, wet pussy. Slowly, she pushed the zucchini inside of her. She moved it in and out with her right hand, and with her left hand, massaged her clitoris. Lupine moaned. This was almost as good as real sex. Almost. She was quickly becoming flushed esc şişli and felt sure she would climax within minutes.

Suddenly, Lupine heard something. She froze and peeked over the top of her hidden spot. Out by the beach, she saw a well-built thirty-something man jogging toward her. With his dark hair and heavy brows, he looked a little like Oscar Isaac. Except taller and perhaps even more handsome. He was naked except for a pair of short shorts. The man looked like he was having a little difficulty, as she saw him grimacing. In shock, she watched as he suddenly stopped not thirty feet from her, whipped out his penis, and started stroking it. It was hard as a rock and about the same size as her zucchini. But it looked so much better than a zucchini. The man rubbed furiously at his member, and within about a minute, he moaned loudly as a thick rope of cum came spurting out of him onto the rock-face in front of him. Then another. And another. By the time he was finished, the man had squirted ten times. He must have really needed that. Finally satisfied, the man sighed and leaned against the cliff, collecting himself.

Lupine had been watching this show with a mixture of amazement and pure lust. How lucky was she to get such a performance, just for her? But she felt a little guilty knowing that this man had not consented to her watching. So she called out to him.

“Hey! Um—hi! Yes, I’m over here!” Lupine stood up and displayed her naked body to the man. He gave a start, quickly covered himself and stared wide-eyed at this voluptuous, sexy woman, who was not only completely nude, but also holding a zucchini.

“Hi—this is a little awkward, but you came upon my spot so suddenly, I didn’t know how to warn you that you had an audience. I hope you don’t mind too much that I saw all that. I have to say I really enjoyed it. I was actually in the middle of doing the same when you got here.” She nodded toward the zucchini in her hand and wiggled it a little. “Now just to make things fair, I think it’s only right that you get to watch me. What do you think?”

The man, still gaping at her, slowly nodded. Lupine lay down on her blanket again as the man walked closer. He watched as she penetrated herself with the large zucchini. Lupine moaned and rubbed her clit as she thrust the vegetable deep inside. She was already pretty worked up before she started, so it really only took a few strokes before she cried out in ecstasy. As Lupine lay there panting a little, she looked up at the man. He was now fully erect again and gazing in amazement at this beautiful sight before him.

“Oh my, well, I guess you enjoyed that performance! Actually, it seems like you might need a little something more now. Would you like to fuck me?” Lupine asked. The man vigorously nodded. “But first, I really need to put my mouth on that delicious cock of yours. Would that be OK?” To this, the man nodded even more eagerly. Lupine pulled down his shorts and his cock sprung to attention. She sat up and wrapped her mouth around the head. The man moaned. She expertly moved her mouth up and down his thick rod, and it quickly became harder than she had ever personally experienced. This man is super virile, she thought with satisfaction. With only a couple minutes of loving attention, the man suddenly started breathing extra-heavy, and his hard cock looked like it was about to burst. Indeed it was. The man groaned something unintelligible, grabbed Lupine’s hair, and came explosively in her mouth. Just like before, it was a long orgasm, with multiple spasms causing hot jizz to fill her mouth and spill out the sides. Lupine gamely swallowed it all and looked up smiling at the man, who still had his eyes closed and was trying to catch his breath. Finally his breathing slowed and he looked down at Lupine. He smiled and awkwardly said, “Um… thank you?”

Lupine laughed. “No problem. It was my pleasure. My name’s Lupine. Yes, my mom’s a big gardener and loves flowers. şişli esc What’s your name?”

The man laughed. “It’s a great name. I’m Alder.”

Lupine giggled. “Wow, we both have plant names! Of course, yours is a tree, and I must say it’s only fitting when it comes to your, um, stature.” Lupine stared pointedly at his lengthy cock. “Just so you know, I usually get to know someone’s name before they see me naked, but I don’t really mind that it’s worked out this way. Please, sit down, relax, and have a beer.” Alder sat down on the blanket next to her and gratefully accepted the local craft brew that Lupine offered him. As he cracked open his beer, Alder took a swig, lay back, and with a wiggle of his eyebrows, asked, “So… come here often?”

Lupine laughed again. This man had said only ten words to her, but she could tell she was going to like him. It didn’t hurt that his perfect penis was laying right there for her to admire at her leisure. “Yes, actually,” she said. “This is kind of my secret spot. Not so secret anymore, I guess! I grew up here, so I know all the good spots. But tell me about you. I haven’t seen you around. Do you live here?”

Alder grinned. “Actually, I just moved here. I came up from Kalamazoo this summer because I had heard so much about this place. I just planned on a short visit, but it turned out to be so great, I couldn’t leave. So I went back home, gave up my rental house and bought a van. I fixed it up so I could live in it. Then I drove it up here, and I’ve been parking it on my friend’s property. I’m a freelance writer, so I can pretty much live anywhere my cell phone gets a signal,” he said.

“That’s most places around here, but certainly not all!” laughed Lupine. “I’ve been on many hikes where I didn’t get a signal for ten miles. When you finally emerge back into civilization, it feels odd, like you’re so close to complete wilderness here, but never too far from the world of people either.”

“I like that about this place. It’s wild, but not to the point where you’re going to end up like Christopher McCandless , dead of starvation in a broken down bus in the Alaskan wilderness!” Alder chuckled.

“‘Into the Wild!’ I love that book! The movie, too. Have you seen it?” breathed Lupine. “Of course; it’s a great movie,” said Alder. “The soundtrack is great too. Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam did it; I never really got into Pearl Jam, but I love what he did in this instance.”

Lupine shook her head in disbelief. “I feel the same way! I was actually just saying that to some friends last week.”

“Well, I guess we know that you also have good taste!” laughed Alder, as he gave Lupine a smoldering look. Lupine couldn’t resist his charm and reached out to stroke the side of his face. They looked at each other, and Alder leaned in closer. He held her by the shoulders, and in a sudden move, kissed her quickly on the lips. Dazed, they looked at each other, open-mouthed in awe. Then, more slowly, they came together again and kissed longer. Much longer. Their tongues and lips explored each other’s faces, giving little pecks on places like eyelids and tips of noses, but always returning to and lingering on each other’s soft mouths.

“God, you’re amazing. It’s crazy, but I feel like I’ve known you for months,” Alder murmured. “Also, your breasts are amazing,” as he looked down at her erect nipples and gave them each a little lick. Lupine moaned in delight. Alder looked her up and down. “In fact, your whole body is pretty amazing. Is it OK if I touch you here?” Alder motioned toward her dripping pussy. Lupine nodded, and he took his finger and ran it through her wet slit. Lupine’s whole body jerked.

“Hmm, you like that… how about if I do this?” Alder moved his head down, and Lupine shivered with anticipation. He slowly ran his tongue over her mound. Very carefully, he let his tongue probe deeper until he found her swollen clitoris. With Lupine’s state of excitement, it wasn’t hard to find. şişli bayan escort He began to lick more rapidly at her hot little button. Not so little, really, and seemingly getting even bigger, he thought to himself. Lupine began to shake all over. Alder had to hold her by the thighs to keep her from bucking him off, but he persisted. A few more quick movements of his tongue, and Lupine was lost in the moment. She practically shouted his name as she came hard all over his face. Lupine was seemingly unconscious for a few moments, but a few deep breaths later she pleaded to him, “Alder, please fuck me now.”

Alder was only too happy to comply. By now his cock was ready to go for the third time in less than an hour. That was definitely a record for him. He positioned his hard member against her thigh. Lupine arched her back, grabbed his dick, and placed the head inside the entrance to her pussy. Alder didn’t need any more invitation. He slowly gave her the length of him, letting her savor every sensation. Lupine cried out in joy. Alder steadily ramped up his rhythm, getting faster and faster, until he was just pounding away at that pussy.

Then he slowed down and stopped, and Lupine gazed at him in confusion. Alder grabbed her by the hips, stood up, and positioned her on top of a smooth rock, large enough for Lupine to lean back without strain. He grabbed the blanket and positioned it around her so that she would be comfortable. Alder did all this without removing his cock from inside her. Now, from this angle, Alder was able to penetrate Lupine even more deeply. He was also able to thrust upwards, making his penis rub against the sensitive front wall of her vagina—her g-spot. Lupine began to lose it. With every thrust, she moaned more loudly, until finally, she started going into convulsions. Her pussy throbbed intensely around his cock. Alder knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer, but he wanted to let Lupine enjoy her orgasm to the fullest, with his cock pumping inside her. Finally her body relaxed, and Alder pulled out—and none too soon. He quickly came in heavy spurts all over her torso. It’s hard to believe he could still produce that much cum after two orgasms, but he sure did. It just seemed to keep coming, and Alder moaned loudly in satisfaction at the release. Completely spent, they rolled over onto the sand in each other’s arms.

Panting a little, Lupine said, “Well! This has been a pretty good day so far! But what I’m wondering is, why were you running down the beach with such a huge hard-on?” Alder laughed. “Actually, I just came back from a week-long meditation retreat. My friends told me it would help me clear my mind and get some perspective on my new life up here. I was skeptical, but agreed to go. The problem was, it turns out the gurus there are very strict about “sins of flesh.” If you masturbate, it separates you from the holiness within us all, or some crap like that. That place was filled with their weird puritanical attitude, and I didn’t even want to jack off. But since I normally have to cum every couple days to feel normal, the urge was building up in me, even though it was subconscious. It was a really lame week. I left today and drove straight here. When I got to the beach, I saw women in bikinis, and that was it. Instant erection! So I ran down this way to take care of it.” Alder found his discarded beer and took another swig. Then he asked, “But what I want to know is, how did you know you could trust me?”

Lupine gave him a serious look. “I didn’t. But I’ve found that most people are mainly good. I’ve been in some iffy situations, and the basic decency of people has always humbled me when I thought I was in trouble. And if you were some pervert, I think you would have sought out a woman to secretly spy on while you masturbated, instead of accidentally being spied on by me!”

Laughing again, Alder said, “Well, that’s true enough.”

“I think I’m about ready for another swim,” Lupine said, as she gazed over their messy, sweaty, cum-stained bodies.

“You’re right again,” said Alder, as he stood up and pulled Lupine to her feet. They both ran into the water, still naked, splashing each other, not really caring anymore if anyone saw them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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