Best Birthday Present to Office Col

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Hi, I am anil again from new delhi, with new story of mine with a girl named Rani.

She is working my office and she from other city. She lives in there alone and working as Executive in my company. I always stare her boobs, butt when she comes to me to goes away from me.

She is having her birthday on 22 Feb. On that day, She had dressed for the occasion. She was wearing a red saree with a sleeveless blouse that had a halter neck that showed off her shapely arms. Red lipstick, red nailpolish and red bangles on her wrists. She also used perfume looks like she opened a brand new pack of perfume and after dabbing it on the neck, under arms. It had a new fragrance, very feminine and captivating. And also having shawl to keep herself warm from weather.

“She is looking just like the ‘Lady in Red’ as goes the song but there is really no need to dress up so much” . She looks to sexy in her dress and I cock start changing its position in my pants.

That day, our office is having half day. I ask her, Rani, it is your birthday today, Should you accompany me for rest of the day because I want to celebrate her birthday. She first hesitates and then agrees to my proposal. This is my first victory over her. And I have a special plan to seduce her on her birthday.

I ask her, first we go to movie and after that we should go to her house for dinner. If she wants to treat me, for that you have to cook food by your hand and all other arrangement from for my side.

I sent peon of my office to bring two balcony tickets of near by cinema for 03:00 to 06:00 PM show. The name of the film is Jism and it is quite hot to watch. We got tickets easily because due to world cup cinema’s are almost empty.

After leaving from office, we reach at the cinema before half hour and we see there in only 100-200 people are there. People are staring at Rani and may be feel jealous of me, because I accompany her.

Most of the time while we are roaming around cinema I try to touch her hand, buttock and her body. She also not try to stop me. I took her hand in my hand kissed once on her hand.

At 02:45PM we enters the cinema and took our seats in reserved seats. The half is almost empty and the people who are there to watch movie are on front seats. And around us only 10-20 people are seating but away from us.

When movie starts, the hall was totally dark, I start taking advantage by touching her hand and shoulder & seeing no protest or reaction from her, I then slowly & very deliberately, with more pressure, begin to gently squeeze her thighs. After a few minutes, She moved somewhat & removed my hand – I try to move my hand slowly by lift up her shawl from the side of her waist – all this with the full confidence that She was not going to protest now. She was stunned by my boldness, but was still nervous & did not protest. She felt my hand slowly & nervously move under her shawl & touch her arm — and after a few moments to gently caress it ( She was wearing a sleeveless blouse).

I then moved my hand further inside and much to my amazement, rested it lightly over her blouse on her breast… in spite of being shocked, She just could not stop / protest my actions and was very nervous but in a way strangely enough quite curious to see to what extent I would try to go. Seeing her not protesting, I shifted closer to her and began to gently caress her breast… & seeing no protest from me then removed my hand to slowly slide it under her saree paloo & rest my hand firmly on my blouse over her breast. I now was slowly & firmly caressing her breast & then gently started to squeeze it… after a while, I proceed my hand further to her other breast and continued to gently caress & squeeze it also.

This continued for a few more minutes – — She still not showing any protest, though fully aware it was just I & She now. & – suddenly I felt She would not mind if I tried to continue further. As if reading her thoughts, I then inched my hand under her bra to try & reach & graze her nipple, which was already becoming erect in anticipation of my advances.

I moved a little closer to her and now very slowly but confidently now was cupping her breast to assess it size, firmness etc & now moving my hand under her bra (under her shawl, under her paloo, under her blouse & under her bra too) – She continued to pretend being seeing movie & I was taking full advantage of the situation. I managed to get my hand totally into her bra to gently touch & then try & pinch her nipple and then try & push my full hand into my bra & totally onto my breast. She was surprised at herself to allow this, but frankly was now enjoying every moment of this. I then tried to gently tug her breast out of the bra & finding it tight then moved my hand onto her shoulder to now push the bra strap off her shoulder thereby bursa eskort making her bra looser & was now successfully able to pull her breast out of her bra — this was really too much – & that too in a public place like theater, had touched & squeezed her breasts and now had managed to open her blouse completely, and her bra too, to now touch & squeeze her breasts – skin to skin!! My hand felt wonderful on her bosom and I now was getting very confident & bold in my attempts. Her shawl was in disarray & I pulled it down and pushed her paloo to a side – to now totally expose one of her breasts – I continued to cup & squeeze it and pinch her erect nipple. I also would have realized that after all this She is also enjoying the act of mine & co-operated with my – by not resisting, though I was still cautious in my movements. I leant forward to now bend & try kiss her breasts — this was really fantastic.

By her heavy breathing now I probably realized She was aware of my advances & confidently placed my lips on her eager nipples to slowly suck on them. She was unable to protest or resist & let me continue, but now enjoying my mouth on her breast, slowly & gently sucking on her nipple. This continued for a few more minutes & then with my other hand gently pulled her a little bit forward like a semi-embrace & I quickly slipped one hand behind onto her back & below her blouse, and in a swift motion unclasped her bra & pulled it up totally to release her other breast also. This was much more than She had ever imagined this would proceed to & now in the darkness of the Cinema, we were two colleagues involved a really strange encounter. My head was on her bosom & sucking on her breasts, & nibbling on her nipples – alternating between them and then I dropped my hand to the floor & I slipped it & moved my hand under her saree & begin to pull it up — She was beyond caring then & did not protest, still pretending busy in watching movie – I slowly pulled her sari up to her thighs and begin to caress them & then beginning to knead & squeeze them – I tried to pry open her legs & She voluntarily slowly spread open her legs for me and I pushed my hand in between her thighs. The Theater was in darkness & no one else was aware of this erotic act between two colleagues. I knew she will not resist now & was sensuously caressing her inner thighs & moving my hand further up to rub on her panties. She shifted a little on her seat so that I could touch her better. She was already really very aroused by then.

I then got hold of her hand & placed it on the front of my trouser – I had already opened my zip / fly & taken out my erect cock & placed her hand right on it — it was large really rock hard, hot & throbbing in her palm & She loved the feel of it and also begin to caress it slowly & move her hand up & down, enjoying it’s size & hardness. She was really turned on then – still no words were spoken. My head was on her bosom and I was now strongly sucking on her breasts & rolling my tongue over her nipples and simultaneously pulled her saree up to the maximum possible on her upper thighs & rubbing on her inner thighs & panty- I begin to try & pull her panty off – She also desperately wanted this & without saying anything moved up & wriggled a bit and hiked her saree up to her waist & pulled her panties off & dropped it on the floor of the theater.

The theater seat felt cold against her buttocks. She spread her legs open and I now begin to rub her vagina directly & insert a finger into feel her moistness & with my thumb slowly rub on her clitoris too —- She was really turned on by all this. This was really beautiful & she enjoyed it – she was already extremely turned on by then — with my mouth on her breast, my hand fingering & caressing her cunt & she holding my cock & very soon, she had a shuddering orgasm. She then very gently pushed her head downwards towards my erection & she then too slowly kissed my cock and then slowly masturbated me till I ejaculated my warm semen onto her hand.

Still no words were spoken & She rearranged her clothes & pulled my shawl up because films comes to its interval but we have not seen a part of him. After the interval.

We started again & this time I was more relaxed, & confident with no nervousness. I started squeezing her breasts very sensuously and gently opening her blouse & bra again bent down & begin to kiss her breasts again & we started off on our erotic games again. Now I hugged her too very tightly and kissed her full on her lips, pushing my tongue deep in, and caressing her back etc.

It was really amazing. I pulled her saree up to her waist again & started my delightful act of rubbing her vagina & inserting my finger deep in. Much to her surprise I then moved my hand onto her shoulder slowly begin to slide her blouse off from her right bursa escort bayan shoulder – She wondered why, but as it was totally dark, She did not object and then I went one step further and slid her blouse off from her other shoulder and removed her blouse totally off & also her bra & She was now absolutely topless (except for her gold chain necklace) — her shawl was on the floor, her panties were on the floor & now her blouse & bra too – very excited I tightly hugged & kissed her on her lips& caressed her naked back and squeezing her fully naked breasts.

Her saree was in any case up to her waist & She felt She was practically naked now — next to her colleague and having torrid & exciting sex with him. The passion we both were generating was fantastic… I was now aggressively sucking on her breasts & nibbling / biting her nipples, kissing her neck, cheeks, ears, shoulders etc I was very passionate & so was she… My cock was out too & She bend down to rub her naked breasts on it and then to nuzzle it with her lips, cheeks, etc and rub it on her face, neck & then to kiss & slowly lick & suck on it still I ejaculated totally on her face & with her hand rubbed my warm semen all over her cheeks &, lips,. It was really fantastic… We ended our session of fun at movies because movie is also going to end. I ask Rani to put her clothes and wrap her shawl around her. After this incident, we came out of theater and move towards Rani’s house and I ask her to prepare dinner and get ready for party and I will coming to her house at 09:30 PM and stays there full night because next day is Sunday.

After dropping Rani to her house. I proceed to market to buy a silk saree, Dark Blown in color and also bought cake for her birthday and reached there at 09:30 PM.

I saw she is just have her bath and wearing green color saree, blouse and peticoat. Her bra is clearly visible through her blouse, which get wet due to wet hairs of her.

After entering her house, I closed the door, she said dinner is ready. I said I bought a cake and gift for her on her birthday and you have to wear this saree with high heels and good makeup and I will prepare the things for cutting the cake.

She went into her bedroom and start changing her cloth. Meanwhile, I put the cake on the center table and also lit the candles on the cake. After 15 minutes, she came out of her bedroom and she goods like goddess of sex. She wore her saree below her naval. She also wore blouse which is too tight and exposing her boobs more and more.

I ask her to come and cut the cake. She came towards table where the cake is kept by me. She blow the candles and cut the cake and then I her stop from a while, I will like you to eat cake from myself. I took one piece of cake put it into my mouth and headed towards her. I start kissing her passionately and put the cake into her mouth with help of my tough. I also like her to do the same. She also put the cake in her mouth but she unable to force it into my mouth and I ask her I will take this cake myself and again start kissing her and eat all cake within 5-6 minutes of missing. I intentionally pushed her and she balance and she falls on table and her naval and blouse is full of cake.

I ask her to stand and will clean her. After that I took my tough outside and kneel down and now my tough is on her naval and I start eating the cake and also kissing her naval. She start moaning and press my head with her hands towards her naval and I slowly proceeded towards her blouse and also start eating cake. After eating cake, I start sucking her nipples from her blouse and her bra. Her nipples starts erecting and I sucking one nipples and pressing other, this will continue for another 20-30 minutes, in this process of eating and sucking, I do not know how many times Rani become wet. But after 30 minutes when I stop sucking and pick her saree up, I saw there are lot of wet surface on floor and her panty is fully wet.

After She said she wants to re-warm the food. And proceed towards kitchen and light the gas and put utensils on gas to warm the food. I followed her into kitchen, and kneel down on her back and pick her saree and peticoat up and spreads her legs and sit under her legs. Now I start inserting one finger into her cunt and one finger into her ass whole. After 10 minutes of fingering her, she cum 3 times. After this, insert tongue on mine into her cunt and start sucking it more passionately, she making sounds like ohhh…………….oh……… faster…………… anil suckkkkkks…… me faster and her legs starts shivering and she in unable to stand and she took almost fell on the floor. But I stop her from falling on floor. And took her in arms and start passionately kissing her lips and I inserted one hand of mine into her blouse and tear it and ask to bend on görükle escort slab of kitchen and pulled her saree on her hip and almost tear her panty and again start sucking and fingering her. She said anil suck and lick all my body.

Anil – ok sweetie (I licked all over her inner soft milky thighs and naval base of her pussy also)

Rani – do it faaast aaaaaaahhhhhhh

Anil – just sit on cot and spread ur leg widely dear. I am not getting good access into ur cunt darling.

Rani – ok but do not make it slow I am getting mad dearr. (She sat on edge of the cot and lifts her leg slightly after wide apart it.)

Anil – oooohhh dearr sweeeeeeeteeee what a good show?????

Rani – Do not make delay to chew my cunt as well as my all-secret area dear. All for u only.

Anil – oooohhhhhhhhhhhhh no words dear (I pressed my lips and whole face on her pussy started to rub with my lips with full force)

Rani – aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh oooooooohhhhhhhhh put your tongue into my cunt dear in deeply aaaahhh shake itttttttttt aaaaahhhhhh bite it dear take it all aahhh.

Anil – oooooohhhh dear good smell. Just give me some piss to drink I am very thirsty dear. I want to have it directly from ur pussy my dear darling (I am made my action very fast and in force). Let me kiss your piss whole and allow me to drink your piss.

I start sucking Rani’s piss whole wildly and she forcefully pissed onto my mouth and I get all wet with her piss. Now Rani getting more thirsty for cock.

Rani – aaaaaaahhhhh put ur cock into my cunt darlingggggg I can not wait for anything. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh

Anil – no. Darling it is dangerous

Rani – no it is my safe period do it plsssssssssssssss aahhhhhh do not argue I can not tolerate haaaaaauuuuuuuu oh godddddd

Anil – ok dear just wait for few seconds (I took the condom and put on my cock very fast and ready for anything)

Rani – do not wait dear (she was rubbing her pussy very fast. Her eyes were totally closed and she were not bother about all nonsense what I was doing)

Anil – just remove ur hand from your cunt dear.

Rani – ok sweet do it fast aaaaaahhhhhhh ahhhhh ooohhhhhh speeeed ahhhhh fast catch me dear I am dying aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh ooooooooooh god help. Oooooohhh aaaahhhhhh break my cunt with your sweet cock dear aaaaahhhh yeeeeeeess. Hauuuuuoooooo enough dear stop whenever u are ok. Ooohhh dear u are great I am very lucky girl. No doubt (she given lot of kiss all over my body with joy) oh dear u are great.

Rani and I was totally tired and we took rest for 20 minutes without eating and washing anything and I slept on kitchen floor onto her body. My cock was in between her inner thighs and face was on her beautiful neck.

After having dinner, I ask her to her get ready for one more nice fuck in the night that too in her bedroom. She took her bath and rearrange her clothes and makeup and to her bedroom where I am waiting for her. She came near to me and stand there.

I put my hand on her shoulders and pulled her to me. Her body was shaking and in this process her boobs were slowly rubbing my hand! My Lund became hard and I had a hard time hiding it as it is full 7 inches long and very thick as most of my lady friends tell me. A tent started to be formed in my pants again, I was wearing. I pulled her to me more so that her attention does not move there. As if she was waiting for her and started talking and hugging me more and more. She slowly slid down to my lap and laid down right on my lund/lap. I was feeling her hot breath on my crouch! and my lund was growing in size to its full potential.

I was now sure that I again fuck her. I started talking to her. She just poured out her frustration and told me that her boyfriend just cant hold on and comes within minutes of sex. I was taken aback by her sudden talks but got exited also. I told her that this happens in the beginning and she should wait and try to adjust. Suddenly my lund came out of my underwear inside my pants and in this process pushed her a little back. She just remained there! pressing against it. She told me shyly that her boyfriend has a 5 inch lund which is very thin and that he took a week even to break her virginity. Even now he enters her and comes in minutes and she remains unfulfilled. Her hands were now on my crouch and she asked shyly as to what my size was. I ask her you feels into your cunt and now you are asking for size and she said, on that time she in unable to see my cock. She said that she just wanted to know. I told her my size and told her that she should do lot of foreplay and let him come a few times and then have sex.

I told her that she could have full enjoyment without intercourse also. She was taken aback and asked me to explain. As she was now pressing my lund too much I told her that it is now paining and I will have to unzip to become comfortable. She immediately unzipped me and my lund just jumped out. She was totally taken aback by its size and slowly started moving her hands on it and requested me to teach her how sex can be done without intercourse.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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