Best Friend’s Brother

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Megan Cole was sexy and she knew it. Her long, curly, auburn hair danced across her shoulders as she spun in-front of the mirror. Her skin was pale, her lips red and her eyes piercing green. Her face was alluringly innocent with rounded features and a surprisingly sexy little nose. She was a big girl but her rounded butt and shapely hips gave her a classical, if exaggerated, hourglass figure.

However it was her boobs that made her the most proud; her two big, soft, bouncy, 38GG masses of tit-flesh. She squeezed them playfully in her hands. She twisted the nipples between her fingers. She brought each up to her mouth in turn and sucked them like a hungry child. She could have happily spent all day pleasuring herself but she had errands to run so reluctantly she got ready to go out.

Getting dressed she reached for her favourite red bra. Strapping it on her, tit-flesh spilled over the top of the massive cups. She kissed the top of each boob before squeezing them into her favourite black t-shirt, the word princess spelled out in sequins across her chest. She squeezed her fun-bags together and giggled at the cavernous cleavage framed before her by the low cut top.

She finished the look with a pink mini-skirt, fishnet stockings and knee high leather boots. She didn’t bother with underwear. The whole outfit could only have more blatantly said “Fuck Me” if she had spelt out out across her chest in neon letters. Actually she might have to try that next time she went clubbing. She finished dressing and gave her self one last look in the mirror before heading out.

It was a beautiful sunny day. As Megan walked down the street she smiled to herself. She was a big, beautiful woman and she loved it! She loved the fact that almost every guy and more than a few of the girls were checking her out. She particularly loved turning the heads of hot guys out for a walk with their stick-insect, bleached-blonde, silicone-pumped girlfriends.

Soon it became a game to see just how much attention she could get. She thrust her chest out, wiggled her hips and winked at every bloke she passed. Most of them were struck dumb by the sight of her. One even walked into a tree which caused Megan no end of amusement.

Eventually she reached her destination; the home of her best friend Honeysuckle Jones. She noted the light on upstairs as she approached the front door. She knocked on the door and waited patiently for the response. When the door eventually did open it was not her friend standing before her but a rather hot, well built guy.

He was probably in his mid-twenties and from the look of his body he worked out regularly. He was six foot tall at least. His haircut consisted of a military style “buzz-cut”. Megan instinctively thrust her chest out and pushed her arms together to accentuate her cleavage. This had the desired effect as she felt his eyes roam around her body before he finally managed to speak.

“Hey, I’m Frank. What can I do for you?”

“Oh, you must be Honey’s brother (only her parents actually called her Honeysuckle). She talks about you a lot. I’m Megan.”

“Nice to meet you. Honey’s not here at the moment but I think she might be back soon. Your welcome to come in and wait.”

Megan didn’t wait for him to move but slid passed him in the doorway. She heard him gasp under his breath as her tits brushed against his chest. She settled down in the lounger, he fixed her a drink and they began to talk. She listened intently as he talked about the tour in Afghanistan from bursa escort bayan which he had just returned.

All the time Megan was aware he was checking her out. His eyes seemed to drink in every contour of her body, though inevitably they focused most of their attention on her tits. He was hot and she was flattered.

“So are you going keep looking at the menu or actually order something?” Megan smiled.


“You’ve been checking me out ever since I got here and from the size of the tent in your pants you like what you see.”

“It wouldn’t be right. Your Honey’s friend and I’d feel like I was taking advantage.”

“Your already taking advantage. I know for a fact Honey isn’t back from her dads until tomorrow. She gave me a key to let myself in and collect some stuff I left here. I only knocked when I saw the lights on. The only reason you would lie to me was to find keep me here so you could check me out. Now drop the pretence and get over here.”

With that Megan slid her legs apart to reveal her perfect, pink pussy in all its glory. Like a moth to flame Frank was drawn across the room to where Megan was sitting. He knelt in front of her and began to massage her tits with his big, strong hands.

“I suppose you want to see them?”

“Yes I do.”

“You want to see my big, soft tits? You want to suck them and lick them all over?”


“Then say it!”

“I want to see your big, soft tits! I want to suck them and lick them all over!”

“Say please.”

“Please!” He gasped.

Megan smiled as she began to slowly peel the tight fabric from her smoother, delicate skin. She removed her top at an agonisingly slow pace, delighting in teasing her new toy. Next she slowly removed her bra. He gasped as each meat-mountain sprung out of its confinement to rest proudly on her chest.

Instinctively Frank leant in and began to suck Megan’s tits. He was like a dog with a bone; slobbering all over her as his tongue sought to cover every inch of her massive fun-bags. Megan just lay back in her chair and enjoyed the sensation of his wet tongue on her soft flesh. She sighed and moaned as he sucked her nipples. He buried his head between them in an effort to lick both at once. Megan held her tits and rubbed them all over his face as he did so, smothering him between them. Every now and then he came up for air but he was soon back pleasuring those titanic tits.

“Oh that’s good! Oh you like my tits don’t you! They love you!”

Twice she orgasmed from the attention on her tits alone. The second time she came when he gently nibbled her nipple with his teeth. He didn’t let up and she held the orgasm longer than she had ever felt possible. Her pussy felt so wet now; it was practically crying out for some attention. Subtly she hiked up her skirt, glad that she had had the foresight to not wear panties, The next time he paused for breath she grabbed his head and forced it down between her legs. So under her spell was he that he didn’t offer any resistance.

“Lick my pussy and lick it good! Feast on my juicy, wet cunt!”

Frank started slow making long, luxurious licks the length of her pussy. He moaned sensually as the taste and scent of sweet pussy assaulted his senses. Megan convulsed and groaned at the expert attention her pussy was receiving. This guy was no armature and he clearly wanted to show off. Megan was more than happy to let him.

After what felt like a blissful eternity of slow licks his lips latched gorukle escort onto her pussy and he went to work on her clit. Megan had never felt anything like it as his tongue battered her clit into submission. Short, powerful, purposeful thrusts of his tongue pleasured her pussy in a way she never thought possible. She’s had her pussy eaten before but this was something else.

“Ooohmygodohmygodohmygod!” Megan cried out loud in pleasure.

Frank never let up the pace as his tongue danced with her clit. At one point she thought she was going to black out from the pleasure but she didn’t stop him. She never wanted him to stop. Eventually it had to end and with one powerful thrust he brought her to climax. Her screams of pleasure rocked the house on its foundations. As she collapsed back into her chair she grinned from ear to ear.

“That…was…amazing! Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?”

“Afghanistan. We had a French interpreter assigned to us. I learnt a lot from her.”

“Sounds hot!”

“She was. Nothing on you mind. You know I’ve always fancied you?”

“Yeah it was pretty obvious. Now lets get those trousers down and I can show you some of my home-grown talents.”

Frank stood up and slid off his trousers. Megan could see his dick straining against the fabric of his boxers. She traced the outline with her finger before hooking it over the elastic and pulling down his boxers. His dick sprung out to meet her. It wasn’t the longest she’d seen but it was definitely the thickest. After all the excitement it was rock hard and dripping with pre-cum. She reached out and began stroking it sensually.

“Ooh that’s a nice dick. What ever should I do with it?. I think I know what you want me to do with it. I think you want me to slide it between these hot, red lips ans suck you off.”

“Oh yes! Very much so!”

“What’s the magic word?”


Megan leaned in and flicked the end of his dick with her tongue. He gasped as she began circling the head then running her tongue along his length. Then her lips parted and inch by inch she slid his meaty member into her hungry mouth. She began to bob her head as his dick slid in and out.

After the pussy-licking she had just received she was determined to give him the blow-job of his life. As Megan knew the key to a good blow-job is variety. As her head bobbed over his dick she licked up his dick, round his dick and over his dick. When she pulled right in she cupped and licked his balls. When she pulled out she licked and teased the head of his cock.

All the time she never broke eye contact. Her emerald eyes coupled with her cute, round face somehow managed to look innocent even with a cock sliding between her lips. She had no trouble deep-throating him but from his moans of pleasure she knew he enjoyed it. Then she suddenly pulled back and slipped his dick between her titanic tits. His dick disappeared into the valley between her massive meat mountains.

“Oh Megan! Oh you tits feel incredible!”

“I thought you’d like that; my big, soft, titties wrapped around your hot, throbbing cock!”

“Oh my god, yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!”

“Fuck my big titties!”

He responded with passion, thrusting his dick between her tits as her hands pushed them tighter together. Her saliva on his dick served as lubricant and it battled against its fleshy prison. She spat down into her cleavage to keep him sliding smoothly. His hips bucked in and out as he drove his dick between bursa merkez escort bayan her tits. His breathing was getting faster and faster.

“I’m can’t hold it much longer!”

“Don’t you cum yet! I’m hungry and your hot, thick cum is just what I fancy. I want every little drop sliding down my throat and into my tummy!”

Pulling his dick from between her tits she began to pump the base of his cock with her expert fingers. She licked her lips in anticipation of the treat that awaited her. With a cry he came and she took every single spurt of cum into her mouth. She was as good as her word and swallowed every little drop. As he pulled out of her mouth she smiled contently, very much the cat that got the cream. A dribble of cum slid from her the side of her mouth but she wiped it up cutely with her finger and sucked it off.

“Now your amazing! I’ve fucked pussies that weren’t as good as your tits!”

“Well might I just say that was some fine tasting cum.”

“God, Megan I think I love you!”

“I bet you say that to all the strangers who tit-fuck you on sight!”

Frank collapsed into Megan’s arms, physically and mentally exhausted. She cradled his head to her tit and he began to suck on her erect nipple. They lay there in contented silence as he sucked each tit in turn. She swayed his head gently as he sucked on his treat of tit-flesh. Before she knew it he was hard again and she was ready for the main event.

“I want you to fuck me now!”

“I want to fuck you!”

“Then I’m going to take your dick and stick it into my hot, wet pussy. My pussy wants your dick. My pussy needs your dick!”

Megan rose to her feet, lifting Frank up with her until they stood facing each other. Then she guided him backwards, pushed him down onto the opposite chair and mounted him. Using her hand to guide it she slid onto his dick, letting out an involuntary gasp as it slid between her pussy lips. Starting slowly at first she began to bounce on his rock-hard dick.

Frank squeezed and licked her tits as they bounced in-front of him. She moaned softly as she rocked back and fourth. She loved mounting a guy; the way it drove his dick deep inside her. He tried to buck his hips but under her weight she was in full control. She set the pace and the tempo. All he could do was lay back in his chair and enjoy the ride.

For what seemed like an eternity of bliss she pumped his dick with her soaking-wet cunt. Her long hair cascaded about her shoulders as she moved gently up and down. She leant in and kissed him passionately as they rocked together in ecstasy. Then slowly but surely her motions grew faster and harder. She began to moan louder and louder.

Soon she was fucking him for all he was worth, driving his dick into her hungry cunt. Megan never let up the pace for a second as she tirelessly pounded his dick. His breathing was getting harder and faster every second. He was determined to last as long as he could but he knew he would cum soon. Megan was like an animal as she fucked him relentlessly. She lost count of how many orgasms she had.

“Oh Megan! Oh I can’t last much longer!”

“Do you want to cum? Do you want to shoot your hot, sticky baby-batter into my hungry cunt. Don’t worry, I’m on the pill. Fill me up with your seed! I want it! I want all of it!”

That was it. He came harder than he ever had in his life as her expert pussy-lips nursed his spewing cock. She felt a warm glow of contentment as he filled her with cum.

“Megan you are something else!”

“Your not so bad yourself, babe.”

His dick still there in her pussy they fell asleep in each others arms. When they awoke an hour later she looked into his eyes and smiled.

“Honey isn’t back until tomorrow. You ready for round two?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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