Best Friend’s Mom

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As Mitch and I drove back to Seattle he excitedly told me of his night with “Karen” the hot chick he’d been making out with when last I saw him. Evidently she was a nasty one and he’d had the night of his life. I was not ready to tell him the truth about the “Cumbox” so I lied and made up a story about a girl I met at a different house, letting him believe his night was better than mine (HA!).

Mitch and I had grown up together and were best buddies all our lives. My home life was a mess. Suffice it to say that my parents weren’t really “there for me” as they say. Consequently, I spent a lot of time at Mitch’s house. His mom treated me like a second son, although I thought of her more like a big sister. Kari was in her mid thirties but looked much younger. She was about 5′ 2″ tall and had dirty-blonde hair down to just below her shoulders. She kept in great shape and turned the heads of men and boys wherever she went. Mitch’s dad had died when Mitch was little but had left them enough through life insurance and investments to provide a nice suburban home and enough money so she didn’t have to work. Kari wanted Mitch to have a male influence in his life, so Mitch spent a lot of time away from home with his Uncle. When he was away, I spent a lot of time at Mitch’s house and I got to know Kari quite well since I didn’t like to be home with my family.

During high school Kari and I had many conversations in Mitch’s absence. We talked about everything from school work to family problems and even my skittishness around girls. One weekend during my sophomore year I even introduced Kari to weed, getting her high as a kite and both of us laughing for hours. She made me promise never to tell Mitch. About this time I started to have sexual feelings for Kari. She had the cutest smile, complete with dimples, and the way she smiled at me… I would just melt inside.

I felt like I could tell Kari anything and was itching to tell her about my experience at WSU. I mean, I was nervous as hell, what if she thought it was disgusting and never wanted me around Mitch or her again? But I thought I knew her well enough that she would be understanding and supportive. At this point I didn’t know if I was gay or straight. Hell, I’d never even experienced sex with a girl, so I didn’t know what I was. But I DID know two things;

1. I enjoyed sucking cock and eating cum

2. I loved sniffing Kari’s panties and masturbating into them.

One day a few months prior to our road trip to WSU, my parents were fighting so I’d gone over to Mitch’s house to escape the drama and found no one home. I knew where their spare key was so I let myself in to hang out until I felt I could safely go home. I don’t know why but I decided to snoop around. I looked in Mitch’s room, but nothing was there that I hadn’t seen a million times before.

I’d never been in Kari’s room, so I headed down the hall and into her bedroom. It was an average bedroom with a Queen-sized bed and a dressing table. I sauntered over to her dresser and opened the top drawer. Panties. I stood and stared. I’d never seen so many panties. I reached out and felt one, then another. They were so soft. I lifted some to my face and inhaled. There was a hint of “Kari-ness” about the smell, probably just from the perfume on her dressing table.

Now I was getting horny. Feeling emboldened, I unbuttoned my pants and pulled out my cock. I found a sexy yellow pair of panties with a lacy trim and began to rub them on my growing erection. Very nice, but I hadn’t lost all control, so I put them back and stood back looking at them all and wondering what they might smell like after they’d been worn. I put them back and closed the drawer and was about to leave her room when I spotted the laundry hamper inside the open bathroom door.

Slowly, with a grin spreading across my face, I walked to the bathroom. Raising the hamper lid and peering inside I saw Kari’s dirty clothes. On top was a pair of her tan corduroy pants (somehow these looked incredibly sexy on her) and a bra. I fished around and found a pair of purple cotton panties Snatching them up, I lifted them to my nose and sniffed. Oh Jesus. It was a musky, heady smell. I’d never smelled anything like it before and I grew harder the more I sniffed. I looked in the hamper for more and found a pair of plain white panties with a tiny little bow in the front waistband. I took both pair and walked back into her room

I took off my pants and laid down on her bed. With one hand I rubbed a pair of her panties over my face, breathing in her scent. With the other hand, I rubbed the other pair over my cock and balls. Heavenly. I’d never been so turned on. Stroking the soft cotton up and down my shaft I sniffed and sniffed, picturing Kari’s body in my mind trying to picture her in the nude standing over me. I was getting close and started stroking faster and faster, finally erupting my cum into the crotch of her purple panties. Damn! That was incredible!

I lay there for a few minutes until Bostancı Escort I thought I heard the garage door open. Rushing like mad, I got dressed, smoothed out the bed, put the white panties back in the hamper and pocketed the purple ones. I ran down the stairs and out the back door just as the front door was opening. I snuck around the house and hid the key where it belonged and ran all the way home.

Over the next couple of months I somehow managed to keep up my talks with Kari and also periodically check out her hamper for new (dirty) panties. After masturbating into them at home I would wash them and then sneak them back into her hamper. She was never the wiser.

So, by the time we left for WSU I was a seasoned panty sniffer and yet still a virgin.

It was a week after we got back that I summoned the courage to head over to Kari’s house to talk with her about my Cumbox episode. Being older I thought she might have some advice for me (I was also itching to get into her laundry hamper again if possible). Mitch was away again with his Uncle so I knew we’d be alone.

Kari invited me in and we sat down in the kitchen with some coffee.

“So! How was the WSU road trip? Mitch didn’t really tell me much” she said

“Well,” I hesitated, “I’ve been wanting to talk to you about that, but I’ve been really nervous. I don’t want you to think badly of me Kari.”

“Oh sweetie! You know you can tell me anything! Did something happen?”

I then proceeded to tell her the story of the gay frat I stumbled on. I was just telling her what I had seen in the basement; the guys making out on the couch, Billy blowing Aaron up against the wall and me getting really turned on. Kari’s mouth was hanging open, but I sensed that she was a little turned on as well. I was looking into her eyes as I was telling the story when “KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK” came from the front door, startling both of us.

“Hello! It’s just me” came the voice from the front porch

It was Jessica, Kari’s friend from up the street. Now, let me tell you about Jessica. Jessica was in her mid to late 20’s, a single mother with three daughters all with different fathers. I didn’t know her whole story, but she had a nice house and didn’t work, so some or all of her ex-lovers or husbands must have been supporting her and her girls. Jess was half American Indian and half Italian with dark olive skin, long black hair and large breasts, about 5’4″ tall and had an hourglass figure. She was frequently at Kari’s house when I was there, and while I never opened up to her like I did with Kari, I wasn’t uncomfortable around her.

Jessica let herself in and walked into the kitchen.

“Hey guys! What’s happening?” she said and smiled at us both.

“Well,” Kari said, as she looked at me. I could tell she was going to spill the beans about my story and I shook my head slightly to try and tell her I didn’t want to talk about it in front of Jess.

Kari looked away from me and back to Jessica and said “Kevin was just telling me about a gay Fraternity party he went to over in Pullman”

They both looked at me and I’m sure I had a horrified look on my face.

“Do continue!” laughed Jessica, “Don’t let me stop you, sounds fascinating!”

“Let’s all move into the living room then,” said Kari.

I sat in a chair and they both sat on the opposite ends of the couch facing me. They could tell I was still nervous I think, so Kari suggested I light up a joint. We smoked a bit and then Jess said,

“So…? What happened at the frat house?”

I started the story over and when I saw they both were squirming a little, I went into vivid detail about the sizes and shapes of the penises I saw in the basement. When I explained about the cumbox itself and what Jim wanted me to do inside, Jess slipped her hand down the front of her skirt. Kari was rapt with attention, her mouth hanging open again as I described my first blowjob and the cocks coming through the glory holes in the box. Jessica’s hand was moving up and down, back and forth slowly under her skirt as she listened. I was now visibly hard and had to adjust my erection. I’m sure I blushed as I did this, but didn’t waver from the story.

By now Kari had noticed both Jessica playing with herself and my erection. As I described the first cumshot erupting in my mouth and all over my chest, Kari let out a little squeal and Jess laughed slightly. I kept going and by the time I got to the part about the butt plug, Kari had unbuttoned the top button on her shorts and had a hand down inside. Jess was really going to town on her own pussy and it looked like she was going to cum soon. As I reached the point where Jim came in my ass, both women were cumming on their own fingers.

I stopped, deciding to skip the remainder of the night. Both women were a little embarrassed and looked at each other then to me.

“Um…”, said Jess “So! Sounds like you had fun!”

“Kevin was feeling confused about the whole thing Ümraniye Escort I think, right Kev?” said Kari

“Yeah, so am I gay or what? I mean I really liked it, but I still find that I’m attracted to girls. I don’t know what to think anymore.”

I sat back and adjusted my erection as slyly as I could, but I knew they both noticed.

Jessica looked me in the eyes and said “Kevin. Have you ever actually been with a woman?”

I didn’t say anything, but just looked over to Kari. She nodded as if to say, “go ahead and tell her.”

I looked back at Jessica and said “No, I haven’t”

She looked at me again and I swear my heart skipped a beat. She looked so pretty.

“Come over here” she said and I slowly got to my feet, my erection poking straight out in front of me. As I took the two or three steps over to the couch I saw Kari smile at me and slip her hand back down the front of her shorts. Jess reached up and pushed me to my knees. She spread her legs apart and pushed my head down, lifting her skirt up to her waist. There in front of me was her panty-covered pussy. The panties were black and silky and already soaking wet. The aroma was intoxicating. She lightly pushed down on the back of my head, but I really didn’t need any encouragement. I leaned in and pressed my nose against her panties, inhaling her wonderful scent.

As I moved my nose over her, rubbing my whole face over her crotch, I heard her moan and release a heavy sigh. I started to lick and suck the juices through the material and she squirmed back and forth on my face. I was as hard now as I’d ever been and suddenly felt hands fumbling with my belt and pants. Kari pulled my pants and underwear completely off and now my bare ass was completely exposed. Her hands began caressing my cheeks and I heard her say, “I’ve always wanted to play with your ass, Kev.”

Jessica moved her hands down and pulled the gusset of her panties aside exposing her pussy to me. Through the mass of black hair I saw her engorged pussy lips for the first time and dove back in, licking her from bottom to top slowly at first and then just exploring her with my tongue. As I reached up blindly trying to get to her breasts, she practically ripped off her top and placed my hands on both of her tits.

Kari reached between my legs and pulled my cock back so it was pointing straight down at the floor. I felt hot breath between my legs and then her tongue was licking my shaft as her other hand fondled my balls. Jessica put both hands on her pussy and pulled her lips apart, exposing her clit for me.

“Here,” she pointed, “lick my clit baby, lick and suck it for me.”

Her clit was smaller than I thought clits were supposed to be, but hey, I’d never seen one before. It was much smaller than a pencil eraser and it was difficult to keep my tongue on it with her squirming about underneath me so much. Plus, it was hard to concentrate with Kari now sucking my dick.

Jessica pushed me away and had me take off the rest of my clothes and then lay down on my back. Both women stood over me and slowly undressed. One of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen was Kari inching her tight shorts down, exposing her pussy to me. She was completely bottomless and still had her T-shirt on as she jokingly kicked her panties over to me. I grabbed them out of the air and shoved them against my face, inhaling her scent as I looked into her eyes. She tilted her head to the side (not unlike a puppy does) and said,

“You like sniffing my panties Kevin? How about the real thing?”

And she stepped over to me and sat down on my face. I looked up past her pretty pubic hair and saw her looking into my eyes.

“Eat me, lick Mama’s pussy real good!” and she ground herself into my face.

As Kari fucked my face, I felt new lips on my dick. Jessica didn’t waste any time. She devoured my cock. As good as Aaron and Jim’s blowjobs had been, Jessica’s was masterful. She kept me on the edge far longer than I thought possible. Just as I was about to cum, she’d stop and squeeze my shaft hard at the base. Then she’d slowly squeeze and fondle my balls and start licking again. I was going crazy. At the same time I found that I REALLY liked shoving my tongue as far up Kari’s cunt as I could. Her hole was tight and wet and tasty. I couldn’t believe how good she tasted. She was so wet, her juices had completely covered my face and neck. As I tongue fucked her she played with her clit (a much bigger clit than Jessica’s) with her fingers and came several times.

Kari finally rolled off of me and I struggled to catch my breath. She crawled up and plopped down on the couch and Jessica joined her there. They just sat there smiling and staring at me as I lay on the floor with a face covered in pussy juices and a hard-on ready to burst.

“I think Kevin’s cock is swollen” said Jessica, and she smirked at both me and Kari.

“We should probably just leave him alone now, I think he’s had enough” teased Kari

Slowly Anadolu Yakası Escort I got up onto my knees facing them both. God they were beautiful sitting there. Both stark naked, hair all mussed up, and Jessica had eye makeup smeared around her eyes. I was ready to pounce on either one or both of them, but being the 18 year old virgin that I was, I just sat there and stared for a minute. Finally Kari said, “Are you ready to lose your virginity?”

My eyes opened wide but all I could do was nod. She had me stand up and she grabbed my dick and pulled me closer, then stood up in front of me. She hugged me close and then leaned in and kissed me. It was the deepest most sensual kiss I could imagine. Our tongues swirled and battled, our teeth bumped and she bit my lips lightly. I thought I was going to cum against her stomach as we ground together. Finally she broke the kiss and sat down slowly, bringing her feet up on the cushions and spreading her knees apart. I glanced over and saw that Jess was rubbing her pussy with one hand and pinching a nipple with her fingers. Kari rubbed her pussy and spread her lips,

“Come on baby. It’s OK, put it in.”

I leaned forward and put my cock against her pussy. She reached down and held it, rubbing it up and down momentarily before guiding it into her. She moaned as it slid in and I pushed further. I almost came on the spot.

“Fuck me Kevin. I want to feel you fucking me as hard as you can.”

I slid it in and out, damn she was wet! It felt so good and I couldn’t believe I was finally having sex with a woman! After only a few strokes I felt I was getting close and Kari could tell too.

“Come on baby, go ahead and cum inside me, I want to feel your cum deep in my pussy!”

I stroked a couple of more times then buried my cock deep inside her and came like never before. I jerked and spasmed and nearly blacked out. It felt like I shot a gallon into her. Next to us on the couch, Jessica’s hand was flying over her clit as she rubbed herself to a screaming orgasm just as I finished cumming.

Kari was stroking my face and hair with a huge smile on her face, but I felt kinda guilty that she hadn’t cum while we fucked. Without thinking, I pulled out and got on my knees in front of her. Her pussy was a lovely mess. The hair was matted with her juices, her lips were swollen and I could see my cum starting to leak out of her. I leaned in and started licking her pussy, wriggling my tongue between her lips. Kari moaned and I heard Jessica say “Holy shit! That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!”

Kari leaned back even more and spread her legs wide and lifted them high. I dove in deeper, lapping at her cunt and sucking my cum out of her. Some of it I swallowed and some I just held in my mouth savoring the combined taste of Kari and me. It tasted so good! Different than either just her or just cum alone. I inched up and started licking her clit and she really started to moan. I sucked and licked and even bit her a little and then just before she came I went back to licking my cum that still oozed from her hole. As I sucked and licked I found that I could rub her clit with my nose. This drove her crazy and she started to cum. I held on tight to her hips and legs as she bucked against my face finally collapsing and holding my head still.

I raised up and sat back on the floor, a huge grin on my face. Jessica looked at me and then slid to the floor and started kissing me, licking the cum and pussy juices from my face.

“God, I want you to do that to me! I’ve always wanted a guy to go down on my after cumming inside me, but no one ever would!”

I couldn’t imagine why anyone would deny her that pleasure, I just did it naturally because I wanted to please Kari.

Kari was nearly passed out but finally sat up and watched as Jessica cleaned up my face with her tongue. Then she had me get up and sit on the couch and they both kneeled in front of me. Kari started in on my cock, licking it clean and then Jessica joined in licking and kissing my balls. I was already mostly hard again in a couple of minutes. They really went to town on my cock, passing it back and forth, trying to take it as deep as they could in their throats, stroking it with their hands and sucking my balls into their mouths. I was in heaven.

Jessica got up and kneeled on the couch, ass in the air. She looked over her shoulder and said “Fuck me Kevin, fuck me long and hard and then cum inside me.” I looked at Kari and she smiled and nodded. I stood up and put my hands on Jessica’s ass. I spread her cheeks apart and I saw her black pubic hair all around her little asshole and pussy. That really turned me on.

She reached back and spread her cheeks apart even more and I put my cock against her and pushed in slightly. She was already very wet and it slid in easily, although it was tight. Jess wiggled and moaned and pushed back against me drawing me in deeper and deeper. I started stroking as I held on to her hips. Kari got up and stood behind me, petting my chest and ass before reaching between my legs to knead my balls as they swung against Jess’s pussy.

We fucked like that for a while, and Jessica had a couple of small orgasms as I built towards another large one. Jess looked back at me and said,

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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