Best Gift of My Life

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Note: all characters depicted in a sexual manner are over 18. They are both virgins.


I have a pretty cool mom, I do have to say. Why do I say that? I’ll tell you why. It all started a couple of months ago, in May. I’d turned 18, was graduating from high school, and generally enjoying life.

My mom is the type that loves to plan things. She was so excited about my graduation party it was crazy. I hadn’t wanted a party, but my mother insisted. So, she began making the plans. This was, in her opinion, going to be a great party. One of the best ever, right up there with Woodstock.

My mom has a best friend, her name is Lisa. Lisa and my mother do everything together. Of course, Lisa was involved in the planning of this party. She and my mom were having a field day.

Lisa has a daughter, Lexi. Lexi and I grew up together somewhat but didn’t really hang out a lot. Lexi is around the same age as me, and also just graduated high school, but she insisted that my party come first. So the plan was to do two huge graduation parties in the span of a month. I was involved as little as possible in these arrangements. I did just enough to be polite to the two of them.

One day I was wandering through the house, looking for something I’d lost, when I heard my Mom and Lisa conversing.

“Did you already talk to Lexi about the gift thing?” My mom asked Lisa.

“Oh yeah,” Lisa replied, “I did. She’s totally on board with it, as a matter of fact, she sounded excited.”

“Great, I’m the coolest mom, aren’t I?” My mom said in obvious bragging tone

“Yep, you are.” Lisa replied.

“What were the two of those up to?” I wondered. “What was this mysterious gift? Why was Lexi involved?” Lots of questions, but no way to get any answers, so I put it out my head.

The day of the party came rolling around, and the party preparations were in full swing. My mom was almost crazy with all that was going on. This was going to be a picnic style affair, with hamburgers, hot dogs, and macaroni and cheese. That was only part of the food in fact, there were numerous other options. The party was a nice mix of young and old people. I didn’t want a crazy thing with alcohol and all that.

We laughed all evening long. My best friends, Ben, Jay and Connor, were all there. It was fun, as we joked and talked the time away. I also had my token conversations with the other guests, trying to make it around to thank everyone. Around 9 most of the guests had headed home, and it was only my close friends that stuck around. Some of my parent’s friends had also stayed and they were conversing, Lisa and her husband included. I hadn’t seen Lexi in a while, so I assumed she had gone home.

We kept talk until around 11, when everyone agreed it was time to go home. Lisa and her husband left, congratulating me one last time. I started up to my room, my mom and dad sitting in kumluca escort the living room.

“Oh, Thomas?” My mom called out as I went up the stairs.

“Yeah?” I replied, pausing and turning to look at her.

“Your gift is in your room. Your father and I are going over to Lisa’s to spend the night. We wanted to give you a night alone to enjoy. Stay up late, watch movies, eat ice cream, things like that.” My mom said seriously.

“OK,” I replied, somewhat confused by what they meant.

“OK, have a good night,” my mom said. She and dad started moving towards the door.

I resumed going up the stairs. I got to my room, and immediately noticed a huge box in the corner. I was curious as to its contents, but decided to take a shower first. I grabbed my towel and walked out of the room towards the bathroom.

I showered, got out and dried off. I was wondering what was in the box at this point. I pondered as I walked back to my room. I was also wondering what I should do tonight. I walked into my room, looked at the box again, but didn’t go right for it. I was standing at my dresser when I heard a noise. It seemed to be coming from the box. I moved over towards it and realized that the back of it was completely open.

I peeked around the corner and looked in. Sitting right there was Lexi! I jumped, banging my head on the wall.

“Ow, fuck,” I cursed, “what are you doing here?” I asked Lexi, trying to make sure to stay covered.

“Well, I’m your gift.” She answered.

It still hadn’t dawned on me. I must’ve looked bewildered, so Lexi stepped in.

“I’m here to sleep with you,” Lexi said bluntly.

“What, why?” I asked, totally confused

“Well, it seemed exciting.” Lexi replied

Lexi had always been daring, adventurous, even edgy or risqué but I thought this was a little far for her. This was kind of a slutty thing and she’d always had an air of class about her.

“I also kind of have a crush on you.” Lexi mentioned casually.

That was also surprising to me. I couldn’t process everything that was happening. I sat down on my bed. I must be dreaming. This hot, slim, yet busty, and incredibly cute girl wanted to have sex with me? I wasn’t ugly, but I was a nerd, and had very little experience in the matter, none to be honest. I instantly got nervous faced with this situation.

“If you want, we can calmly work into it.” Lexi suggested. “It doesn’t have to move fast. In fact, let’s watch a movie. I’ll even let you choose.”

“OK,” I muttered, still in shock.

We walked back downstairs, and started a movie. It was some comedy I’d chosen. Such was the action of that night that I don’t even remember what it was. We both enjoyed it, as I remember both of us laughing quite a bit. I was definitely more relaxed. Slowly Lexi had worked her way closer and closer to me. Soon lara escort bayan her head was on my shoulder and her hands were wandering.

Her hands made their way down to my shorts, which I’d put on before coming down. They were just basketball shorts, so she easily slipped her hand inside and began to fondle my cock. I sort of grunted and coughed at the same time, which startled her.

“Too fast?” Lexi asked, looking up at me with her big, green eyes.

“Umm, no,” I said shakily. Truth be told, this was making me very nervous, but I was enjoying it.

She continued, gripping my penis. She’d squeeze and relax her hands, all with the smoothness of a pro.

“Have you done this before?” I asked her

“Umm, no actually. I’ve seen some educational videos.” Lexi answered with a devious grin.

“Well you certainly learned a lot.” I gasped. She was rubbing my cock all the right ways.

“Let’s get these off,” Lexi said, grabbing the waistband of my pants and pulling them off.

She grabbed my cock again, stroking it softly and smoothly. She bent over, stuck out her tongue, and traced a circle on the tip. She licked the underside all the way down, came back up, drew more circles on the tip, then licked the other side.

I started playing with her hair. She had the most beautiful hair. It was brown, a little past shoulder length, and wavy. It had a nice shine and was incredibly soft. Like her hair was so silky smooth, you could weave it into a silk scarf.

Lexi continued her attention on my cock. I took the opportunity to reach under her shirt. Her breasts were even more beautiful than her hair. She was wearing a blue tank top with spaghetti straps and no bra underneath. Her breasts were straining at the fabric. With one hand, I rolled the shirt up her back, until her luscious breasts popped out. They were smooth and perky, firm and tender. I groped the left one heavily and I could feel moan escaping her throat.

She was really working my cock, and it was beginning to show. My cock was literally as hard as it could be without exploding. It was raging to be released from the pleasure that was building.

Lexi looked up at me and grinned.

“I’m not letting you go that easily. I want some too, you know.”

“You don’t need to tell me twice!” I was ready for anything.

“Let’s take this back upstairs,” she whispered in my ear, nibbling it. She grabbed my hand and led me off the couch and up the stairs.

She flipped on to the bad very gracefully. I could tell she expected me to take the lead at this point so I obliged. I started by removing her top the rest of the way. We kissed deeply as I did. Her lips were smooth and luscious. That’s when I noticed her perfume; it was positively intoxicating. I’d never believed it when they said that a woman’s perfume could play a part in seduction, manavgat escort but that smell made me go crazy.

I turned my attention to her breasts. As I already explained, she had the world’s best breasts. I gently grabbed them both, kneading them together. I took my tongue and drew circles around her nipple. She began to moan lightly. I moved to the other one, circling it then taking it into my mouth and giving it a vigorous sucking. I repeated with the first nipple. During this sucking, I reached my hand down her yoga pants and felt her pussy. It was so wet, my finger slid in easily.

After a few minutes of attention from my tongue to her breasts and my fingers to her pussy, I switched. I pulled her yoga pants off to find she hadn’t worn any underwear. I leaned my face down by her pussy, taking in the sights and smells, so to speak. She was ready, so I began licking her. I purposely edged around her clit, licking her lips, sticking my tongue inside her. She began to writhe and rub her own boobs.

When I finally turned to her clit, she exploded. It was like she’d gotten hit by a live wire. She convulsed and shook, then tensed. It was clear that she’d just orgasmed. I kept going. I drew circles on her clit. I sucked on it and nibbled it. I started to draw little letter on her pussy. She rapidly began getting wet again. She grabbed my hair and shoved my face deeper in. After a few more minutes of licking, I switched it up.

“Do I need to get a condom?” I asked her.

“What? No, I’m on the pill. My mom insisted on it a couple months ago when we started planning this.” She just wanted to get back to the action.

I grabbed both her legs and pulled her over towards me. I grabbed my cock and rubbed it against her pussy. My cock got lubed up by the juices oozing out. Sh continued to moan. She reached up and grabbed my shoulder, pulling me down. We kissed passionately, our tongues intertwining.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, breaking the kiss.

I obliged, resuming my upright position. I grabbed my penis and inserted it carefully. I pushed slightly and she moaned. I kept pushing more and soon my cock was completely inside her. I began thrusting slowly at first, trying to let her get used to it. After my thrusting had continued for a few minutes, she wrapped her legs around me.

“Faster,” she screamed.

I ramped up the intensity, thrusting as fast as my novice hips would allow. This was the first time either of us had done something like this. Lexi came again. I continued to thrust, feeling her body convulse in the throes of orgasm. Soon thereafter I came inside her. I collapsed onto the bed next to her.

We both looked at each other, each drenched in sweat. Our eyes just kind of connected and we stared at each other.

“That was fucking amazing!” Lexi exclaimed. “I’d used a dildo before, but wow. Cock is totally different. You were great; that cock of yours is the perfect size.”

“Thanks, I guess,” I was a little awkward, “your body is really hot.”

That was the last thing I remember. We both passed out from exhaustion and slept to the morning. Oh what a morning it was.

Part Two will tell you more about what happened the next morning.

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