Best Hotel Sex Ever…

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A busy day has finally come to an end. I arrive at my hotel, check in and open the door. I amaze at what is in front of me. Glossy red lips, provocatively apart, the tip of her tongue slowly caressing them. My eyes move down to a beautiful lacy basque, cupping two incredibly full and round breasts then further down to an incredibly tiny thong clearly showing off a fully waxed pussy atop stockings and high heels.

Stunned, unable to move, I mumble ‘ what’s this?’ The reply comes back ‘ surprise baby’ – it was my wife.

She walks toward me, pulls me close, presses her lips onto mine and she kisses me. I impulsively kiss back searching out each other’s tongues. As every second passes the kissing becomes more urgent – almost violent.

She leads me across the room, throws off my jacket and forces me onto the bed. She straddles me and feels my arousal through my trousers as she presses her pussy onto me.

The kissing intensifies as I caress her back moving my hands around to her tits, my fingers using all their experience to free her heavy breasts from the basque. I cup them in my hands as best I can given their size and massage them, squeeze them, rub the nipples and generally abuse them in every way I could. I can already feel her wetness dripping onto my trousers. She is looking at me in a way istanbul escort I had never seen before – this was pure passion where she was going to do whatever she wanted to me.

I wasn’t going to fight this

She tells me that she was going to fuck me without taking a piece of clothing off but can’t – she tells me that she has to see me, touch me, feel my skin on hers. She rips my shirt off, she has never moved her hands around me like this – she pinches, squeezes, bites and then unzips my trousers.

Wow – my erection almost exploded out – 8 inches of rock hard penis was there for her to abuse. I groan so loadly as she begins to rub me, pulling the skin back and forth and she gets faster and faster but then she stops – instantly.

I groan even louder. Was she teasing me, was she finished with me? I should have known better – she wanted my ballsack in her mouth and she pulled my trousers and pants off and threw them across the room.

I’m begging for her to take them in her mouth and she doesn’t disappoint. She lowers her mouth , kisses the insides of my thighs and flicks her tongue around the top of my cock and balls but never kisses either.

I’m writhing in desperation, I could explode any second but she knew this and would not touch anything. I swear I could have escort fındıkzade cum there and then without any touch whatsoever – to get so turned on without physical contact was unbelievable.

She then looked at me with absolute passion in her eyes, knelt down and cupped my bollocks in her tiny hands. She massages them with a tenderness that I’ve never experienced before and she licked them gently while adding spittle from her mouth. She sucked them and took them into her mouth and all but ate them. How I didn’t cum all over her face I have no idea…

My cock then is just taken and put into her mouth viciously – but then the tenderness returned which turned me on beyond belief. I have to explode…

I say I want you, I want you as she moves her body and sits over mine. I rip every bit of clothing off her and our bodies are naked for the first time. The sensation of skin on skin takes everything to another level. Her skin is so soft and the sight of her body in the twilight is unbelievable.

My fingers have to go to her pussy – my fingers move the soft layers of skin searching out the prize I crave. I know exactly where to touch her to please her most and her groans are as loud as my mine earlier. I push my fingers into her sopping wet cunt and explore every part I can reach. escort bayan rus I don’t think she has ever been this wet or me so hard…

I inevitably move my head southwards and lower it onto the pink warm skin – she has the most beautiful cunt I have ever seen. She threw her head back and I knew exactly what she wanted – I know she wants me to fill her but she wants licking out first. My tongue flicks to and fro across her clitoris – she’s hardly breathing.

She then turns me round and we go 69, sucking and exploring each other making full use of our tongues and teeth. Almost at the same time we shouted ‘Fuck me’

We pull apart, turn around and I enter her. My cock has never been this big and I think I am hurting her a little but it’s a good hurt. I push deeper and deeper. My rhythm bangs against the top of her cunt and she loses any sense of control. Her nails dig deep into my back so hard I feel that warm sensation of blood seeping down my back – that makes me even harder.

Neither of us can hold out much longer. We give in to the inevitable tide of ecstasy that floods both our bodies and we both literally cry out together as we cum at the same time. My spunk shoots hot into her with such a force that it seems to intensify and lengthen her orgasm. I have never shot that much sperm before – it was pouring onto the sheets mixing with her cum juice.

We fall apart and lay sweaty next to each other enjoying that sensation of knowing you couldn’t have given any more.

It is then we realise that neither of us had shut that hotel room door…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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