Better Late than Never

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The door hadn`t closed all the way before we were in each other’s arms.

Moaning into each other’s mouth as we held one another tight.

Hands started roaming.

God it felt so good.

I guess you need to know how this all started to understand why it was so intense and heated.

I`m a 70-year-old guy who`s been married to the same woman for going on 40 years. Around 10-15 years ago I watched my first Bi, MMF porn. When the two guys started to kiss each other I felt a tingle like never before. When they stroked each other I thought I would cum in my shorts. When it got to one guy banging the woman and sucking the other man at the same time I unloaded without even touching myself.

Taadaa… my introduction to mano e mano sex and it changed my life.

Typical progression I guess. Bi porn to Gay porn. Gay porn to a bad case of I`ve gotta try that.

My wife slowly turning into more of a let herself go, sexless bitch every year kind of sealed the deal.

Pretty common do I go about hooking up with another guy that doesn’t put me in jail, hospital, or front page of the local newspaper. Not to mention all the hell my wife would make my life if she ever got wind of her favorite toy to abuse was out having sex with another man.

So it was porn and my hand. My imagination and my hand. My dreams Büyükesat Escort and my hand. Me and my hand had an ongoing relationship, but I wanted to move on. Move on to my hand on another dick. My dick in another hand.

Fast forward past all the Craigslist bullshit. The Doublelist bullshit. On to try the Grindr bullshit not really expecting any change.

First three weeks was the same old, same old bullshit and let me see some pics. Bullshit and can you host.

Pretty much gave up. Thinking I`m going to do no more than fantasize while jerking off until I die.

Then there was a message on Grindr from Paul.

It all started out the same. Hey. Hey back. What`s up. Horny as hell, you? Me too. Want to come over and play?

Wait. What did he just message me. Did he just invite me to his place for some real, honest to god man sex?

Stunned I fumbled with my phone trying to reply with hands shaking out of fear and excitement both.

Then another message saying his name was Paul.

I finally got my reply as close to right as possible.

When and where Paul. I`m Jack.

What you doin this afternoon, around one?

At one I`m not all that sure, but at twelve thirty I`ll be on my way to your place..LOL.

LOL came back with an address.

Boom, Elvankent Escort into maps and punch in the address and how to get there.

See ya soon came the last message from Paul.

Quickly conjured up a reason for a trip to the hardware store. No not that one. The one way over, across town. Be back soon..

She gave me one of her who cares as long as you don`t have any fun looks.

Sweaty palms and half a boner I hopped into the truck. Fumbled with the keys, dropping them once.

His place was only 10 minutes away and I finally stopped shaking during the last 2.

Pulled up on his driveway and went to the front door.

Gave the door a few raps, then said hey Paul, it`s Jack.

Barking dogs and a voice said be right there.

I held the screen door open as the front door opened.

He was a big man. I`m 6 foot and he had a couple of inches of height on me. Bet he weighed in at 225-240 and tanned all over. I could tell that because he was naked.

Well welcome to man on man sex Jack..Big sexy naked man opens the door and says come on in.

Now we`re back to where I started the story.

When I held him he was solid, not soft or flabby.

He had his arms around me, running his hands over my ass.

I was feeling Beşevler Escort every inch of his back.

Fucking Hell, this is most exciting thing I`ve done, ever.

One of his hands was inside my shorts squeezing my ass, while the other had moved between us and was fondling my cock and balls thru my shorts.

All the while we were kissing. Trying to engulf each other would be more accurate.

I`ve never had a kissing session like this before. So intense. So passionate. So natural. So damn good.

He pulled his head back, looked me in the eyes and said let`s get you naked Jack.

Paul stepped back and I pulled my shirt up over my head.

While I was pulling my shirt off Paul grabbed my shorts and pulled them down.

1,2,3,a,b,c I was naked as he was.

Paul took another step back and let his eyes roam from toes to forehead.

I looked in his eyes wondering if he still wanted me.

The bit of a smile and look in his eyes answered that and back into each others arms we went.

God did it feel so good to be naked in another naked man`s arms.

The embrace was from knees to neck.

Holding so tight, that with the kissing it was getting hard to breathe.

My head started spinning and a heat spread out from my groin in all directions at once.

I pulled my head back and told him if we keep this up I`m gonna pass out.

He gave me a big smile and chuckle, grabbed my cock and said only one word.


Well friends, that`s how it all started for me.

We could go to a part 2 if there`s any interest in what happened when we got to the bedroom, pretty sure I can write that for you.

Your Horny Old Man Jack.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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