Beyond The Second Time

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It’s been a while since Ellen and I first met David and Gloria. I related one of our early encounters in, ‘The Second Time,’ and since then our frequent meetings have taken many interesting and erotic twists and turns.

Ellen and I are in our late forties and began our swinging lifestyle with David and Gloria. My wife is 5′ 8”, a slim blonde who could easily pass for 35. She has small breasts with large, erect nipples and an ass and legs to die for. I’m 5′ 10″ with an average build and endowment.

David and Gloria are a few years older us and are experienced swingers. David is short, about 5′ 6″ but very well endowed, his long, thick, uncut cock looks massive on his small frame. Gloria’s a statuesque 5′ 11” with large breasts and auburn hair.

The drive to their home isn’t far but on this occasion traffic on the highway snarled making the journey irritatingly long. We’re very excited and impatient to get to our friends since we will be trying something new. David has suggested we role-play; he and Gloria have a scenario in mind and Ellen and I will just follow their instructions. We are both submissive and enjoy being subordinate, as David and Gloria are well aware, and we’re happy to let them take the lead.

We finally pull into their driveway and are welcomed at the door. An air of heightened excitement fills the room as we chat and finish our wine.

“Right, let’s get to the matter at hand. Tonight, Gloria and I will play the somewhat perverted Lord and Lady Chatsworth. You will be our husband and wife butler and maid. Times are tough and jobs scarce and the Lord and Lady take advantage of this situation to satisfy their kinky lust on their staff. We have some new things for you to experience and the appropriate attire is upstairs,” David announces with enthusiasm,

He gives us the basic outlines of our roles and where we will begin but otherwise, they will dictate the action. Ellen looks at me, raises her eyebrows and smiles, my dick starts to throb.

David and I change in one bedroom and our wives in another. He puts on silk pyjamas and a silk robe and I don a butler’s uniform then we return downstairs. Gloria joins us in a long silk dressing gown followed by Ellen in a very revealing maid’s outfit. Her skirt hardly covers her bottom and the low-cut top exposes most of her breasts. Black fishnet stockings and stiletto heels complete her outfit and she carries a feather duster that she playfully twirls.

The main floor of the house is an open-plan design and affords expansive views of the kitchen, dining and family rooms and the staircase. We’re ready to begin our role-play evening and take our places.

The table has been cleared and I’m serving Lord and Lady Chatsworth after dinner brandy in the dining room. Ellen is dusting the stairs, bending and moving her body in very provocatively way. Her legs look so sexy in stockings and high heels and when she bends over I see the tiny thong barely covers her pussy and displays all of her lovely bottom. My cock is rock hard and I would love to take her right there and now but that will have to be another time. Lord C gets out of his chair and walks to the bottom stairs. He leers up at his maid and rubs his crotch.

“Ellen, come here!” he says sternly.

“Yes my Lord,” she replies and descends the stairs under his watchful eye.

“Did you clean the kitchen floor today as instructed?”

“Yes, my Lord.”

“Come with me.”

They walk into the kitchen and his Lordship points out several dirty streaks on the tiles.

“Oh, I’m sorry Sir, I was a bit rushed today,” the maid replies meekly.

“Sorry is just not good enough, this sort of thing happens far too frequently. I need to take a firmer hand with you and that’s just what I intend to do. I will be punish you later, now get on with your work.

‘Yes Sir’ she replies and sashays sexily back to the staircase.

As she reaches the fourth step his Lordship calls out for her to stop. I’m just poring Lady Chatsworth a second glass of brandy when my wife squeals and I look up to see the Lord caressing her thighs.

“Sir, I really thi….,” I start and Lady C grabs my arm.

“Do you want to end up penniless on the street? His Lordship always gets his way and he’s had his eye on Ellen for some Kastamonu Escort time now. Besides, there could be benefits for all of us,” and her hand moves to my crotch.

“Did you hear her Ladyship?” Chatsworth says as his hands roam over Ellen’s ass. “Take off your panties and give them to me, you won’t be needing them any more this evening anyway.”

She looks over her shoulder towards me and sees lady Chatsworth’s hand inside my pants, with a sigh of resignation and inevitability she removes the tiny thong and gives it to her employer. He tells her to bend over and continues fondling her legs, ass and pussy.

“There will be more of this later,” he promises, “but for now I want you to see what you can look forward to after your punishment.”

She straightens up and he moves a few steps above her, opens his robe and instructs the maid to pull down his pyjamas. His huge, hard cock springs into view in front of her maid’s. He holds his erection and rubs it over her neck, ears, face and into her hair then forces it into her mouth. Ellen holds the back of his thighs as his hands hold the back of her head pump her mouth over his penis. After a while he pulls out and saliva drips from the head of his cock, “Tease it,” he orders.

His erection twitches as the maid uses the feather duster on his dick, twirling it back and forth, over and under. He lifts his cock and jerks it as the duster excites his nuts then he shoves it back it her mouth.

“That will do for now,” he declares pulling up his pyjama bottoms and tying his robe. “Now carry on with your work.”

She moves slowly up the stairs with her duster, bending over, opening her legs and exaggerating the wiggle of her ass but not before Lord C feels between her legs again. He watches her, brings the thong to his face and inhales deeply. A huge bulge is still evident in the front of his pyjamas.

Lady C undoes my pants, pulls down my underwear and fondles my cock and balls. His Lordship thrusts Ellen’s thong into his wife’s face telling her to smell the pussy he will shortly be fucking.

“You’ve wanted to fuck her for a long time and tonight you will. Her pussy smells sweet; perhaps I’ll taste it when you’re finished with her.” He opens her dressing gown revealing her naked body and removes his pyjamas. Her Ladyship jerks both of us as we stand on either side of her.

“Come here at once, Ellen,” Lord C calls out.

When the maid reaches the bottom of the stairs she sees Lady C with a cock in each hand and stops and stares.

“Don’t just stand there, come here beside me.”

She walks over to him and he places her hand next to his wife’s on his swollen cock, and moves it back and forth.

After a few moments Lady C removes her hand and addresses Ellen, “He’s been lusting after you since you started working for us. He took some photos of you dusting the stairs several weeks ago and I’ve been masturbating and sucking him while he looks at them. He gets very hard looking at you so prepare yourself to be royally fucked tonight.”

With that she turns in her chair and I feel her lips slide over my erection. Lord C places his hands on the maid’s shoulders and forces her to her knees, his big cock bobs up and down in front of her face and he pushes it between her lips. He holds her head with both hands and thrusts his hips back and forth.

“Now, isn’t that better than being on the street?” he says.

The maid can only manage an, “Urrgh,” as Lord C’s dick tickles her tonsils.

Lady C stands and removes her dressing gown. The nipples on her big tits are so aroused they look like bullets.

“Take off your clothes,” she orders and watches me undress, her hands roving over her body from her tits to between her legs.

Ellen continues to choke on Lord C’s big dick and I stand naked before his wife. She grabs my crotch and fondles my erection and balls.

“You’re very hard, I should have done this a long time ago, feel my cunt,” she says lewdly as she masturbates me. I reach out and sink my fingers into her wet vagina. “Umm, that feels good. Why not give Ellen her punishment now then fuck her afterwards?” she adds, turning to her husband. “I want to watch you fuck her.”

“Excellent idea, my Dear, have James arrange the chairs. Kastamonu Escort Bayan I’ll just get something from upstairs,” and he strides off.

Ellen stands and wipes spittle from her mouth with her little white apron as I place three hard-backed dining room chairs following Lady C’s direction. Two chairs face one another about three feet apart, the third I place at right angles between them.

Lord C returns carrying a large dildo, “This should do the trick,” he says with enjoyment.

He sits on the chair at right angles and Lady C sits to his left.

“Come here, Ellen, across my knee, this will teach you a lesson. If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.”

Ellen lies across his Lordship’s lap and Lady C adjusts her position on the chair so that the maid’s face is in her crotch. I’m instructed to sit in the other chair and have a wonderful view of my wife’s ass and pussy.

“Here, James, you’ll need this,” Lord C says handing me the big rubber cock.

Lady C holds Ellen firmly onto her pussy and the Lord begins to fondle her bottom. My cock throbs uncontrollably as he mauls the maid’s ass; he spreads her cheeks and toys with her anus then rubs his fingers all over and into her pussy. I hear the wet sounds his fingers make and begin masturbating. He smacks each cheek a couple of times and Ellen lets out little squeals and wriggles her bottom, making the scene even more erotic. After more mauling and spanking he returns to her pussy and spreads the labia apart. I can see how wet and open she is and ready to be fucked.

Lord C looks at the huge rubber cock in my left hand then at me, “She’s ready for it, give it to her, James.”

I stop jerking my cock and transfer the dildo to my right hand. Ellen squirms with excitement causing the Lord to smack her bum a couple of times and tell her to keep still until the rubber dick is into her. He pulls her labia open and I nudge the dildo into the wet, pink hole.

“Give it to her, James. Shove more of it in,” he demands and I push the thick shaft of rubber deeper.

“Oh yes, fuck the little bitch,” Lady C cries as she rubs the maid’s head violently over her pussy and watches the dildo pummel Ellen’s vagina.

Lord C continues his spanking and fondling of her anus while I ram the dildo in and out with long rapid thrusts. I take it out completely and see her stretched pussy before ramming it in again. The maid climaxes and shortly after by Lady C squeals through an orgasm. I remove the dildo and the perverse Lord jams his fingers in.

“Oh she’s loosened up nicely and ready for some aristocratic dick but first I need to taste it,” he states with satisfaction.

He lifts Ellen off his lap and lays her on the table. Lady C lies next to her and tells me she wants some of the rubber cock before the real thing and opens her legs wide. Her pussy gapes from the tonguing I have given her and I plunge the dildo in. I want to see this upper class bitch squirm and ask for more. I want to fuck her with my lowly butler’s dick and shoot my load deep in her vagina. I ram the dildo in hard over and over then take it out and tease her by just touching her pussy lightly with it. When she thinks I’m about to push it deep I remove it all together. I enjoy seeing her moan and begging me to, “Put it in, please, please, oh yes, give it to me, oh god give it to me.”

His Lordship is next to me holding the maid’s legs high and wide, tonguing her feverishly and she squeals and wriggles her ass. He stands between her legs at the edge of the table and mauls her tits, ass and pussy.

“James, keep me nice and hard,” and looks down at his huge erection.

At first I’m not sure what he means but he repeats the request and I realize what he wants me to do. I reach over and wrap my hand around his cock. It’s long, thick and hard and I feel it pulsing against my fingers. I jerk it back and forth and run my fingers over the head. My own cock is rock hard and no wonder considering the horny situation; I’m fucking Lady C with a big dildo while jerking his Lordship and watching him maul my wife’s body.

“James, you will have the privilege of putting my cock in your wife’s pussy…do it now!”

He steps forward and I rub his erection over the maid’s clit, Escort Kastamonu she’s very wet and moans quietly, I know she wants it bad. She sighs deeply as I steer the dick in and Lord C begins giving it to her with hard, deliberate thrusts.

“Fuck me, James, I’m tiring of rubber and want the real thing,” Lady C says and I remove the dildo.

Her pussy is wide open and looks very inviting and I bend over and probe it with my tongue. I suck on the lips and bite her clit as her husband drills my wife just inches away.

“Ah, James, oh yes, tease my clit, yes, oh yes,” she cries.

I ride a wave of excitement and near ejaculation as I look first at my cock pounding into a highly aroused, squirming and moaning Lady C then look over at my wife taking all of the Lordship’s big, thick erection hard and fast. I reach over and rub her clit and Lord C opens her legs wider exposing her even more to my fingers as he drills her relentlessly. My dick explodes just before Lady C orgasms and I pull out and continue to fuck her with four fingers. Semen soaks my hand and oozes from her pussy onto the table.

Ellen moans, cries and squeals continuously and I go back to teasing her clit. His Lordship glances at my semi-erect cock and says, “Put your cum-covered dick in Ellen’s mouth, it may quieten her down.”

I play the obedient butler and climb on the table over the maid and she takes my cock in her mouth. Bending forward, I tongue her clit and feel and see the power of the huge prick stretching her wet pussy, no wonder she can’t stop moaning and creaming. Lady C leans over the table behind me and licks my ass and nuts. Lord C’s strokes become shorter and both he and the maid scream to a climax simultaneously. He pulls out and shoots a copious load sperm all over her pussy lips, clit and my face. His huge cock twitches in front of me and I grab it and jerk the last of his ejaculation into my mouth. He sinks his still hard dick back in to the maid and pumps forcefully. I lick her cum-drenched clit and tongue Lord C’s mighty cock as it slides back and forth. He withdraws again and rubs his dick over the maid’s pussy, gathering cum and directs it into my mouth. After I suck him clean he drives it back into my wife. This process continues until he rests his soft cock onto her pussy and I flick my tongue and use my mouth on both.

Later, Ellen and I are sitting in bathrobes on separate chairs in the family room after taking a shower. We sip wine and talk about how absolutely horny role-playing is. I’m still mulling over my experience with David’s cock but come to the conclusion that it was perfectly normal under the circumstances and in no way a homosexual act. Ellen must have read my mind; she says she found it incredibly arousing knowing I was sucking David’s cock as he fucked her. I didn’t know if it would ever happen again or if David would want me to. I decided to put it down to a really erotic interlude and if it happened again it was okay. I realized I was getting an erection and opened my robe.

“I’m still horny too,” Ellen said seeing my hardening cock and leapt from her chair onto my lap.

She’s sliding up and down on my cock as I fondle her ass and I’m enjoying letting her do all the work when Gloria comes in wrapped in a towel, “Ooh good, you’re still horny, she bubbles and discards her towel.

She climbs on the chair and positions her bush on my mouth. Her large clit is very sensitive and she has always said I have the best tongue ever. After a while I tell the girls to suck my cock and they have their lips and tongues on it in no time.

David strolls into the room and slumps into the chair opposite, a smile on his face. His towel hugs his waist and he stares at the gals. Pretty soon the towel begins to twitch until a huge tent is erected in his lap. The gals are so busy they don’t realize he is there.

“Sit in the chair, Gloria,” I request as I get out of the chair, “Oh, and there’s something for you over there Ellen.”

She turns and is surprised to see David but smiles when she sees the tent. He stands and rips off the towel and Ellen kneels in front of him. Her lips and tongue lovingly caress every inch of his dick and balls then deep-throats him, choking on her efforts but trying again and again to get it all in her mouth.

Gloria sits in the chair and spreads her legs over the arms. Her pussy is open and I can’t resist tonguing and biting her big, exposed clit again before my dick enters her. I look over my shoulder and Ellen is spreading her legs over the arms of her chair and David lowers his cock to his balls into her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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