Bi adventures of Jim , Nick 6

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This story does not feature Nick as much as I have gone in a different direction then what I previously planned with the series. I however did not want to alter the title so it is still in the same series of stories.


Jim and Hayley Harper sat cuddled together on their couch as the light from the television illuminated the otherwise dark room. The plan of pretending all was normal in their family had for the most part been working. It had only been a week since they came home from a night of debauchery with their friends Nick and Janette to find their own kids engaged in sexual activities of their own. The mother and father of two had spoken only sparingly about it throughout the week. They had mutually agreed to ignore the problem for now, and instead try to formulate some type of plan on addressing what they had witnessed.

Hayley Harper, the mother of two, felt especially conflicted about everything. She introduced the incestuous roleplaying into her and her husband’s sex life, but now seeing it for real made the situation harder to deal with. The blonde haired curvaceous Mother knew deep in her heart that she did not push her Son Wes and Daughter Autumn into the position in which she and Jim caught them in, but it did not make the weight on her feel any lighter.

“So we do movie night, Saturday night and maybe we try and talk to the kids.”

“Yeah if that is the rabbit hole you want to travel down then I guess so.” Jim chuckled as he turned off the living room television.

“Well we need to don’t we?” Hayley questioned with a slightly raised eyebrow.

“Yeah we do I just don’t want to.” Jim replied as he could feel a mix of emotions fill his body.

The parents of Autumn and Wes both knew that talking with their kids was required but both struggled with how to approach the situation. The Mother and Father had been engaging in such lewd family roleplays that they felt torn between turned on and doing what they believed conventional parents should do.

The Saturday morning marked one week to the day since the Harper household took a turn. The Mother was busy in the kitchen doing her ritualistic cleaning from top to bottom following a more than uncomfortably silent breakfast with the family. The Father took a seat in his favorite recliner in his man cave as he decided to flip channels on his television trying to find the scores from the hockey game. Jim’s mind wandered as the variety of emotions washed over him. His Daughter only moments earlier sat at the breakfast table barely covered, and instead of telling her to put clothes on, he could feel his eyes roaming across her body. As he closed his eyes, he could see his little girl used by her own brother. The conflicted Father was more than upset about it all, but at the same time, the image caused a stirring in his loose fitting sweats. He wondered quietly in his mind if his feelings were because he saw his daughter having sex with her brother or was his feelings of confliction because he wished it were he on top of his little girl forcing his thick cock deep inside her.

Jim slowly snaked his hand inside the loose-fitting elastic waistband of his gray sweat pants to find his nearly hairless cock. He was almost fully erect his near nine-inch monster was already starting to leak pre-cum as he gripped it. Jim’s hands were rough from working while his cock was smooth and freshly shaven, the contrast of the feelings made the horny father grunt softly as he stroked himself. The images of his son thrusting vigorously into his daughter burnt into his mind, he thought back to a week ago he could almost hear his daughter Autumn crying out for her Daddy to fuck her harder. Jim’s pulse quickened as his breathing became harder, the grip on his thick veiny shaft tightened as he graduated from gradual strokes to full on jacking off. The scene in his mind had the father of two on the brink he could feel he was near orgasm but was not quite there. The ringing of the phone temporarily pushing him further from his goal as he grabbed it off the coffee table having noticed his friend Nick’s name displayed on the caller ID.

“Yeah?” Jim said gripping the cordless phone with his left hand as he slowed his pace down with the right but did not relinquish his grip on his cock. The thirty-seven-year-old father kept his eyes clenched trying to keep the image of his daughter’s perfect body glistening with sweat as she took a brutal fucking.

“Yeah? Is that how you answer the phone?” Nick Kelly, Jim’s lifelong best friend, laughed into the phone at the greeting he had received. The pair often never hesitated to hurl insults at one another, but a simple yeah was a little uncommon.

“I was well I was in the middle of something…” Jim’s voice trailed off as he tried to think of a way to tell his best friend he had interrupted him jerking off.

“Oh…Oh, I’m sorry man tell Hayley my bad.”

“She is in the kitchen. I am kinda on a solo mission at the moment.”

“Oh damn, I didn’t think bursa eve gelen eskort bayan of that. Sorry, bro I just wanted to see if we were still on for the hockey game Sunday.”

“Yeah, I’ll be there.” Jim said in a low gravely tone.

“You still jerking it while we talk?” Nick questioned as the tone of his friend tipped him off that something was still ongoing.

“Yeah, I am so close I just need to cum. I couldn’t stop now.”

“Would it help if it was my ass sitting on that big thick dick?”

“What the fuck?”

“Come on Jim, we both love it. Would you like it if I was sitting on it letting you fuck my butt like you did last week?” Nick groaned as now he began stroking his own cock.

“Dude please stop.”

“No Jim you’d hang up if you wanted me to stop. We are bi just admit it. I love that big fucking cock deep in my ass hole. I love it when you suck mine as well. Maybe I will ride your dick as Janette sits her little pussy right on your face you can lick it and tongue her deep as I take the full length of your dick in my ass. Then when I get all that hot cum deep in me, that wife of yours can spread my ass open and lick me clean.”

“Oh fuck yes! Then fuck her ram your cock deep in Hayley while I fuck Janette till she cries.”

“Get rough with Janette abuse her she fucking loves it. Do her like a slut while I shove myself into your wife.”

“Fuck her bald pussy hard man use my little girl.”

“Fuck yeah I’m gonna fill her with cum just like you did my ass.” Nick said as he could feel the cum building inside himself. The comment his friend making about “my little girl” only causing him to pause momentarily.

Jim and Nick both let out a near simultaneous grunt as they reached climax together. The pair both sitting in awkward silence for a few short minutes, which felt as if it was hours before the deafening silence was finally broken. “Well yeah, so that just happened.” Jim said as he could feel the blood rushing to his face as the embarrassment of having phone sex with his best friend hit him.

“Yeah, oddly this seems more awkward then actual sex.” Nick laughed as he too could feel the sting of a rush of blood filling his cheeks.

“Ok so yeah hockey game yep sounds good talk at you later.” Jim said as he threw the phone onto the other recliner. “What the fuck was that!” he exclaimed loudly.

Autumn Harper also threw her phone down as she could feel the moisture building between her legs. The nineteen-year-old daughter of Jim and Hayley had managed to hit the answer button on her phone simultaneously as her Dad hit the answer button on his. The teenage daughter started to hang up when she heard Nick, and her dad talking Hockey but stayed on the line thinking another empty house was in her future. The blonde haired teen felt a state of surprise wash over her when the conversation turned from boring to rated X in just a matter of seconds. “So Daddy and Uncle Nick have had sex? Mom knows about it and what exactly did Daddy mean by use my little girl?” Autumn’s head spun as she tried to wrap herself up in what she had heard. The older teen’s bright blue eyes were wide as the thoughts of her Mother and Father’s sexual trysts filled her mind.

Jim Harper had just exited the communal bathroom that was near his man cave. The naughty Husband had to switch his sweats out after cumming inside the other pair. The warmness of the rush of blood to his face only now starting to subside as his son Wes unexpectedly greeted him.

“Hey, Dad.”

“What the hell Wes!” Jim nervously exclaimed.

“Uh sorry?” Wes confusedly replied as he was unsure why greeting his father would have startled him.

“It’s cool. I guess the old man has just had too much caffeine, and I’m a little jumpy.”

Wes Harper the eighteen-year-old son of Jim and Hayley immediately did not buy the excuse as his Dad rarely ever touched anything caffeinated. “Okay whatever Dad, I just wanted to know if I could borrow some cash I got a date, and well I am broke.”

“Sure grab some from my wallet.” Jim readily agreed to his son’s requested in an attempt to get out of what was feeling like a very uncomfortable situation.

Wes again knew something was up because his dad had never agreed so quickly to loan out money. The teen wanted to push a little bit to find out what was up, but at the same time did not want to push his luck. “Okay well I am going to just grab some cash, and then I am leaving early today to meet Heather and some friends.”

“Yeah, money, friends and Heather got it go.”

“Wait a damn second, I thought tonight was going to be family movie night.” Hayley said as she walked in having overheard the father-son conversation. The mother of two loved having her family together at least one time a week for movies or games, but this family night was supposed to be the night she was to confront her children about what she saw. The thirty-six-year-old bursa eskort bayanlar mother had been working and prepping an entire monologue on what she and Jim had seen, and how it was not natural but she would not judge them as long as they were not falling in love or inbreeding.

“Come on mom, Heather is well hot, and well it is kind of a day date thing I should be back early enough to still catch a movie with you and dad. I mean I doubt Autumn is staying home today anyway.”

“Don’t bring your sister into this, we are talking about you, and besides I already spoke with her she has canceled her plans, and she is picking the first movie tonight.”

“Her tastes suck, so can I go out with Heather and come home to watch something that’s not subtitled.”

“Just go, Wes.”

“But Jim…”

“Hayley Beth just let the boy go he will be home in time for a movie he said he would.”

“Okay just be safe sweetie and well wear a condom.”


“Oh please I’ve heard you on the phone talking about Heather’s skills, and they aren’t cooking or cleaning.” The blonde haired mother giggled as she playfully mimicked giving a blowjob.

“Y’all are crazy.” Wes laughed as he trotted off to retrieve the money from his dad’s wallet.

Hayley glanced into the hallway to ensure the coast was clear before turning her attention back to her husband of many years. “I wanted to address the family situation tonight.” The loving wife said between tightly clenched teeth.

“I know…I know, and when he gets home you can, I just wanted him to have fun tonight before he gets hit with the awkward conversation of the century.”

Hayley giggled, as she knew it was going to be a crazy night if she did manage to go ahead with her plans. “Hey, why are you in camo sweats now?” The wife asked as her attention returned fully to her husband.

“I had an accident in the others.”


“I came in them, are you happy?”

“I’m confused actually.”

“Why are you eavesdropping on your son’s phone conversations?” Jim questioned his wife attempting to change the subject.

“Is it really eavesdropping if I just happen to answer the phone at the same time and listen to the conversation?”

“Yes, yes it is.”

“Huh, who knew?” Hayley giggled as she walked away.

The day progressed as usual for the Harper’s on a Saturday; Wes left early while Hayley made some snacks then called her remaining family to the living room to start a movie night. “Since Wes, had to leave for a “day date” we are going to start a movie a little earlier so it won’t be too late by the time he gets back.” Hayley said as she placed air quotes around the day date. The mom of two knowing all too well what her hormone driven son was up to.

Jim laughed at his wife’s apparent overreaction to their son’s date. He and Hayley had never shied away from the topic of sex, and they were very open about it with their kids. The kids both known to be sexually active and neither parent had previously batted an eye until recently. Jim could see a visible change in his wife as they progressed further with their fantasy roleplays and even more so now after catching the kids involved in their own version of it. The father/husband could see his normally overly confident sexual wife a little more frazzled than usual and even a twinge of jealousy hinted in her words when speaking of her son and another woman. “Hayley Beth this isn’t the first time Wes has gone out to hook up with someone and likely won’t be the last. If you remember it was you that told them to have fun as long as they stayed safe.”

“Don’t throw my words back at me and stop with the first and middle name stuff makes me feel like a little girl in trouble.”

“Yeah well, maybe daddy likes his little girl…” Autumn chimed in but let her thought trail off. The nineteen-year-olds head still spinning from the phone conversation she had overheard tried to act casual as she nearly tipped her hat about what she heard. The young blonde-haired teenager instead focused on making her a comfortable spot on the family’s loveseat, throwing her favorite pillow and throw blanket onto the love seat. The older teen also felt a small twinge of jealousy that her brother was off hooking up and it was not with her. A vast array of emotions swirled within her athletic nineteen-year-old frame as she wrestled with all that was happening. The teenager scrolled through the family’s streaming service searching out a movie as she wiggled around under her well-worn throw blanket finding the most comfortable position.

“Please, no foreign stuff.”

“Jim, Autumn gets to pick so shut it.” Hayley scolded as she looked at her husband with raised eyebrows.

“Last time she picked we watched something that was a cross between Debbie does Dallas and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but it was subtitled.” Jim said as he laughed aloud as he over exaggerated about his daughter’s eclectic görükle escort bayanlar taste in movies.

“Sweetie you pick whatever you want.” The caring mother said in a soothing tone as she set the snacks on the small coffee table within reach of all three of them.

Autumn reached down and retrieved her usual cup and took a sip as she finally hit enter on a movie. She could feel the all too familiar sting of alcohol hit her taste buds as she almost spits the drink out. “Uh Mom, I think you put your drink in my cup.”

“Oh no sweetie, I just thought I’d let you have a little while we are home instead of sneaking it when we go out.” The corners of the mom’s mouth curled slightly to a near devilish grin, as she blatantly called out her daughter.

Jim’s eyebrow raised as he looked into his wife’s almost emerald eyes trying to figure out what her plans were.

“I don’t drink mom.”

“Really?” Hayley sarcastically replied to her daughter as she sipped from her own mixed drink. “I think my watered filled vodka bottle would tell another story.” The sarcastic mother was not mad; she thought it was funny that her daughter was trying to spin the same stories she did as a teen. “It’s okay daddy, and I aren’t mad we know what it’s like to be a teen and do naughty things. I mean we all do naughty things don’t we.”

Autumn’s stomach churned as her mom’s use of the word “naughty” seemed over the top and almost perverse. Her brain practically hurt as it went into overdrive, did they know about her and her brother? Did they know about them calling each other Mom and Dad during sex? A deluge of questions popped into the teen’s brain as she opted to gulp the alcohol-laced fruit drink from the cup. Autumn pushed the fast forward button down on the remote forcefully as she skipped the opening credits hoping the mix of the movie and alcohol would silence the thoughts in her head.

Jim adjusted his position on the brown leather couch as he covered him and his wife Hayley with the fleece Alabama throw blanket. The married couple of near ten years snuggled in close as they started to attempt to watch their daughter’s movie selection. Jim could feel his drink was stronger than usual wondering if his wife’s plan for the night included having the family drunk as leaned down to kiss the top of his wife’s head, the smell of coconut emanating from her long blonde locks. The slightly confused husband, however, could not become fully engrossed in the movie playing as his mind continued to focus on what was going to happen if Hayley moved ahead with whatever her plans might be.

The vibration of his cell phone easily got Jim’s attention as he pressed the screen to read the message. His lips moved slightly as he read it quietly to himself. “I don’t think I can do this.” Jim read then looked at his wife who was busy sipping her drink, after laying down her phone.

“Do what? Watch this movie? LOL!” Jim quickly replied to the message.

Hayley huffed as she read the reply. “You know what. I thought I could, but I don’t know I just don’t know.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m a bad mom… because I think I really want to see you fuck Autumn.”


“Like hard like use her look at her barely covered she looks so sexy.”

Jim’s cock was in a state of semi-erectness as Hayley “accidently” brushed against it several times, while their secret text exchange continued. “Sweetie we need to make a call here, and this was your game from the start I’m not making the first ducking move.”


“Fucking…FUCKING… Damn Autocorrect.” Jim fought back the urge to laugh about the issue but instead placed his phone back down with hopes of watching the movie and dealing with the drama later.

Autumn, however, was not helping the sexual tension her dad was feeling as she kept adjusting her position on the loveseat putting more and more of her firm tan flesh on display. Her teenage body clad in a thin cotton t-shirt and matching short shorts. The dad knew he was staring he also knew his wife was catching him looking. His long leers at his daughter coincidently timed perfectly with his wife grazing his ever-growing cock more and more. Jim had to force himself back to the movie he wanted to keep his eyes locked on the LED screen. The sexually driven husband and father screamed out in his head not to make eye contact with his wife, and that it was his daughter and despite all the talk and all, that he had seen or fantasized about it was just not something he should do.

After many years of marriage, Hayley could read her husband’s body language. She did not have to make eye contact to know what was going on. Her husband Jim had zeroed in on their daughter, his long thick cock was leaking pre-cum. Hayley contemplated picking up her cell phone to send another discreet message but instead opted to move closer to Jim. The sexually torn mother began to nibble his ear as she slid her hand inside his shorts. “Mmm baby look at her so fucking sexy.” Hayley cooed into Jim’s ear in the faintest of whispers. Her long fingers were barely able to wrap around the girth of her husband’s swelling cock. “I think we should stop denying ourselves what we want.” The wanton wife again whispering as she could feel her body temperature rising.

“I thought you just said…You can’t do this.” Jim whispered in reply.

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