Bi-Lesbian Arrangement

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My ex-husband, Glen had come round to pick up our 9 year old son for the midterm break. We had remained good friends after the divorce, and it was his turn to take our son and his mates away.

Glen has remained supportive of my different relationship with Lou and we all knew each other since college. Glen was happy to remain my cock fuck buddy but Lou and I were in love and I am always mesmerized by those lovely large tits which made her the sexiest creature that anyone would like to fuck, and she chose me even though she knows I like a strong cock at times.

My ex-husband told our son to get his bags in the car and go out and call his friends over as he was ready to leave in an hour. Once our son dashed about and ran the errands, Glen asked if I needed a fuck before he left. I looked at the bulge in his pants and he promised it will be quick and he pulled out his cock and I began to suck hard and then long at his cock. I licked at the base of the head of his cock which usually sends him wild. In return he pulled up my T shirt and squeezed my tits and pulled me up by my nipples and buried his lips on my protruding nipples and slipped his fingers into my cunt and finger fucked my cunt for a while.

I looked at the time and grabbed his hard cock and shoved his cock, which was a thick long muscle into my wet cunt and leaned on the back of the sofa and he banged hard from behind, then he lifted one of my legs to rest it on the sofa so that he can thrust deeper. My exposed breast bounced with each thrust and his one hand was used to hold me in place while the other hand rubbed my clit. When the orgasm was coming I leaned over the sofa to take his thrust that was harder and deeper into my cunt and finally he exploded his cum inside my cunt. I fell to the floor exhausted from the intense fuck and quickly put my finger into my cunt to scoop his cum out. We washed quickly and dressed Pendik Escort and Glen rushed out to the waiting boys and drove off.

I felt bad cheating on Lou again but I know she has had a few flings with colleagues and she knows I also like a good cock fuck.

When Lou arrived less than 15 minutes later, either out of guilt or just being horny, I met her by the door and planted a long kiss on her lips. She was pleased with this and she commented on my still long nipples that were still protruding through the knit wear T shirt and I realized that I forgot to put on my bra after Glen and I fucked. She tweaked one of my nipples and asked if we had time for a quick one before going away to her father’s lodge for the weekend.

I told her we should wait to get to the lodge and we can have as many suck and fuck sessions as we wanted. I really wanted to suck and kiss her all over especially those large tits but the real reason is that she will still taste Glen’s scent and cum and my cunt will snitch on me that she has been fucked by a cock.

Lou said she would join me in not wearing a bra with her net T shirt so we can both have our nipples free to access. This was very difficult for me as all I wanted was to suck Lou’s nipples and she knew it.

We quickly packed the car and then Lou said she had a present for me and asked to place a vibrating egg inside my cunt that will vibrate inside my cunt and as she slipped her finger into my cunt she noticed I had a moist cunt. She inserted one in her cunt after licking it and then she pressed the remote control fully on mine and it pulsated in my cunt and said it will keep us going for the journey, she later set it for intermittent. When we were just 2 miles from the lodge she pulled into the gas garage to pick up the shopping and fill up the car.

The gas garage man noticed that the back tire was punctured Pendik Escort Bayan and we had not noticed we had a deflated tire, so he said he was busy finishing someone’s car and would repair our when his son returned. Lou pressed the remote control of my egg vibrator and I went all red and my nipples were beginning to extend. Jack, the garage owner noticed my nipples and saw how uncomfortable I was and I couldn’t move. He came close to me and asked if he can help us in our desperation. Lou asked if we could borrow a car and when ours was ready he can drop it off and we will make it worth his while. He apologized for not offering earlier as he knew Lou’s family very well. So he threw us his van keys and we put a few things at the back and when he came to show me the lights and wipers buttons (as if it was necessary for the next two miles) he let his arm brush past my legs and his face spoke mainly to my long nipples.

Lou laughed once we drove off and said she noticed how he was talking to our tits all the time. I reached out to her tits and gave it a long squeeze and said I did not blame him with great nipples pressed in T shirts his cock must be throbbing.

We arrived at the lodge and quickly grabbed the few bags and once inside we just dropped the bags and started to kiss hotly and Lou held me on my back and began to kiss and suck at my nipples and I reached for her huge tits and began to squeeze her nipples as she likes. She gave me her egg vibrator’s remote control and she held mine and we set the cunts to pulsate and thump and she pulled at the cord to the entrance of my cunt and then let it slip back in and I laid on her grind our pussy against each other’s leg before pulling out the fuck egg vibrators which was dripping from our cum and we licked each other’s cunt simultaneously.

Jack and his son turned up and so we wrapped up Escort Pendik in skimpy towels and once he was paid for the repair. Lou saw him staring at our poor state of undress and told him we have been fucking but now need a cock or two and asked if he wanted to lend us a hand. The son who was slightly taller than his father already pushed straight in and already started to take his shoes off.

Jack agreed and said as his son, Jason was up to it, and so both Lou and I sucked at their big cocks before letting each one fuck us in turn. I watched as the father had his stiff cock in Lou’s cunt thrusting deeper and longer and the son had his cock in her mouth and I moved between and sucked her tits and went to lick her pussy and his balls that was pounding into her. When Jack had shot his cum all over the entrance of her cunt he told me to get on my knees and let his son fuck me. Lou slid under me to watch my cunt filled by the young man’s cock which was wild and uncontrolled. His father told him to pace himself and I licked Lou’s cunt and was able to smell the scent of his cock and her juice. Jack drove his two fat fingers into Lou and I licked the juice that came with his fingers. I had to stop as the son was going to furiously split me wide open as he thrust deeper and faster and he finally spat his cum inside my cunt. Before I could spoon it out with my finger his father was on my cunt with his hard cock and he filled my wet pussy that still held his son’s cum and he told his son to finish off Lou’s cunt.

Jack’s cock was thicker than Jason and Lou told him to raise my legs to his shoulder to make sure that no cum escaped. Jack’s fuck was full of passion and his long thick cock would pull out slightly almost out of my cunt and then slammed back in long and hard and so we fucked until Jack shot his warm cum thrusting deep inside my cunt. Lou said she enjoyed seeing my cunt fucked and I should not worry because she will spend the night licking all the cum out. Jack and Jason finally left and Lou kissed me and said she loved to see me being fucked more than she enjoys being fucked. I later confessed to her that Glen and I fucked earlier and she smiled that she already knew.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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