Big Girls Don’t Cry Ch. 03

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Many thanks to MRiceman1964 for editing, commenting, and keeping an eye on reality for me, thanks, Mike! As this is a direct follow from Part 2, it would make sense to read that first, otherwise things may become slightly confusing…

As before, I caution you that, while there is a certain correspondence between the real world and the world I’ve written here, they are not the same place, these stories are not factual, and any parallels the reader wants to draw with the real world are entirely the responsibility of the reader.

All comment is welcome, those that actually say something, or make helpful or useful criticism , or are just funny, are kept; all the loony, scary, weird and just plain nasty ones are deleted, so if you just want to be nasty, don’t waste your time, I’ll only delete it (unless it’s funny…)

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I held Lena close, feeling her warmth against me as I kissed her cheek lightly, then I took her hand, my sister’s hand, and slipped the antique engagement ring onto her finger, pulling her close again to kiss her cheek once more and whisper that I loved her, while mum stood by and smiled sadly. Finally she dabbed at her eyes and passed me a piece of paper with a ‘University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust’ heading. I looked at her questioningly.

“What is this mum?” I asked her, and she smiled.

“It’s the number for my old head of department; he’s head of the Cardio-Vascular unit at the Royal Infirmary, and he’s looking for a Junior Surgical Consultant for a Locum to substantive post with the Cardiology team; I told him about you, and he’s waiting for you to call him. It’s initially for six months, but the post will become substantive if you decide to remain with the team; I think you should take it; you and Lena will need this, so do it soon, Darryl, please, for both of you.”

I hugged her tightly, she’d solved my first problem, and now Lena and I had something to tell everyone. I nodded to Lena and all eyes switched to her.

“Mum, daddy, Darryl and I have been talking, and we’ve come to a decision; we want to have a baby, soon, this year. Please don’t object or start giving me reasons why we can’t, this is what we want, we think it’s what this family needs, there are…other reasons why we want a baby this year, you know as well as I what they are, but this is for us, and for you. We love each other very much, and this is what we both want.”

Dad smiled, looking slightly bemused, but not surprised, mum smiled slightly, nodding as though something had become clear.

“What you kids do is not really my business anymore,” said dad, “I’m in no position to tell you what’s right or wrong, but I will say just one thing again; Darryl, Lena’s been in love with you since forever, don’t make her regret giving her heart to you, and I mean that; in a little while there’ll be only the two of you here, you’ll have to take care of each other, and any little ones who come along, so you have to be sure that this is what you want. Your Aunt Min’s right, this is an all-in deal, so now’s the time to back out if you’re going to, not two years down the line, or five or ten. I want to leave this world secure in the knowledge that my kids have done the right thing by each other, and that they’re going to keep on doing it for each other and their family.”

Lena left her seat and came and stood next to me, her fingers gently stroking the back of my neck, before sitting on my lap, my arm instinctively going around her waist to hold her to me. She used to sit like this before, when we were younger, but now there was a whole new meaning to why she chose to do that, and mum and dad both got it.

“Mum, daddy, Darryl and I will be fine; we’ve both got what we want, you really don’t need to worry about us, or what we’re doing, or where we’re going with this; we know what we feel for each other, and what we want out of life, for both of us, and it starts right here!”

After that there was a flurry of family hugs and conversation about when they were leaving, things they should take and leave behind, bright and positive, but with an undercurrent of bitter sadness.

I called the number mum gave me and made an appointment to see her old boss after she and dad had left, and he understood; he was quite despondent at her leaving, she’d been Head Nurse in the Cardiology Centre before taking up her post in the Renal Unit, and was one of his most trusted friends and colleagues in both posts. He really didn’t want to let her go, but he knew what was happening with dad, and accepted that I had more pressing things to deal with just now.

That night, Lena and I went up to bed together, mum and dad making no comment when we left together, and just a broad wink from Min. Once we got to the room, Lena wasted no time in stripping off and climbing into bed naked. I held out her sleeping shirt, but she just dimpled and declined it.

“What’s the point in putting it on Dar, bursa escort bayanlar you’ll just yank it off me again! I’ll just sleep raw if you don’t mind!”

I didn’t mind at all, she was a wonderful sight to behold naked, and I could feel all kinds of interest stirring, something she noted as I climbed into bed.

We held each other close, as much for comfort as for the chance to feel each other’s body pressed together so intimately, and the involuntary reflex struck; my cock was rock hard and ready for action from being pressed against Lena’s smooth hairless mound, something she noticed immediately.

“So Darryl, you feel like a little contact sport, some night games, yes?” she whispered in my ear, and try as I might to think how inappropriate this would be, all I really wanted to do was jam my cock into her as hard and as far as I could. Taking my silence as agreement, she wrapped her little hand around my hardness and squeezed gently. I reciprocated by sliding my hands down and cupping her sexy cheeks, enjoying the springy firmness of them in the palms of my hands as I squeezed and kneaded them.

“Got any new moves in your playbook, Stud?” she teased, licking my lips as she kissed me with light, feathery kisses all over my face and neck.

In reply, I rolled her onto her back and clamped my lips over her nipples, sucking at the rubbery little stalks in turn and flicking them with my tongue tip, making her giggle and sigh. I moved on down, lightly kissing and licking her tummy, licking and swirling my tongue around in her gorgeous little navel before kissing down to her beautiful bare little pussy. I slid between her thighs and pulled toward me, putting my hands behind her knees and pushing her legs up to raise her pelvis off the bed.

“Why Darryl whatever are you doing to me!?” she cooed, and in answer I dipped my head down to lick in a long slow line from the hood of her clitoris all the way to her cute, sexy, tempting little pink starfish.

“Ooohhh! That feels so good, keep doing that!” she groaned, and I obliged by pushing her legs even further over, until her knees were almost touching her shoulders, her pussy pointing straight at the ceiling.

Now I licked and sucked in earnest, pushing my tongue between the folds of flesh enfolding her vulva, probing between them, tasting and teasing her. I came at last to the hard little knob of her clitoris, fully emerged from its little hood and glowing pale pink, slick, shiny and appealing. Lena kept up a constant sighing encouragement, the words “oh yes, like that, yes, oh yes…!” tripping endlessly from her lips as I licked, sucked, teased, and tormented her delicious, sopping wet pussy, paying especially close attention to her clitoris, sucking it gently and rubbing it lightly with my tongue.

Lena was threshing about on the bed, mini-orgasms bursting through her in waves, and when I slid my hand around her hip and rubbed her clitoris as I pushed my tongue deep into her vagina, she came with a loud groan, her pussy convulsing around my tongue as she shuddered and trembled with pleasure.

I hadn’t finished with her yet, though; as she began to come down, I rubbed her clitoris lightly with my thumb, while I licked and tickled her anus with my tongue-tip, listening to the murmured “Oh! Oh! Oh!” as I darted my tongue in and out of her. I kept up the motion of my thumb on her clitoris, alternating with sliding it into her pussy in time to my tongue thrusts into her tight, slick little hole.

Lena began to twitch and push her crotch into my face, humping herself against me as I probed and jabbed inside her private places, her breathing beginning to hitch as she approached her orgasm, and as her pussy tightened about my intruding thumb, I shoved my tongue into her anus as hard as I could.

She came with a guttural scream, warm tangy-sweet liquid spraying across my face and neck as she ejaculated with the force of her orgasm, her anus contracting and forcing my tongue out as her pussy clamped down tightly around my thumb. I kept stroking her clitoris and licking her anus, keeping her orgasm rolling on.

At last she was done, her legs dropping back down to the bed and her breathing harsh as she gulped for air, and I could see a pulse beating in her neck and the base of her throat. As I watched, she calmed, her breathing slowing and her pulse no longer hammering.

“That was awesome, Dar, where did you learn that? Oh yes, Gower Street Nurses Quarters, why do I even bother asking…?” she smiled, and then took hold of me.

“You need to do something about this, Lover-Boy; any ideas?” she grinned wickedly, holding my bone-hard erection and circling her thumb in the clear lubricant oozing from the tip.

I shuffled up between her wide-spread thighs, and leaned down, Lena guiding me until I slid into her, the sudden constriction around my cock exciting and highly stimulating. Lena hissed as I slid all the way into her, until I was buried to the very root in her bayan sarisin escort bursa hot, tight pussy. I stopped to let her prepare herself, and she pulled my head down, kissing me once lightly on the lips.

“What are you waiting for, Daryl? Get a move on, make babies in me!”

I grinned, beginning to move within her, slipping in and out as I pumped her full of my cock. Lena held herself tight against me, her hips pumping against mine, and her pussy squeezing and relaxing as I jammed myself into her. She was close to orgasm again, I could see it in her flushed face and neck, her elevated heart rate and the glazed look developing on her face. I was near the point of no return when she began muttering in my ear, goading me on, heating me up even further.

“That’s it, Darryl, shove that cock into me, fill me with baby juice, you put a ring on my finger, now put a baby in my belly, c’mon stud, fuck that baby into me, don’t you want to see my belly with your baby inside it?!”

I lost it, hammering mindlessly into her, my whole world consisting of the feel of her wrapped around me, humping against me as I pumped into her, her arms around me as she talked endlessly in my ear, telling me what she wanted me to do to her, making me hot, making me want to just explode inside her.

Lena came in a series of convulsions, a volcanic eruption of pleasure inside her, her pussy rippling and sucking at my cock. All I could hear was her scream as she orgasmed, and that did it for me; I came like a thunderbolt, pouring pulse after pulse of spunk into her tight pussy, jamming my cock into her as I filled her up, wanting nothing but to make my baby inside her right now, this instant; this was going to be the one, I was sure of it! We convulsed against each other for long minutes, stream after stream of sperm pouring out of me and into her, doing what she’d asked, filling her with my baby juice, mating with her, impregnating my sister, my aunt, my girl.

I slumped down next to her, totally spent, Lena in almost the same state from the endless orgasms she’d been having all night. I was almost too tired to think, but I did remember to switch on the alarm clock, and then I pulled Lena close, and that was it until the ringing of the alarm woke us the next morning.

The drive to the airport was as grim and tense as I’d been dreading it would be; Lena went in the MPV taxi with mum, dad, and their luggage, squeezing-in a last few minutes with them, and I followed with the aunts as my passengers. Min tried talking to me as we drove to Bristol International, the old Lulsgate Airport, but I had too much on my mind right then, so after a while she gave up, Doreen just leaning over to brush my face with her fingertips without saying anything. Lena had been even more uncommunicative this morning, the reality of our parents’ leaving now striking home, but I had nothing to say to her; what could I possibly have said? Min and Doreen seemed to understand this, and even their small talk together soon petered-out.

We sat in the departure lounge, waiting for their flight to Paphos to be called, me mostly in silence, Lena looking lost and ready to cry.

I felt like I was about one step behind her; they weren’t going on holiday, they weren’t retiring abroad, they were going to Cyprus because my dad was dying, and his doctor thought he might eke out a few more weeks or months of life if he left. I understood that; I’d probably have made the same recommendation, but that didn’t make me feel any better about it.

Then the moment came I’d been dreading; I looked up at the departures board and their flight was up, time to go. Mum saw it as well and pulled Lena to her in one last, desperate bear-hug. Lena looked at her in surprise, then glanced up and saw the board, and a look of utter loss and desolation settled on her face. She tried to say something, but all that came out was a soft mewing sound of anguish and unbearable loss.

Mum and dad started pushing the trolley with their hand-luggage to the gate, Lena tagging along with them, and me trailing behind, unable to believe this moment had actually come, that they were actually leaving us. The two aunts hung back, crying as they waved goodbye, their own hugs and farewell kisses done. Lena started crying, and mum reached up to wipe her tears, tears streaming down her own face. When we got to the gate, dad turned to me and hugged me close, holding the back of my neck as I hugged him, then he pulled away and grinned his old grin.

“See you in a month or so, eh?” he smiled, and I grinned back in spite of myself.

“You bet, have the beers on ice!” I smiled, suddenly feeling just a little more upbeat; we’d see them again in a few weeks, this wasn’t goodbye, it was just ‘Au Revoir’; it helped if I thought like that; not a lot, but some.

“Love you, Son!”” he whispered, and I whispered back “Love you too, dad!”

When we’d finally hugged and kissed them goodbye a dozen times, they walked through bursa evi olan eskort the Departure Gate, and it was all I could do to stop myself barring their way, dragging them back home; I was a doctor, I could look after my dad, he didn’t need to die in a foreign country…thoughts like these filled my head, but I stood my ground; they needed to do this, it was for dad, and it was what he wanted, it was what he needed for mum.

Just as they disappeared through Immigration Control, Lena darted forward, obviously planning on following them, but I’d been half-expecting something like this and I caught her before she gone two steps, grabbing her round the waist and holding her as she struggled.

“Get…off…they’re leaving…No, Darryl, please, …fucking let go of me! No….Mummy…no, don’t go…wait for me…Daddy, no, wait for me, pleeaase…!”

I held her tightly, holding her against me as she struggled and tried to squirm out of my grasp.

“Lena, no, stop it, no, Lena, wait, you can’t go in there, you haven’t got a passport, they’ll arrest you, stop it!”

She suddenly went limp against me, moaning softly “…No…No…They’re going…stop them, please, Darryl, please, make them stop…mum…!”

I held her close to me as she cried against my shoulder, stroking her hair as she sobbed herself out. At last she stopped crying, taking the tissue I offered her.

“Why did you stop me Dar? I could have called them back; they don’t have to go…!”

I gently pulled her round to look at me.

“Look, baby, you can’t go in there, but this is what we’ll do; over there is the Easyjet desk, we’ll get you a ticket and you can fly out tomorrow, with a passport and a proper ticket and everything, OK? I knew you couldn’t let them go, not like this, so you go out and stay with mum and dad for as long as you want, I’ll be here, waiting for you. I won’t be lonely, Aunt Doreen lives nearby, maybe I’ll ask her to come and stay while you’re away. I really think you need to do this, so you should. I’ll hopefully have a new job to be getting to grips with, so I won’t have time to be lonely, but if I need you, I can still call you, and you just come back home when you’re ready.”

Lena looked at me wide-eyed.

“You’d do that? Really?” and I nodded.

“In a heartbeat; I can’t bear to see you crying, and I won’t have you being sad when I can do something about it. We can fix this easily enough; you were wrong when you said you could let them go, we know that now, so let’s fix this right now. Come on; let’s get your ticket for you!”

My heart was breaking as I said it; the thought of losing her, maybe for months on end, was something I didn’t even want to think about, but I couldn’t have my girl hurting and sad. She needed more time with mum and dad, and I could give it to her, it was the least I could do, and it was the right thing to do; my own needs would have to take a back-seat; my sister, my girl, the centre of my world, needed me to do this for her.

We booked her on a flight bound for Paphos the following morning, and drove home in silence, both of us too full of our thoughts to talk about anything, even the aunts sitting silently in the back seat, and spent a gloomy afternoon packing her bags and a quiet evening talking about nothing much. When we went to bed, Lena held me close all night, almost fearful of letting go of me. We didn’t make love; we had far too much to think about.

I took her to the airport alone; Doreen and Min had elected to let us have a little privacy and spend the day together, so it was just the two of us at the airport, fidgeting as we waited for the inevitable. When her flight was called it felt like the end of everything, and once again I had to restrain myself, this time from holding her back, from preventing her getting on that flight, but I let her go, and walked her to the gate. Once there, she turned and held me close, kissing me long and desperately, then breaking off to hold my face in her hands.

“I’ll be back soon, baby, I swear; I just want a chance to say goodbye properly; they did everything in such a rush I just got…swept along, and I never got to say goodbye properly, or get used to the idea of them leaving; that’s all this is. I love you Darryl, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, but I have to go and say goodbye first, can you understand that?”

Of course I understood, I always had; in truth I wanted to do the exact same thing, but now she had to go, so I kissed her and watched her walk through Immigration Control and disappear. Going home was almost unbearable, the thought of going back to that big echoing house alone was almost too much to bear, and when I got home, it was as bad as I thought it would be. I wandered around, completely lost and alone for the first time in my life, a solitary ghost haunting this enormous house where so much had happened, and now it was just me, drifting sadly from room to room, nothing here now but fading echoes of the lives that had been lived there before moving on.

Min came home about seven that evening to find me moping about the place, already more lonely than I had ever been in my entire life. I’d already called mum’s old boss and had confirmed an appointment to see him the following morning, so maybe I’d have a job to fill up my days and distract me from the aching loneliness now that Lena was gone.

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