Biker Sex

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She could feel her pulse racing thru her chest. She could hear the music humming in the background. She thought about all the things she would do that night and giggled like schoolgirl at the fun she was going to have. The black leather cat suit with the zippers on her breasts and pussy was waiting for her to melt into it. Her makeup was on and perfect. Her hair was great. Now all she had to do was follow through on her plan.

Her mind raced as she dressed in her black leather cat suit. She slid her little feet into her precious fuck me boots and looked at herself in the mirror. Perfect, just perfect….. He would melt with the touch of her hand.

Her heart started to race as the doorbell rang. She answered the door and there he was…. Looking like a biker god standing before her. He had his shirt taunt over his chest, his jeans hugging every inch of his lower body, his hair pulled back in a long ponytail down his spine. The goatee on his chin impeccably trimmed. The smell of his cologne wafting up, to entice her senses. Her loins ached just seeing him stand before her.

As they left and got on his new bike she knew what she had to do…..she had to do it soon or she wouldn’t be able to hold on for the ride. She sat down and wrapped her thighs around him. Her nipples became erect as she grabbed his thighs to hold on for the ride. Her fingers digging into his jeans tighter and tighter, working their way up his thighs to the bulge in his pants. They weren’t even riding yet and she was getting hot.

His cock started to come alive with the feel of her fingers through the material. His cock started to throb and he told himself to take it easy she was just a friend out for a ride on his new bike. She scooted forward into him. So close that he could feel the warmth of her pussy on his ass. He let out a slow breath as he revved the motor of his bike. He knew if she kept touching him Escort Maltepe and scooting closer that he was going to cream his jeans. She looked hot tonight and he couldn’t tell her. He thought she would laugh it off like any other night and work her body off on the other guys in the club. She would dance close to them and he would get so hot that he would have to relieve him in the bathroom. Little did he know what was in store? As they left the parking lot for the club, dirty thoughts were going through both their heads and visions of what could be putting sexy smiles on their faces.

They got to the club and instead of parting ways, him to the table and her to the dance floor, they both ended up at the bar. The sex must have been in the air because she started groping him and he was responding with all his might. She nibbled on his ear and throat and he grabbed her tits and ass. They were both were getting really excited and you could feel it building between them. She grabbed his hair and yanked until she saw a smile come over his lips. She said I know what you like; you want it hard and rough. Tugging his hair more, she said you want everything pulled and bitten. She started to nibble, lick and suck his fingers and his eyes grew wide with what she was doing. This was a friend and she was turning the tides.

She didn’t want to stay at the club and neither did he. She whispered in his ear that she wanted to fuck him. His eyes grew even wider, and his cock came to full attention trying to break free of his jeans. He reached down and started to rub her wet pussy through her cat suit, her moans of pleasure ringing in his ears. He couldn’t wait to leave and see what she had planned.

She sat on the back of his bike and started to rub her pussy. All the while telling him, that she wanted him to fuck her, on his bike. His bike? It would never work… but she had her mindset and getting her to change it would never happen. So they drove to the beach on the bike. During the drive she was fondling his cock and he was trying his best to stay on the road. He reached around and gave her ass a tight squeeze, then scooted her up close to him hoping to feel her throbbing behind him.

They reached the beach in record time. They pulled into the private parking lot.

Before he could cut the engine she was already starting to unzip her cat suit. It unzipped all the way to her pussy. As she revealed her breasts to him, he unzipped his jeans and began to stroke his cock. Pulling down her cat suit and exposing her pussy to the air, he realized that she shaved her pussy hair but not all of it. He tried to see what it was and she told him to see her pussy he would have to eat her. He started grinning from ear to ear. Eating pussy was his favorite pastime. He told her to pull her cat suit down and lean back because he was hungry and curious. She did as she was told. She began to tremble and moan with pure delight and he was soon covered with her sweet nectar from nose to chin. He had dived right in with gusto. Licking and sucking her clit, rolling his tongue in her pussy making her squeal with delight as she was starting to climax again. Popping his thumb into her tight asshole as she was starting to build just sent her over the edge. Her sweet nectar, dripping down his shirt now.

She couldn’t handle it; she pushed him away from her, licked her fingers and grabbed his cock in her hand. She began to stroke and fondles his cock. She ran her fingers on the under ridge of his cock head. The wetness from her fingers sending tingles through his cock. She responded by kissing his peehole, teasing it with her tongue, and then sliding her lips around the tip. Soon she was trying to engulf his cock with her mouth. She could only get about half of his shaft in her mouth because it was so large and thick. She began an up-and-down motion along it, intermixed with licking the head and circling her tongue around it. She also lightly squeezed and stroked his shaft and balls. She then ran her tongue down her shaft and started to suck his balls, all the while playing with his asshole. Pre-cum was dribbling down her chin as she pulled away. She kissed him deeply, their juices mingling in their mouths. She couldn’t stand it anymore she pushed him away and told him if he didn’t fuck her now she would be sorry.

His jeans were soon on the ground and he was positioning himself on the bike. He picked her up easily and plopped her onto his ever ready cock. He said since she was wanting it so bad then she better take him. She started to rock slowly at first then faster, till he could feel her muscles tightening in another round of climax. Once her orgasm was over, she teasingly stated ok I have had enough lets go home and jumped off the bike. His face dropped and she giggled. He picked her back up and pulled her back onto him, this time he popped his rock hard cock into her ass. He knew with as sopping wet as she was that lubing it up wouldn’t be a problem. He told her to lie back and relax because he was in control now. He started to slowly fuck her ass, as she lay back fingering her wet pussy. Then he started to speed up, knowing he wouldn’t last too long because she kept clenching her ass cheeks together. She was telling him to fill her with his seed, fill her ass, and soon he was doing just that. Holding her tightly to his cock as it exploded in her ass. They lay breathlessly on the bike not wanting to break the contact. They could feel their juices running between their legs. She jumped up and ran to the waters edge laughing and giggling as she dove in. He followed too behind to clean off. As they emerged from the cool waters and lay on the sand only one thing was running through his mind he knew his bike would have needed a wash, just not with their sweet juices or this soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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