Bikini And A Badge Ch. 04

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Reclining in bed, Brittany’s anger slowly receded. Her eyes focused on the street activities visible from her hospital window. Late in the afternoon, a doctor accompanied by one of the nurses entered the room. Not saying a word, the nurse pulled the privacy curtain closed, separating Brittany from Tanya.

“I need to give you a final examination before releasing you.” The doctor stated.

The doctor, a tall, thin man in his late forties with a receding hairline, slipped his long fingers into a latex glove. Without hesitation he pulled Brittany’s gown up to her waist, exposing her vaginal area. His fingers gently parted the folds of her pussy. Brittany turned her head away, her fingers tightly grasping the bedsheet. Examining her carefully, his main concern was the healing of the scar tissue along the inner walls of her pussy.

“Apply a little of the ointment to her vaginal walls.” He said, directing his order to the nurse standing at the foot of the bed.

“You’ll need to abstain from intercourse for at least a week.” The doctor stated, looking over his glasses at Brittany. “Two weeks would be even better. I’m going to give you a tube of the ointment along with some antibiotics. You should see your own doctor when you get back home.”

Brittany nodded her head instead of verbally acknowledging his orders. The nurse, a stocky young woman in her early thirties, soothingly applied the ointment, spreading the cream inside Brittany’s sensitive pussy. After helping Brittany cover herself, she pushed the privacy curtain back against the wall.

Tanya was sitting on the side of her bed, watching a news program broadcast from Miami. Brittany closed her eyes, trying to relax. Hearing her name and the names of her team members mentioned by the news anchors grabbed her attention. Brittany focused on the newscasters, listening to every word they spoke. The report detailed the rescue of Evelyn and Tanya by the team of Federal marshals. Only one person on the team could have revealed such details, Cheryl.

A short video clip showed Jared Brooks boarding a private jet in LA to meet his wife and daughter in Nassau. The next short video clip was an interview with Brad Langley. He was standing behind a podium with numerous microphones mounted on it. Reading a prepared statement, its main focus was on Evelyn and Tanya, wife and daughter of the real estate mogul and political hopeful. Brittany’s team was just casually mentioned. A few questions relative to the rescue were asked after the statement was read. It was just more cover-up by the agency.

“You guys are heroes!” Tanya exclaimed. “You really are!”

Brittany gave Tanya a forced smile, feeling more like a fool who’d been used by the agency than a hero. The anger deep within her was beginning to surface. Thoughts of revenge against those who’d wronged her and her team began running through her mind.

Jared and Evelyn Brooks entered the hospital room. Evelyn was carrying several shopping bags. While Jared hugged his daughter, Evelyn quickly approached Brittany’s bedside, giving Brittany a strong and sincere hug.

“Cheryl and I did a little shopping.” Evelyn said. “I bought you some clothes so you’d have something decent to wear on your trip home.”

Brittany thanked Evelyn for her thoughtfulness. Having clothes to wear home hadn’t been something she’d put much thought into.

“I want you to meet my husband.” Evelyn stated.

“Jared, come over here and meet Brittany.” She added.

Jared Brooks was quite handsome. Standing close to six feet tall, his southern California tan highlighted his pleasant smile. His deep-set, bright green eyes were large and intriguing. His dark brown hair was bleached light by the sun. Dressed in stylish Dockers and a light blue polo shirt, he approached Brittany’s bed.

“Jared, this is the young lady I’ve been telling you about.” Evelyn said with a big smile. “Brittany, this is my husband, Jared.”

Brittany pushed her hand out to shake Jared’s but he didn’t make the gesture back.

“A handshake won’t do it.” He stated. “It just won’t.”

Putting his arms around Brittany, he gave her a lengthy hug. Kissing her lightly on the cheek, Brittany noticed his watery eyes holding back ears of happiness.

“I don’t know how I’ll ever thank you for what you did but I’m going to figure out a way.” Jared stated. “I mean it. I want to do something special for you.”

“Well, it wasn’t just me.” Brittany said, blushing. “There were three other members of the team.”

“Yeah, I know.” Jared responded. “But, Evelyn told me everything that happened. If it weren’t for you, the others wouldn’t have been able to pull off the rescue.”

Brittany didn’t feel much like clarifying anything Evelyn might have told him. Letting him continue with his expressions of gratefulness might get him to shut up quicker. Jared’s voice was like a drone, continuous and boring.

Brad Langley and Cheryl entered the hospital room. Brad waved an envelope he had in his hand.

“Got fatih escort the doctor to sign off on your release.” He stated. “Damn near had to bribe the bastard to get it.

“Get dressed.” He added. “I’ve got them getting Kent ready to travel. We’ll have to wheelchair is ass outta here.”

Before Brittany could reply, Langley exited the room like a strong gust of wind.

“Hope that wasn’t your travel agent!” Jared Brooks quipped. “Didn’t much care for his bedside manner.”

Cheryl pulled the privacy curtain closed before helping Brittany got dressed. Evelyn had purchased an expensive pair of dress slacks and a tailored blouse for Brittany. The clothes fit her perfectly. Running a brush and comb through her streaked blonde hair made her feel better as well as improve her looks. Not bothering with make-up, Brittany was ready to travel.

Jared and Evelyn were standing in the corridor outside the room. Tanya, already dressed, was standing with them. Jared and Evelyn gave the two women a hug. Tanya held onto Brittany’s arm, grasping it like she wasn’t going to let go. Jared handed Brittany one of his business cards.

“I meant what I said about doing something special for you.” Jared reiterated. “I’ll be in touch with you.”

Brittany thanked him for his comment, brushing off the remark.

The two women stood in the hospital’s lobby, waiting on Langley and Kent. Spotting a male nurse pushing Kent in a wheelchair into the lobby, a smile quickly appeared on her face. He looked much better than the last time she’d seen him, weak from malnutrition and dehydration. Kent was still weak, too weak to stand on his own two feet without assistance.

Exiting the hospital, Langley directed the women towards a white Suburban waiting for them. The ride to the airport was not more than fifteen minutes long if that. The driver weaved the large SUV through traffic like he was running an obstacle course. Kent and Langley sat in the back seat with Cheryl while Brittany sat up front with the driver.

Arriving at the resort city’s airport, the driver guided the Suburban through the security gates. Passing by several private jets, he pulled up to the last one in line. The pilot and copilot were standing with several other pilots just inside one of the hangers. Tossing their soft drink cans into a trash receptacle, they quickly approached the plane.

With Brittany and Cheryl’s assistance, Kent managed to climb the few steps to board the small plane. Brittany and Cheryl sat side by side, directly across from Kent. Langley chose a seat directly behind Kent. The flight back to Dallas would take less than three hours.

“You never did tell me how you knew there were only six gunmen left at the house.” Brittany stated, looking coyly at Cheryl. “Are you going to keep it a secret?”

“No. I don’t mind telling you.” Cheryl responded, looking out the window instead of looking directly at Brittany. “I’m not ashamed of what happened.”

“After that bitch worked you over till you passed out, she forced me to suck off each one of the men.” Cheryl said. “It was her way of rewarding them for our capture. I counted six men so I figured that was all there was.”

“Glad they were all straight.” Brittany quipped, grinning. “If there’d been a gay one, we might have been ambushed by the cocksucker.”

Cheryl chuckled at Brittany’s remark, realizing that there could have been one or more guys that missed getting one of her infamous blowjobs. Thank God, there wasn’t!

“I’m thinking seriously about quitting the agency.” Cheryl murmured. “Being away from my husband and two kids and going through all this has made me think about my life.”

“You’re married!” Brittany exclaimed, keeping her voice low. “I thought the way you and Dave were going at it, you too were getting involved.”

“Nah.” Cheryl casually responded. “Besides, Dave would never ask his wife for a divorce. I’d never ask my husband for one either. I just like to fuck around whenever I get the chance.”

It suddenly and surprisingly dawned on Brittany that she really hadn’t known all that much about her team members. She never thought about either Dave or Cheryl being married.

“What about you and Kent?” Cheryl inquired. “You two hit it off several times. He sure got you off!”

“We’re not involved.” Brittany replied. “He’s got a girlfriend back home I think he’s kinda serious about.”

“Serious but not faithful is more like it!” Cheryl muttered. “They just want to score as often as they can before they finally settle down.”

The rest of the flight was quiet. No one said a word till the plane taxied to a private hanger at DFW International.

“Kent’s girlfriend is meeting him at the hotel.” Brad Langley stated. “She going to take care of him for a few days. Cheryl, I’ve made reservations for you at the same hotel.”

“Britt, I need you to come in tomorrow morning for a debriefing.” Langley continued. “Be in my office at 9:00am.”

Two men assisted Kent escort istanbul into an unmarked car, obviously one of the agency’s. Cheryl hugged Brittany before getting in the back seat of the black sedan. As the car pulled out of the hanger it quickly picked up speed, becoming a dark blur in the distance.

“I’ll give you a ride out to your car.” Langley offered.

“No thanks.” Brittany replied. “I can walk it.

“Don’t be a pain in the ass.” Langley replied. “Get in the car. It’s too damn hot to be walking all over the damn airport.”

Brittany gave in to Langley’s offer, realizing it was a long walk to the parking lots. Giving the driver, the location of her vehicle, she relaxed against the cloth seats of the sedan.

Pulling up behind her car, she realized she didn’t have the car keys. Everything had gone down with the boat. Her purse, money, credit cards, driver’s license, everything was sitting somewhere at the bottom of the sea, off Crooked Island.

“Want me to have it towed?” Langley inquired, grinning.

“No.” Brittany replied, stepping out of the car. “I’ve got a spare key hidden inside the wheel cover. All I need is a screwdriver or something to pry it off with.”

The driver handed Brittany a small pocketknife, opening one of the blades for her.

Brittany popped the center of the wheel cover off. Sliding the cover back on the magnetic key holder, she took out the single car key.

Driving her little compact car home felt much different than it had before. Over the past week, she’d been used to being at the controls of the large cruiser and the powerboat. Her compact car felt like steering a little dingy on a small lake.

Brittany went to bed early that evening. Sleeping in her own bed, in her own apartment, she felt secure and safe. Waking early the next morning, the watched the morning news while she sipped freshly brewed coffee. Smoking one cigarette after another, she contemplated her 9:00 meeting with Langley.

One of the news stories was a brief commentary on the return of the team’s members to the Dallas area. Jared Brooks and his wife and daughter were briefly mentioned. A short video clip showed the family safely returning to their home in Beverly Hills.

Arriving at the agency, she was early for her meeting with Brad Langley. Several people she encountered on her way to his office, stopped to offer their congratulations and praise. Langley’s secretary even gave her a big smile and a handshake when she approached her desk.

“You can go on in.” She said. “Mr. Langley’s waiting on you.”

Brittany took a deep breath before entering Langley’s office. Rising from his desk, he came around to approach her. He wasn’t smiling and he looked quite upset.

“Sit down.” He said. “I’ll get right to the point and make this brief.”

His words alarmed Brittany. This was supposed to be a debriefing, not a meeting. Langley sat in the chair next to her instead of sitting behind his desk.

“Washington’s not too happy with the outcome of your assignment.” Langley stated. “It’s caused a big stir with some of the other victim’s families.”

“I don’t understand.” Brittany said. “Why are they upset?”

“They’re pissed because we’ve decided not to pursue the matter any further.” Langley replied. “It’s become an international affair. Our hands are tied. There’s seven other women that were kidnapped and we can’t go after them because of their present location. Washington can‘t afford an international incident right now.”

Brittany realized how the families of the other seven women would feel. Her team had rescued, strictly by accident, the wife and daughter of a wealthy real estate tycoon who was probably going to run for a high-ranking political office in California. These women’s families were probably of much less social stature and wealth. They felt slighted and forgotten.

“That’s not all.” Langley added. “I’ve been directed to post your severance pay directly to your bank account. It’ll be in there before noon.”

Brittany’s shock showed on her face. She was just beginning to comprehend all the information she just been related. Now, she was facing the fact that she was out of a job. Not only had the agency turned their back on her, they’d slapped her in the face.

Rising from her chair, she had to force her legs to propel her towards the closed door of the office.

“I’ll need your badge and the gun you were issued!” Langley shouted.

“No problem.” Brittany responded, looking back at her former boss. “It’s on the fucking boat at the bottom of the sea. Feel free to have at it.”

Slamming the door behind her, she quickly exited Brad Langley’s office. Hurrying down the hallway, she stepped into an empty elevator. At the lobby level, Brittany rushed towards the doors, trying to get as far away from her former employer as possible. A horde of people were standing between her and the doors. Brittany had no realization they were news people.

“There she is!” maslak escort A voice shouted from within the crowd of people.

Bright lights were quickly turned on and pointed her way. Within seconds, Brittany found herself totally surrounded by cameras and news correspondents. Numerous microphones were shoved in her face. Brittany froze, completely paralyzed.

“Miss Reynolds, how does it feel to be a heroine?” A woman asked Brittany.

“I don’t feel like a heroine.” Brittany managed to get the words out of her mouth. “I don’t even feel close to being a heroine.”

“Now that you’re back in Dallas, will you be going back to your old job or are you going to be a field agent?” Another news correspondent asked.

“I won’t be doing either.” Brittany muttered, trying to keep her tears at bay.

“Is it true, the Federal marshals won’t be trying to rescue the other seven women who were kidnapped over the past several weeks?” Someone from the crowd shouted.

“I’m not sure what the agency’s plans are.” Brittany replied.

“These women will not be forgotten.” Brittany added, feeling bold. “I can assure you of that.”

“Does that mean, rescue attempts will be made?” One of the news people asked.

Brittany couldn’t answer the last question, realizing she was saying more than it was safe to say. She’d allowed herself to get caught up in all the rapid fire questioning. Brittany wasn’t thinking clearly, her answers were beginning to sound like bold statements.

“You’ll have to excuse me.” Brittany said. “I’ve got to be going.”

Brittany forced her way through the crowd towards the front doors. Questions were shouted at her but Brittany closed her ears to them. Once outside, she took a quick deep breath before running towards her car.

Back at her apartment, Brittany locked the front door to keep out any unwanted intruders from barging in. Sitting in the solitude of her livingroom, Brittany’s nerves gradually settled down. Now without a job to go to, she had alot of free time on her hands. Thoughts of taking a trip back to Missouri and visiting her family came to mind. She was certain her family would only ask question after question about her experience in the Bahamas. She didn’t feel up to being interrogated nor did she want to witness their reaction to them learning she’d lost her job at the agency. Going home for a visit didn’t sound like such a good idea afterall.

The ring of the telephone startled Brittany. Checking the caller I.D. before answering the call, it registered an unfamiliar phone number. Brittany let it ring, figuring it was either a telemarketer or a misdialed number.

Brittany decided to go shopping to replace most of the items she’s lost when the cruiser went down. Stopping at the bank, she checked on her bank account. Her severance check had been posted as promised. After taking care of all her banking business, she drove out to her favorite mall. Treating herself to some new clothes, she wore herself out carrying the heavy shopping bags.

Before returning home, Brittany stopped for a quick shopping trip through her local supermarket. Several women in the grocery approached her, recognizing her from the newscasts. She tried to keep the conversations friendly but brief, feeling tired from all the day’s activities.

Returning to her apartment, Brittany was greeted by the constant ringing of the telephone. Ignoring the call, she set about putting everything away. The phone kept ringing, one call after another. Brittany decided to unplug the phone from the wall so she could take a nap in peace.

Waking early in the evening, she checked her caller I.D. before plugging her telephone back in. The same phone number showed up repeatedly almost a dozen times. Brittany jotted the phone number down on a pad before erasing the calls. Within minutes, the phone rang again. It was the same number! Brittany decided to answer the phone so she could put an end to the harassment.

“Hello.” She said, answering the phone.

“Brittany! Brittany, it’s me, Evelyn Brooks.” The caller responded. “You had us all worried.”

“Evelyn. I didn’t expect to hear from you.” Brittany said. “Figured you and Tanya would be recuperating in seclusion.”

“I wish.” Evelyn replied. “It’s been hectic as hell ever since we got back home. Our friends just won’t leave us alone. How’s things in Dallas?”

“Well ………… not good.” Brittany hesitantly answered. “I got my ass fired this morning.”

Evelyn couldn’t believe Brittany had been fired after successfully accomplishing the mission. The two women discussed what had happened to them since they’d left Nassau. While both women had become celebrities of sorts, Evelyn’s had seemed to work in her favor. Brittany’s celebrity status had only put her in the ranks of the unemployed.

“The reason I’m calling you is Jared and I want you to come out an visit with us for a couple of weeks.” Evelyn stated. “I’m sure you could use a peaceful vacation.”

“Oh, well, I’ve got alot of things I need to do here.” Brittany responded, trying to come up with an excuse that Evelyn would accept.

“I understand.” Evelyn replied. “I know how it is. I just want to stay in touch with you. I feel you’re probably the closest and best friend I’ve ever had.”

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