Birthday Dinner Party

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Shivering slightly as she’s laying on the table, which considering the fact she is completely naked isn’t really surprising. Surrounding her on the table are serving containers filled with various finger foods. Laying atop her body, strategically placed on her body, in specially made serving containers to ensure they do not fall off her, are the various dipping sauces for the foods laying about her. Not only that, she has draped across her neck a necklace of flowers, pineapple rings circle her nipples. A sweet bouquet 3 white roses covers her crotch.

Her laying there for what seems like hours, as well as the soft music playing in the background of the dinner part has lulled her senses somewhat. She was the center of activity not that long ago as the roughly dozen or so dinner guests were all around the table. Sampling the good and remarking to her Master how lovely the serving was. Several people commenting that he had outdone himself this time and asking polite questions about her. She tried, but failed, to hide her smile as he answered them, singing her praises, obviously proud of her and to call her His.

Seeming to her that the party was winding down her mind travels back just a few days to when he told her about this. Sitting in the living room of their shared home, sitting a sweet white wine he advised her of the coming party and the role she would play in it. Red faced she of course agreed, unable at this point in their relationship to refuse him anything her being His mind body and soul, already feeling a growing embarrassment at the thought of laying out on display for all to see. He saw this, his hand reaching out to brush her long blonde hair behind her ear before cupping her cheek. “Do no fret my pet, you will shine as the center piece of the evening,” he whispered. As always his touch and words reassured her as he guided her towards their bedroom.

Now, although the evening had been stimulating, she was growing tired of laying there and was hoping for the guests to start to leave so they might enjoy some quiet time together in front of the fireplace. She knew she would not see herself in any clothes this evening but that thought again brought a smile to her face and a quite delicious ache between her legs.

Feeling as if she must have dozed she is startled when a familiar object is placed Ankara escort in her hand. Only taking moments to recognize it as His cock she grasps it and begins to stroke it as even know something else is placed in her other hand. Not knowing for sure what it could possibly be as He is on the other side of the table firmly grasped in her hand she opens her eyes and is startled. All around the table are the quests from the part, male and female alike, all naked, with lust in their eyes. She looks and sees another man’s cock in her other hand, not knowing what to do she looks up at him. He gazes into her eyes in that hypnotic way he has, smiling and nodding and she knows immediately it’s ok. Grasping the other cock in her hand and beginning to stroke it just as another is presented at her mouth. Greedily she opens her lips and her tongue lashes out to lick the head.

Almost at once she feels her legs being spread and chances a look down. A beautiful and busty brunette has her face between her legs and then she feels her tongue lashing out at her pussy. The wetness that had been growing there all evening seems to suddenly explode from her as her orgasm came from nowhere. Hips bucking and legs shaking she tries her best to concentrate on the cocks in her hand and the one pushing it’s way into her mouth.

Hands brush away the pineapples covering her breasts and her rock hard nipples feel fingers and a mouth on them. Near the verge of sensory overload she gets lost in the sensations. Letting her body take control and the animal He has released in her free. Stroking the cocks faster and hungrily sucking the one in her mouth, trying to take it all in. Her body beginning to glisten with sweat and her breathing comes in sharp rasps. Finding it very difficult to concentrate, working on instinct only, the cock in her mouth begins to throb and she knows what will happen next. The hot cum explodes into her mouth, choking her a little but as she hates to waste a drop hungrily sucks it all up.

As it is removed from her mouth she chances a glance around, her eyes trying to take the scene in. There are naked bodies everywhere. Couples fucking all over the place. Women rubbing themselves eying her as if waiting for their turn.

This comes true as another stunning blonde pushes aside the man whom she has just sucked off and climbs Ankara escort bayan on top of the table. She kneels over her face presenting her pussy. Her tongue stretches out to taste her juices and the woman shudders above her as her tongue finds her clit. Sitting down and pushing her pussy into her face, her tongue working as fast and as hard as it can under the circumstances.

Between her legs the brunette takes her clit between her lips and sucks it. This proves to be more than she can take and once again her orgasm takes over her body. Shaking uncontrollably as her orgasm quakes her to her very soul the cock in her right hand spasms and shoots it’s hot load all over her hand and arm. All around her are the sounds of passion. Hearing this, as well as the sensations rocking through her body send another wave of immense pleasure through her and trigger another orgasm almost immediately.

The cock in her right hand is replaced with soft moistness and she knows another of the parties female guests has walked right up and placed her pussy on her hand. Somehow thinking of what to do she slides a finger inside and hers the welcome moan from the unknown woman.

Still stroking His cock with the other hand He pulls it from her grasp momentarily freeing it. As she starts to gain a little of her composure again, being able to concentrate a little better on the pussy pressing itself into her face she feels her hips being lifted and His cock pushing it’s way into her. She moans into the pussy she is licking and is rewarded with a gush of juices all over her face as he blonde above her shudders in her own climax.

His cock pressing deep into her, filling her as only he can, sends her mind reeling. Almost forgetting about the pussy she is fingering with her right hand the woman grabs her hand to remind her she is still there. Slipping another finger inside her and feeling the unknown woman rock her hips she feels better as she knows she is now doing it right.

Immediately her mouth is filled again with another throbbing cock. Doing her best to take it all in, her tongue working all over it, as the hands and mouth on her nipples are replaced with someone’s full weight. She feels her breasts pressed together and a cock slipping between them. The owner begins to pump it enthusiastically between them.

Sensations Escort Ankara overtake her. Her body one mass of nerve endings and it seems as if even the air blowing over her gives her pleasure at this point. He places his hand on her dripping wet pussy and his fingers find her clit. Not only is he thrusting in and out of her His fingers are rubbing her clit and it’s almost too much for her to bare. She gives in once again and screams out around the cock buried deep in her mouth. Her entire body shaking and convulsing causes Him to lose his monumental control and He growls deep in his chest and unloads deep inside her wanting pussy. His thrust almost pushing her off the table.

Not sure how much more she will be able to stand as He pulls His cock out of her, it is replaced by another mouth and another wave of ecstasy fills her as she feels another sweet female mouth licking at her core.

The cock in her mouth starts to pump more enthusiastically and she starts to realize what is going to happen and tries to prepare herself for the coming explosion. Surprisingly he pulls his cock from her mouth and strokes it a few times before unleashing a hot stream of cum over her lips, chins and neck. One of the previously uninvolved women of the party move up to her and she feels her hands on her, rubbing the cum into her skin. Then a soft pair of lips pressing against hers then a tongue as the woman licks the cum from her face.

Suddenly without warning the man fucking her tits shoots his cum all over her chest, and the woman’s face that is licking her clean. This makes that woman smile and she begins to greedily lick that man’s cum from her body as well.

The tongue on her clit has not stopped and she feels another sensation as the woman between her legs pushes a finger into her tight ass. This once again sends her over the edge and brings forth another orgasm. This one different as she feels her pussy spasm to her core and a great stream of liquid shoots from her, covering the woman’s face. Never having squirted before, the sensations all around her, in her, about her prove to much and she fades into blackness…..

Waking sometime later, she knew not how long, feeling the familiar comforts of their shared bed her body and mind are weak with exhaustion. She senses His presence in the bed next to her, the sounds of his regular breaths as he sleeps comforting her. Her lips break into a wicked grin as she licks her lips, He was right. This was the best birthday of her life….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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