Birthday Pleasures

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Nella and Cicero: Birthday Pleasures

My twentieth birthday –it is always birthdays I remember best –I woke to find father already gone from our bed. I padded into my bathroom and took care of my morning ablutions. Grabbing my robe from where it hung on the bathroom door, I wrapped it around me, and followed the aroma of frying bacon into the kitchen. I arrived just in time to sit down at the table and have father place the plate with bacon and eggs in front of me. I ate everything on the plate with great relish. I spread so much grape jelly on the last piece of toast that some of it stuck to the side of my mouth. Father licked it off.

I found my birthday dress hanging in my dressing room, and put it on. I looked at myself in the mirror. The white jersey dress covered me from my chin on down to my feet, and it hid and revealed everything at the same time. I ran my hands down my sides and over my hips, smoothing the material in place. I told the mirror to show me the back view. I gasped in delight as I saw it, for the cheeks and the crack of my butt were clearly delineated by the tightly hugging material. I took the dress off and put on a pair of jeans and a shirt. Father was in his office. I went into the living room, got a book from the shelf and fell into the wing chair by the fire. I read until it was time for lunch.

In the bedroom I put the special dress back on, and picked up the single white rosebud laying on my dressing table. Attached to it was a golden card that read: “Come to the conservatory.”

In the conservatory I followed a trail of vases filled with white roses to a lawn of grass as smooth as a rug. Tiny white roses trailed from large urns set around a white damask cloth laid out on the grass. Their rich heady aroma permeated the air around me. Father, dressed in white, reclined at one side of the cloth. After showing how well the dress fit, I took my place at the other side of the cloth.

Father moved closer bursa escort to me, caressed my face and planted a soft kiss on my lips. He picked up a small cracker from the plate between us, covered it liberally with Brie and offered it to me. I opened my mouth and he placed the cracker on my tongue like a communion wafer. I bit down. The taste of the Brie and the nutty graininess of the cracker filled my mouth. I chose a pale golden cracker, topped it with a tiny bit of sharp blue cheese, and held it up to father’s lips. He took it from me, nipping lightly at the tips of my fingers with his teeth.

He dipped two fingers in the Brie and placed them in my waiting mouth. I sucked the cheese from his fingers, caressing them with my tongue. My nipples hardened and pushed against the soft material of my dress. He bent down and sucked on my nipples through the cloth. The first notes of the symphony of pleasure played in my body. I felt a spurt of warm wetness between my legs; I always became aroused very fast.

“Look what I’ve done,” said father, lifting his head from my breasts. “I’ve gotten your nice new dress all wet. I’ll get you another one, if you like, sweetie.”

I picked up a tiny cube of golden yellow cheddar, and father opened his mouth to accept my offering. His lips held my fingers as he took the cheese from me. He cupped my face in his hands and kissed me, sharing the sharp flavor of the cheese. He ran his hands down the jersey-covered curve of my back and gently squeezed each cheek of my butt. New notes were added the symphony, and I uttered soft murmurs of delight. He pushed my hair aside, kissed the lobe of my right ear, and down the side of my neck.

I fed him one of the tiny strawberries dripping with rich cream, and undid the top two buttons of his shirt. I kissed his brow, his eyelids, his nose, and undid two more buttons. I popped another of the luscious berries into his mouth, and kissed my way down to the sweet bursa escort bayan hollow at the bottom of his neck. Aided by my nimble fingers, two more buttons slide out of their holes. I slipped my hands under the cool cloth of the shirt, and gently pinched his nipples. They grew hard under my touch, and father groaned softly. I undid the last two buttons, and pushed the shirt aside. I put my lips around the pebbly hardness of one of his nipples and circled it with my tongue. After a long while I did the same to the other one.

Father placed one of the strawberries in my mouth. It melted on my tongue leaving only the essence of strawberry and cream behind. More of the tiny berries followed the first, and I reveled in the flavor and the texture of them. One of father’s hands twined in the hair on the back of my head as he kissed me, his tongue thrusting deep into my mouth. His other hand slid down the front of my dress, and pushed the material into the space between my legs. He stroked my hard clitoris through the jersey, and the whole symphony of pleasure played through my body. He stopped caressing my clit. I moaned in frustration.

“Don’t stop, please, daddy,” I pleaded. “I’m going to burst if I don’t come soon. You’ve never stopped in the middle of giving me pleasure before.”

Father pushed the white damask cloth to the side. “Take off your dress, Nella, sweetie and we will continue. Whatever happens… it will be worth the wait. Believe me.”

“Daddy, you’re being very mysterious.” I stood up, pulled the dress over my head, and threw it on top of the picnic cloth. He followed my example and undressed. I looked down his body and saw that his male organ stood up straight and tall.

He sat down on the grass. “Come sit on my lap, sweetie. Yes, that’s it. ” I lowered myself onto his lap, taking his cock deep inside me. “Don’t move. Look into my eyes and become one with me.”

I gazed into his eyes. A tiny reflection of escort bursa my face filled his dark pupil. His breathing slowed, and I found my own breathing slow to match the pattern of his. I felt the beating of his heart through our genital to genital connection. We gazed into each other’s eyes for what seemed like eons. I became aware of the pressure of his thick shaft on the swollen tissue of my vagina. I leaned my head toward him, and we touched brow against brow. I drowned in the depths of his eyes. Our lips met in a fierce and hungry kiss. The flame of pleasure kindled between my legs burned higher.

“Open your hot slit for me,” father whispered, ” keep looking in my eyes, and whatever happens, don’t move.”

I used both my hands to open my nether lips wide. “Yes, so beautiful, your hard pleasure bud,” he licked his lips with his wet tongue. “Don’t move, sweetie. Look in my eyes. Nowhere else, only in my eyes.”

I gazed deeper into his eyes. Suddenly his finger hit my clit –hard. A shock, half of pain, and half of pleasure, shot up to my head, and out through my fingers and toes. I tensed in anticipation of another of the finger flicks. When it didn’t come, I let out a sigh of relief and relaxed. At that moment, father flicked his finger against my clit, twice in rapid succession. I gasped as another blended wave of pleasure and pain traveled through me. I vibrated in expectation of more of the flicks. Father reached up and played with my hair. He caressed my face, and behind my ears. I felt the tingling fiery knot in my belly tighten in on itself.

He ran a forefinger down the center of my body, causing a shiver of pleasure to follow behind it. He touched my sensitized clit lightly as a feather and my cunt spasmed around his hard cock inside it. I exploded into a universe of pleasure. My pussy and my father’s cock danced that most ancient of dances. The explosion of pleasure became long, slow tingling waves of pleasure flowing through every cell of my body. With a loud groan, he spurted his semen into me, and our bodies quieted.

“That was the best birthday gift ever,” I said, kissing him lightly on the lips. “Thank you, thank you, dear daddy.”

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