Birthday Surprise: Anal Playtime Ch. 03

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**Note, this is in the incest/taboo section for a reason. If you do not enjoy the story, negative comments that are not critically constructive are unwelcome.**

I kissed my baby on her full lips, holding them there to enjoy the spongy feeling. “I love you Daddy” my baby said, smiling as I admired her naked body. She had an athletic build, and huge 32DD breasts. They were adorned with pink-brown nipples, pierced through with silver ball closure rings. She had firm abs but not very developed, with a cute belly button. She also had thick, muscular legs and a completely waxed vagina. Her vagina was tiny and clean, without any of her inner vaginal tissues hanging out, just a small clit hood. My girl spread her legs, revealing moisture on her vagina, and she spread it open so I could see her hole, the soft tissues my penis longed to stimulate itself against.

I grabbed the bottle of baby oil and squirted it out generously along my baby’s large tits, allowing the clear streams to cascade down her body. I tugged on her nipple rings and smeared the oil around her smooth flesh as my girl reached down to touch herself, rubbing her clit with an oily finger. Goosebumps spread along her body as I squeezed her breasts, inducing cleavage. I put my face between them, sliding along the soft firm flesh, suffocating myself in her cleavage. She moaned and kissed my hair as I withdrew. I was as hard as ever, and was rubbing my penis along her muscular thigh as I played with her body, and she gripped the skin of my ball sack and pulled and twisted it.

I laid down and beckoned for my daughter to get up and take care of business. She worked her mouth for several seconds, and spat a giant wad of thick spit on my ball sack. It hit it right in the center and ran down. My daughter, with her messy pigtails and messy whore’s makeup, spread the spit with her tongue. She did this several times, horking up spit and spitting all over my penis, on the balls and shaft, half of it bouncing back and spraying my stomach and her adorable face. The spit ran down her cheeks as she hungrily spread it with her tongue. She took her hand and collected a glob of warm saliva, then stroked my shaft, causing my legs to twitch in pleasure. She rubbed it vigorously up and down, my abs flexing involuntarily and moans escaping my mouth. “Oh god..” I murmured as she pumped my shaft, spitting on her hand and collecting a mouthful of saliva and letting it run out of her mouth and onto the tip of my penis.

My penis was drowning in a pool of saliva when my girl stopped at pouted at me. I asked her what was wrong, and she told me she had run out of spit. “Can I have some of yours, Daddy?” she cutely asked as she laid down to where she had been. I got up, her spit dripping on the sheets, got on top of my girl and kissed her soft lips. I slid up and down, running along the coating of oil that covered her body. I then gripped the joints of her jaw bone and forced her mouth open. I spat a glob of spit in her mouth three times, holding her up by the back of her head. She stuck her tongue out exposing her tongue piercing coated in my saliva, and wiggled it around in a seductive manner.

I then grabbed her Isparta Escort head and forced her to a sitting position, where I shoved my desperate penis inside her mouth. My spit was pushed out of her mouth as I pushed down her throat, holding her head tight as she struggled to be released. I felt her epiglottis with my penis and she gave a sudden muffled cough, squeezing my ass cheeks with her nails digging in as tears suddenly sprang in her eyes. I pulled out, leaving thick globs of drool hanging down her face and her gasping and choking. Her mascara had begun to smear as her tears travelled down her cheeks. She smiled however, despite the abrupt rough treatment, and asked for more.

I growled in my lust and took her by the pigtails and pulled her face into my crotch, my penis rapidly going all the way down her throat, causing her to gag and cough. As she moaned I could feel the vibrations, making me dive deeper and deeper as I clutched her head, fully fucking it and trying to get down her esophagus, a muscular tube that felt as good as her ass, but she was gagging too hard for me to achieve this. I could tell she was trying to force my penis down too by the pleading look in her eyes and how she kept opening her mouth wider, but it was in vain. Spit ran down her chin heavily through these attempts, coating her breasts and running down her firm stomach. There was a main foamy river running between her breasts and puddles of spit resting on her tits and running over her pierced nipples.

Her eyes were closing and her sucking was less intense as I could tell my baby was getting tired. I pulled her off my penis and asked if she needed a break. “A little one Daddy” she replied, getting up shakily and crawling off the bed, her face and back sweaty from the intense oral workout and her white bubble butt with a sheen of oil on it. She got off the bed slowly as she knew I would be checking her out. She looked over her shoulder, smiled and giggled as she saw my eyes fixated on her ass, those smooth cheeks and tight brown asshole begging for my face.

My girl rose and went downstairs without a word. I watched her walk out, her cellulite dimples becoming visible as each butt cheek clenched to walk, while the other cheek bounced along with the impact of her foot. I remained kneeling, my penis slowly softening, and noticed a large oil stain in the sheets from where her ass had planted, along with a sloppy puddle of her spit.

I eventually laid down when my daughter returned a couple of minutes later, her breasts still shiny but half of the spit had evaporated by that time. She had a six pack of vodka coolers in her hands, and she handed me one. We bought chugged ours, thirsty from our exertion. As we opened the second one, my girl poured some of the liquor down her body, sighing at the cool sensation. She placed the bottle against her neck and along her breasts, then finished most of it. She laid down and poured the rest in her belly button and along her stomach. I quickly finished my drink and set the bottle down, leaning over to lick my girl’s tummy and taste the slight vodka taste. She giggled as I licked up and up, over her breasts and Isparta Escort Bayan across the nipples, grasping the silver rings in my teeth and jerking them, causing my daughter to “ooh”. I worked up more and kissed her, our lips kissing as I laid next to her. She rolled towards me as I cuddled her, her head resting against my chest. We laid in silence for a few minutes, then my girl whispered “I’m still horny Daddy”, and she led my hand down between her legs so I could feel the moisture. My penis was erect again in a matter of seconds and I replied “So am I baby, let’s go.” “Ok daddy” she replied “But I want it in my throat this time, and I have to throw up!”

I got up and pulled her by her pigtails to the edge of the bed, letting her face hang over. I put my cock all the way inside her mouth as her chest heaved as she gagged, and I pulled upwards on her nipple rings, causing her to close her thighs in an attempt to stimulate her clit. I was fucking her face, letting her cough and gag and occasionally spit on the floor, squeezing her breasts and exclaiming how much I loved her. She was playing with my anus and grabbing my balls, squeezing them roughly if my fucking got too painful to her delicate throat, which worked up and down to masturbate me. I was holding her breasts as I leaned down, fucking further as I tried to get my girl to take all of my penis. With every gag her chest would heave, but I held her down by her squishy tits, moaning and holding my crotch so close to her face that my balls rested on her nostrils. She gave a special moan when I held my balls there, letting her smell the manly scent of my testicles. This caused her to relax just enough so my penis finally slipped past and I pulled in a few more inches. My girl got very quiet and squirmed, since I had only been down her throat a few times. If she coughed or gagged, my penis might slip out and not go back in at all.

I slowly pulled out and pulled back in as my daughter whimpered. I leaned down and put my face in her vagina, holding her thick thighs and panting on her pussy, occasionally licking her cunt.

Actually feeling my penis go down a girl’s throat and feeling the muscles of her throat massaging my penis was getting too much for me and I had to pull out. My baby was sad at this since I didn’t make her throw up. My penis was oozing precum and was demanding release but I had to keep telling myself I hadn’t even had her pussy yet.

My daughter got up and had a smirk on her face, and before I could ask, she pushed me back on to bed, and backed up on me. “My turn to be rough” she said, before her big white butt sat on my face. Her butt was always colder than the rest of her body and was firm yet soft. She bounced up and down on my face, and I opened my eyes to watch the cheeks go up and down, goosebumps all over then, and my nose going right against her ass. I shifted my head so she could fully sit, my nose smelling her butt crack. She ran her cheeks up and down, all along my face, as I bit her ass and sucked on it, The skin was smooth, and turned rock hard when she clenched my nose in her beautiful ass crack. She stopped jacking my cock, and positioned Escort Isparta her butt right over my nose. She stayed still for a couple seconds, and as I was staring at her brown wrinkles I said “You better not-” and pfft, she farted in my face, laughing. “Ha ha Daddy, better not what? FART?” I laughed too. “It hit me right in the face too!” I pulled her ass down and stuck my tongue up her butt, tasting her ass as I wiggled my tongue. Her mouth had continued sucking, and I stopped holding her ass closed against my face to pull my daughter’s pigtails. She didn’t even stop to spit, she just let it run down my balls, making them cold as the saliva cooled.

My penis was so horny that it was jerking in her mouth, sending out drops of pre-cum one at a time. I moaned and laid back, letting my girl rest her butt cheeks on my face. Once I got too close to cumming, at pulled her by the pigtails up off my penis as she slurped up the spit still dripping from her tongue.

I sat on the bed as my daughter put her head in my crotch, beckoning me to control her by her pigtails. I forced her up and down my entire shaft as she massaged my testicles. I was close to cumming and went to pull her off my penis but she held fast. “Baby-I-don’t-wanna-cum” I grunted, but she laid down and jammed her face down towards the bed, retching.

It took me a couple seconds for me to figure out that she was trying to make herself puke. She had this weird rule where we weren’t ready to fuck unless she had given a stellar blowjob, and the only indication of that was if she vomited on my penis. I wanted to fuck her like crazy but badly had to cum, so I fucked her back, making more tears stream down her face and her retching to become more violent as she held her arms together, with both of us forcing her to blow me.

As I urgently declared that I was going to cum she forced herself down even further, retching like mad and as she stuck her tongue to lick my balls I slammed her head down as I began to cum. All at once, the twitching of my penis as it ejaculated caused my daughter to vomit, her stomach convulsing and her sweaty body thrashing as acidic liquid streamed down my shaft and down to my ass from her mouth. My cum was mixed in there as three or four torrent of vomit protruded from her stomach. It was dark yellow and mostly liquid, mixed with the white of my semen. As she was puking on my cock my mouth was fixed open in pleasure as my tingling penis shot out streams of semen. She retched and continued sucking as best she could, her hands, holding my thighs, were a mess as vomit splashed on them.

She pulled herself up as I was too overcome by what I had seen, it was incredibly erotic and my ejaculation had been very intense. Her beautiful face was covered in spit and sweat, and bits of her lunch, now partially digested, clung to the corners of her mouth and on her chin. It wasn’t gross at all, she had been completely willing and was delighted that I had ejaculated during the show. Her makeup was all but washed away by saliva and sweat, but she glowed as radiant as ever, a spark of fire still in her teary eyes. She was gasping for breath, spitting on the sheets, admiring puke that dripped on her huge tits.

She kissed me, and we frenched, the taste of my penis and cum dulled by the taste of sweet vomit. I was so in love with this girl that I would have kissed her no matter what her mouth tasted like.

“Now” she panted, still trying to catch her breath “We can fuck!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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