Birthday Treats Ch. 02

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I had spent my birthday getting sucked, fucked and dressed up by my mom, who blew my dick and fed me my cum, my dad, who gave me my first taste of cock, my kid sister Grace, who gave me her eighteen year old virgin pussy, my big sister Gail, who dressed me up in sexy girly lingerie, and my big brother Adam, who fucked my sissy ass for the first time. It had been quite a day, but it wasn’t over yet, not at all. Even as I felt my brother’s spunk run down my thighs over my thigh high stockings, I heard my mom tell me that all the rest of the family would be here shortly for a party and more surprising erotic treats.

Fortunately, Gail had the forethought to bring spare clothing and I was able to clean up my cumsoaked ass, cock and thighs and slip into a new pair of black lace panties and another set of thigh high nylons. Pretty soon, I looked just the pretty girl I had been before and ready for my big birthday party, where all my extended family were going to see me dolled up and slutty.

This family was my dad’s brother, my Uncle Pete, and his three sons, Rob, Dave and Jamie, and my mom’s sister, my Aunt Helen, her husband Uncle John, and their twin daughters Kelly and Joanne. Thus far today, it had been a pretty strange birthday, but with the whole extended family about to join in, I could sense it getting even stranger. I wondered what sort of presents they’d have in store for me.

Aunt Helen and her family arrived first. They were quite a mismatched pair, Helen was tall, long legged and busty like her sister, my mother, only with long tresses of blonde hair, a total fantasy babe even in her 40s. Her husband, however, was a timid, skinny little man with thin light hair and a wispy moustache. There was no difficulty in telling which of them was in control in their household, it was obvious just from the way Helen moved around the room. The twins, my cousins, were not as tall or as curvy as their mother, but were two cute and naughty 19 year olds, dressed in short pleated mini-skirts and thigh high stockings. Kelly had her mother’s blonde hair tied into pigtails, while Joanne’s was dyed in a gothic black bob.

‘Happy birthday, sweetie,’ Aunt Helen strode in, kissing me on each cheeks, barely seeming to register that I was dressed in high heels and lingerie.

‘Cute outfit,’ Kelly giggled.

‘Yeah, you sexy little thing,’ her sister chimed in.

Uncle John just looked nervously at the floor, as if this wild incestuous affair was not really his proper environment. I’d never have thought it was mine before the events of today.

‘Now,’ Aunt Helen announced loudly to the room, ‘Time for a present for the birthday girlyboy.’

She reached into her bag and pulled out a massive rubber cock. It was jet black, but with a completely realistic shape of bulges, veins and contours and must have been almost eight inches in length, longer even than my dad’s thick hardness. It had a strapon harness that my aunt was preparing.

I watched open mouthed as my aunt shed her thin dress and dropped it to the floor. She was wearing no bra and her beautiful breasts dangled free, hardly sagging at all for a woman of her age. She slid off her dark red panties and slipped into the strapon harness. Now she looked like a hot curvy older woman but with a cock that would put most men to shame. It certainly managed to shame the dick in my lace panties.

‘Here’s your present, honey,’ my aunt grinned, ‘Another nice, fat cock for you, only this time it’s your auntie’s dick!’

‘Wow, Aunt Helen,’ I gasped, ‘It’s so big.’

‘Don’t worry, baby, it’s just the way my husband likes it,’ she replied, grinning.

Over in the corner of the room, Uncle John blushed bright red. Even seeing his cocklusting nephew dressed in a babydoll and stockings, he was embarrassed to have people know he liked getting screwed with his wife’s strapon.

I, however, had no such worries, not I who had loved feeling my dad shoot his cummy load down my throat, who had spread his stockinged legs to take his brother’s dick inside him. No, I simply got to my knees, opened my lips and started sucking. It was real big in my pink mouth, stretching it wide open, but I loved the feel of going down on another family dick, even a fake one.

After getting her strapon nice and slippery wet, my aunt made me turn around and, for the second time that afternoon, I gave a show to a room full of my family of me spreading my legs and getting a cock up the ass. I started to feel really good as my aunt’s monster strapon impaled me even deeper than my brother had. I was riding my ass up to meet my busty aunt’s thrusts and all the time my own dick was getting hard once again.

Unfortunately, we were interrupted in the middle of this kinky scene by some more arrivals, this was Dad’s side of the family. Uncle Pete, like my dad, tall and broad shouldered, came in followed by his three sons. Or rather, he was followed by his two eldest sons. Jamie, the youngest, who I had always found bursa suriyeli escort escort superior and a little mean spirited around me, I could not see for a moment. Then I saw that Rob, the eldest son, had something in his hand, it looked like a chain or lead.

Sure enough, on the end of the lead, attached to a choker round his neck, was the third brother, crawling on all fours. Jamie, however, looked nothing like his usual preening superior self. He had been dressed like me in lingerie, white thigh high nylons, a black lace thong, leather mini-skirt and a leather corset laced tight to give him feminine curves. His dark hair was tied in pigtails like his cousin Kelly and he was made up with dramatic slutty make up.

‘Here you go, son,’ my uncle said to me as my cousin crawled over the floor toward me, ‘We’ve brought you a present, a little something to play with.’

‘I’m not into this,’ pouted my sissified cousin.

‘But you’re gonna do it and like it,’ said Rob, pulling the lead forcefully, choking his brother a little, as he handed it to me.

‘Rob’s usually the family bitch,’ Dave, the middle brother explained, ‘He’s quite enjoying having the day off being the submissive dolled up one.’

It thrilled me to hear how much my family members casually mentioned the dirty incestuous sex they liked to have together. I could certainly get used to days like today. I was equally excited by the chance to play with my present. I had always been irritated by Jamie’s superior attitude, so to have him be submissive with me was a bit of a turn on. I also had to admit that he looked hot as a girl in leather and pigtails. Hot enough, in fact, that I, still in my pretty pink lingerie, felt a little jealous.

My black lace panties were already filled out by a hard erection given by my aunt’s naughty strapon fucking and now I made my crossdressed cousin slide my panties aside and start licking my dick like a little slut while his father and brothers encouraged him, slapping and spanking his ass cheeks, which waved barely covered by his tiny thong and very short black leather mini-skirt.

‘Come on, son, be a slut for the birthday boy,’ Uncle Pete said, slapping his son’s ass, encouraging him to greater lengths than he had so far managed in his not so eager cocksucking.

I could see, spilling out of the thong and dangling out from the tiny mini-skirt, Jamie’s surprisingly large, thick eight inch cock. No wonder he was usually so cocky. Strangely, seeing that feminine corset and skirt and submissive attitude paired with an, as yet, limp monster dick, was an even greater turn on than if it had been a tight pussy like my sister’s.

I experienced another awkward pang of jealousy at seeing that my cousin not only matched me for girly good looks but had a dick that dwarfed mine. Still, he was the one on my lead, and he was the one who’s ass was about to get fucked. As I made sure to make clear as I made him turn from me and take off his thong. Just like my brother had done with me, I thrust my cock deep and hard up into my cousin’s sissified ass. It felt every bit as tight and stimulating as my sister’s virgin cunt had just that morning.

I was really getting into being on top this time. If my aunt could tap my ass this hard, I could certainly do the same to my cousin, slamming into his hole so our stockings rubbed hard together and my balls slapped against his, his massive dick flopping against his leather skirt.

‘Mmm, Jamie, you make a good submissive slut,’ I said, slapping his ass, really enjoying myself, ‘I don’t know why you don’t do this more often.’

‘Ohh,’ he whimpered, ‘I’ll get you back for this, cousin. Just you wait.’

That made me think that perhaps I wasn’t humiliating my crossdressed cousin enough just screwing him in front of the family. I called his big brother over and had him get his cock out too. Soon I had my cousin blowing his own brother while I pounded his ass, getting Rob’s dick nice and hard with his painted lips like I could only imagine had happened in reverse so many times.

I could see why Rob was the one the all male family made play the girl most of the time, he had a slender feminine body with long legs and a face that I could just imagine as a woman, wide eyes with long lashes and a mouth with full soft lips. I wondered what they’d be like wrapped around a cock like his brother’s were.

That got me really excited, watching the brotherly sissy suck show and imagining how it was in their house as I fucked my cousin’s tight ass. Meanwhile, I felt fingers exploring my own dark hole and, soon, my aunt decided to finish what she had started by sticking her strapon up into me just as I was doing with my cousin, matching me thrust for thrust albeit dwarfing me with the size of her rubber dick.

‘Oh brother, you’d better be ready for a big, dirty load in the face,’ Rob gasped as he pulled his dick from his brother’s lips and bursa ucuz escort jerked it off until he shot a great mass of sticky spunk all over him, into his pigtailed hair, over his painted lips, dripping onto his leather corset.

I pulled out of his ass and made him turn around to face his cummy sissy face toward me. As my aunt pumped my ass with her strapon, she grabbed my ready to cum dick and, pointing it right in Jamie’s face, pumped the spunk right out of me, bathing him in another load and leaving him kneeling in leather and lingerie in the middle of the family party with cum dripping over his face, well and truly fucked.

My birthday presents had all been pretty incredible, but if I thought my birthday fun was over now that I’d enjoyed presents from the whole family, I was mistaken. It turned out the party was only just getting started and now my mom, dressed in a tight, tiny, sexy little black dress, suggested it was time for some party games. Only these weren’t the kinds of games I would ever have expected to see at a family party!

‘OK, kids,’ she grinned, ‘How about a little game of Daddy Sucking. The rules are quite simple, each daddy picks a daughter and each daughter sucks off her daddy’s dick as best she can. The first daughter to get a mouthful of cum is the winner.’

‘And what does the winner get to win?’ Joanne smirked.

‘A very special prize,’ my Mom responded, opening a bag to reveal a shining silver vibrator, ‘Whoever first gets a face load of Daddy’s spunk, gets this to play with for good.’

The three dads, my own, his brother Uncle Pete and my mom’s brother-in-law Uncle John, stood in a row in the centre of the room. Each now had to pick a daughter, except for Uncle Pete, who, given his family all consisted of men, had to take my little toy from his leash and use his dolled up son Jamie. My dad, meanwhile, ended up with Grace, so eager and lustful since her first sexual experience just that morning, while John, seeming the most awkward about the whole affair blushed and stammered while his two cute twins bickered between them about who would be the one to get to suck their dad’s cock.

‘You know I’ve wanted Dad’s dick for ages, sis,’ Kelly pouted.

‘Oh, but so I have I,’ her dark haired twin replied, ‘I was just saying the other day how jealous I am of Mom getting to suck him off whenever she wants!’

‘Yes, Jo-Jo, but I said it first,’ came back my cousin with the blonde pigtails, ‘I think that means I should be the first to do it.’

‘Mom!’ Joanne pleaded for her mother’s intervention like a squabbling child.

‘Let your sister have a go, Jo,’ my naked, busty aunt replied, giving her daughter a suggestive smirk, ‘Don’t worry, after today, you’ll have plenty of chances to have a go with your daddy’s dick.’

John blushed heavily, but offered no objection as his nineteen year old daughter, dressed in a tiny pleated mini-skirt and stockings, came over and started to strip him. Grace was doing the same to our dad and, with a little prompting from his brothers and the chain around his neck, so was sissified Jamie. In a few minutes all three stood stark naked with their cocks beginning to get a little hard.

My dad’s was the most impressive, it made my girly mouth water seeing it get hard as Grace wrapped her slender fingers around the throbbing shaft. I couldn’t help but think about how good it had felt when that had been the first dick I held in my mouth. His brother’s was almost as long and thick and was harder and stiffer at the thought of his crossdressed son getting his lips around its veiny flesh. Pete didn’t really wait for Jamie to suck him, he took his son’s head in his hand and shoved his dick down his throat, making Jamie gasp with surprise. John meanwhile, still looked awkward, no doubt partially embarrassed that his cock was below average size and appeared small amongst some of the others here. Still, as Kelly got to her knees and started flicking her tongue over his limp flesh, it got pretty hard pretty fast.

Soon the only sound in the room was that of three teenage hotties slurping on the quivering meat of three middle aged fathers, who couldn’t believe their luck in getting serviced by their teen daughters in front of the whole family. The rest of us were watching in rapt silence, partly turned on by the three hot blowjobs and partly excited to see who would win the contest.

‘That’s good, Grace, that’s real good,’ my dad sighed, ‘Cocksucking must come naturally to you kids, this is the second time one of you’s given me a first time blowjob today, and it’s the second time it’s been so good.’

‘Mmm, take it, swallow my cock, son,’ my Uncle Pete was moaning as he thrust hard and fast into Jamie’s throat. I wondered whether Jamie was wanting to win, and whether he’d want that shiny vibrator if he did. I noticed, however, that beneath his tight leather skirt, his huge flapping dick was beginning to get hard. Perhaps bursa üniversiteli escort he really was an incestuous cocklover like so many in his family.

‘Ohhh, oh God, Kelly, yes,’ Kelly’s father was gasping and sweating as his daughter gave him incredible head.

Now the competition was really getting going. Jamie began to respond to his father’s thrusts, deep throating his dad’s cock, seeming not to care about appearing to not enjoy his sissy role. Grace, however, was really giving it her all in getting our dad off. He seemed really on the brink, even despite his having cum in my mouth earlier that day.

Seeing this, Kelly, one hand stroking her dad’s shaft as it slipped between her lips, reached her other hand behind him. She had obviously been paying attention to her mother’s remarks about her father liking strapon dick, because she saw the way to get an extra advantage and slid two fingers right up her dad’s ass. In seconds, Uncle John had blown a massive load in my cousin’s face and she had won.

Kelly licked the cum from around her lips as, moments later, our dad unloaded his own sticky spunk all over Grace. The two cousins moved over to join in each other in a salty liplock, trading their dad’s cum between their wet mouths.

Jamie was still going down eagerly on his dad’s cock even though the game was over, his own dick flapping about beneath his tiny leather skirt. Uncle Pete gave a gasp and, with that, the last of the dads gave up his seed to his offspring. Pete filled Jamie’s mouth with hot spunk until it leaked all over his son’s chin and onto his leather corset.

‘Oh boy, that was some real good cocksucking there, son,’ Pete sighed, ‘We’ll have to make you our bitch more often.’

‘Yeah, Grace, you too, there’s obviously some real cocksucking gene in this household,’ my dad responded, ‘And I’m going to take more advantage of it in future.’

‘None of them give head quite so good as my Kelly, though,’ her quiet, meek dad grinned, patting her pigtailed head as she looked up at him with his cum still glistening on her lips, ‘Kelly – Queen of the Daddy Suckers!’

‘Well done honey,’ her mom, Aunt Helen added, ‘Looks like you’re the star slut of the family. And in this family that’s saying something!’

‘I’d have got dad off even quicker,’ pouted her dark haired twin, Joanne.

My mom presented Kelly with the shining vibrator and both twin’s faces took on an expression of delight. Kelly turned it on and, as it thrummed with arousing power, her sister took a hold of it and ran it down Kelly’s chest and into her panties, rubbing the vibrating toy over her clit.

Mom wasn’t at all finished with introducing party games, however, and, while her twin nieces enjoyed some play of their own, she introduced a new game for all the guys at the party, except for me the birthday boy.

The game was ‘Dress Poker’ and worked like ‘Strip Poker’ but in reverse. All the guys that weren’t already naked, so Adam, Rob and Dave, along with Jamie who was allowed out of his leather corset and mini-skirt, stripped completely naked. They were not just naked, their bodies had been shaved of all their hair, including Uncle John’s little moustache.

They sat around the poker table naked while all the girls, and me in my lingerie, sat around and watched. Every time one of them lost a hand, rather than stripping off clothing, they now had to put something on.

Mom had picked each of the six guys out a cute girly outfit with lingerie, stockings, a tight short skirted party dress and heels. Some seemed a little reluctant at the opportunity to wear the costumes but most appeared confident that their skills at the game would result in them being the one who ended up all dressed up and had to endure the final forfeit. The first one to lose completely and become dolled up in a totally feminine way would be given to me as an extra birthday present to play with.

I was quite eager with the anticipation. I had seen what a cute fuckable girl Jamie could make, and could tell that his brother Rob would be similar. But I had no idea how my dad or my brother would look in lingerie nor either of my uncles. The thought of any of them dolled up like a slutty girl would have been bizarre and even disturbing for me days earlier, but now it seemed exciting.

While all the other bodies were totally male when naked, Jamie still had his slutty make up and hair in pigtails, which gave him the look of the girliest of them all. It also, it seemed, enabled him to bluff better, as he started doing pretty well at the game.

Dad lost the first hand and my mom, his wife, with a mock ceremonial gesture, brought over a pair of purple satin panties with black lace bows and slid them over her husband’s cock. He blushed a little at being dressed in panties in front of the whole family, while I enjoyed the sight of the first cock I had ever tasted being outlined against that feminine purple material.

After a little while, the game began to develop, my dad had started poorly and his purple panties were soon joined by a matching bra in purple satin with a black lace bow between the cups, a garter belt and black thigh high stockings with lacy tops, before most of the other guys were even in panties, with his brother Pete in nothing but a crimson thong, but then his luck had started to turn.

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