Black Cop’s Stress Relief

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“We think you’re doing a hell of a job, Corporal,” the bronze-skinned police lieutenant explained. “But at this time we’re going in a different direction.”

“Alright. Thanks for letting me know, Lew,” replied Christopher Patterson with a fake smile. “Is the candidate internal or external?”

“External,” the supervisor revealed.

“Alright. I’m kinda tired,” Cpl. Patterson yawned. “I better get going.”

“See you later, Chris!”

“Take care, Lou!”

Chris Patterson kept his cool as he exited the department headquarters. The six-two, 240-pound, caramel colored motorcycle cop stopped quickly in the locker room to collect his red-and-black MSGM duffel bag. He then walked to his silver 2016 Dodge Charger SRT. He started the vehicle; it’s V8 engine roared. He fired off a quick text.

-Still home?

-Yes sir!

-I’m on my way

-Can’t wait

The 38 year-old who’d joined the force just a few years ago after spending time working in business insights & analytics, entered the field for all the right reasons. He wanted to make a difference from the inside. To be a good cop. An advocate. And, all of those were wonderful. It just wasn’t as appreciated within the ranks as he once hoped it would have been. And now, they were passing him over for a leadership role as sergeant for someone else.

Chris made it home. He thundered up the steps and unlocked the door of the large two bedroom, two bath apartment he shared with his roommate, Sequoiah.

“Hey, you,” the brown-skinned roommate with a cool, jewel undertone said softly.

“I didn’t get the job,” he frowned.

“Oh no! They’re just idiots Sequoiah stood and moved towards him.

The florist offered him a hug,

Chris dwarfed the five-foot-five, 118-pound effeminate dude as he wrapped his massive arms around the miniature torso. He squeezed the pliable, jiggly butt cheeks and said, “I need that faggot ass right now!”

“Yes, sir,” smiled Sequoiah.

The much larger law enforcement officer snatched up the itty bitty motherfucker. He carried the tart to their shared bedroom and threw Sequoiah onto the mattress of their California King bed. “I love when you wear these fishnet mini dresses,” he licked his lips. He undid his belt and dropped his pants to the floor.

Sequoiah wrapped his tiny hands around the already stiff, full of veins and thick, 8-inch cock. The 41 year-old sissy business owner kissed the head and licked down the shaft.

“Ahhhhhh,” groaned Chris. He took türkçe altyazılı porno a fistful of Sequoiah’s copious platinum dyed Afro. “That’s right be a good faggot for Daddy!” He thought back to the night he first met the cocksucker.

It wasn’t long after he’d become a sworn officer. He was doing some off duty security work at Hail Mary’s, a sports bar. It was late on a Tuesday and the establishment called it Pride Night. There were all manner of patrons from the LGBT spectrum. Plus, they had a drag show. Sequoiah was one of the performers.

Sequoiah was dressed in red stilettos, opaque tights, and a one-piece red-sequined swimsuit. His female persona had on a ginormous honey blonde wig, bit hoop earrings, and heavy makeup.

Chris thought she looked just like a bitch. Better than a bitch matter of fact. He made it a point to compliment the drag queen after her lip syncing of ‘I Will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor.

The showgirl thanked him.

When the bar was shutting down. Sequoiah was one of the last to leave.

Chris said, “Hey! Excuse me!”

“Yes, sir,” the shortstack turned and inquired.

“I know we couldn’t talk earlier, but I mean I was…uh…”


“Yeah! Yeah! Intrigued,” he agreed. “I respect what you guys do.”

“Is that a fact, Mister…”

“Patterson. Chris Patterson.”

“Well, Mr. Patterson. Perhaps we could chat on the phone. It’s kinda late and I have to open up early tomorrow.”

“Bet. Let me get your number.”

That had been it. The next evening that Chris was off duty they talked on the phone for hours. He admitted that he was divorced and had two kids. Also, that he’d been a bit of a whore the past 18 months. And, that he had an interest in effeminate men for quite some time.

Sequoiah was the right mix of chatty and attentive to his words. Within a week they’d fucked.

No one would have made him guess that he would now be living with a gay motherfucker – pleased as punch to boot.

Back to this morning…

Chris pulled the sissy off his throbbing manhood. Saliva followed and fell to the floor. He tossed his elfin lover back to the bed.

The punk wiggled around until his torso was on the mattress, but his feet were on the floor.

Chris pulled off his belt and raised it high. He delivered a firm lash.

“Ooh,” whined Sequoiah.

“I know, faggot,” he yelled. “These stupid motherfuckers out here can’t see right twitter porno for being fucking stupid.”

“Those assholes should’ve promoted you!”

“Damn right,” he swung the belt again. “You’re the only one keeping a nigga sane, sissy boy!”

The whipping stung physically, but emotionally it was euphoric. Sequoiah relished having a man that adored him and could safely denigrate and humiliate him in private. “Oh my god, Daddy!”

“You’re my fucking stress relief,” barked the officer. “My ex wife talking about she going to a wedding and I need to keep the kids a couple more days this week. I don’t mind keeping my kids.”

“I know…”

“But who the fuck gets married in the middle of the week? If she just wants a break, then say that shit. She ain’t gotta play games. That’s the whole reason I ain’t go off and join the Marines. I didn’t wanna leave them behind,” he snarled still spanking the female impersonator.

“Yes, baby! You are a good man! I’m here for you. You can fuck my faggot ass anytime,” purred the paramour.

“Damn right. My li’l faggot stress relief toy!”

“You know I love when you talk to me like that!”

“Hell yeah!”

Chris tugged Sequoiah’s hair and put the floral designer back on the floor. He fed the boy more of his dick. He stopped with the belt and started massaging the derriere. “To be so little, you got a juicy ass!”

“Mmhmm,” moaned the sucking pussy-boy.

“Guess those ass shots were worth it. It’s so fucking soft.”

Sequoiah had gotten his rear-end enhancement ages before meeting Chris. It was something most straight men had to date been unable to resist.

Chris picked up his boo thing. He spread the corpulent round cheeks apart and slid his tongue in between them. He made the sissy writhe with pleasure. He reached around and felt for Sequoiah’s genitals. He as happy to find the pink chastity cage attached. Where else would it be. He wore the key around his neck. The extra one he kept in a secret hidden location. He decided he might let the bottom bitch take it off tonight.

He mounted Sequoiah from behind. His burly, large-boned physique covered the sub’s delicate, sylphlike frame.

“Owwww,” the sissy wailed as he felt the big dick enter his rectum.

“Take it, faggot! Take this big dick, bitch!”

“Yes, sir,” Sequoiah cooed. “Fuck me!”

“Yeah, faggot! Hold that ass still while I pump you full of my babies.”

Chris exerted tremendous fury as gave üniversiteli porno full, balls deep strokes. His midsection slammed into the itty bitty sprite’s backside.

“Oooh…Oww…Mmmm…Ahhh…Mmhmm,” hummed Sequoiah. “Fuck me, Nigga!”

“Yeah, boy! Take this big dick! Fucking your boy-pussy feels so good!”

“Really, handsome,” cried the receiver.

“Yeah,” groaned the beast. “So damn tight! Always.”

Chris wiped sweat from his brow. He got back on his knees, jerked the nymph upwards by his textured hair, and banged the pixie bitch who was now on all fours.

“Oh my god,” Sequoiah muttered.

“Yeah,” the policeman slapped the spongy onion booty.

“Oww,” shrieked the fairy.

“Take all this dick, you sissy ass faggot bitch hoe motherfucker! You got me looking gay and shit to half the world, you nasty punk slut! Ahhhh! Damn,” barked Chris. He moved his authoritative hands to his girly boy’s slight neck. He choked her with both of the big-knuckled ham hocks.

“Ugghhhhh,” Sequoiah struggled to groan.

“Fucking fairy ass hoe faggot! Give Daddy this big pretty ass!”

After manhandling Sequoiah for a few minutes, he flipped him over. He hooked his mighty arms underneath the sissy and slid towards the edge of the bed. He stood up and walked around the room bouncing the fag up and down his dick.

Sequoiah had in his bright green contacts. He stared into Chris’ soulful, dark eyes. “Oh my god! I love you, Daddy!”

“Daddy loves his faggot boy bitch,” grunted the beefy brother.

“Fuck this faggot ass! Ooh yeah!”

“You’re such a good sissy bitch!”

Chris leaped onto the bed with the reinforced steel frame. It took all of their weight like a champ. Now, the one who wore the pants in the house slayed his docile partner in the buck.

Sequoiah’s slender legs were on Chris’s shoulder. His tiny feet dangling just above their broadness.

Chris dug his nails into the fleshy donkey booty. He slammed his loins with meticulous violence. “Dammit, fag! Take this dick!”

Sequoiah whined and begged for it.

Chris could take no more. He shot a considerable amount of baby batter into his loving faggot.

Sequoiah hopped up as the officer lay there huffing. He retrieved a warm soapy washcloth. He cleaned up his King and then placed the rag back in the master bathroom. “I’ll be right back, Daddy! I’m gonna make you a sandwich before I get ready for work. Or do you want eggs and bacon.?”

“Do a BLT with a fried egg,” Chris said in a matter-of-fact manner.

“You got it, Daddy,” giggled Sequoiah. “With avocado?”

“Don’t play dumb, faggot!”

“Sorry, Daddy! Coming right up.”

‘That little bitch ass fag is such a good stress reliever,’ thought Chris as he reached for the remote to the 55-inch wall mounted TV.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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