Black in Me Pt. 12

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My attraction towards dark skinned, masculine, large Black men was growing stronger by the time I was in my 30s, to the point where I was cruising men outside the normal gay hang outs. I had booked a week-long trip to Las Vegas with two things in mind, gambling, and men. I decided to spurge and get a 5-star hotel an enjoy the luxuries.

The first night I walked around the casino, horny, looking for a hot man to sit next to so I could at least try to get some action before the night was over. As I looked around, I was looking around for a specific type of man, big build, masculine, dark skin. After about an hour I finally found a guy that matched my desires, a middle-aged guy sitting by himself, playing the slots while smoking. I sat two seats down from him so not to be too obvious about my intentions. Before too long he was speaking to me, telling me how to play the machine I was on. I took his suggestion and within minutes I hit the jackpot, winning $3000, leading us to celebrate together which felt so good. As a token of appreciation, I gave him $500 and ordered drinks and more cigarettes at his request. After about an hour he announced it was time for him to go.

“Well guy I better get some sleep – thanks for everything.” He stood behind me and watched as I continued to play the same machine.

“Anytime man. Sure you got to go? You’ve been good luck,” I said trying to convince him to stay long enough for me to cruise him.

“Yeah man, it’s 3 a.m. and got to get an old man to bed,” he laughed. I turned around and checked him out, trying to figure out how old he was. My guess was 48.

“Let me but you another drink and spot you another $50,” I said.

With that he sat down in the seat next to me. “Can’t argue with that,” he said.

“Name is James. Who do I have the pleasure of meeting?”

“Joseph – nice meeting you James,” he said with his hand on my back – certainly a good sign.

“And you’re no way an old man,” I said fishing for more information.

“62 next week,” Joseph said proudly. He looked nowhere near 62 although he was bald his chest and arm hair was still dark, and his body not sagging for a big man.

“No way. I hope I look as sexy as you at 62.” So much for discretion I told myself.

He laughed but didn’t say anything as our drinks arrived. I gave him another $50 and for the next 30 minutes or so we gambled and talked. But when he spent his last amount of money, he got up to leave. “Well this time I really got to go – looks like both our luck is about gone.”

“Actually, I feel very lucky. I’m richer and met a good man,” I said, not letting go the idea that I could spend more time with him.

Joseph laughed. He had pretty white teeth that were perfectly straight. “Is that so?”

“Yes, definitely. Guess I should tell you. I’m gay and am really interested in you.” I wasn’t sure what effect my abruptness would have on him. Joseph sat back down and looked at me with somewhat of a frown.

“Interesting. So what are you trying to tell me?” he asked.

“I guess I want to get with you, for sex,” I said, finding the courage to be blunt.

Joseph looked at me silently for what seemed like eternity, then spoke. “Well come on up to my room so we can talk about it,” he said.

“Jackpot!” I said jokingly.

He laughed. “I didn’t say we were going to do anything,” said Joseph looking me straight in the eyes.

“But you didn’t say we weren’t either,” I retorted.

“I do like you James. You’re a cool cat. C’mon,” he said as he walked away.

His room was extravagant – definitely the top tier of rooms in that hotel, a two-bedroom suite with a large bathroom, wet bar, jacuzzi and a beautiful view of Las Vegas in a dimly lit, erotic setting. “Damn this is nice,” I said.

“Thanks. Fix us a drink,” said Joseph as he removed his tie.

“What would you like?”

“There’s some vodka, mix it with some tonic and a lime.” As I fixed our drinks Joseph took off his shoes and put his large feet up on the table while turning on the TV. I brought over our drinks and sat in the chair opposite the couch. “So, tell me James. How long you been messing around with guys?”

“About 15 – 20 years. I started pretty early,” I said.

“Tell me about it,” said Joseph. I went on to tell him about the guys that seduced me at an early age. The conversation led to the rest of Anadolu yakası escort my life’s experiences while Joseph listened intently.

“Very interesting life you have led James. Tell me, are you a religious man?” His question seemed odd considering the circumstance.

“Can’t say that I am. Why do you ask?”

“No particular reason other than to let you know I am a Baptist minister.” I was shocked and unable to respond. Joseph laughed. “It’s okay James. I’m not going to preach – I’m here for some fun just like you are.” We were both fairly inebriated by now and my inhibitions were considerably lowered. I hoped his were too and I would be able to get closer to this incredibly sexy man.

“I’ve never been with a minister,” I said.

“Well, it appears as if that’s about to change James. I must tell you I have yet to be with another man sexually, so this is new to me. I am curious.”

“You sure you want to do this Joseph?” I asked.

He frowned and looked taken aback. “No, I’m not sure but know there’s something going on.”

Joseph stood up, revealing a huge bulge in his dress pants. I took a gulp of my drink, not sure what move to make on a man, a minister at that, who said he had no sexual experience with another guy. Before I could make a move Joseph moved to stand in front of me, his crotch in front of my face, bulge in his dark trousers sporting a fat dick. “You just going to look at it?”

I was trembling with excitement and the potential of what was about to happen. “I’ll do anything you want.” I told Joseph, letting him know I preferred him to take the lead.

“Is that so?” he said putting his hands on his hips. “Take out my dick.”

My hands were somewhat unsteady with excitement as I tried to unzip his pants, but the tightness of his crotch and my nervousness prevented me from doing so easily. From what I could tell this man had a very large dick – the anticipation was building up. “You sure this isn’t your first time?” Joseph asked while looking down at me, smiling.

So, I undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants, slid down his zipper. He had on boxers that allowed me to reach in and pull out his erect penis. It was beautifully dark, cut with a bulbous, purple head attached to a thick shaft that was at least 10 inches in length. I ran my hand up and down, feeling it’s heaviness and smooth skin texture – like velvet. I was consumed with passion and slowly sucked him in, circling my tongue around it to heighten the pleasure. I made sure to concentrate on the sensitive area just under the head, pressing my tongue on it while gently sucking. By the sound of his moaning I could tell he was pleased. Then, he unexpectedly began to take charge, holding my head while pumping his dick into my mouth which I expertly took. Within minutes he was fully hard, now at least a foot long so I could no longer suck him because of the girth and length so I concentrated on his loose balls which were also quite large, egg shaped, and very sensitive. He reacted with much pleasure as I gently took turns with each one, sucking gently, burying my face in his large sac so I could take in his man musk. This went on for awhile before Joseph nudged me off him. His dick stood out from his body, slightly curved and the impressively long. I wondered if I would be able to take it anally.

“Time for a break,” said Joseph as he stood before me. “Stand up,” he said softly but decisively.

I immediately did as he told and liked his authoritarian style. “I see you like to be told what to do. Isn’t that right?” Before I could confirm he grabbed my face and looked sternly into my eyes. “Don’t need to answer – I already know you want to be my white bitch – live out your fantasy of being forced to have sex by a large Mandingo man.” With that Joseph pulled up his pants and sat on the couch.

Although there was some truth to his claims, I never thought of me as objectifying men because of their race. I was born and raised in a majority Black community so have always had sex with Black men.

“Fix me another drink,” said Joseph holding his glass. I obediently did what he asked wondering was this an attempt on his part to prove I had a Mandingo fantasy or if he was genuinely interested in having me as his “bitch.” When I handed him his drink he patted the space next to him on the couch. “Sit next to Daddy.” Escort Maltepe This was getting strange but I decided I would hear him out before trying to figure out his intentions for that evening.

“So you are attempting to use me for your sexual pleasure, isn’t that right?” he asked.

“I do want to have sex, yes,” I said trying not to say too much.

“You did not answer the question James. Let me repeat.” I could sense some frustration in his voice. “Are you attempting to use me for your sexual pleasure?”

“I just want to enjoy myself with you by having sex Joseph, I mean no harm.” I noticed his hard-on was gone but that his groin area was still filled with his sizeable dick and balls.

“Obviously you do not understand,” he said as he shifted in his seat to get a more direct look at me. “If we are going to do this there is something you need to understand. You want me to fuck the shit out of you this evening, dominate you, all that stuff. And that’s fine. You excite me man, but I do tend to get carried away and have always wanted wondered what it would be like to have a white boy at my feet, and it looks like I can do that right now. But if this goes well, I’m wanting to keep you around. None of this ‘Hit it and quit it shit.’ So if you’re for that, let’s not go any further. I just got to know.”

Joseph had me in a position that I was I was unable to respond to right away. I had too many questions. “So. you’re looking for long term?” I asked.

“Possibly, I mean I just might like this so much I’m going to want more. But a man in my position can’t be reckless.

The fact that I had a partner who I loved made me question another long term commitment. “Alright James, time for you to make a decision then. If you stay, we make love, fuck, screw, whatever,” said Joseph, pulling me into him, pressing his lips on mine, slowly pushing his tongue in.

After the great kissing, I decided to stay with Joseph. He was pulling me into his desires, and I was anxious to see where this would go.

We sat back down on the couch, this time with my head on his meaty shoulder. The more Joseph and I talked the more I was able to understand his needs. He had been curious about gay sex, particularly with a white guy but his religious upbringing prevented him from acting on it. I felt comfortable with Joseph and an excitement that I had not felt since I was with Leo.

Joseph stood up, unbuttoning his shirt, revealing a well-defined chest in his white crew neck T-Shirt. He went to his bedroom and brought back a marijuana joint, lighting it and sitting next to me.

“Damn, wasn’t expecting that,” I said.

“Nothing wrong with getting a little high,” he said. We shared it in silence while listening to jazz which filled the dim room with a sensuous sound. The tension was building as we got increasingly buzzed. Finally Joseph stood up and pulled his soft dick out. I wasted no time kneeling before him, licking from head to base, then sucking him slowly until I got halfway down, unable to go further because of his girth. Still clothed Joseph led me to his bedroom with a nice size king bed in a luxurious environment. I was definitely ready to take on his enormous dick, no matter what it took.

“Undress me.” Joseph stood quietly and held his arms out as I removed his T-shirt, then his dress pants, stopping for a moment to admire his body. He had tight boxers which accentuated huge muscular thighs. I kissed his chest that was dotted with tight curly hairs and sucked his extended nipples which caused him to moan loudly, then press my head harder onto his thick, hairy breast. When he raised his arm I could smell the man musk which further increased my desire. I licked and nuzzled his arm pits until Joseph moved me to the edge of the bed, raising my legs while removing my pants and underwear, leaving my ass at the edge of the bed, exposed and about to receive the largest dick I would ever take on. Joseph then pulled down his underwear, his penis hard and only inches away from my ass. While he went to the bathroom I lay there thinking if I could take on his large dick. But I was caught in the moment and wanted to see what something like that would feel like.

He walked over to his dresser and pulled out a bottle. “All I have is baby oil,” he said, opening it. He raised and spread my legs, pouring a generous amount Kurtköy escort bayan of the cool liquid on my hole. Then he made the move, putting the head at my entrance and slowly pushing it in. The invasion was spreading me open beyond what I thought was capable. As I started crying out in pain Joseph place his hand over my mouth.

“Shhhhh. You can do this. You feel so good,” he said, slowly sliding in another inch. The feeling of being opened up that much had me taking deep, regular breaths and doing what I could to ease the pain as he entered me further. Fifteen minutes had easily passed when I reached down and felt that Joseph had worked himself all the way in, staying rock hard the whole time. His belly pressed on mine, balls rested on my ass as he bent down to kiss me, unexpected, but definitely wanted.

He started out my gently pressing his lips on mine, licking and softly kissing until his tongue probed into my mouth which I greeted with mine. I felt him slowly pull out a few inches, somewhat easing the pain that was slowly subsiding. He pushed back in too quickly, but my moans were muffled by his increasing passion in his kissing. “This man has done this before,” I told myself as Joseph began slowly stroking my now fully open ass. “James, this feels amazing,” he whispered, spreading my legs further. His thrusting action had increased, causing me to slide across the bed but he kept his rhythm. I held on to his thick neck and was now enjoying the ride. I glanced at the clock at saw it was 5:50 am – we had been fucking for almost an hour and he showed no signs of slowing down. But I had to stop because the baby oil was no longer effective.

“Joseph, I need to take a break,” I managed to get in as he was rhythmically pounding me.

Breathing heavily, Joseph said, “I’m just getting started baby.”

“But I need more lube- I’m…” I didn’t finish begging before Joseph pulled out suddenly and sat back. In the glow of the morning I could make out his dick as I rested my legs across his. I couldn’t believe I had taken the enormity of his length and girth. I reached down to feel it, barely able to wrap my hand around it. My ass felt wide open. And I smelled my hand to make sure there was no mess – which fortunately there was not. I had taken precautions the day before since I anticipated action.

“Need some lube man – got some in my pants.” Joseph reached into my pants that were lying on the floor and pulled out a lube packet.

“I see you came prepared,” he said as he opened the lube. “Lie on your side,” instructed Joseph. I positioned myself as he told and was ready of another round of fucking after he spread some lube on my hole. He spread my cheeks and slowly slid himself back in. This time I felt minimal pain and mostly pleasure. I wasn’t sure if it was the fact that I was already opened up or the position I was in but the feeling was as good as I ever had. I lay in ecstasy as I enjoyed Joseph’s slow stroking. My moaning must have turned him on.

“You like that baby?” I heard him say softly.

“Yes, very much so,” I said as I enjoyed the rest of the morning in various positions getting fucked by the hottest man with the longest staying power I had ever experienced. Finally, while laying on my side I felt Joseph’s dick grow thicker and harder as he increased the force and pace of his thrusting. His orgasm was intense – he pressed his sweat covered body full against mine and poured his seed into my guts while he moaned loudly for what seemed like at least a minute. And, as if on cue, I also began to ejaculate, shouting loudly as I squirted several ropes of cum on myself and the sheets. We lay there, spent, in silence, taking in the sexual odors, breathing heavily until I felt him slip out of my ass. As long as his dick was his seed was planted deep and wasn’t coming out for awhile. I felt him kissing my back while rubbing his hands across my chest, playing with my hardened nipples, traveling down to my softening penis that still had sperm coming out. Joseph took his finger and fed me my own come. Although never into it I was willing to do anything Joseph pleased. We fell asleep, spoon fashion, exhausted from a night of liquor, weed, and passionate sex.

Joseph and I spent the next three days with each other, gambling, eating and fucking. I had developed feelings for him and it was difficult to leave. When I got home I told Leo everything that happened, including my strong attraction to Joseph. While he wasn’t happy, we held to the promise of being honest towards each other. I saw Joseph on and off for the next few year, including attending one of his services in Memphis. It was a wild ride.

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