Black Sheep Futa Ch. 03

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All characters are eighteen.

The day after the party Erika texted Riley and the two of them made plans to go out the following Friday. Erika felt giddy about it. She had really enjoyed Riley’s company at the party, and she couldn’t wait to see him again. She really felt like she’d found someone special, someone she could have something special with. All the other futas could be content with their little boytoys they just kept around for fucking. She was going to have someone she cared about. She was going to have a boyfriend.

When Friday came Erika found herself with an unfamiliar feeling: nervousness. This was the first date she’d ever actually been on. She realized that she had no idea how these things were supposed to go, no idea what to wear or how to act. She’d never cared much about her appearance before, but now she found herself agonizing over her clothes and trying to make her hair look presentable. In the end she just picked out some jeans and a nice collared shirt, got her hair looking neat, and drove out to pick up Riley at his house.

Sitting in her car, parked on the curb outside his place, she found the butterflies in her stomach where going wild. With trepidation she typed out a text telling him she was there, and closed her eyes while she waited. A few minutes after she’d received a response from him, she saw him walk out of the front door. He was gorgeous. He was wearing a short red dress with dark tights, black heels and a black jacket. He was perfectly made up and his long hair fell lightly over his shoulder. He approached her car and let himself in, sliding into the seat next to her. Erika couldn’t help but stare. He smiled slyly at her as he buckled himself in. “See something you like?” he said.

Erika laughed. “I… wow. Haha, you look great,” she sputtered.

Riley laughed himself. “You look pretty good too. So where we going?”

Erika told him she thought they’d go to the mall and hang out a bit and then get something to eat at the food court. Riley liked that idea and so off they went. They made small talk on the way there, and Erika gradually found her nervousness slip away. Riley was just as easy to talk to as he had been at the party before. Even without the alcohol, Erika had no problem conversing with him. At the mall they went to a few stores, mostly men’s clothing ones. Riley didn’t really buy anything but it seemed to Erika he was having a good time window shopping. At one point he suggested they head over to Victor’s Secret, but when Erika acted startled in response, he laughed it off as a joke. “You’re so cute when you get flustered like that,” he said, and Erika took it as a complement. They got pizza at the food court. Erika paid for it. “Wow, what a gentlefuta,” Riley said, and Erika felt fuzzy inside. Finally the date was over and Erika offered to take Riley home. But he told her he wasn’t ready to end the night yet. He said there was a place he’d like to show her.

The place ended up being a little area next to the town’s river, by the local hiking trail. Erika pulled into a spot and turned the car off. “Well,” she said, “here we are.” She turned to Riley. “So this is the place you wanted to show me?”

Riley gave her a wicked smile as she unbuckled her seat belt. “Oh, there way more I wanna show you babe.” He leaned forward quickly. Erika was surprised, but instinct took over. She took Riley into her arms and kissed him deeply. They made out there for awhile, their tongues exploring each others mouths, their hands roving over each other bodies. Erika’s hands groped Riley’s soft ass hungrily, reaching under the hem of his dress so she could feel tight covered skin. He moaned into her mouth as she squeezed, relishing the feel of his flesh contract under her fingers. A hunger was coming over her.

They continued for some time, till at last Riley suggested they move to the back seat. Erika had never gotten out of her car faster. Once the two of them were ensconced in the back they got right back to it, hungrily attacking each others mouths. Erika pushed Riley down onto the seat and slid his dress off, till he lay before him, clad in only his tights, a lacy black thong visible underneath them. He wasn’t wearing a bra. His nipples stood hard and firm. Erika’s cock was similarly hard in her jeans. She pressed down on top of him, laying kisses and lovebites on his neck, slowly lowering herself down to his chest, where she focused her attention on his nipples, licking and nibbling at them. She was rewarded with sweet little mewls from the target of her attentions. She was almost mad with lust.

After awhile she felt Riley push on her slightly and she raised herself up, and then found herself kissing him again. This time his hands found their way to her crotch where they groped at her dick clumsily. “I wanna taste your cock again,” he whispered breathily in her ear, “I’ve been thinking about it nonstop since the party.”

Erika obliged him, fumbling with her jeans and hastily taking them, then her boxer briefs too, till her cock stood rock xvideos porno hard out in front of her. Riley took it in his soft hands, staring at it greedily, his mouth practically watering as he stroked it slowly, till at last he kissed the tip a few times, and then ran his tongue sluggishly down the shaft. Erika gave a low groan as she knelt back against the door behind her. At last Riley took her in his mouth, just the head at first, and swirled his tongue around it, paying special attention to the slit. Soon he began taking it further into his mouth, moving up and down on the shaft, while also stroking it with his hand. Erika placed a hand on the back of his head, forcing him down lower onto her cock. Something was coming over her then. She wanted to be in control. She pressed him down till her whole cock was inside him. Then she firmly grasped both sides of his head and began thrusting in and out, fucking his face. She could feel his throat contract over her dick as he struggled to breath. But he was taking it like a champ. In no time she felt she was close to coming and she quickly pulled out, leaving him panting and gasping for breath, drool running out of his mouth and down his face. She aimed his cock at him and with a few more strokes that drool was joined with a torrent of cum.

He lay back for a moment, panting and wiping cum off his face. Erika watched him, mesmerized. He was the sexiest thing she’d ever seen just then. Her cock was already getting hard again. At last he started to move, lifting himself up to her, where they kissed again. “I want that cock in my ass,” he gasped. Erika dutifully moved her hands down to the waistband of his tights, pulling them down with his panties. Her finger found its way to his asshole, probing it. It was tight as hell. “Do you have lube?” he asked.

“In the glove box,” Erika replied. She had come prepared. Riley twisted around and crawled into the front seat. His ass was now right in front of Erika’s face. She decided to take advantage of it. She leaned forward and dove between his cheeks. He gave a cute little yelp as her tongue found his little rosebud.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned, “I love that so much, keep going.” Erika obeyed, running her tongue along the outside of his hole before pressing into it, tasting his insides. She was rewarded with more groans. She took his ass firmly in her hands as she ate him out, giving him two hard slaps, which elicited more yelps. His little cock was rock hard. At last Riley told her to stop and fished the lube out of the glove box. “I don’t even know if I’ll still need this, but better safe than sorry,” he said, handing her the bottle. Erika quickly poured out a good amount of the liquid and prepared his hole, putting a good amount on her cock as well. When she was done he twisted back to her and straddled her lap, facing toward her. He reached behind him and took her cock in his hand, guiding it toward his hole. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this,” he moaned, and at last he lowered himself onto her, a long, high pitched groan of pleasure coming out of him as he slowly took her length into himself. Erika met his groans with ones of her own. His ass was so tight. The feeling of it engulfing her cock was like nothing she could’ve possibly imagined. When he had taken all the way in he sat on her lap for a moment, head knelt back, eyes closed, simply reveling in the feeling of being full of her. Then, slowly, he raised himself, till she was about halfway out, then lowered himself back down. He continued, picking up speed as he went. Erika put his hands on his hips to help him, lifting him and slamming him back down. They quickly got into a good rhythm, and the car was filled with the combined sounds of their pants and groans, and the slap of his ass hitting against her thighs. At some point, Riley made as if to take Erika’s top off. Noticing this, she went and did it herself. Riley handled her bra, freeing her beautiful tits, which he promptly groped at as he continued getting fucked. It wasn’t long before all the pleasure sent him over the edge, and he came hard, his little cock spurting cum all over Erika’s tits. But Erika wasn’t done. She kept fucking him, even as his eyes rolled back in his head, even as he came a second time, her chest drenched in his semen, until at last she felt the pressure build up in her cock, and she closed her eyes and felt it burst, and knew she was painting his insides with her jizz.

She lied back then, Riley humping up and down on her cock a few last times as it finally deflated. Then he popped it out of his ass and leaned onto her. She took him in his arms and they lay there together, panting. After while they began kissing again, and then Riley sat up and looked into her eyes dreamily. “Erika…” he said, “I love…” He took a gasp of air, and Erika’s mouth hung open as she anticipated the next word that would leave his mouth. “…you’re cock,” he finished.

Erika started. “My… my cock?”

“It’s the best in the world,” he said, and then he leaned yabancı porno forward to kiss her again. Erika kissed him back. But something had left her.

After awhile they cleaned themselves up and Erika drove Riley home. Riley chatted pleasantly, but Erika stayed mostly silent. She had a lot on her mind.

Over the next few weeks the two of them spent a lot of time together, at school and out of it. It seemed Riley could hardly be away from her. At first Erika appreciated this. But as time went on, she began to sour on it. It seemed as if all he ever really wanted to do was fuck. They would make plans to see a movie, or hang out somewhere, but it always seemed to be just a prelude to sex, and little else. As soon as the two would meet, Erika knew it would only be a matter of time before Riley was not so subtly putting out. Erika might try and ignore it at first, but Riley would get more and more insistent and eventually Erika would either just give in or else end up so hot and bothered she couldn’t resist anymore. And it wasn’t like Erika didn’t enjoy the sex really. It just all felt so meaningless.

Even so, Erika persevered. She began to think that maybe this was just what relationships were like. Boys would always just be after a futa’s cock and all the futa should ever want is give that cock to them. Maybe all the stuff about love and romance was just fake, made up to sell movies and valentine’s gifts. Erika really started to believe that.

It was about a month and a half into Erika’s relationship with Riley that the coach called a special meeting of the track team. It was going to take place in a large hotel room the coach had rented out specifically for the purpose, on a Saturday. There was gonna be pizza there, and apparently the coach was even bringing a special surprise, as a reward for the track team working so hard. The whole team was very excited about it, even Erika. The team had turned into one of the few distractions she had from her romantic troubles.

When the day of the meeting came around, everybody met up in the hotel lobby, waiting for the coach to arrive. When she did she took them up to their room. It was a great big suite, with a large spacious living area. The whole team marveled at it. None of them been in a hotel room that fancy before. The tracksuit clad futas all spread out, sitting in the various couches and chairs that were there, eating pizza and drinking soda. The coach gave them a big speech, mostly just the kind of generic pep talk stuff they were used to from her, other than few more specific comments she threw out. When it was over though, a great big smile spread out over face.

“Okay futas,” she said, “I suppose you’re wondering what that special surprise you heard about is. Well, here he is!” She blew a sharp whistle, and suddenly the door to the bedroom swung open. Standing there was Ricky, who everyone knew was the biggest slut in school. He looked the part. He was dressed in the stereotypical slutty schoolboy outfit, with a short red plaid skirt, a white see through crop top and no bra underneath, and white stockings with lace tops going up to his thighs. The straps to a garter belt were easily visible from underneath his skirt. The whole team went wild when they saw him, cheering and hollering as he sauntered over, swaying his hips and blowing kisses to all of them.

As soon as Ricky walked in, Erika knew what was up. This wasn’t really a team meeting; it was a team orgy. Almost every other futa in the room was eying Ricky like a hungry wolf as he sauntered into the middle of the room, but Erika couldn’t join them. She was wrestling with herself inside. She knew it would be wrong to participate in this sort of thing. She had a boyfriend after all. She knew it was sort of expected for young futas to do things like this, to think with their dicks first and not care about anything other than pleasure. And plenty of other futas on the team had boyfriends themselves. They were still going to have a good time. But Erika wasn’t like that. She knew it would hurt Riley if she were to cheat on him. It would likely mean the end of their relationship. She knew that was wrong.

But there was another part of her that felt differently. After all, it was obvious that Riley didn’t give a shit about her. All he wanted her for was her dick. In fact, if Riley every had an opportunity to fuck someone hotter than her, he would probably take it. She was pretty convinced of that. So why then should she feel this loyalty to him? Why shouldn’t she do what he would do and take this moment of pleasure for herself, join the gangbang and not care what happened? Why shouldn’t she just not care about anything but having a good time? And it wasn’t like Riley would find out anyway. So she might as well just do it.

As she was thinking about this she looked back up at the scene before her. Ricky had leaped up onto the table and was dancing sexily, shaking his ass to reveal the lacy thong underneath, or humping forward to show the bulge of his yaşlı porno cute little cock. Erika’s own giant tool began to grow hard in her pants as she watched. She looked around, just in time to see Veronica off to the side, getting up and walking away. Erika felt like her decision had just been made for her. She got off too and followed.

She caught up to Veronica near the doorway, where she was sitting on the ground, putting on her shoes. “You leaving?” Erika asked.

The black futa looked up at her briefly, than back down at her shoes. “Of course. I’m not gonna cheat on Jamie. Already called my mom, she’s comin’ to pick me up.” Not saying anything, Erika watched her for a moment. She could tell that this was likely not an easy decision for Veronica to make. It was obvious from the large bulge that was visible in her track pants. At last Veronica finished putting her shoes on, and stood up, facing Erika. “If you wanna get out of here too, we could give you a ride y’know.”

Erika looked at her friend. She had always admired and respected Veronica, but never moreso than she did right at that moment. Veronica simply had a strength of will that most people could never have. It was a strength of will that came from knowing what was really important in her life.

“I think I’m gonna stay here actually,” Erika said.

Veronica looked at her. “Okay. See you around then.” With that, Veronica stepped out of the hotel room. Erika watched her go, silently. She couldn’t go with her friend. She realized it must’ve been an easy decision for Veronica to make. Because she really loved and cared about Jamie. The relationship the two of them had really meant something to her. But Erika simply could not say the same thing about her own relationship with Riley.

Erika turned around and headed back into the room, where the futas were already prepared for their orgy. They’d all stripped out of their track suits, and now they stood stark naked, their lithe and toned bodies all on display, breasts heaving and cocks standing erect before them as they crowded around the table, where Ricky was perched on all fours. Behind him stood the coach, having apparently been given the honor of going first. She bent over the young man in front of her, and ran her massive, rock hard cock between his ass cheeks, eliciting a moan from Ricky. He bucked his hips back against her like the slut he was. One of the team members stepped forward with a bottle of lube, and squirted it over his ass, a generous amount falling onto the coach’s cock. She rubbed it onto her tool, coating it thoroughly, then moved to preparing his ass. At last, with a devilish smile, she began entering Ricky’s ass. From the look on his face he was enjoying it. His eyes practically rolled back into his head as the coach’s cock went into him. Soon she started fucking him in earnest, plowing into him with all her might. She was clearly not the gentle type.

With Coach beginning to really fuck Ricky the rest of the team seemed to act as if the signal had gone off. They all crowded closer, their cocks in their hands. Presenting them to the boy, who gladly took the first one he could reach into his mouth. Other futas pressed toward him, stroking their own dicks as the scene unfolded before them. For awhile Erika just watched all this from afar. Then finally she took off her own clothes, and joined the throng. She wanted to be inside that ass as soon as possible.

What followed was a consummate gangbang. After fucking Ricky for sometime, the coach pulled out of his ass and stroked herself to completion, cumming all over the boy’s back. At around the same time, the futa he was sucking off removed her cock from his mouth, and came over his face. In no time, other futas stepped forward to place their own cocks in Ricky’s empty holes.

At last Erika’s turn came. She wasted no time. She slammed her cock right into Ricky’s asshole, all the way to the hilt. It slid in easily, he was so loose. And yet, the way his ass gripped her cock it was like he hadn’t even had a finger inside it. Animal lust overcame her. She began thrusting into the boy harder than she’d ever done before, his insides squeezing her cock beautifully as it darted in and out of him. She didn’t know how long she lasted. But at some point she closed her eyes and felt a wonderful sensation come over her, and then she filled his ass with cum. It was heaven.

The gangbang lasted a few hours. Erika went back for seconds and then thirds and then some, as did most of the other futas. She took his ass and his mouth too, and a few times just watched Ricky get fucked and jerked off over him. By the time the party was starting to wind down, the boy was a mess. He was coated in cum, with even more leaking out of his ass and mouth. The table below him was spattered with his own cum. Who knows how many times he had orgasmed. The futas didn’t particularly care. They were too busy having their way with him. By the time Erika decided to leave there were only five futas left, including her and the coach. Erika stepped aside and gathered up her clothes, getting dressed again a she watched two of her teammates fuck Ricky, who at that point was practically passed out. For a second, Erika thought about going back for one more. But in the end she decided she had had enough. She was exhausted.

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