Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 15

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My name is Melinda Jones. A six-foot-tall, busty and big-bottomed, kind of heavyset yet still quite sexy Black woman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I’m thirty six years old today, and I’m looking at my life. Not sure I like what I see. I’m a professor of Criminal Justice at Suffolk University in the city of Boston. In the eyes of the world, I lead a very normal and respectable life. I am married to a handsome Black gentleman named Jimmy Hanson. He’s a Municipal Court Judge. We have two sons, Joshua and Ted. They attend Bay State College in downtown Boston. We also have a daughter named Emily and she attends Gibbs College. The five of us lead nice, normal lives. We own a beautiful mansion in Brockton’s West Side. Just another well-to-do Black Middle Class family in a truly ethnically diverse New England city.

I’m the picture of the happily married, well-to-do African-American woman. I got the house, the husband, the fancy cars and the happy-go-lucky family. I have it all. At least in the eyes of the world. I should be happy. I try to be happy. Yet that’s all a façade. I have another side to myself. And I must indulge it. I can’t deny myself any longer. This lust I have inside is threatening to overflow and wreck my picture-perfect life. I can’t hold it inside of me any longer. Certain urges simply won’t be denied.

I’m Black woman who’s addicted to White pussy. I can’t explain it. I have been sexually attracted to White women my whole life. Especially blondes. I’ve been in denial about it forever. I’ve had some sexual experiences with Black women, Hispanic women, Native American women, Arab women and Asian women but it’s mostly White women who light my fire. That’s how I felt, but I didn’t have to like it. Interracial lesbian couples aren’t exactly popular in the Black Gay and Lesbian communities. And I’m deeply closeted because of my job and family. So I kept my secret lust to myself. Until the day I met her. And that’s when my world changed.

Beatrice O’Connell. A six-foot-two, lean and muscular, blonde-haired and green-eyed Irishwoman. She moved to the United States of America straight from Galway, Ireland. A sturdy gal who won herself an academic scholarship to the school. She works at the student cafeteria. And she was an out and proud lesbian. Kurtköy Escort This twenty-year-old chick was one of my students. Yet I lusted after her. Talk about inappropriate. In spite of how I felt when I looked at her, I fought my feelings for her. I’m a strong Black woman, damn it. And strong Black women don’t have sexual fantasies about being submissive to blonde-haired White lesbians. So I distanced myself from Beatrice. The funny thing is that she was a very smart and friendly gal. I treated her shabbily, not because of anything she did but because of how I felt about her. How did I feel about her? Every time I see her, I want to pull her into my arms and kiss her. I want to kneel before her and worship her. She’s my sexy White goddess and I want to be her love slave. That’s all I think about when I see her. I guess I’m thinking with my pussy rather than my brain.

I go home thinking about her. I think about her when I’m having sex with my husband Jimmy. Hell, I even think about her when I’m having sex with my secret lover Jasmine, a sexy Black woman I met at a club a year ago. Yeah, I had White chick fever. Beatrice didn’t seem to understand why I was so mean to her. Out of all my students. I really wish I didn’t have to do that. But I start trembling with excitement and unbridled lust every time I see her. After a while, she turned cold toward me. And who could blame her? I’ve been a total bitch to her and it wasn’t her fault.

One day, Beatrice confronted me in my office. The blonde-haired Irish Amazon simply stormed in. Came in like a tornado and then she slammed the door behind her. Beatrice was mad as hell. I could see it, her eyes were blazing with cold fury. And I felt both frightened and titillated. She asked me what was my problem, and why I treated her so shabbily. I took a deep breath, and rose to my feet. I walked up to Beatrice. She looked so hurt, and angry, and frightened at the same time. I did the last thing any of us expected. I pulled her into my arms and kissed her. And you know what? It felt nice.

Beatrice was surprised, to say the least. When our lips parted, I looked at her adoringly. She stared at me, stunned. Then she smiled and kissed me again. I wrapped my arms around her tenderly. I couldn’t control Kurtköy Escort Bayan myself. I wanted her so badly. I did something which surprised the hell out of Beatrice. When our lips parted for the second time, I simply knelt before her. There, I did what I always wanted to do. Kneel before a gorgeous blonde-haired White woman and worship her. Beatrice was quite surprised and asked me to get up. I shook my head, and instead kissed her feet. Then I begged her to be my mistress. Her eyes went wide with shock. Then she smiled, and helped me to my feet. Beatrice gently stroked my cheek and told me she understood why I treated her so shabbily. I smiled at her. Grinning, Beatrice smacked me hard and told me that instead of acting funny, I should have come to her. I gasped at her bold action. I felt a thrill in my pussy. I kind of liked it when she slapped me. And she could tell. Smiling wickedly, she told me to report to her dorm at the end of the school day. I nodded and said yes. Beatrice slapped me again, and told me to call her mistress. I nodded. Smiling, she walked away with a bounce on her step. I was so turned on, I almost came! My panties were damp from my wet pussy when I later went to the bathroom to relieve myself.

That night, I reported to Beatrice’s dorm. Once inside, she welcomed me. Mistress Beatrice explained the rules to me. From now on, we were no longer a Black female professor and her White female college student. We were a Mistress and her Slave. I nodded. Beatrice smiled, and ordered me to kneel before her. I did. She spread her legs and told me to lick her pussy. I knelt before my magnificent White goddess and licked her pussy obediently. Beatrice pussy tasted wonderful, better than any pussy I’d ever tasted. That’s how I became a Black woman who’s addicted to White pussy. I licked her dry as she moaned and directed me to her sweet spots. I guess she really liked what I did for her.

Once I got done polishing the interior and exterior of Mistress Beatrice’s pussy with my tongue, she grabbed my face in her hands and smacked me hard. Then she bent me over and spanked my big ass with her hairbrush. It felt weird, for a big Black woman like me to get spanked by a bossy young White woman. But I liked it. When she was done Escort Kadıköy spanking me, Mistress Beatrice ordered me to roll over. I rolled onto my back. Laughing, Mistress Beatrice told me to bark like a bitch. I did. She then pinched my large breasts and then inserted two fingers in my pussy. I gasped at the intrusion. Smiling nastily, Mistress Beatrice continued fingering my pussy. She asked me if I liked it. I said yes. She smacked me and told me to call her Mistress. I apologized.

Mistress Beatrice put me on all fours, and told me she was going to fuck me. I nodded. She fetched her strap-on dildo, and a can of lube. With a wicked grin, she said she was going to fuck my pussy and my ass. My eyes went wide. Mistress Beatrice laughed, and told me to brace myself. I did. She came up behind me and kissed my big Black ass. Then she spread my plump ass cheeks wide open and inserted her finger inside. I gasped as Mistress Beatrice began fingering my asshole. She laughed and smacked my ass. Then she inserted a hand-held dildo inside of my pussy and began fucking me. Just as I began to enjoy it, she shoved another dildo up my ass. A strap-on dildo. I was getting double penetrated! Mistress Beatrice sadistically plunged her hand-held dildo deep into my pussy while slamming her strap-on dildo deep into my asshole.

Mistress Beatrice fucked me hard, and berated me while doing so. She called me a pathetic slut, a submissive bitch and a whiny pussy. I endured what she did to me and called her my dominant Mistress. She seemed to like that. After fucking my pussy and asshole mercilessly for what seemed like forever, she pulled out of me. I breathed a sigh of relief. Mistress Beatrice put me on all fours and made me suck the strap-on dildo. Right after fucking my ass with it. And since she’s my mistress I obeyed! Beatrice really loved playing the role of the dominant White mistress sexually dominating her Black female submissive. And I really liked it too. Afterwards, we showered together and talked about how much fun we had.

That’s it, folks. There is no going back. I’m now Mistress Beatrice’s submissive, in and out of bed. We’re having a gloriously intense and fun-filled affair and no one at school knows about it. My Mistress loves to treat me the way I deserve. She loves to spank, whip, berate, and fuck me. And I love her for it. I’m a strong Black woman who proudly kneels before her dominant White mistress. And I do everything she tells me. She brings order and structure into my chaotic life. I surrender completely to her, and that’s something to be proud of.

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